Chapter 19: The girl in green clothes

“Brother-in-law seems to be aware of various secrets from many martial arts…” Madame Hu gave him a suspicious look.

Song Qingshu smiled slightly, “There has been a time when I had a nickname called ‘Wulin’s All-knowing’. Well…that part was a joke, don’t take it seriously.”

“Oh, since this young master knows about everything in the world, do you know who this young lady is?” Her voice was extremely sweet and clear, and it created an indescribably comfortable feeling in Song Qingshu and Madame Hu’s hearts. They both were shocked and turned to look back. The owner of the voice was a girl in a green dress, about sixteen or seventeen years old, with slender hands and skin like jade, her face was gentle and her body was delicate.

Song Qingshu thought that although her appearance was not as clean and beautiful as Madame Hu, she still looked very moving with her aura of gentleness. When he saw her green dress, a thought flashed in his mind, “What if I can tell you your name?”

The girl in green dress pursed her lips. She shook her head and said, “I don’t believe it.”

“If I’m right, I won’t ask for anything else. I just need you to take us to Yanzi Wu.” Noticing that the girl in green was still expressionless, Song Qingshu became more assured in his heart. “This Song has long heard that Gusu has two fairy maidens. One is called Azhu, who is as beautiful as the clouds, and with the grace of the south of the Yangtze River. Then there is young lady Abi, you are as gentle as water, which is really rare in the world.”

Abi was a little embarrassed by his praise, and shyly said, “You would not be saying that if you met Miss Wang before.”

Song Qingshu only smiled and said nothing. Abi looked up and asked, “May I know what plans the young master has after going to Yanzi Wu?”

“My sister-in-law and I absolutely mean no harm, and we just want to ask something important to Master Murong. So, I hope young lady Abi will help us.” Hearing Song Qingshu’s introduction, Madame Hu also nodded slightly.

Seeing the handsome young man and the beautiful lady, Abi subconsciously did not regard them as bad people, and smiled sweetly, “The Master happened to be at home today. Come with me.”

Madame Hu secretly smiled in her heart. Brother-in-law, this person is very handsome, but he has a clever mouth that can really please girls. This little girl was really inexperienced in the ways of the world.

Abi untied the rope on the side and invited the two to come on the boat. Madame Hu’s smile abruptly stopped. She grew up in the lands of ice and snow and didn’t have the slightest experience with water. She felt an inexplicable sense of fear when she saw the lake.

“Sister-in-law, be careful.” Seeing her shaking a little, Song Qingshu quickly helped her to get on the boat. Along the way, Madame Hu’s forehead was sweaty, and her heart was upset and sick, and she didn’t even realize that Song Qingshu had been holding her in his arms.

Instead, it was Abi who glanced at the two strangely, thinking that young master Song clearly called her sister-in-law, then why are they now hugging each other like a couple. But her cautious nature as a maid made her suppress the doubts in her heart.

After landing, Madame Hu realized that she was too close to Song Qingshu, and quickly broke free from his arms, and directly flew to the shore. Song Qingshu gave a wry smile and disembarked with Abi.

“I will tell Master Murong about the arrival of young master Song and Madame Hu.” After Abi went in, Murong Fu entered and greeted the two in the hall.

“You are the young hero Song who is related to the leaders of the two schools of Wudang and Emei? And Madame Hu…the widow of the Liaodong hero Hu Yidao?” Murong Fu was quite handsome. He looked at the two guests for a moment, and asked in surprise.

“As expected of someone from the Murong household, your knowledge is as vast as the world and knew our backgrounds just from a glance.” Song Qingshu and Madame Hu looked at each other, thinking that the fame of the Murong family of Gugu was quite well deserved.

“May I know the reason behind the two of you visiting today, what can I help you with?” Murong Fu was a person devoted to his great cause of restoring the country. He was very enthusiastic about making friends when he met people from around the world.

“It’s like this…” Madame Hu began speaking and told him about Murong Jingyue.

“Murong Jingyue?” Murong Fu was shocked. He had never heard of this collateral relative of his before. “I have to check our family records carefully to see if I can find something.”
But, what he thought in his mind was that there are very few members in the Murong family line. Now maybe there was an extra helper.

Seeing his joy, Song Qingshu roughly guessed what he was thinking, and quickly said, “Master Murong, please forgive me for being too blunt. This Murong Jingyue does not seem to be under you in terms of martial arts . Moreover, he has many auxiliary skills and is also good at poisoning. If he suddenly wanted to have the ownership of the family, and has many descendants, you might not be able to accommodate his direct line when the time comes.”

Murong Fu felt a little disapproving in his heart, thinking that if Murong Jingyue’s martial arts really were higher than him, then he would have killed him a long time ago. How could he still run around learning various martial arts in the world…Wait, was it possible that he didn’t do anything, because he feared his father? Thinking about this possibility, Murong Fu’s face gradually became dignified.

“We can help Young Master Murong regarding this matter, after all, Murong Jingyue is probably the murderer who poisoned my husband back then.” Madame Hu offered her help. She came to seek help from the Murong family, but she didn’t want to just sit back and do nothing.

“Madan Hu, please relax…” Murong Fu motioned her to sit. “I am grateful to the two of you for telling me such an important news. How dare I bother you to take action. If our Murong family can’t clean up our own mess, what would the people of the world think? They would surely laugh at us. Madame Hu, don’t worry, after we capture Murong Jingyue, we will definitely invite Madame to come over.”

Understanding that his words were reasonable, Madame Hu didn’t know what to say for a while. It was indeed a taboo in the Wulin to intervene in other people’s internal affairs, but she couldn’t relax if she just let him go.

“If Madame Hu doesn’t dislike it, you can stay in Yanzi Wu for a while. As soon as we find Murong Jingyue, Madame can investigate what happened to Master Hu back then. How about it?” Murong Fu carefully asked, but he had other thoughts in his heart. There was a rumor in the Wulin a year ago that Hu Yidao was guarding a big treasure. He didn’t know if it was true or false. But, now that his wife is here, he has to find a chance to investigate.

Madame Hu was obviously a little moved, but she was worried about her being a widow, and living here was a bit unpleasant.

After taking a look at Song Qingshu next to her, she suddenly had an idea, and smiled at Murong Fu, “Thank you, Master Murong, for your kindness. But, I will have to decline your offer. It’s just that when we came here to visit this time, there was also another request. My brother-in-law was severely injured and his meridians all over his body were severed. After receiving the advice of the Senior Poison King, we heard that the Great Cosmic Transformation belonging to Gusu’s Murong family is extremely mysterious. We were hoping it could treat my brother-in-laws damaged meridians.”

Murong Fu subconsciously frowned. Dou Zhuan Xing Yi was the foundation of the Murong family, how could it be given away to outsiders? However, he was worried about Hu Yidao’s treasure. If he could get the treasure and use it to recruit troops. He might be able to accomplish something that many generations of ancestors could not accomplish. His heart suddenly became a little hot.

“Young hero Song, can you let me check your pulse?” Murong Fu motioned as he looked at Song Qingshu.

Song Qingshu reached out his hands with a little anxiety in his heart. Although he sympathized with Murong Fu, he had always disdained his ability, and it was really unreliable to put his own destiny in his hands.

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