Chapter 176: White and red

Song Qingshu’s heart swayed, and he said with a smile, “How can other women have the same charm as Sister Lan, I wonder if I can choose you?”

Lan Fenghuang’s expression became a little embarrassed, and she softly said, “It is not impossible for this one to serve the Young Master, but this one is already the woman of the Cult Master, and it is inconvenient for me to serve other men. I hope the Young Master will forgive me.”

“That would be difficult. I’m not interested in women that belong to others.” Song Qingshu didn’t expose her lies, and deliberately showed an embarrassed expression. (G: Are you sure MC?)

“It seems that the Young Master doesn’t like our Miao women.” Lan Fenghuang glanced around and a candidate immediately came to her mind, “Then I will send a Han girl over at night, and I hope that the Young Master will be satisfied.”

Song Qingshu suspiciously followed her gaze, and saw that the girl who was following behind He Tieshou was pitifully tied up in the hall by the Five Poison Cultists, and asked with surprise, “What do you plan to do with her?”

“According to the rules of the Five Poison Cult, such a captured enemy will often be sent to the Spirit Snake Cave to be devoured by ten thousand snakes. Of course, if the Young Master has taken a liking to her, she will belong to you, and this one will naturally not embarrass her.” Worried that Song Qingshu would continue pestering her to sleep with him, Lan Fenghuang rolled her eyes, and revealed a sly smile.

“Why do women like to make other women suffer so much?” Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect that Lan Fenghuang, who had such a sweet smile, would be so calm when talking about such a terrifying punishment.

“Then, do you want this woman to serve you in bed?” Lan Fenghuang softly asked.

“Now that you’ve said that, how could I have the heart to watch such a beautiful girl die?” Song Qingshu said with a wry smile. After that he left for his room.

Lan Fenghuang came to Zhong Ling and whispered as she untied the shackles on her body, “Little girl, you have to serve that Young Master well at night, or I will really throw you into the Spirit Snake Cave tomorrow. Here, take this with you, I’ll check it tomorrow.”

Zhong Ling looked at the white silk cloth in her hand with doubt and confusion, “What is this?”

“You have to place this under…” Lan Fenghuang whispered a few words in her ear, causing Zhong Ling’s face to turn red in an instant. 

“Tomorrow I’ll check if there’s any red on it, don’t try to deceive to me~”


Song Qingshu had just finished washing up in the room when a young girl knocked on the door and walked in. Song Qingshu looked up and carefully observed the girl before him. She had a round face and a small dimple on the corner of her mouth. Her face was full of innocence and youthfulness, but unfortunately now it was full of panic.

“What’s your name?” Song Qingshu was not some gentle herbivore. Seeing her beautiful and charming face, he already had the intention of doing the deed in his heart. Of course, he wouldn’t be so anxious as if he hadn’t seen a woman in his eight lifetimes, he knew that it was always more effective to communicate their feelings first.

“My name is Zhong Ling.” The girl replied timidly, her eyes dodging around, thinking about how to escape.

“Zhong Ling?” Song Qingshu took a deep breath, thinking that it couldn’t be a coincidence, so he quickly asked, “Then do you know a woman named Mu Wanqing?”

“Sister Mu?” Zhong Ling listened to their conversation in Zhurong Hall during the day, and understood that Song Qingshu’s martial arts realm was very high, and she was worried about the huge difference in their strength. Plus with her Lightning Sable being lost, Zhong Ling thought that her purity would be taken by this stranger for sure. But, she didn’t expect that the other party actually knew Mu Wanqing.

“Is your mother Gan Baobao, and your father Duan Zhengchun?” Song Qingshu wanted to slap himself for being such a big mouth. Why would he have to ask that? If he went straight to the deed at hand, he wouldn’t have to be so troubled now.

“Nonsense, my father is Zhong Wanchou!” In fact, Zhong Ling had learned from her mother that Duan Zhengchun was actually her biological father, but as it concerned her mother’s reputation, she dared not admit it in front of outsiders.

“How can that ‘Horse Deity’ give birth to such a beautiful daughter as you? How did you get acquainted with He Tieshou?” Song Qingshu pouted, and began to struggle with a question, ‘Gan Baobao was forced to marry after being pregnant with Zhong Ling. After she married Zhong Wanchou, she slept with that horse-faced man for more than ten years. Thinking about it, if an ugly person married such a beautiful bride, then wouldn’t he be plowing the fields all the time? If that is the case, then did Zhong Wanchou put a green hat on Duan Zhengchun, or did Duan Zhengchun put a green hat on Zhong Wanchou?’

Although Zhong Ling was dissatisfied with his comment on Zhong Wanchou, she had no way out other than to reply. So, she narrated the story of how he met Yun Zhonghe in order to find a Lightning Sable again, and was finally rescued by He Tieshou.

“Yun Zhonghe, that idiot really didn’t change.” Song Qingshu said with a sneer, “One day, he will have to fulfill the oath he took that day.”

“Young Master, are you… a friend of Sister Mu?” Zhong Ling looked at him cautiously and meekly asked.

“Yes, she’s indeed a friend.” Song Qingshu thought of the day when Mu Wanqing saw Shui Sheng deliberately acting intimate with him, and ran away in anger. He decided to act like a tough guy and did not chase after her. Now, he secretly regrets doing that.

“That’s great!” Zhong Ling obviously relaxed, and patted her little chest with her hand, “I thought I was doomed tonight.”

“I’m friends with Mu Wanqing, but she’s not my wife, who told you that I wouldn’t do anything to you?” Song Qingshu was clearly going through an internal struggle.

“Ah?” Zhong Ling was dumbfounded, she shrank back, and pitifully said, “I’m Sister Mu’s best friend, can you let me go for her face?”

“Forget it, forget it, just consider it as me being unlucky. You can go to bed by yourself, I’ll find another place to sleep.” Song Qingshu waved his hand, and muttered in his heart, ‘If I knew this would happen, I would have just chosen a Miao girl.’

“I knew it! Big Brother Song, you are a good person!” Zhong Ling smiled brightly, her eyes like a crescent moon, and they looked truly beautiful.

“I hate women saying that I’m a good person the most…” Song Qingshu was depressed, “Go to sleep by yourself. I’ll go out first, or I won’t be able to guarantee that I won’t get wild in the middle of the night.”

“Wait a minute!” Zhong Ling shouted anxiously, seeing him turning around and showing a puzzled look, she quickly said, “Can you sleep in this room tonight, Lan Fenghuang said, if, if…”

So she told Song Qingshu about Lan Fenghuang’s threat.

“Do you really believe that? Are you still a little girl?” Song Qingshu said with a smile, “Lan Fenghuang obviously did this to scare you.”

“What if she didn’t do this to scare me?” Zhong Ling shuddered at the thought of being thrown into a pile of snakes.

Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment, thinking that he had lost his martial arts now, and Lan Fenghuang only treated him with courtesy because of Dongfang Muxue, but Dongfang Muxue was very temperamental, if they really didn’t let Zhong Ling go, he really wouldn’t be able to help her.

“Okay, I’ll be staying here tonight. I’ll cooperate with you.” Song Qingshu picked up a quilt from the bed and spread it on the ground to make a bed.

“But Lan Fenghuang will test that…” Zhong Ling coyly took out the square white silk cloth, and her face flushed red.

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