Chapter 178: The beauty and the sword

With the icy water all around and the fiery body in his arms, Song Qingshu felt his little bro on his lower half get as hard as an iron shaft.

“Aren’t we going too fast? We didn’t know each other that well before today…” After a long, suffocating kiss, Song Qingshu still felt that everything was so unreal and he was stunned.

“What a dishonest man…” He Tieshou blushed red as she wrapped her arms around Song Qingshu’s neck, and giggled as she whispered in his ear.  

“Your hand?” Song Qingshu asked suspiciously when he saw her two intact jade-white arms.

“Before the patriarchs of the He family took over the family, they would cut off their left arms and put on Iron Centipede Hooks to practice the unique skills of the He family. When I was a child, I was afraid of pain, and my mother loved me very much, so she announced that I had cut off my arm and spread that to the people outside. I use this specially made Iron Centipede Hook to hide my hands from people’s eyes and ears.” He Tieshou explained while unbuttoning Song Qingshu’s clothes, and coquettishly took a bite at his lips .

Song Qingshu felt a warm and soft palm stretch into the front of his clothes. The desire he had been suppressing for so long broke out like a flood, and he couldn’t stop it. He stretched out his hand and tightly hugged the delicate body in front of him, as if he wanted to merge their bodies together.

“This is what a man should do…ahn~” He Tieshou, who was barely half awake at that moment, stretched out her tongue and licked his lips with a tender smile, “Make love to me…”


No one knew how much time had passed. He Tieshou’s hand was resting on Song Qingshu’s chest, her eyes were blurred, and she felt endless shame. Her forehead and the tip of her nose were dripping with fine sweat, “It seems that the poison has not been completely solved…”

“How many times? Just how many times…” Song Qingshu was a little absent-minded. Because of his internal injuries, he lost all his internal strength. Now his body was quite weak, and he gradually felt powerless before the relentless waves of pleasure.

“This Concubine will do something to make the Young Master enjoy this more~” He Tieshou showed a coquettish smile, took a deep breath, and slowly sank into the water.

Song Qingshu felt his body tense up, his eyes suddenly widened, and then slowly closed, as a comfortable expression appeared on his face.

After a long time, He Tieshou surfaced on the water, wiped the white liquid on the corners of her mouth, and said with a faux-smile, “Did Young Master enjoy it?”

‘This woman’s body is so stimulating that it made me stab with the sword on my waist like a madman. Although it may not seem like it, my essence is almost bone dry.’ Song Qingshu murmured in his heart, but his expression suddenly became fierce, ‘My essence may be almost bone dry, but I can still fight some more!’ 

After saying that, he pressed He Tieshou under him and with the splashes of water, the sound of enraptured moans resounded throughout the pool again. Even the moon in the sky seemed to feel ashamed and hid behind the clouds.


Seeing He Tieshou, who had put on her clothes and was about to leave, Song Qingshu gloomily said, “You’re just going to leave?”

“Why… Do you want to take responsibility for me?” He Tieshou turned her head and coldly asked, her previous gentle expression had long since vanished.

Song Qingshu took a breath, he felt a little unaccustomed to such a huge change, and gave an embarrassed smile, “Although any man would be happy to let go, but I still want to remind you that we have done it so many times just now, what if you get pregnant? What will you do then?”

 Just when Song Qingshu thought that she would walk away, He Tieshou’s steps suddenly paused, then she turned around and smiled sweetly, “Don’t worry, I will use internal force to force out what you left in my body.” Then she turned around again and left.

When He Tieshou was out of his sight, Song Qingshu murmured to himself, “It’s really an eye-opener! People in the wulin actually have such a natural and pollution-free contraceptive method! That Okam*to 003 or whatever is really nothing in comparison. She can eat as much as she wants and then spit it out of her lower mouth, is it really that convenient?” (G: Okam*to 003 is a brand of cond*ms.)

Coming all the way back from the Sacred Beast Pond, Song Qingshu kept feeling a little unhappy. Although theoretically, he should’ve been the one who took the most advantage of that situation, why did He Tieshou’s attitude give him the feeling that he was just a human-shaped cucumber that she just threw away after using?

“Brother Song, are you back?” When she heard the door open, Zhong Ling on the bed managed to open her eyes and aske with a sleepy voice. 

“Hey, why are you soaked all over?” When she saw Song Qingshu enter with wet clothes, she immediately sat up.

“Well, I wasn’t careful with my step just now and fell into a pool of water.” Song Qingshu gave her a reassuring smile, “You don’t have to worry, I’ve already sent someone to bring a set of clean clothes for me.”

“My mother said that if you don’t change your wet clothes right away, it’s easy to catch a cold. Brother Song, please take off your clothes. I… promise not to look at you.” Zhong Ling looked quite anxious.

“I’m an adult, I won’t be embarrassed if I’m seen by a little girl like you.” Song Qingshu laughed, “Okay, go back to sleep, I’ll handle this myself.”

“When the Five Poison Cultists come to deliver clothes to Big Brother Song later, can Big Brother Song lie down on the bed with me for a moment?” Zhong Ling’s expression turned red, she was obviously rather embarrassed.

Song Qingshu’s mind ticked, and he quickly understood what she was thinking. She must be worried that if the Five Poison cultists saw the two sleeping in separate beds, they would report it to Lan Fenghuang.

“Is Lan Fenghuang really that scary? You are too timid.” Song Qingshu was rather speechless.

