Chapter 17: Don’t bully my mother

“What are the conditions?” Madame Hu asked anxiously, thinking in her heart that she could agree to any conditions for her son.

“I want him to worship me as a teacher.” The Poison King pointed at Hu Fei, but he sighed in his heart. He was getting old, If he only relied on Lingsu in the future, he was afraid that he would not be able to control that rebel.

Madame Hu and Song Qingshu looked at each other, and secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Unexpectedly, it was such a simple condition, but Hu Fei suddenly said, “Before I become your apprentice, there is one thing that must be figured out.”

“What’s the matter?” The Poison King glanced at him in surprise.

“Is the Black Evil Ice, Poison King’s creation?” Hu Fei asked softly, word by word.

“Yes, it is something I refined in my early years, but since it is too insidious, I have never used it.” The Poison King thought for a while and gave the answer.

“Then why did my father die from the Black Evil Ice?” Hu Fei asked angrily. Madame Hu had mixed feelings in her heart, and she didn’t want him to be the murderer. If that were to happen then Hu Fei’s life…

The Poison King showed regret, “I did not consider the moral character in choosing my disciples in my early years, as a result, my first three disciples all betrayed their master. The one just now was my very first disciple Murong Jingyue. I gave him a copy of the refinement method.”

“What?” As soon as Madame Hu heard that, she clenched her teeth, she thought that this mysterious case finally had a clue, “Fei’er, follow the Poison King to learn his skills, and then add your father’s family martial arts. Don’t be afraid. Mother will first go and look for Murong Jingyue to track down the real murderer, and we will take revenge together in the future.”

Hu Fei nodded vigorously. Seeing her as if she was about to rush, Song Qingshu quickly said, “Sister-in-law, you are recovering from a serious injury, and the other party is strong in martial arts and is also good at poisoning. I can also help if I go with you.”

Recently, Madame Hu has always been a little uncomfortable with Song Qingshu, always feeling that he seems to have other thoughts in his eyes. However, the other party did help them, mother and son, a lot. He was Brother Hu’s brother. She couldn’t refuse directly. Suddenly, she thought of a way to justly refusing his company without hurting his face.

“Senior Poison King, my brother-in-law was badly injured before and his meridians were severed. We thought that only the King of Venoms could heal his body in the world. He traveled through thousands of mountains and rivers looking for Senior, and he hoped that Senior would help him.” Madame Hu leaned slightly and pushed Song Qingshu to the Poison King.

“Uh, the disciple of the Butterfly Valley’s Medical Immortal Hu Qingniu’s true inheritor once diagnosed this junior, and he couldn’t do anything. After thinking about it, I am afraid that only Senior Poison King can heal my injuries under the heavens.” Song Qingshu felt really uneasy at the moment, if the Poison King is also helpless, he was afraid that he was destined to be a useless person for the rest of his life.

“This old man has always admired the medical skills of the Ming Cults Master Zhang.” Commented the Poison King as he probed Song Qingshu’s pulse, and then looked around on his body, later he shook his head slightly, “This young mans’ meridians are completely broken, it is no longer something I can save.”

Madame Hu’s face changed, and she looked at Song Qingshu with some worry. But Song Qingshu smiled frankly, “Before, I was worried about my injuries because I still had illusions. Now that Senior Poison King cleared my doubts, I don’t need to worry anymore. A true man can live with honor between heaven and earth and he doesn’t need martial arts for that.

“This young hero has a good mindset!” The Poison King praised, “But you do not need to be disheartened. Although it is impossible to renew the meridians with medical skills, have the young hero considered practicing internal techniques to heal himself?”

Song Qingshu glanced at him suspiciously, “My meridians are crippled, I can’t practice even if all the top internal techniques in the world are placed in front of me.” He still remembered one of the best martial arts in the world, the Nine Yang Divine Art and Dragon Claw Hand, but with his broken meridians, there was no way to practice.

The Poison King fell into deep thought and slowly said, “Although there are many martial arts today, most of them are for ordinary people. However, the Sunflower Manual of Heimuya, the Great Cosmic Transformation of the Murong family, and the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters of the South China Sea. Maybe some old people have records of these martial arts.  These martial arts have surpassed the scope of being just strictly martial arts, and have become closer to the ancient cultivation methods, and you may be able to find a way to heal your meridians from them.”

“This junior has also heard of these martial arts, but didn’t know that they have such magical powers? Dare I ask the senior how you know about this…” Song Qingshu subconsciously didn’t believe it.

“I feel ashamed to speak of it” the Poison King smiled bitterly. “Old man’s rebel apprentice Murong Jingyue is a descendant of the Murong family. Because of his identity, he is not qualified to practice Great Cosmic Transformation. He tried his best to learn martial arts from various schools and coveted it. The reason he wants this old man’s “Medicine God-king Chapter” is to one day be able to take charge of Yanziwu, take charge of the Murong family, and get a glimpse of the mystery in the Great Cosmic Transformation. In our early years, he inadvertently complained to me that the ancestor Kunlun Sword Fairy Murong Ziying relied on the Great Cosmic Transformation to move even the stars. In Murong Fu’s generation, he can’t even win against Qiao Feng. He also kept  criticizing Murong Fu for his poor aptitude.”

“Oh! Is it so wonderful?” Song Qingshu’s heart moved.

The Poison King then said to Madame Hu, “Murong Jingyue’s martial arts is very high, coupled with his mysterious whereabouts, it may not be easy for Madam to find him. The old man suggests that Madame should accompany young hero Song to Gusu Yanziwu, so that you can ask the Murong family for some clues. Secondly, you can see if there is a chance to treat young hero Song’s meridians.”

Song Qingshu was so excited that he almost wanted to kiss the Poison King. He really was the reincarnation of a saint!

Madam Hu thought for a moment and nodded, “Okay, I will go to Yanziwu with my brother-in-law.”


During the next few days, Madame Hu waited until Hu Fei’s body stabilized before preparing to set off. In these few days, Hu Fei and Cheng Lingsu, the two children, were like a pair of happy friends. One scolded each other as ugly and stupid. Hu Fei couldn’t bear it. He wanted to give her a beating, but was poisoned by Cheng Lingsu’s red scorpion powder.

Madame Hu sat on the stool and looked at all this with a smile, her heart full of warmth, Song Qingshu leaned over and teased, “Your expression seems as if you are looking at your daughter-in-law.”

“Stop the nonsense!” Madame Hu gave him a blank look. The two were now more and more familiar with each other, and their interactions were becoming more and more natural.

“It seems that you dislike girls who look ugly.” Song Qingshu smiled.

“Bah!” Madame Hu hissed inwardly, “Lingsu doesn’t look very good, but her whole person is full of pure aura. She is charming, and full of energy…” She said while looking at his face. She didn’t want to say it aloud, but she would be quite satisfied if Cheng Lingsu really became her daughter-in-law.


On the next day, the two bid farewell to the King of Venoms. Before parting, Hu Fei held Song Qingshu back, and said with a weird tone, “Big Brother Song, take care of my mother, but you must not have any bad ideas, or bully her.” 

Song Qingshu couldn’t help but laugh when he heard it.

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  2. I just hope he will let it go kind of naturally and not be pressuring her too much, it would just get uncomfortable if he goes too fast. As long as he is weaksauce then the boy could kill him easily 😀 And the mother as well ofc..

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