Chapter 181: Settling down

“Sister Feiyan, you seem to be younger than me!”

“You can’t even beat Yun Zhonghe. What’s the use of being older?”

“It’s just that my Lightning Sable was not with me, so Yun Zhonghe took advantage of it.”

“Hmph, to explain is to cover up.”



Song Qingshu looked at the backs of the two young arguing girls with a tired expression. These two had more than a hundred conversations like this along the way. He didn’t know why these two lovely girls looked at each other with so much hostility.

“Brother Song, the fog on Mount Emei is so beautiful!” There was white mist rising from the mountains and ravines of Mount Emei, and the vast sea of ​​clouds and mist spread out like a snow-white blanket— calm, dense and boundless. Zhong Ling was fascinated, and looked at this scene with great excitement. She had a lively nature. Although she often went out to stroll, it was basically limited to Dali. This time, when she was passing through Mount Emei with Song Qingshu, it was the first time she was so far away from home, and she was inevitably a little excited.

‘This is actually also the first time this son-in-law of the Emei School has climbed this mountain.’ Song Qingshu smiled bitterly while sighing at the wonder of nature. After leaving the Five Poison Cult, the group of three decided to travel to Tubo through Sichuan, and Song Qingshu took two girls to Mount Emei on a whim. (G: Tubo is the ancient name of Tibet.)

Looking at the mist-shrouded fairyland in front of him, Song Qingshu got lost in his thoughts for a moment. Among the four famous Buddhist mountains in China, Buddhists call Mount Wutai ‘Golden World”, Mount Putuo “World of Glazed Glass”, and Mount Jiuhua “World of Netherworld”. As for Mount Emei, it’s known as “Silver World”. This name is a bit inappropriate, and can easily be confused as “obscene world”…’ Song Qingshu’s expression became strange, ‘Or, it could also be due to my dirty mind.’ (G: The “yín (银)” in the character “yín sè (银色)” meaning “silver” can easy be confused with “yín (淫)” meaning wanton; lewd; lascivious; obscene; depraved.)

“The fog of Mount Emei?” Song Qingshu felt emotional when he heard Zhong Ling sigh, and couldn’t help but recite a very impressive line in his memory, “When I walk through the mountain, the mountain does not speak, and when I walk through the sea, the sea does not speak. I sat on the donkey which slowly walked, I took the Heaven Sword to the horizon. People said that I settled in Emei because I loved the hero Yang Guo and couldn’t succeed. In fact, I just liked the fog and clouds in Emei, which rekindled the happy memories of my childhood…”

“This is a poem unlike other poems, with lines not like the usual lines, but they seem to contain a woman’s strong emotions…” Qu Feiyan was fascinated by the lines. She was interested in literature from childhood, and later she was carefully cultivated by Dongfang Muxue. She had very deep accomplishments in the field of poetry, but she quickly frowned and muttered to herself, “Listening to the meaning of the words, that woman should have the Heaven Sword, but why is it that such a character is unknown in the wulin? As for that Yang Guo, he’s even more unfamiliar…”

“The woman is Guo Xiang, the founder of the Emei Sect. She fell in love with Yang Guo, who was 16 years older than her. It’s a pity that Yang Guo already had a lover he had promised to spend his life with. As a result, this bitter love ended before it even started.” Song Qingshu calmly told the two girls about Guo Xiang’s secret love for Yang Guo, and the two girls’ eyes twinkled with brilliance.

“That Miss Guo is so pitiful, and she had to live a lonely life like this.” Zhong Ling felt her nose going sour, and she felt that Guo Xiang in the story was a little pitiful.

“In my opinion, all the blame goes to Yang Guo. He is such a charming and handsome man, but he appeared in front of Miss Guo, a girl who was just in the age to fall in love, naturally she couldn’t avoid his charm. He ended up playing with her feelings. He may seem devoted on the surface, but underneath, he is actually ruthless!” Qu Feiyan’s expression seemed very resentful.

“According to what you said, what should Yang Guo do? Are you saying that he should abandon his original wife and accept Miss Guo’s feelings?” Although Zhong Ling felt that Guo Xiang was pitiful, she also admired Yang Guo’s actions in her heart.

“Hmph, what’s wrong with a man having three wives and four concubines? Since Yang Guo is so powerful, it is normal for him to have more wives. Miss Guo loved him so much, and after searching for him for decades, she must’ve been willing to be a concubine…”

Song Qingshu never imagined that Qu Feiyan, a woman, would say such a thing. But, considering that she grew up in the Sun Moon Holy Cult, where the strong are respected, it was not so strange for her to have such a mindset.

“There is no love between three wives and four concubines…” Zhong Ling felt that Qu Feiyan deliberately said that just to fight her.

“It’s just nonsense!” At that moment, a crisp and clear voice came from the woods not far away. Song Qingshu looked up and saw a young girl in purple clothes slowly walking out.

“May I know what this Miss wants to say?” Song Qingshu saw her melon shaped face, slender eyebrows, slender waist and slender shoulders, and sighed secretly, ‘Being beautiful really has an advantage, if it jumped out like a flower, he wouldn’t kick himself. It’s kind enough to go back, how can he still be so pleasant as he is now.

“I was passing by and I accidentally heard what you said. Although I have to admit that it was a good story, it insulted our Emei Sect.” The young girl looked rather annoyed.

