Chapter 22: The beautiful Master of Martial Arts

After looking carefully, Wang Yuyan was truly stunning. But Song Qingshu was after all, not Duan Yu. Due to the blessings of many high resolution cameras in modern society, he had seen many beautiful women, and his immunity was naturally higher.

How much more beautiful was Wang Yuyan compared to Azhu or Abi? Song Qingshu shook his head in his heart. They were all beautiful women. Once they reached a certain level, it was not so easy to distinguish between them. It was just like Fan Bingbing and Gao Yuanyuan, can you say who is more beautiful? Some people thought that Miss Fan looked better, and some people thought that Gao Yuanyuan was more of a goddess. It depended on personal taste.

There was a reason why people in this world generally thought that Wang Yuyan was more beautiful than Azhu and Abi. It’s not that Wang Yuyan was really better than Azhu or Abi. What made her superior was her dazzling temperament, which made ordinary men feel inferior and dare not keep looking after a glance. And the impression left by that glance would leave a deep mark in their mind. Being influenced by this thought, of course, they would feel that Wang Yuyan was much prettier than Azhu and Abi, who felt more like girls from next door.

Song Qingshu, a modern person, was soon able to watch her face with a calm heart after his initial surprise.

“Cousin, who are these?” Subconsciously noticing Song Qingshu’s eyes staring at her, Wang Yuyan’s long eyelashes trembled slightly. She was a little bit shy in her heart, but she was worried that he was a good friend of her cousin. Therefore, she did not dare to express her emotions.

“These two are my friends,” Murong Fu helped Wang Yuyan walk in. “It’s a long story. Let’s talk as we walk.”

“The internal energy for treating damaged meridians?” The crowd sat down in a nearby pavilion. After listening to Murong Fu’s explanation of Song Qingshu’s situation, Wang Yuyan wrinkled her beautiful eyebrows and began to think.

“There are so many kinds of martial arts today. If I had to say, then the best cure for internal injuries would be the “Nine Yin Scripture”, which was robbed by the Wu Jue of Central Plains in the past,” Wang Yuyan’s words made Song Qingshu’s heart sink. His meridians were completely broken, and it was impossible to circulate any true qi to heal them according to that method. Could it be that Murong Fu was referring to that internal energy…

“But…” The change in Wang Yuyan’s tone almost caused Song Qingshu’s heart to come to his throat, “Young master Song’s meridians are now damaged, I’m afraid that the “Nine Yin Scripture” is not suitable for that.”

Song Qingshu secretly admired the fact that even though Wang Yuyan didn’t have the slightest bit of experience in practicing martial arts, she still knew everything there was to know about almost all the martial arts in the world. Not only that but she had a thorough understanding as well. He couldn’t comprehend how Murong Fu’s mind worked. Every time Wang Yuyan tried to give him advice, he would get angry due to his narrow mindedness.

“I wonder if Miss Wang has other ways?” Madame Hu asked softly.

Wang Yuyan also marveled at the beauty of this big sister, she nodded slightly, and continued, “I once read the following words in an worn-out ancient book: ‘The “Nine Yin Scripture” treats the withering and blockage of the meridian, and the “Divine Brilliance Scripture” repairs meridians and mends bones.’ As for the actual effect of these two methods, since I have not read the two scriptures, I dare not jump to any conclusions…”

Song Qingshu felt his body tremble uncontrollably. At this moment, his heart was really agitated. The “Divine Brilliance Scripture” could give him a chance at rebirth. He would have the strength of dragons and tigers, and he could even save people who were at death’s door with that scripture…”

“Thank you, Miss Wang, for your guidance.” Song Qingshu stood up excitedly, and his heart had already flown out on the road, and he wished to go immediately to find the scripture.

Seeing Song Qingshu’s excitement, Madame Hu knew that this time they might have found what they were looking for. She looked at Wang Yuyan and asked, “Does Ms. Wang know where to find the “Divine Brilliance Scripture”?”

Wang Yuyan frowned her eyebrows, tilted her head, and thought about it carefully, “It is rumored that Mei Niansheng, a famous figure in the Central Hunan province, knows this mystical skill. But he has never stayed in one place for long, and I don’t know where to find him.”

