Chapter 183: Tantric practices (part 1)

“Brother Song, why is your face so gloomy?” Zhong Ling asked with concern when he saw his gloomy expression.

“It’s nothing, I just thought of some unhappy things.” Song Qingshu grinned.

“The Hui Tribe wants to unite with the Ming Sect. It seems that the Cult Master should be notified as soon as possible…Master.” Qu Feiyan got lost in thought after speaking. She has always admired her master, but she didn’t expect that he would actually give her to another man. Although it seemed the man in question didn’t know that yet himself, so when she subconsciously looked at Song Qingshu, Qu Feiyan blushed a little and felt sad, ‘When we first met each other, it seemed that he was not a blockhead, but why is he being so oblivious about this matter…’

“They won’t be able to unite for a while. The most urgent task is to go to the Ningma Temple first. If I can restore my martial arts and combine my strength with your Cult Master, then Zhang Wuji won’t be a problem at all.” Song Qingshu said in a deep voice.

Hearing him say this, Qu Feiyan felt extremely depressed, “Young Master, I already urged you to get to Ningma Temple as soon as possible, but you wanted to visit Mount Emei.”

“I just wanted to pass by…Mount Emei has a special meaning to me.” Song Qingshu sighed, and dragged them down the mountain without waiting for the two women to ask any questions.

“Brother Song, that woman is gone, why are you still taking advantage of us?”

“Young Master, your hand… Please don’t put it on my waist.”


Leaving Mount Emei, the three came to the nearby Ya’an City. 

After full preparations, they went west over Mount Erlang, crossed the Dadu River, Yalong River, and Jinsha River in turn, entered Tibet through Batang City, and then rested at Mangkang City on the way. 

After resting for one day, they crossed the Lancang River, climbed the towering Ta Nian Ta Weng Mountains, and came to Zuogong City near the Nujiang River. With the help of local residents, they crossed the Tanggula Mountains and passed Basu, Bomi, Nyingchi, and Mozhugongka along the way. After that, they finally arrived at Ningma Temple.

“Hey, oh! The danger level was so high! The difficulty of this trip was as high as ascending the heavens…even Li Bai (Li Taibai), must have never visited Tibet.” Looking back at the dangers they faced on this journey, Song Qigngshu still had lingering fears. (G: Li Bai, courtesy name Taibai, was a famous poet. His poems are about places he visited, friends whom he saw off on journeys to distant locations perhaps never to meet again.)

Zhong Ling’s small face was also a little pale. She regretted coming with him on this journey. No matter how terrible the Lan Fenghuang was, it was nothing compared to the power of nature.

Qu Feiyan felt the same, and finally understood why her master sent her to escort Song Qingshu on this journey. With his body that had lost all martial arts, Song Qingshu definitely wouldn’t be able to survive and would have died on the way. 

“Young Master, Li Taibai probably came here before. According to a legend in the wulin, Li Bai was thought to be one of the three immortals—the wine immortal was the first, the poetry immortal was the second, and the sword immortal was the third. Interestingly, it is said that he once went deep into Kunlun, and fought a battle with Jiutian Xuannü in Kunlun Mysterious Realm. As for whether it is true or not, it is unknown.” (G: In Chinese mythology, Jiutian Xuannü is the goddess of war, s*x, and longevity.)

“Jiutian Xuannü?” Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment, then laughed, “You also believe in these things?”

Qu Feiyan did not laugh, but said with a serious expression, “I also didn’t believe it at first, but a few years ago, my Master asked me to sort out the martial arts records of our predecessors. By chance, I found the records of several predecessors. They all vowed to have seen this Jiutian Xuannü! They all lived hundreds of years apart, and it was impossible for them to communicate with each other, but their descriptions of Jiutian Xuannü were almost the same.”

“Is there such a strange thing in this world?” Song Qingshu suddenly became quite interested. Since transmigrating into this world, he has always been a disbeliever and had little respect for gods and deities, so he quickly asked, “Then what is this Jiutian Xuannü they recorded looked like?”

“She held a green bamboo stick in her hand and wore green clothes. Her expression was innocent and gentle like a young girl, but her martial arts were terrifying like the gods. You must know that those seniors were amongst some of the best martial arts masters in the world, and she had the ability to cause the fear of death in everyone’s heart and give birth to despair. What else could she be besides the Goddess of War?” Qu Feiyan could still remember how shocked she felt after seeing those notes that day.

“The legend of Jiutian Xuannü is too illusory. This poor Monk went deep into Kunlun several times in my early years, but I didn’t see any Jiutian Xuannü.” A voice was heard, and Jiumozhi came over with a smile on his face.

“We haven’t seen each other for a long time, is the Great Monk in good health?” Song Qingshu naturally felt a little cordial when he met his old friend in a foreign country.

“Last time I received the advice of Young Master Song, and felt enlightened. After I came back, I devoted myself to the study of Buddhism, and finally dispelled the demons in my heart.” Jiumozhi’s aura was restrained, and his skills had obviously improved. Looking at Song Qingshu’s pale face, he couldn’t help but worry. “Just now, this poor Monk perceived that the Young Master’s breathing seemed quite uneven, and thought I was worrying too much. Now, looking at you closely, the Young Masters injury is no trivial matter.”

“It’s a long story.” Song Qingshu said with a wry smile, “In short, I was greedy and practiced two kinds of martial arts, one Yin and one Yang, at the same time. The imbalance of Yin and Yang in the body will lead to the loss of internal strength, and there is a risk of death from explosion at any time.”

