Chapter 184: Tantric practices (part 2)

“Junior Song Qingshu, greets Great Master Lianhua.” When he came to the door of the hut, Song Qingshu respectfully saluted, and after waiting for a while, there was no reply. Out of curiosity, he attempted to open the door and enter.

As soon as he touched the door, he was stopped by an invisible wall of Qi. While Song Qingshu was stunned, an old voice was heard from inside, “I never meet outsiders face to face, the Young Junior can just sit in the courtyard.”

“This junior was being impatient.” Song Qingshu was quite surprised at the fact that the other party was able to spread his Qi barrier so far, but he regained his senses and quickly took a few steps back.

“As soon as the Young Junior entered the Ningma Temple, I felt something amiss. The lifespan of this Young Junior is clearly at its end. However, although you are seriously injured, you are still alive and well. It is really puzzling.” Master Lianhua’s words shocked Song Qingshu to the core. He was a foreign soul who occupied the real Song Qingshu’s body, and this man could actually see through this secret!

“The Young Junior’s heart started to beat a little faster after hearing my words. It seems that I have guessed right. Your destiny seems to have jumped out of the control of the Three Realms and is not in the Five Elements. Today you and I met, and it seems that it was destined…” Master Lianhua fell silent, seemingly contemplating something, and struggling to make a decision.

“What the senior said is too profound, please forgive me for not understanding it.” Although Song Qingshu felt that his secrets were laid bare, he still insisted on denying it.

“It’s normal for the Young Junior to have such a reaction, so let’s not talk about it for now.” Master Lianhua paused and continued, “I wonder how much the Young Junior knows about Tantra?”

“For people in the Central Plains, Tantric Buddhi*m has always been mysterious. This junior had come in contact with the teachings of this noble school of thought by coincidence and has a certain understanding, but it is only the most superficial things.” Seeing that the other party didn’t intend to dwell in his past, Song Qingshu naturally breathed a sigh of relief and quickly replied, “The teachings of the Buddhi*t Sects in the Central Plains are the teachings of Sakyamu*ni, the Budd*a who achieved Bodhi. The Tathagata preached to Vajrasattva and others in the Heart Hall of the Dharma Realm the realm of the Budd*a’s self-realization, the secret method of the profound and mysterious…” (G: I know, lots of difficult Sanskrit words. You can choose to ignore them. This is an info chapter. But it’s important for the plot as the all important turning point.)

“As a person from the Central Plains, it is rare for someone to have such an understanding of Tantric Buddhi*m. It seems that you truly have a fate with Tantric Buddhi*m.” Master Lianhua sounded quite relieved. “I can tell you about the basic idea of ​​Tantric Buddhi*m first. First of all, we must initiate the Bodhicitta who is determined to become a Budd*a. This is the seed of becoming a Budd*a. Secondly, there must be a great compassion for saving sentient beings, which is the root of increasing all kinds of bodhi merits. Thirdly, in order to achieve Bodhi and save sentient beings, you can use all convenient methods, under certain circumstances, it is not necessary to stick to certain precepts…”

“Don’t stick to certain precepts…” Song Qingshu said with a curious expression, “Could it be that great precepts such as— killing precepts and lustful precepts, can also be used? The ideals of your sect, as expected… is not the same as that of Buddhi*m in the Central Plains.”

The person in the room quickly explained, “The Fourteen Precepts of Tantric Buddhi*m do not include the precepts of killing and sexual immorality. It is true that the Budd*a’s anger finds its way through the Lion’s Roar, and the Budd*a’s so-called sexual immorality is a matter between husband and wife. In the Central Plains, all the sects are so conservative about women, and the Shaolin Temple in the Central Plains has fallen into a demonic path.”

Song Qingshu sneered for a moment and didn’t answer. This kind of religious argument was not something he could participate in, and he didn’t have the slightest interest in participating as well.

“The Yin and Yang in the body of the Young Junior are now in disorder. If it is not guided, you may not survive for even three years. Since the Young Junior has come here, you must have decided to learn our Tantric practice. For the sake of prudence, I will ask again. Although this practice is in fact very easy to learn, but it is extremely difficult to master. So far, ten out of ten people who had practiced this method were attacked by their own heart demons, and they died in the end. Does the Young Junior really want to learn?” When Master Lianhua spoke, he showed no emotion at all, as if he was talking about something unrelated.

Song Qingshu was about to say that he didn’t even know the name of this practice, but after thinking about it for a moment, would it make any difference even if he knew it? With the current state of his body, it would be difficult for him to live in this world. So, he decided that it would be better to be like a summer flower for a period of time, and then return to the dust.

“The junior is naturally willing, but I have always heard that the Tantric exercises are passed down by the master to the apprentice. It’s a little surprising that the great master is willing to teach it to me, who is an outsider…”

“I also said before that in order to attain Bodhi and save sentient beings, the Tantric doctrine supports the use of all convenient methods, and under certain circumstances, it is not necessary to stick to certain precepts…” Master Lianhua explained, “Besides, except for the creator, no one in the Tantric sect has practiced this method to perfection. Now that the Young Junior is dying, the only way in the world to save you is this practice. It is clear that the Young Junior has a fate with it. Who knows, you might become the second person to master this method.”

Song Qingshu remained silent for a moment, then raised his head and asked, “Could it be that even you can’t master this technique with all your great attainments?”

Master Lianhua remained quiet for a while, then his voice came from inside, “I concentrated on practicing Tantric Yoga in my early years, so I am not attracted by this practice like other brothers and sisters in the same sect. Now, that has proven to be a fortunate thing. There is always a chance of success, but if you fail to master it, I am afraid that in the end you will not be able to escape your demise.”

