Chapter 21: Surrounded by halo of light

“Yeah…” Azhu pouted, “I tried many ways to make the fragrance last.”

Song Qingshu noticed that the skin on her face was soft, smooth and crystal clear, and smelled the sweet smell of her body. She was really a sweet and beautiful girl. He also thought that she was very obedient. He had seen many versions of her in the Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, and he had always been impressed by the character of Azhu. He didn’t dare to compliment her too much, and he also didn’t expect her to be so sweet and lovely.

“Young master?” Seeing Song Qingshu staring at her in a daze, Azhu’s face became flushing red.

“Oh…” Song Qingshu came back to his senses, and he also felt a little embarrassed, “Young lady Azhu, I have a way to make your fragrance last longer…” After speaking, he deliberately stopped speaking and looked at her with a smile.

Azhu was also a clever girl. Seeing this, she realized that the other party wanted something. She became cautious in her heart, fearing that he would ask something unfavorable to Murong Fu, but on the surface she smiled like a flower, “May I know what the young master wants from this servant in exchange for this method?”

“Why don’t I plead with Mr. Murong, let him promise to give you to me.” Seeing her charming appearance, Song Qingshu suddenly got bad thoughts and deliberately teased her.

“Young master, don’t joke with me.” Azhu maintained her smile.

“Haha, I was just teasing you” Song Qingshu laughed, “I can teach you how to make your fragrance long lasting, but in return you have to teach me how to change appearance.”

Azhu made a shocked expression as soon as she heard this condition. Song Qingshu thought she would not agree, and secretly regretted that he was too anxious. He should’ve waited until their relationship became more familiar. But he might have to leave Yanzi Wu tomorrow, so he had no other choice.

“Oh, it was only that?” Azhu chuckled. “I have liked to pretend to be someone else ever since I was a child. The more I pretended, the more I learned, and gradually I figured out a set of methods. It’s not something that precious or unusual. Since the young master likes it, I’ll teach it to you.”

As she was speaking, Azhu suddenly realised something, and looked at Song Qingshu curiously, “Why does the young master know that this servant can disguise herself?”

“Didn’t Abi tell you that I used to be called the ‘Wulin’s All-knowing’ in the past, and I know many things regarding many people.” Song Qingshu raised his eyebrows and spoke with an air of mystery.

Azhu thought that Abi had indeed quietly talked about this to her before, and gave him a dubious look.

“I, as a man, can’t let a young lady suffer” Song Qingshu knew that the people in ancient era put great importance on their promise, so he directly said, “I will teach you the method of fixing your fragrance first.”

“Young master Song, you are such a good person.” Azhu stared at him with a smile.

A beautiful girl sent a good person card towards him for no reason. Song Qingshu dejectedly said, “To make the fragrance of the flower perfume long lasting, you must add a fixative. The fixative can be ambergris, sandalwood, musk, Orris root…whatever is convenient for you. Use of each raw material is different, so the effect on the perfume will also be different…” After speaking, Song Qingshu remembered that when he chased that woman in his previous life, he deliberately supplemented his knowledge of perfume. He didn’t expect it to be so useful now.

Azhu’s beautiful eyes showed brilliance, and she looked at Song Qingshu with admiration, “Young master Song is really knowledgeable and talented, and you even understand these accessories belonging to women.”

As the two of them were speaking, they had arrived before the room, Song Qingshu stopped and asked, “May I know when Miss Azhu will teach her disguise technique to me?”

“How about tomorrow?” Azhu was a little embarrassed. “It’s getting late today…”

“But I will leave Yanzi Wu tomorrow…” Song Qingshu’s meaning was also obvious.

Azhu thought that Song Qingshu was quite open minded. He taught her the method first, and she also couldn’t take her own promise lightly. She gritted her teeth and pulled Song Qingshu, then she walked into the room, “Young master, it’s not convenient to do that outside. It will not be good to be seen by anyone in the family. Now, let’s go into the room and talk quietly.”

