Chapter 20: The internal art that can repair meridians

Sure enough, Murong Fu frowned and said, “Young hero Song’s meridian has really been…greatly damaged. Did the Poison King, that old man, really say that the Great Cosmic Transformation can heal young hero Song? Maybe it is just my dull aptitude, but I have been practicing the Great Cosmic Transformation for twenty years, and I didn’t know that the Great Cosmic Transformation has the effect of reviving the meridians.”

Song Qingshu immediately felt disappointed, and Madame Hu couldn’t bear to see it. So, she couldn’t help but say, “Since Master Murong can’t help us, then I will have to accompany my brother-in-law to search for other places, I’m afraid I can’t stay here.”

“My sister-in-law, it doesn’t have to be like this. Since this last hope is broken, my desire to be healed is also completely dead. If my sister-in-law wants to investigate Murong Jingyue, then it is more convenient for you to stay here.” Song Qingshu’s tone was full of sadness and dismay. He could not find treatment even after coming to Yanzi Wu. He had to leave here and survive with his injuries.

Although he could live a stable life with Madame Hu, when he thought about Zhou Zhiruo’s sword of execution hanging over his head, he still had to accumulate a little bit of strength before she arrived at his door.

Now that there was no hope of learning martial arts, it seems that there was no other way than to enter the court. Song Qingshu’s mind quickly began to work. Out of all the forces in the present world, which one will he defect to…

Seeing that Madame Hu was about to go with Song Qingshu, Murong Fu felt anxious, and suddenly thought of a way, and quickly said, “Don’t worry, I just thought of a way to treat young hero Song’s meridians.”

Song Qingshu gave him a fleeting look. To tell the truth, during this period of time, the matter of treating his meridians was from hope to disappointment, to hope, and then despair. He gradually began to feel that the ups and downs of life were really exciting, and now he thought that everything was possible. His feelings had become numb about all the different treatment methods.

“I really hope that Master Murong will give us some advice.” Madame Hu, on the other hand, was obviously much more enthusiastic than him.

“I have a cousin who knows about all the martial arts from all over the world,” Murong Fu’s eyes flashed with tenderness, but it was quickly replaced by determination. “A few years ago, when I was discussing the internal arts of various factions with her, she seemed to mention an internal art. It has the effect of healing wounds and mending bones, and it must be able to heal young hero Song’s injury…”

“Wang Yuyan?” Song Qingshu suddenly became interested. Why did he forget that there was still a beautiful girl martial arts master who did not know the slightest bit of martial arts? If it really was something that she said, there might be real hope. So he suddenly asked a little excitedly, “Master Murong, do you know what kind of internal art it is?”

Murong Fu’s expression suddenly became a little embarrassed “I forgot…”

It turned out that when Murong Fu heard of this martial art, he didn’t believe it in his heart and sneered at it. So how could he remember its name carefully? This time, if it weren’t for being reminded by Song Qingshu’s symptoms, and his desire to keep Madame Hu, he had to desperately seek out a treatment. And so, he suddenly remembered this particular information.

Seeing the strange expressions of the two sitting before him, Murong Fu quickly added, “But my cousin must remember.”

“Is Master Murong’s cousin currently in the house?” Madame Hu looked more nervous than Song Qingshu at the moment.

“My cousin…she is in Manduo Mountain Villa, a little bit away from here. But it’s too late to go there today, why not stay here for the night, and tomorrow we will go to see my cousin together.” In his heart, Murong Fu kept thinking about how to make Madame Hu stay at this place.

“You have my sincerest gratitude.” Madame Hu couldn’t urge too much, so she said a few words to thank him.

“Abi, go inside and prepare a drink. Where’s Azhu?” Murong Fu turned around and ordered.

“Sister Azhu heard that the Master was coming, and she had already gone to the kitchen to prepare wine and food.” Abi smiled softly and bowed her head, “This servant will now go to help sister Azhu.”

“Master Murong is really lucky to have such a beautiful pair of maids.” Song Qingshu sighed heartily.

Murong Fu smiled slightly, and did not answer. Madam Hu gave him a blank look, thinking that her brother-in-law did not cover up his words, how could he praise the people belonging to another house like this.

Seeing the strange expressions of the two of them, Song Qingshu realized something was wrong. He was a modern person. At that time, it was common to joke about men’s tastes in women. Complimenting people about being beautiful was a common way to deepen relationships. It was, however, not applicable in ancient times.

“Master has distinguished guests here today. It’s a matter of celebration!” A burst of hearty laughter came from outside, and four people in similar attire came in together.

“It turns out that it’s none other than the four masters of Gusu’s Murong Family, I have been quite disrespectful!” Song Qingshu stood up and saluted a few of them, but wondered whether these martial artists were as cowardly as shown in the TV series, or in the books.

Seeing that Song Qingshu didn’t call them Murong family guards, the four of them felt good in their hearts, and they began to have hearty conversations.

“Master, the wine and food are ready, you can come to the table.” While Song Qingshu was dealing with these few rowdy men, he suddenly smelled a sweet scent. At that moment, he thought that a modern woman had also transmigrated from his home world. That familiar smell of perfume made him almost burst into tears.

He looked back and saw a red-robed, exquisite, petite and pretty girl. Song Qingshu excitedly asked, “Do you know Jin Yong?”

The girl in the red dress was obviously taken aback by this question. She quietly glanced at Murong Fu and then replied, “Young master, did you mistake me for the wrong person?”

Seeing her blank look, Song Qingshu knew that he was thinking too much, and couldn’t help but smile, “This young lady sprinkled rose perfume on her body?”

The girl in the red dress’ eyes lit up and she looked like she saw a close friend, “Yes, yes, does this young master also study flower extracts? This is my homemade rose dew…”

“Azhu, stop causing trouble.” Murong Fu gently coughed from the side.

Azhu happily poked out her tongue, and hurriedly arranged the dinner table with Abi.

Song Qingshu was in a daze. Just how far did the story of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils develop? It seemed that the main plot hadn’t started yet, so why did Qiao Feng become the Nanyuan King of Liao Kingdom? But thinking about the fact that he could travel here from modern times, those deviations were not so difficult to swallow.

After dinner, Azhu and Abi led the two to rest in their respective guest rooms. Azhu was hesitant to talk on the way. So, Song Qingshu amusingly asked, “Young lady Azhu, do you want to say something?”

Azhu rolled her black eyes. She giggled and said, “Young master is a genuine man, but why is he so familiar with the accessoires of women?”

“Do you mean the rose perfume?” Song Qingshu gave a blank laugh. Before all this, he was even familiar with the smell of Chanel and Dior perfumes. It could be said that  he knew more than enough to deal with a little girl’s perfume.

“Hmm~” Azhu kept nodding.

“Young lady Azhu, I think your rose dew is elegant and refined, but the smell doesn’t seem to last long.” Song Qingshu’s heart moved when he thought of Azhu’s heaven defying abilities, so he suddenly became quite motivated.

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  1. How will Qingshu be cured? I feel the author is toying with Qingshu and us using this subject. I hope to he is cured in no more than 100 chapters. More than that and it will be annoying.

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