“Are you from the Emei Sect?” Song Qingshu was startled. After calming down, he was full of doubts. He had never seen this girl in the Emei Sect.

“That’s right!” The girl in purple nodded and continued, “Our founder of the Emei Sect is Situ Xuankong, a master in the pre-Qin period, but the sword and fist technique that he created have long since been lost for thousands of years. The martial arts system of the sect was established by Chan Master Baiyun hundreds of years ago, so the Emei Sect also regarded him as the founder of the sect.”

The last time he saw Huang Rong in Jingzhou City, based on her age, Guo Xiang had not been born yet, so Song Qingshu naturally wouldn’t take it for granted that Guo Xiang was still the founder of Emei. But he was very curious about the identity of the girl in front of him, “I am quite knowledgeable about the Emei Sect. The origin of the sect is quite deep. I have seen a lot of disciples starting from the Sect Master Shitai of the previous generation, and the current generation Sect Master Zhou Zhiruo. Why have I never seen you, Miss?”

“My master, Baixiao Shitai, is former Sect Master Shitai’s younger sister. I grew up in Huijiang with my master. It’s normal that you haven’t met me. You are so familiar with the Emei Sect, may I know who you are?” The girl in purple was taken aback for a moment, apparently also curious about Song Qingshu’s identity.

“This humble one is known as Wulin’s All-knowing. It’s normal for me to know many things. For example, I know that your name is Yuan Ziyi, also known as Yuanxing, right?” Song Qingshu pretended to think, and spoke with a mysterious tone. (G: go check out The Young Flying Fox in the wiki.)

“Huh?” Now it was the girl named Yuan Ziyi’s turn to be surprised. There were quite a few people in the world who knew that her name was Yuan Ziyi, but they didn’t know her other name Yuanxing. No one in the world knew about that except her master and other elders. ‘Could this person really be Wulin’s All-knowing?’

Looking at the pretty woman in front of him, Song Qingshu secretly sneered, ‘So this is Yuan Ziyi, the little bit*h who always teases Hu Fei in the original book, and because of jealousy, she also plotted against Cheng Lingsu. In the end, after Hu Fei fell in love with her, she made it clear that as a monk she had to reject Hu Fei. Little Hu Fei, if I have a chance, I will definitely avenge you, lest you run into this vixen one day and be deceived by her like in the original book.’

“May I know what is the reason Miss Yuan traveled thousands of miles and came to Emei?” Song Qingshu calmly asked.

Yuan Ziyi pursed her lips and smiled, but did not answer, instead she asked something else, “Aren’t you Wulin’s All-knowing, don’t you know?”

Song Qingshu was about to helplessly shake his head, when a thought suddenly flashed in his mind, and he said, “Miss Yuan must be here for the Hui tribe. If my information is not wrong, Miss Yuan has come to Emei Sect to ask for help.” Song Qingshu made a bold guess. This girl had come to ask for help, but since Zhou Zhiruo hadn’t come back, she could only leave empty handed.

“You guessed right.” Yuan Ziyi’s expression was very distressed. She couldn’t meet the sect master of the Emei Sect on this trip, so her mission could be said to be a failure.

“I’m good friends with the Sect Master Zhou of the Emei Sect. She hasn’t returned during this period of time. If Miss Yuan has anything to share, when Sect Master Zhou returns in the future, I can convey it to her.” 

Yuan Ziyi came from Huijiang. Maybe it had something to do with the Ming Cult in the Western Regions, so Song Qingshu naturally didn’t dare to neglect this chance.

“Isn’t it rumored that all the Wulin’s All-knowing in the world needs to travel around? How can you help me convey the information?” Yuan Ziyi asked suspiciously.

“I’ve been tired from wandering around all these years. I don’t want to run around anymore. So, I’ve decided to settle down at the foot of Mount Emei with my two young wives and live a life of peace…” Song Qingshu put his arms around Qu Feiyan and Zhong Ling. The two girls suddenly blushed, but both of them were smart people, and they knew that there must be a reason for him to do this, so they didn’t show any dislike.

Yuan Ziyi cursed in her heart, and felt a little pity for the two young girls who didn’t know how to love themselves.

Song Qingshu was feeling quite worried in his heart, but on the surface he didn’t seem to care, “It’s alright. It’s pretty rare for me to help someone for free, and if you don’t need it, forget it. You should know that if ordinary people want my help, they usually have to spend a thousand taels of gold.” As he said that, he hugged Qu Feiyan and Zhong Ling and started to walk down the mountain.

Unlike Zhong Ling’s blushing face, Qu Feiyan didn’t seem that shy, after all, she had far more life experience. Although she didn’t know Song Qingshu’s intentions, she still coquettishly said, “Brother, why are you so bad? Whenever you see a beautiful girl, you forget who we are. Even the last time, when you met that woman, you just helped her for free! My heart still hurts after that.” She Intentionally spoke in a way that Yuan Ziyi could hear her.

“Hehe, wasn’t that how I got you?” Her voice was soft and her body was even softer. Feeling Qu Feiyan’s deliberate provocative gestures, Song Qingshu’s heart swayed, and he subconsciously squeezed her soft waist.

Aware of Song Qingshu’s naughty hands, Qu Feiyan kept a gentle smile on her face, but she kicked his legs with her toes.

“Wait!” The conversation between the two could not be hidden from Yuan Ziyi’s eyes and ears. She thought of something in her heart and hurriedly cried out.

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