Chapter 182: Valuables

Song Qingshu and Qu Feiyan looked at each other, and a triumphant smile appeared on the corners of their mouths. When they turned around, the smile had already disappeared, “This Miss may have heard our conversation. Have you realized my greatness? Did the seed of love sprout in your heart? Are you ready to follow the example of others?”

“Hmph, your martial arts level is so low, I really don’t know how you have such a mouth that easily offends people.” Yuan Ziyi coldly snorted. With her martial arts, she could clearly feel that Song Qingshu’s breathing was uneven, or it was possible that he didn’t know martial arts at all, or his skills were pretty low. One of the girls he had his arms around also didn’t have a high level of martial arts, and the other seemed to be a bit more difficult to deal with.

“That’s because I rarely touch other people’s bottom lines, and no one can really get angry with me with some harmless jokes.” Song Qingshu looked at Zhong Ling and Qu Feiyan, and proudly said, “Besides, I also have many confidantes with high martial arts levels…”

Yuan Ziyi frowned, unable to hide her impatience, and directly asked, “Are you really friends with Senior Sister Zhou?”

Recalling Zhou Zhiruo’s beautiful face, and the difficult relationship between the two of them, Song Qingshu nodded affirmatively, “Of course, I am her confidante, a very close confidant…”

“A close confidant?” Yuan Ziyi was stunned for a moment, but she quickly reacted and felt speechless, “How much time do you need to pass the news to Senior Sister Zhou?” 

She also left a letter in the Emei Sect, and just from listening to the words of the Emei disciples, she knew that Zhou Zhiruo wouldn’t be coming back in the near future. If she waited for Zhou Zhiruo to come back and read the letter, it would take too much time, and she was afraid that the damage would be done by that point.

“It varies from three to ten days, depending on where she is now.” Song Qingshu pretended to think about it and replied.

“You don’t know where she is?” Yuan Ziyi felt angry and irritated. Was this guy just playing with her?

“I’m just her friend, not her…husband.You can’t expect me to accompany her anytime, anywhere.” Song Qingshu paused, “I need to mobilize eyes and ears from all over the world to find her first, and then use flying eagles to pass the news. You should understand that it’s normal to take so much time.”

Yuan Ziyi glanced at him suspiciously, “Do you have such a big influence?”

Song Qingshu gave a smug smile, “Did you really think we rely on only one person as Wulin’s All-knowing? After hundreds of years of accumulation, each Wulin’s All-knowing is now able to gather information from all over the world. You should count yourself lucky.”

Yuan Ziyi was stunned by his claim, and thought, ‘Was there still such a hidden force in the Central Plains? If I have a good relationship with them, wouldn’t it be much more convenient for me to inquire about the Central Plains in the future?’ 

With the intention to make friends, Yuan Ziyi’s tone became much softer, “May I know what position the Young Master holds in the ranks of Wulin’s All-knowing?”

“This humble one lacks talent and is just an elder amongst the Wulin’s All-knowing.” Song Qingshu straightened his clothes and stood with his head held high.

Yuan Ziyi was quite surprised, and hurriedly spoke up, “Ziyi has offended you a lot just now, and I hope the Young Master will forgive me. This one wants to ask Wulin’s All-knowing to help deliver a message to Zhou Zhiruo, the head of Emei. Is it possible?”

“Okay…” Song Qingshu simply nodded and stretched out his hand in front of her, “…but, before you ask us to do things, I have to tell you that it will cost you a thousand taels of gold. You have to pay half of the deposit first, and then give the other half after the matter is completed.”

Yuan Ziyi took a deep breath, half of the deposit meant five hundred taels of gold! How could she have so much money? So, she couldn’t help but shyly say, “Didn’t you just say that you will help me for free?”

“You are talking about that? It was then, but now it’s different.” Song Qingshu said with a helpless expression, “I don’t want to help you for free now. If you don’t have the gold, I really can’t help you.”

“You are obviously taking revenge!” Yuan Ziyi bit her lip, and looked rather annoyed.

Song Qingshu raised his eyebrows, and he frankly admitted, “You’re right, who made you act like a donkey just now?” 

It wasn’t Song Qingshu’s intention to tease her, but he also understands the fact that Yuan Ziyi was originally suspicious and defensive. But now, she finally got hooked. If he agrees now, she will start to doubt his credibility again.

Yuan Ziyi rolled her eyes and gave an alluring smile, “Young Master, you are a man, why are you arguing with a woman like me? Just show mercy and help me.” She had been traveling around the world for a long time, and she was very clear about the fact that she was a beautiful woman. The advantages of being beautiful were sometimes more useful than martial arts.  

Hearing Yuan Ziyi’s gentle words, Song Qingshu showed a satisfied expression. “Well, since you don’t have so much gold, then I’ll make an exception. If you don’t have any money, I’ll take something else that is more valuable as a reward.”

“Valuables?” Yuan Ziyi pondered for a while, and a look of embarrassment appeared on her pink and smooth face. As a nun, she really had nothing of value on her body.

“Looking at your expression, I know you can’t come up with anything good,” Song Qingshu let go of the two girls, folded his arms in front of his chest, touched his chin and carefully looked at Yuan Ziyi.

“What are you looking at?” Yuan Ziyi felt a chill down her spine when she heard the “tsk tsk” sound from his mouth.