“What kind of master can actually hurt the Young Master like this?” Jiumozhi knew very well just how powerful Song Qingshu’s martial arts was. Although he still had some shortcomings in some aspects, there were only a handful of people in the world who could actually do harm to him.

“It was Zhang Wuji from the Ming Cult.” Song Qingshu’s expression gradually turned cold when he mentioned the name.

“It turned out to be him!” Jiumozhi comforted him with a few words, and then asked, “Young Master was seriously injured, but he came to Tibet from such a long distance, may I know why?”

“Cult Master Dongfang has also checked my injury. He said that in addition to the Shaolin Temple’s Marrow Cleansing Manual, only a special practice of Tantra can save my life.” Song Qingshu still knew nothing about the said practice, so he couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

“The Marrow Cleansing Manual is naturally an excellent way to balance Yin and Yang, but no one has really seen it for thousands of years. Whether it exists or not is still a great mystery.” said Jiumozhi, bowing his head to think for a moment, “As for the Tantric practice…has Cult Master Dongfang ever stated the name of the practice? This poor Monk is stupid, and I can’t think of any other practice in the Tantra that can solve the problems in the Young Master’s body.”

“Cult Master Dongfang has never told me, he just said that I will naturally know when I get here.” Song Qingshu spread his hands helplessly.

“Huh?” Jiumozhi searched through the martial arts books of various sects of Tantric Buddhism again in his mind. He was an unparalleled genius of Tantric Buddhism and was also very familiar with the martial arts of the Central Plains. Suddenly thinking of a certain “practice”, a strange smile appeared on his face.

“Has the Great Monk found it?” Seeing his expression, Song Qingshu asked with great joy.

“This poor Monk probably knows about the practice Cult Master Dongfang has mentioned, but it is not convenient for this poor Monk to talk about it here. Let’s wait until we arrive at Ningma Temple and test your fate.” Jiumozhi smiled.

“What the hell is wrong with you people?” Song Qingshu suddenly felt quite depressed, “You’re suddenly acting similar to Cult Master Dongfang…”

Jiumozhi smiled without saying a word, and when he looked at the two girls beside Song Qingshu, the smile on his face became even stronger, “Since the last time we saw each other, although the Young Master’s martial arts is not as good as before, his luck with women seems to have improved to a higher level! This poor Monk can only admire.”

Song Qingshu teased, “Great Monk, don’t forget that you are a monk. If you are so attached to the concept of luck with women, the Buddha will blame you.”

Jiumozhi only smiled slightly, “What you say only applies to the Zen Buddhism of the Central Plains. I practice the Tantra ‘The Great Vairocana Sutra’ and ‘Diamond Sutra’. I have no concerns about those matters.”

“The Great Monk’s Buddhist teachings are profound, and I really shouldn’t be trying to argue. I hope to receive your help when we are at the Ningma Temple.” Song Qingshu didn’t really care about the scriptures that much, so he didn’t have the heart to sit down and talk with Jiumozhi, so he wisely ended the topic.

“Please come with me.” Jiumozhi led the three to the temple gate.

Different from the temples from the Central Plains, the layout of the Tantric temple was slightly compact, but its appearance was more splendid. When they came to the temple gate, Zhong Ling and Qu Feiyan both stopped their steps.

“Why did the two of you stop?” Jiumozhi stopped and glanced at the two of them suspiciously.

“Don’t temples generally refuse the entry of female guests?” Zhong Ling thought of so many Buddhist temples in Dali, and every time she wanted to go inside, she would be stopped by those stinky monks.

Qu Feiyan nodded. She walked around the wulin all the year round, and naturally knew that Shaolin Temple and other places did not allow female guests to enter.

Jiumozhi finally understood their thoughts, and laughed, “Our Tantric School of thought doesn’t have those stinky rules. The two female benefactors should come in together. After all…healing Young Master Song’s injury may still need your help.”

“Can we help too?” Zhong Ling was self-aware and knew that her martial arts was not that high. She didn’t believe that she could help Song Qingshu heal his internal injuries.

Qu Feiyan also had the same idea. Even her master couldn’t do anything with his high level of martial arts. How could she be of any help?

“Of course, you can!” Jiumozhi didn’t want to say more, he took the three to a quiet room, and said, “Young Master Song, please wait a moment, this poor Monk will tell the elders of the temple about your situation.”

“I’m sorry to bother the Great Monk.” Song Qingshu returned a salute, feeling uneasy. He felt quite heavy in his heart. He had too many things planned for the future, but if he lost his martial arts, all of that would be in vain. Naturally, he was worried about his future.

Song Qingshu and the girls waited boredly for about three sticks of incense time. Then, Jiumozhi walked in with a strange expression, and opened his mouth, “Young Master Song, Master Lianhua wants to see you.”

“Master Lianhua?” Song Qingshu immediately became uneasy, “Isn’t he the one from Ningma Temple who has been in seclusion for hundreds of years, and one of your ancestors?”

“Not bad!” Jiumozhi sighed, “Young master is really lucky, you are able to meet him as soon as you arrived! Even this poor Monk has only seen him once or twice in the past few decades.”

‘Could it be that I also have the luck of a protagonist?’

Song Qingshu followed Jiumozhi around the monastery with strange expression, and when they came to a secluded courtyard, Jiumozhi made a gesture of invitation, “Young Master Song, the Great Master is inside, and this poor Monk will not go in.”

“Thank you.” After Song Qingshu returned the salute, he slowly walked inside.

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