Chapter 177: He Tieshou in distress

“What?” Song Qingshu didn’t know how to react for a moment.

“It’s that…” Zhong Ling stomped her feet anxiously with a red face.

“Oh~” Song Qingshu finally understood what the white silk cloth was for, and looked at her with a strange expression, “I’m unable to help you with that, you can find a solution yourself.”

“But, but I can’t think of anything.” Zhong Ling felt so wronged that she almost started crying.

“Or, should I sacrifice my body to help you get through this difficulty?” Song Qingshu leaned over and observed Zhong Ling’s face up close, and could not help but sigh at the fact that there were so many women around him, but he was unable to reap any benefits.

“Brother Song~” Zhong Ling glanced at him angrily, “The situation is so dire, and you are still in the mood to joke with me!”

‘What a cute girl.’ Song Qingshu secretly sighed in his heart. Zhong Ling’s voice was soft and mellow, and his heart almost melted when he heard her speak.

Seeing Zhong Ling’s big eyes flickering at him, Song Qingshu felt a little agitated, “Okay, just consider it as me being scared of you. It would be fine if you just stab a wound on your hand, and drip a little blood on the cloth. Lan Fenghuang will have no way to know what kind of blood it is.”

“Hey, why didn’t I think of it?” Zhong Ling quickly brought her finger to her lips. However, she suddenly stopped and hesitated, as if she had come to a sudden realization.

“What’s wrong?” Song Qingshu asked with a strange expression.

“I am afraid of pain…” Zhong Lingxuan looked at him pitifully and spoke with tears in her eyes.

“Uh, let’s count it as I owed you in my previous life.” In front of Zhong Ling, this cute girl, it was difficult for a man to not have a desire to protect her. Song Qingshu was no exception, and seeing her fingers which seemed like they were carved with pink jade, he couldn’t bear to see traces of scars on it, “Let’s just use my blood.”

Song Qingshu brought his finger to his lips, and was about to bite it, but suddenly felt a little lost, so he stretched out his hand in front of Zhong Ling, “Bite it for me!”

“You’re asking me to bite it?” Zhong Ling hesitated for a while, but thinking that it was all to help herself, it seemed natural to give him a bite.

Zhong Ling held Song Qingshu’s fingers with her trembling hands, slightly opened her red lips, and put his fingers into her mouth for a bite. But, instead of biting it, she stretched out the tip of her tongue and licked it instead.

Although only his fingertip was licked by that wet and supple object, to Song Qingshu, it felt as if his heart had also been licked, and his tone became a little rough, “Hey, why are you licking it?”

Zhong Ling was already very agitated by doing such a shameful thing, and when she heard Song Qingshu’s words, she felt even more ashamed. She subconsciously bit hard, and suddenly felt a bloody smell spread from her lips.

“Hey!” Song Qingshu’s eyes widened and he took a deep breath, “You are really cruel!”

“I’m sorry, Brother Song, does it hurt?” Zhong Ling subconsciously took out the handkerchief from her arms and was about to help him wrap it up in a hurry.

“No, don’t, don’t!” Song Qingshu hurriedly put his finger above the white silk cloth and let all the blood drip on it, “Don’t waste it, or the blood will coagulate and you will have to bite once again.”

Zhong Ling carefully took the blood-stained cloth into her arms. 

Song Qingshu saw that there was a trace of blood on her lips, and the dyed red lips seemed particularly moist and luscious to the eye. His Adam’s apple couldn’t help moving up and down, and he hurriedly walked out, “I’d better go out for a walk first. I’ll just look around to get some air.”

“Big Brother Song!” Zhong Ling was about to hold him back, but Song Qingshu turned around the corner and disappeared in an instant. As she heard the faint sound of animals howling in the dark night, as if a ghost were crying in the night, Zhong Ling felt really scared. So, she quickly closed the doors and windows, ran to the bed, wrapped herself with the quilt and hid under it.

Song Qingshu was walking on a secluded road, he looked at his bloody fingers, and muttered to himself, “Song Qingshu, you are really something, not only did you not get Zhong Ling’s first blood, but she took your blood instead!”

Walking and walking, Song Qingshu unknowingly came to the vicinity of the Holy Beast Pool that he had passed by during the day. Suddenly his ears twitched, and there seemed to be a faint sound of intoxicating moaning in the wind. The sound was so soul-stirring that Song Qingshu felt that he was about to have a nose bleed. But when he tried to listen carefully, the sound disappeared.

“Wow, could it be a female ghost or fox spirit or something?” Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment, but not afraid. He was different from Zhong Ling. In his heart, the image of a female ghost or a fox spirit automatically transformed into the gentle and kind image of Nie Xiaoqian and the film “A Chinese Ghost Story”. So naturally, he was not afraid, and he followed the sound with great interest.

Song Qingshu walked for a while, until he finally found the source of the voice and stared blankly at a beautiful figure in the middle of the pool.

Most of her body was under water, only her snow-white and supple shoulders were exposed above the surface. Her phoenix eyes were tightly closed, and under the moonlight, her face seemed to have a strange red glow.

The beauty would sink her head into the water from time to time. After about half a stick of incense time, she would emerge from the water, slightly part her red lips, and let out a groan of ecstasy, her flushed face showing a hint of pain.

“He Tieshou?” Song Qingshu couldn’t help but exclaim when he saw the beauty’s appearance.

