Chapter 17: The villainess is narrow-minded (part 2)

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What Shael gave me was a purchase certificate. It was something familiar. It was something I had seen at the auction house where she had bought a lot of strange things.

“The Pill of Lies? Did you buy this again? No, where are getting that much money?”

Shael nodded her head.

“And I fed it to him.”

“No way…”

I immediately understood who she had given the pills to.

“Yes, I fed it to the Mage Tower Lord.”


Then, the reason why the Mage Tower Lord bowed his head and knelt down to Shael… ‘It wasn’t to incite the people to curse at Shael?’

I thought it was kind of strange at first. It was because no matter how there was a reason, I couldn’t understand why the Mage Tower Lord had to kneel. But when I heard that Shael fed him the pills, I was dumbfounded. 

‘She… she did something ridiculous!’

Then, Shael asked, “Why did the Mage Tower Lord fail to detect something that even you could do?”

“The Mage Tower Lord only uses combat magic.”

That was the unique trait of the Mage Tower Lord, Aren Jaygers. He had no interest in anything other than combat magic and earth-type magic that he learned to build the Mage Tower.

The Pill of Lies was at such a level that even a person who had just awakened to magic could detect it if he knew how to use detoxification magic. However, the Mage Tower Lord had no knowledge of detoxification magic. He only used combat magic.

Personally, I didn’t understand why the hell that kind setting had to exist, but there was indeed a reason for it. In romanic fantasy novels, the qualities of the main characters must be appealing to the readers. That setting was added to make one of the male protagonists, the Mage Tower Lord, susceptible to all sorts of strange dru*gs.

It was clear that the setting that the Mage Tower Lord could only use combat magic was in play in this situation as well.

Thinking back, the Mage Tower Lord’s body was trembling when he knelt down before Shael. It must have been because it was something he absolutely hated doing.

I suddenly felt very sorry for the Mage Tower Lord. As expected, the villainess was evil.

“So, I’m fine.”

Shael’s expression remained calm. She must’ve thought that since she succeeded in taking revenge on the

Mage Tower Lord, it was okay for her to have wine on her clothes or to be cursed at by people.

However, it felt strange to me.

Wasn’t it strange that she was suddenly just okay with her favorite clothes getting stained and being cursed at by others?

Even though Shael’s expression looked calm, her tone seemed different from usual. Contrary to her words and expression, it must be because she was also slightly offended.

“But, I’m not okay.”

“Why are you…”

She couldn’t finish what she was about to say. Because she couldn’t help but be surprised at what I had handed over to her.

“What is this?”

“This is a gift.”

What I handed over to the villainess was a doll. It was just a normal doll. It was also the doll Shael gave me at the shooting range the other day. Its eye was torn by an arrow and for some reason Shael gave it to me. However, the doll’s eyes were now sewn in strange shapes. The reason for that was… I wasn’t very good at sewing.

When Shael stopped by the dressing room, I quickly bought the necessary items and sewed the eyes.


“Didn’t you give the doll you wanted to me because its eye was torn?”

Shael received the doll and watched it carefully. Then she said, “It’s sloppy. It looks ugly.”

Anyway, the villainess had no common courtesy. She was able to spit out those thorny words to the person who gave her a gift.

“And, it does have some resemblance?”

“Are you referring to me?”

Shael smiled and looked at me.


“Is this a compliment or an insult?”

“I’ll be sure to use it to relieve my stress.”

Shael gave the wrong answer to my question. Then she abruptly said. “Oh, didn’t you say that I’m popular with catfish?”


I did say that. [Oh, yes. I see that you’re popular with catfish.]

I said that because she was making fun of me for not being able to catch a fish. But why was she bringing that up now all of a sudden?

“Now that I think about it, I think it really is like that.”


Did she realize what kind of nonsense she was spouting? Did she really admit that she was popular with catfish just now?

“My fiance also looks like a catfish.”


Shael was insulting me again.

Anyway, the villainess was indeed quite narrow-minded. Was she still hung up on the things from yesterday?

After she said that to me, Shael seemed to feel relieved as she walked away. That said, there was no way I could remain quiet at the current situation!

“Is that so? Come to think of it, there is a saying that married couples look alike.”

“What nonsense are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“I am saying that you look like a catfish too.”

There was no way she could defeat me. Because I was also quite narrow-minded.

I was the same as the villainess.

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  1. is this one of those stories where everyone aside from the hero and the heroine are absolutely evil just to make the main duo look better?

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