Chapter 18: One room

“What is brother-in-law laughing about?” Madame Hu gave him a strange look.

“It’s nothing,” Song Qingshu didn’t have the guts to tell her. After the topic changed, he asked, “Sister-in-law, when you fought against Murong Jingyue before. I think I heard that you seem to belong to the Ancient Tomb Sect?”

“Well, that’s correct” Madame Hu nodded slightly, “I met my master by chance when I was young. She lived in my house for more than half a year and taught me a lot of things.”

“Does sister-in-law knows what her name is? Is it Lin Chaoying?” Song Qingshu hurriedly asked.

Madame Hu shook her head, secretly wondering why her brother-in-law knew so much about the Ancient Tomb Sect, “Lin Chaoying is my grandmaster. I don’t know what my master’s name is.”

Song Qingshu’s expression suddenly became really strange, and he wanted to know that if Xiao Longnu and Li Mochou knew that they had such a senior sister. If they didn’t know, then how they would react?

The two of them traveled all the way to Gusu City. Seeing that it was getting late, they decided to rest in a small town outside the city and go to Yanziwu the next morning.

“Boss, two rooms.” Hearing Song Qingshu’s call, the innkeeper looked up at the two of them and made a smile, “I’m really sorry, there is only one room left here now. How about you two share that room? “

Madame Hu frowned and shook her head, “No, let’s go to another inn.”

“Young Lady, we have only one inn in this town. Now the gate of Gusu City is closed, and other inns are only available in neighboring towns a hundred miles away.” said one of the innkeeper’s employees.

“Let’s go look for another inn.” Song Qingshu felt that the innkeeper’s words were inaccurate, and he suddenly felt that all this was a little bit suspicious.

“Forget it, we’ll stay here.” Madame Hu said absentmindedly.

“Xiao Er, send this lady up first.” The innkeeper grabbed Song Qingshu and said quietly, “Young Master, please stay for a while, let me tell you something important.”

Seeing that Madame Hu had disappeared in the corridor, the innkeeper spread his hands and smiled, “Young Master, the room will cost you ten taels of silver, thank you.”

Song Qingshu’s eyes went wide, “You are robbing my money, it is clearly written here that one room is one or two silver.”

The shopkeeper did not get angry, and gave a sly smile, “Young Master, do you really think that we have only one room in such a big inn? Didn’t you see that I noticed you two were traveling alone on the road together and am trying to help you create opportunities? As for if you can grasp it? It entirely depends on your own ability.”

“That’s wonderful!” Song Qingshu was shocked immediately.

“Hey…” the innkeeper smiled strangely, “Otherwise why do you think that so many inns in the world say there is only one room left when it comes to lone men and women? This is our rule, Young Master. You will be able to make more money if you don’t have money, but beautiful women will be hard to find again.”

Song Qingshu started to admire the man, and readily handed over a dozen silver coins, “The person who came up with this marketing strategy is really a genius!”

“What did the innkeeper say to you just now?” Madame Hu asked suspiciously when Song Qingshu returned to the room.

“It’s nothing, just settling the money for the room.” Song Qingshu replied casually, “Sister-in-law, you sleep on the bed, I will sleep on the floor.”

“Your meridians are damaged, the ground is too cold, how can you sleep on the floor?” Madame Hu frowned, feeling embarrassed, there was just one bed in the room.

“It’s okay. I’m a man, I will be able to endure this much.” Song Qingshu wanted to sleep on the bed but he knew that it was impossible. So he had to bite the bullet and lay a cushion on the ground and soon fell asleep.

Madame Hu stared at him for a while, turned around silently, and layed down on the bed in usual her clothes.


In the middle of the night, Madame Hu was suddenly awakened by some whistling sounds. She opened her eyes and saw that Song Qingshu was lying on the ground and his body shrunken, trembling; his arms were bruised, and he was clutching the quilt.

Madame Hu knew that people who had been injured before would have sore and painful wounds. What’s more, Song Qingshu’s meridians all over his body were severed. Seeing that he was in so much pain, but he still bit his lip and didn’t want to make a sound. Madame Hu thought with emotion, ‘My brother-in-law is indeed a decent gentleman.’

Song Qingshu really hurts because of the intrusion of the cold on the ground, but there was a trace of stubbornness in his heart.

Who cared about what Madame Hu thought? He just wanted to bear it silently like a man.

“Brother-in-law, come to bed and sleep.” Madame Hu’s soft voice came from the bed.

Song Qingshu stared at her blankly, “How can that be! Sister-in-law, leave me alone, I can stand it.”

“How are you going to travel tomorrow like this?” Madame Hu calmed down her nerves and spoke with a slightly angry tone, “What’s the matter, I am not afraid as a woman, then what are you afraid of? As long as we are not guilty in our hearts, won’t it be fine?”

Although Song Qingshu was arrogant, he was not a fool.

Trembling all the way, Song Qingshu got into the bed. A sweet fragrance entered his nose, and his body felt warm again. After a while, even the pain in his body was gone.

When Madame Hu saw him entering straight into the quilt she had just slept in, her pretty face flushed, and after hesitating for a moment, she spoke with a mosquito-like voice, “Brother-in-law, you are sleeping in my quilt.”

Song Qingshu was embarrassed to find that his quilt was still on the ground. He quickly realized that Madame Hu letting him sleep on the same bed was already the greatest gift for him. How could she also agree to sleep in the same quilt as him?

With an embarrassed smile, when Song Qingshu ran down to take the quilt back. Madame Hu was already wrapped in her quilt, and she fell asleep with her back facing him. Song Qingshu slowly layed down beside her, touching her body several times in the process. Madame Hu’s figure just trembled slightly.

Unlike Zhou Zhiruo who betrayed him, Madame Hu was as clear and clean as a White Lotus, and she was also very good to him. So, Song Qingshu did not dare to cause any trouble and use those nasty methods to take advantage of her.

Smelling the faint fragrance coming from the beautiful woman’s hair, Song Qingshu’s spirit slowly relaxed. All the painful feelings in his body gradually calmed down, and it didn’t take long for him to fall asleep.


Song Qingshu woke up the next day. He touched the spot beside him and found the beautiful woman was no longer there. He quickly sat up in surprise, only to see Madame Hu looking at him with a smile.

“Good morning, sister-in-law.” Song Qingshu awkwardly smiled.

Madame Hu nodded gently. When she noticed the movement he had made just now, she was secretly annoyed. This guy put his hand on her body and touched it many times last night. If she hadn’t used her true energy to detect that it was just an unconscious behavior after falling asleep, she would have left a long time ago.

Seeing Madame Hu’s angry eyes, Song Qingshu felt guilty. He lowered his head and recalled the beautiful dream he had seen last night. In the dream, Madam Hu was naked and lying shyly under him.

Early in the morning, the two went looking for Yanziwu. Song Qingshu knew that Shenhe District was probably dozens of miles west of Gusu City, and he took Madame Hu to search for it, but unfortunately, they never found the place even after asking dozens of people. Madame Hu was doubtful in her heart, thinking they had gone in the wrong direction, but Song Qingshu confidently stated that he was right.

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