As a young maiden entering a man’s room in the middle of the night, Azhu would naturally feel a little uncomfortable. She cautiously sat far away from Song Qingshu, and explained the method of Yi Rong Shu, “The key to Yi Rong Shu lies in the mask making and the target’s behaviour. The material of the leather mask…”

At first, Azhu was teaching from a distance, but it was impossible to teach disguise technique this way, so she took out a bottle of ointment from her pocket and came closer to demonstrate it on Song Qingshu’s face.

Feeling the icy cold feeling of Azhu’s fingers on his face, and then smelling the bursts of sweet scent from her body, he felt that Murong Fu had two such good maids and a cousin who can be called a master of martial arts. But his end result was so miserable.

Although he admires Murong Fu’s fighting spirit, he had never been a fan of his IQ. If he were Murong Fu, wouldn’t it be easy to restore the dynasty?

The principal wife of one of the princes of Xixia and him were relatives, and due to that he often mingled in Xixia’s high level social circles. Such unique conditions gave him a huge advantage if he participated in the public husband selection event of the Princess of Yinchuan of the Xixia dynasty.

Even if he didn’t take the path of Xixia, it would be even better with Wang Yuyan. If he had her, wouldn’t all the martial arts of the Xiaoyao Faction belong to him?

Even if he didn’t follow the martial arts route, Murong Fu still had a hidden expert like Azhu at home. To be honest, Song Qingshu thought that Azhu’s art of disguise was really more precious than most top tier martial arts. If it was used well, it could create miracles. How could its effect be comparable to that of a martial artist? If Murong Fu took necessary actions, got the support of a few ministers and eunuchs, and then transformed himself into the appearance of an emperor or a prince. By occupying the magpie’s nest, he could become the emperor without any effort.

Seeing Murong Fu’s vivid look in the mirror, Song Qingshu exclaimed, “Young lady Azhu, you are really amazing.”

“The young master is praising me a little too much.” Azhu bowed, as if she was facing the real Murong Fu.

“Azhu, it’s getting quite late, so you can warm the bed for your master.” Song Qingshu’s eyes turned clever, and with his heart full of naughty thoughts, he ordered while in Murongfu’s appearance.

“Bah!” Azhu cried out with a blushing face, “Since young master Song has learned almost everything, this servant will now take her leave.” After speaking, she fled and disappeared outside the door.

The next day, Murong Fu led the group to Manduo Mountain Villa. At first, Song Qingshu was also looking forward to seeing how beautiful this fairy maiden was. But as he walked, that thought in his heart gradually faded. He had no strength or power now. No matter how beautiful a woman was, it didn’t really matter to him. Even if there was a chance, he couldn’t grab it. His heart slowly became as still as water.

“Cousin~” A  dreamy voice came from far away, and Song Qingshu was startled when he heard it. It’s no wonder that just a mere sigh from Wang Yuyan overwhelmed Duan Yu’s mind.

“Cousin, you came to see me, I… I’m so happy.” Wang Yuyan’s white and tender face had a hint of girlish blush, which was really pretty.

Song Qingshu now had the opportunity to clearly look at her. What he saw was a young girl in a red-colored gauze dress, and her long hair was gently tied with a silver ribbon. There seemed to be a soft light surrounding her body, and this gave her a dream-like aura.

Song Qingshu was shocked. When she saw Zhao Min that day, her whole body seemed to be shrouded in the radiant beauty of the scorching sun. Then, when he first saw Madame Hu, her whole body seemed to be enveloped in a piece of pure jade. This time he witnessed Wang Yuyan, and she also had something surrounding her body. It was similar to a halo of soft light, could this be the aura of a peerless beauty?

Goblin: Surprise!

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  1. Ah… You know, I don’t enjoy it when my Mc uses disguises… Disguises, mind control, illusion and summon magic, I just always scream inside when my MC relies on stuff like that. Disguises are okey if it is just a quick infiltration, but not when it goes on for a long time and he gains renown with the fake persona then I always just want the world to know that it was the MC all along. So I just get frustrated xD

  2. Disguise arts? I like where this is going. However, what are the halos or whatever he is seeing? Is it something important? Or is just a way to exaggerate their beauty?

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