“You have two things that are very valuable. Does Miss Yuan know what they are?” Song Qingshu did not answer, but asked a strange question.

“What is it?” Yuan Ziyi was really confused.

“One is your heart, which is as clear as a crystal, and the other is your body, which is as pure and flawless as white jade. They are all valuables. So it’s up to you to give me whatever you want and your payment will be done.” Song Qingshu said in a calm manner.

“May I know what the Young Master wants?” Yuan Ziyi’s eyes trembled, she held back her anger, and looked at Song Qingshu with a smile.

Song Qingshu was quite hesitant, as if he was struggling in his heart, but finally he shyly answered, “Although the heart of a girl is more precious, it is too fickle, and it is difficult to belong to one person completely. My nerves are fragile and I can’t stand such a blow. So after thinking about it, it is better to have a tangible thing such as a girl’s body. Once I get it, no one can take it away.”

“You are courting death!” Although Yuan Ziyi didn’t mind taking advantage of her beauty to make it easier for her to travel the world, what Song Qingshu said clearly exceeded her tolerance limit. She pulled a soft whip from her waist and swiped it directly at Song Qingshu’s face.

Song Qingshu had already been vigilant about her retaliation just after he finished speaking. Although he couldn’t use his internal strength, he still had his sharp vision. He managed to dodge a few strikes by the skin of his teeth. Only after he saw Qu Feiyan react, did he breathe a sigh of relief. Then he smiled at Yuan Ziyi and said, “You wear boots and carry a whip? You might as well wear a tight leather dress!”

Yuan Ziyi didn’t have time to listen to his nonsense. The girl in front of her was obviously more troublesome than she had thought. After successfully pushing the other party to a distance of ten feet, not only was she not happy at all, but rather regretted. Her whip technique originally required her to keep a certain amount of distance from the enemy. As a result, it allowed Qu Feiyan to use all kinds of vicious hidden weapons. After the distance increased, her opponent had a greater advantage. Fortunately, her knowledge covered a wide range of fields and she had learned a lot of different things from famous teachers, so she didn’t fall into an embarrassing situation.

“Forget it, I was joking with you just now. I’ll send the news for you.” Song Qingshu saw that it was almost the right time, and hurriedly called them to stop.

“You don’t want a payment?” Yuan Ziyi’s long whip flew like a silver snake and shot down all the hidden weapons that Qu Feiyan had shot.

“No, I just want to make friends. We Wulin’s All-knowing love making friends.” Song Qingshu laughed.

“Okay!” Yuan Ziyi jumped out of the fighting circle, took out a letter sealed with lacquer from her arms, and said with a serious expression, “What if you guys peek at it?”

“Don’t doubt the professionalism of us Wulin’s All-knowing.” Song Qingshu said with a serious expression on his face, “As far as we Wulin’s All-knowing are concerned, as long as we take orders from our customers, even if it contains documents of staging a rebellion, we will do our job. Do you really think that there is something in that letter that would make us take a peek?”

“Alright!” Yuan Ziyi threw the letter over, “I have to go back to handle an urgent matter. If you don’t deliver the letter, or peep at the contents, I will return to the Central Plains in the future, and I will find you even if you hide in the ends of the earth.”

“What immaculate martial art!” Song Qingshu’s eyes lit up when he saw that the envelope swirl and flew in his hands, “You can rest assured, I guarantee on the hundreds of years reputation of Wulin’s All-knowing, there will be no problem.” Then secretly sneered in his heart, ‘Wulin’s All-knowing exists in Gu Long’s books, and there is no such thing in Old Master Jin’s books.’ (G: Gu Long is a famous wuxia novel writer, similar to Jin Yong.)

“Okay, thank you Young Master, Ziyi will take her leave now.” Yuan Ziyi was obviously relieved.  Meeting Zhou Zhiruo was a very urgent matter, and when she heard that the other party was not in Emei Sect, she thought she would have to return without success. But who knew that this would happen!

Seeing Yuan Ziyi’s figure disappearing into the distance, Qu Feiyan suspiciously asked, “Why did the Young Master expend so much effort to deceive her?” Zhong Ling on the side also nodded in a hurry, she was obviously having the same doubts.

“The Hui Tribe is the third largest force in the Western Regions after Mongolia and the Ming Cult. Yuan Ziyi came here to represent the Hui Tribe and meet the head of Emei. Maybe it has something to do with the Ming Cult. You also know the one who injured Cult Master Dongfang was Zhang Wuji, from the Ming Cult. I just want to see if I can get any information.” Song Qingshu led the two girls to a secret place and opened the secret letter with a tree branch he found on the way. Seeing that there were no traps, he finally felt relieved. ‘It seems that I really watched too many TV dramas, so I was worried for nothing.’

After reading the contents of the letter, Song Qingshu sneered. It turned out that the Hui Tribe felt that the Mongolian forces were growing day by day and intended to fight the enemy together with the Ming sect. A third party was needed to mediate between the two forces. There was a rumor in the wulin that Ming Cult’s Zhang Wuji had a deep relationship with Zhou Zhiruo, the head of Emei. Yuan Ziyi was sent over because of her relationship with Emei Sect, and wanted to ask Zhou Zhiruo to come forward and become the intermediary between the Hui Tribe and Zhang Wuji.

‘It seems that everyone in the world thinks that you are a couple, but I don’t believe in that bullsh*t!’ Song Qingshu only felt a fire burning in his heart.

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