It turned out that He Tieshou was, after all, a genius of the He Family from the Five Poison Cult. After being restrained by Murong Jingyue, she quickly calmed down after the initial panic. After realizing what kind of medicine Murong Jingyue had fed her, she had an idea. She pretended to be under the effect of the drug, and began to seduce her opponent with sweet words.

Murong Jingyue had the tendency to think with his lower half, and he totally forgot that He Tieshou grew up in the Five Poison Cult and had a certain resistance to all kinds of poisons. Overjoyed, he unsealed He Tieshou’s acupoints. 

He Tieshou took the opportunity to shoot a poisonous needle hidden in her chest into his body. Although Murong Jingyue was highly skilled in martial arts, it was impossible for him to completely escape an attack at such a short distance. He hurriedly took out various pills from his arms and began to detoxify himself. He Tieshou saw that even the poisonous needle failed to kill this guy and that made her even more frightened. She didn’t dare to go forward and deliver the killing blow, and hurriedly fled in a panic. In that moment of confusion, she subconsciously ran towards the Five Poison Cult she was most familiar with.

It didn’t take long for the drug to start having its effect on He Tieshou’s body. She felt that her whole body was getting unbearably hot, so she ran to the Holy Beast Pool, hoping to use the cold lake water to dispel the urges that came from the bottom of her heart. 

But unfortunately it had little effect. As she felt her pretty flower petal below flooding with nectar, He Tieshou gritted her silver white teeth so hard that they were about to shatter. She could only curse that despicable villain in her heart, ‘What kind of medicine did that basta*d use? Why is it so powerful?’

If she couldn’t solve the effect of the drug in time, she was afraid that she would sink into a quagmire of lust for the rest of her life, and would never be able to escape. She had tried the cold lake water, and also her fingers…but it didn’t help at all.

“He Tieshou!?” 

At that moment, the sound of a man’s exclamation suddenly came from the shore. He Tieshou’s eyes blurred and she looked towards the shore. Never in her life had she felt that a man’s voice could be so beautiful, and she immediately recognized who the man was. When she realized that it was Song Qingshu who was with Dongfang Bubai during the day, He Tieshou couldn’t help but frown.

“I will take my leave, I hope that I didn’t disturb you.” Song Qingshu didn’t know what to do, and thought, ‘Why is He Tieshou doing such a blasphemous act in the middle of the night!?’

He Tieshou’s face turned red in shame, and she fought with the conflicting thoughts in her head for a while. Finally, she decided that she did not want to become a slave of desire in the future. So, she sighed and said, “Young Master Song, please stay.”

Song Qingshu couldn’t help but feel his heart jump when he heard her soft and sultry voice, “May I know what Miss He wants from this Song?”

“This Concubine is poisoned, and is in fatal danger. I hope the Young Master will be merciful and help me.” Although the women from the Miao people were quite straightforward, He Tieshou was, after all, a pure maiden. Thinking that she had to take the initiative to seduce this man, she felt really ashamed and angry.

“Poisoned? I think you’ve fallen prey to one of those aphrodisiacs some degenerates like to use so much.” Song Qingshu couldn’t help muttering when he saw He Tieshou’s blushing cheeks and watery eyes full of spring love.

It was exceptionally quiet at night. Although Song Qingshu’s voice was low, He Tieshou could still hear him clearly. She turned her worry into joy, “It turns out that the Young Master also has such profound attainments in medicine! This Concubine was indeed poisoned with something similar. I hope that the Young Master will help rescue me from this predicament.”

“Profound attainments in medicine?” Song Qingshu was dumbfounded, “I don’t read a lot, so don’t praise me too much.”

“Although this Concubine comes from a cult, I have always been pure and virtuous, so how can I joke with my reputation?” He Tieshou sighed.

“There is no antidote to this kind of drug. I have heard that ‘Human milk’ can alleviate the medicinal properties of this kind of drug. Why don’t you try it?” Song Qingshu felt that the heavens was pulling some kind of sick joke on him, otherwise his integrity would not be tested so much in the middle of the night. Just a while ago, he was afraid that he would do something to Zhong Ling, and would not be able to face Mu Wanqing in the future, so he came out to take a breather, but he didn’t expect to fall in a similar situation again!

“It’s too late.” He Tieshou felt really angry. Where would she find human milk in the middle of the night, in the midst of these wild mountains, “In fact, Young Master Song himself can detoxify this Concubine.”

“I can?” Song Qingshu suddenly felt that he was being a little too shameless at the moment, and he asked knowingly.

“Come down, I’ll teach you…” He Tieshou’s voice became very charming.

“We are clearly enemies…” Although Song Qingshu said so, his feet instinctively moved towards the pool.

“This Concubine only wants to feel that happiness for one night, so why would I bother to plot against the Young Master…” He Tieshou felt that she couldn’t hold on any longer, and feared that she would lose her mind and do something more embarrassing later, so she hurriedly urged the man.

Song Qingshu had already stepped into the pool and as he was drenched by the icy water, he suddenly shuddered at a thought, ‘What if this is what He Tieshou planned to do all along, now that I’ve lost my martial arts, I am not her opponent at all!’

While he was still hesitating, He Tieshou jumped at him and immediately pressed her red lips on his, and Song Qingshu could only swallow all his thoughts.

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