“It seems that death is inevitable after all.” Song Qingshu laughed at himself, “But it’s better to die late than die early, and I hope you can teach me.”

“Young Junior is very open-minded, it will be of great help in practicing this method…” Master Lianhua suddenly changed the topic, “What do you think is the quickest way for you to increase your power in the world today?”

Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment, he didn’t expect the other party to suddenly ask such a question, so he quickly gave an answer, “First of all, it is naturally all kinds of treasures from heaven and earth, such as the medicinal pancetta that Guo Jing consumed in the past, the snake gall that Yang Guo ate and the treasured wine Shi Potian drank. All of those things have increased their martial arts by decades. Furthermore, the effect of thousand-year-old ginseng, Tianshan Snow Lotus, and ten thousand-year-old vermilion fruit should also be similar.”

“Secondly, it is the Northern Darkness Divine Scripture of the Xiaoyao Sect and the Cosmic Absorbing Power of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, both of which allows the user to make the enemy’s energy their own. They have the ability to transform a weak scholar into a top master in an instant. As for other methods, I can’t think of anything else, please forgive this junior for his shallow knowledge.”

Master Lianhua’s tone was full of admiration, “The Young Junior is so young, yet you are very familiar with the various martial arts in the wulin. It is really very rare! In fact, there is another method in this world, which can achieve the same result.”

“Oh?” Song Qingshu straightened his body, “I ask the senior to enlighten me.”

“It is the method of Dual Cultivation!” (G: Here it is, the turning point!)

Hearing what the other party said, Song Qingshu’s expression became extremely strange, “Is it the kind of technique of harvesting Yin and nourishing Yang…the higher the martial arts of the woman being harvested, the more the martial arts of the practitioner will increase?” 

‘Is there such a convenient thing, isn’t that just a form of prostituti*n? You’re not just insulting my morals, you’re insulting my IQ.’

“The method of Dual Cultivation is not the same as those inferior techniques of harvesting Yin and replenishing Yang.” Master Lianhua explained, “Have you ever heard of Tantric Buddhi*m’s Joyful Meditation method?”

“Joyful Meditation?” Song Qingshu immediately thought of those little yellow books he had seen in the movies in his previous life. Realizing that the method that could save him might be this, and his smile became even uglier than crying. “Joyful Meditation is a method used by some flower monks in Tantric Buddhi*m, and it has always been regarded as an evil method.”

Master Lianhua stayed silent for a moment, and then sighed, “Yes, the Joyful Meditation method that is circulating in the wulin today is indeed only something superficial, and the opinion of Central Plains wulin is not wrong.”

Song Qingshu secretly felt a cold sweat drip down his spine, and the determination he had built up to learn just now shook violently. What would he do when women and other people asked him what kind of method he practiced? If he answered that it’s the Joyful Meditation method, wouldn’t he be regarded as a pervert by them? Even if he had the face of a pretty boy, would they dare to ‘play’ with him?

Although Master Lianhua had great attainments, he couldn’t understand what Song Qingshu was thinking. Otherwise, he would definitely refuse to teach him the method even if Song Qingshu begged him.

“Does the Young Junior know the origin of the Joyful Meditation method?” Master Lianhua in the room gathered his thoughts and asked.

“I really don’t know.” Song Qingshu said with a wry smile.

Master Lianhua began to calmly speak, “Joyful Meditation is actually an authentic Zen method, and it uses great joy and great bliss to seek the realization of great Annihilation. Thousands of years ago, the king of Brahmani*m, Vinayaka, was cruel and his mind fell to a devil. After he killed many Buddhists, Sakyam*ni sent Guanyin to educate him.” (G: In Chinese mythology, Guanyin (觀音) is the goddess of mercy and considered to be the physical embodiment of compassion.)

“Guanyin couldn’t subdue the demons by any means, and in desperation, she used her body as a gift by taking the appearance of a beauty. At the moment Vinayaka reached his peak, the body of the beauty under him disappeared and a skeleton appeared. After the great joy, came the realization of great annihilation. Vinayaka immediately resolved all his heart demons, and finally converted to Buddhi*m and became the main deity of all the Vajra on the Buddhi*t altar. Therefore, most of the Budd*a’s shapes there are the two Budd*as meeting face to face. The female Budd*a holds Buddhi*t scriptures to show the fusion of thoughts, while the male Budd*a wears a Dharma crown with a hideous face and sits with arms outstretched to show Bodhi teaching.”

‘This… Sister Guanyin is quite cruel.’ Song Qingshu only felt as if thousands of mythical beasts roared past in his heart, and thought, ‘That poor Vinayaka… if the soft and charming woman under his body suddenly turned into a ferocious skeleton during the peak of se*x. Wouldn’t he be so frightened that he would never be able to lift his little bro? It’s probably for this reason that Vinayaka had to convert to Buddhi*m, because he could no longer feel the pleasure of being a man!’

Master Lianhua continued, “The Budd*a enshrined in the Huanxi Sect is different from other sects. It is a double Budd*a, which is held together face to face and merged into one, namely King Ming and Concubine Ming. King Ming has a fierce face, which is not only used to scare away the evil of the external world, but also used to deal with the evil in the heart. And the charming and youthful Concubine Ming, who is integrated with King Ming, is an indispensable partner of King Ming in his practice. She vanquishes those brutal evils and demons with love and desire. She first seduces them with desire, then makes them enter the Budd*a’s wisdom, so that they can be influenced, and then leads them to the realm of the Budd*a. If the Young Junior wants to practice this method, he must also find his own concubine. The Joyful Meditation method believes that Yin and Yang, the combination of the two sexes is the cause of all things, so the focus on the balance of Yin and Yang in the human body is unparalleled in the world, and it can also solve the strange internal injury of the Young Junior.”

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