“That woman is fierce!” Zhong Ling wrinkled her small nose and snorted, “Since we want to deceive her, we must prepare for everything.”

“I’m already very sleepy, but if I don’t have the time to change it, I’ll go to bed first, and when someone knocks on the door, you can help me receive my clothes.” Song Qingshu yawned and his back felt extremely sore. He couldn’t wait to just fall down and sleep immediately.

“Then go to bed!” Zhong Ling hurriedly spoke up.

“That’s what you said!” Song Qingshu felt that he had helped her so much, and he was too lazy to be polite to her. He walked to the bed and took off his wet clothes and trousers, and casually threw them aside. After wiping his body dry with a towel, he slipped into the bed and fell asleep, 

“It smells so good…” This was Song Qingshu’s last thought before falling asleep.

Zhong Ling’s face flushed with shame, and she put down her hands covering her eyes. Just now, she was curious and secretly took a peak between her fingers, but when she saw something she shouldn’t have, her heart skipped a beat. Only when she heard the sound of deep sleep, did she breathe a sigh of relief.

“Thud! Thud! Thud!” Hearing the knock on the door, Zhong Ling hurriedly ran over to open the door. She deliberately stepped aside to reveal Song Qingshu, who was sleeping on the bed, so that the maid could see him clearly. Zhong Ling bowed her head, and pretended to look shy. When she determined that the maid had seen what was supposed to be seen, she reached out to take the clothes that had been brought.

After closing the door, Zhong Ling’s pretty face blushed, and she secretly thought, ‘That woman must have thought of something strange when she showed such an evil smile just now, but that’s fine, it’ll be easier to deceive Lan Fenghuang like that.’

Putting the clothes on the table, Zhong Ling remade the bed Song Qingshu made before. She lay on it and prepared to fall asleep, only to feel panicked, turned her head to look at the bed, and saw that Song Qingshu was sleeping soundly. She hesitated for a moment, then got up, tiptoed over, dragged her shoes and socks, and lay down on the bed.

Unfortunately, the pillow was taken up by Song Qingshu alone. Zhong Ling glanced at him angrily, then grabbed his arm and put it under the back of her head. She felt a lot more comfortable, and she planned in her heart, ‘Brother Song is sleeping so deeply, he will wake up late tomorrow for sure! If I am careful, and get up before he wakes up, he will never know what happened, hum…’

It’s a pity that things backfired. After a day of worry and fear, Zhong Ling finally relaxed and slept very deeply. Although Song Qingshu worked really hard all night, he was young and quickly regained his vitality. In the morning, he only felt that his arms were a bit numb. He opened his eyes suspiciously and noticed that Zhong Ling was hugging him like an octopus, with her head resting on his arm. There was also a small puddle of saliva below her mouth.

When Zhong Ling woke up, she found Song Qingshu sitting at the table eating breakfast. Her face immediately flushed with shame, she pulled the quilt and covered her head, ‘Shame on you, Zhong Ling! You dam*n shameless girl, you did such a shameful thing! What will Brother Song think of you now…’

“Sister Ling’er, do you want to eat Dali’s speciality made bacon?” Song Qingshu smiled.

“Hmph, I often eat this at home, what’s so special about that.” Zhong Ling knew that hiding would not help much, so she jumped off the bed.

“Oh, I forgot that you’re from Dali.” Song Qingshu was stunned at first, then reacted.

“Young Master Song, did you have a good rest last night?” A cheerful voice was heard from outside the door. Seeing Zhong Ling’s expression going through a drastic change, Song Qingshu looked up and saw that it was Lan Fenghuang.

“The rest couldn’t be better, but I’m a little tired.” Song Qingshu’s mind came to the scene of last night’s battle in the pool, and he was really tired.

“I heard from my subordinate that the Young Master had worked so hard that his whole body was soaked with sweat.” Lan Fenghuang showed a strange smile, and without waiting for Song Qingshu to answer, she came to Zhong Ling and stretched out her hand with a smile, “Give that to me.”

Zhong Ling pouted, and reluctantly took out the white silk cloth stained with Song Qingshu’s blood from her arms and handed it over.

Seeing the bright red blood stains on the white silk cloth, Lan Fenghuang leaned over Song Qingshu’s ear and said, “Young Master Song really doesn’t show any mercy, how can you do that to such a young girl?”

Song Qingshu almost spit out a mouthful of soup. It was coming from the same woman who forced Zhong Ling to accompany him in bed yesterday!

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore. Cult Master Dongfang has invited Young Master Song to meet at his residence.” Noticing the expression on Song Qingshu’s face, Lan Fenghuang held back her smile.

“Then what about her?” Song Qingshu was worried that as soon as he left, Zhong Ling would be taken to an unknown place by Lan Fenghuang.

“Oh, as expected, a couple for a day begets a hundred days of grace. Little girl, you really are quite good at that stuff. You made Young Master Song fall in love with you in just one night.” Lan Fenghuang glanced at Zhong Ling in surprise, and said with a tender smile, “Since the Young Master likes her so much, then she will naturally stay here to serve you.”

‘This woman is full of nonsense! I hate her so much!’ Zhong Ling was secretly sulking, but she didn’t dare to show it on her face.

Song Qingshu finally calmed down and followed Lan Fenghuang to Dongfang Muxue’s residence. As soon as they met, before he could even speak, Dongfang Muxue glanced at his face and suddenly became angry, “Weak spirit, weak limbs, Lan Fenghuang, it was you isn’t it? What the hell did you do!?”

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