Song Qingshu couldn’t help but be dazed, wondering whether Mei Niansheng was poisoned by his three disciples by this time. If he was dead, Song Qingshu could only start from Ding Dian and Di Yun.

“This Song will remember the grace of Master Murong and Miss Wang for days to come.” Song Qingshu stood up and thanked them sincerely.

“I just read a few words from the book, and I don’t know if it will work.” Wang Yuyan was so passionately thanked by him. It was unavoidable that she felt a little bit shy.

“Everyone here belongs to the Wulin, so young hero Song does not have to be so polite.” Murong Fu quickly got up and responded.

Song Qingshu secretly sighed, Murong Fu was really an impeccable young talent on the surface. They helped him this time, and he will definitely return the favor in the future…

“I plan to go to Central Hunan and find Mei Niansheng. My sister-in-law should stay here for a few more days. It is important to find Murong Jingyue.” Song Qingshu turned to look at Madame Hu while intentionally saying this.

“Yes, if Madame Hu finds it inconvenient to live in Yanzi Wu, she can live with my cousin. Manduo Villa is full of women, so Madam Hu can rest assured.” Murong Fu also added oil to the fire when he saw the opportunity.

Madame Hu embarrassedly glanced at Song Qingshu, thinking that now the world was in turmoil, her brother-in-law had lost all of his martial arts, and he had a rigid temper that was unwilling to bend the knee. She was afraid that he would not be able to safely reach Central Hunan…

“Murong Jingyue has the Murong family to track him down, so it’s useless for me to stay here. My brother-in-law has lost all martial arts now, and it’s not peaceful on the road. I still want to accompany my brother-in-law to Central Hunan.” Madame Hu finally made a decision.

As soon as this remark came out, the expressions of everyone present turned a bit strange. They were a young man and a widow, alone on the road, there was a good possibility that something might happen between their brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Abi on the side thought back to the intimacy the two people showed on the boat last time, and her thoughts became even more complicated.

Madame Hu quickly perceived the weird atmosphere. As soon as she thought about it, she understood what everyone was thinking, and her ears turned a little hot. But there was no way to explain this kind of thing. She thought about the harmonious relationship between herself and her brother-in-law. Then she calmed down.

Song Qingshu was now completely racing against time. He didn’t know when Zhou Zhiruo would find him. And once she does, if he was still half-dead before, he was afraid he would be completely doomed then.

Although there was a touching fairy maiden here, and there was also the gentle Abi as well as the sweet Azhu, Song Qingshu still decided to set off immediately.

Facing his farewell, Wang Yuyan just nodded slightly, her thoughts were all on her cousin. She only looked at Murong Fu’s eyes, full of tenderness and love.

This was the end of the matter. Murong Fu knew that if he tried to make them stay again, it might look suspicious, so he had to order Azhu to prepare a package of food and send it to the two of them, “Friends, you have to travel to a place thousands of miles away. I have prepared something for the journey. If you two regard this Murong Fu as a friend, I hope you won’t refuse. I wish for young hero Song’s injury to heal as soon as possible. The door of Yanzi Wu will always stay open for both of you at any time…”

Song Qingshu had no reason to refuse, he accepted the package, and thanked him, “Your kind intentions today will be repaid in the future!”

“Brother-in-law, don’t you think that Young Master Murong seemed to be a little too much enthusiastic about me?” After leaving the Manduo Villa, Madame Hu stopped to think for a bit, and finally couldn’t help but ask.

Goblin: I almost forgot to release today’s chapter. I was really very tired today and almost went to bed. But, I managed to remember in the end.

I usually don’t translate the names of places. I see no reason to translate it and I also learned the same in my translation course.

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  1. Okay! Now this is getting kinda annoying. The mc is being kicked like a football (soccer). I really hope this drama ends soon and we get something serious happening.

    Also, I think it was a fanfic. It becomes hard not knowing the original characters. I have to search them continuously on the web. The drawings look all the same too. 😩

  2. The phrasing that she “doesn’t know any martial arts but knows more martial arts than almost anyone” (paraphrase) is hard to extrapolate. I believe it should be something like “even though she didn’t practice any martial arts, she still knew more about it than almost anyone else.”
    The premise is that she has knowledge about many things but no actual experience.

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