Chapter 185: Tantric practices (part 3)

“This Joyful Meditation method sounds very powerful, and you said that it is not that difficult to learn. Then why did so many people with outstanding talents in history fail to master it?” Although reason told Song Qingshu that it was not wise to practice this method, but as a man, there was no one who didn’t yearn to practice the legendary method of dual cultivation.

“Joyful Meditation method seeks to realize the great Annihilation through the great joy and great bliss of dual cultivation. Unfortunately, the matter between men and women is not so simple. No matter how high the practitioner’s concentration is, he will inevitably fall into the desire of the flesh and the skin. The deeper you go, the more you will eventually become a slave of desire, unable to control yourself, and that will mark your end.” Master Lianhua quickly replied.

Song Qingshu thought to himself, “The ecstasy gained from s*xual intercourse is indeed the most enjoyable thing in the world. But, considering my lustful and perverted nature, I definitely have no self-control. It seems that I will die in the end. But so what! It’s good to enjoy life for a while.” (G: Character development. This mindset will be the cause of many steamy things in the future.)

Song Qingshu said with a calm smile, “Great Master does not need to worry, I really want to learn it.”

Master Lianhua praised, “The Young Junior really has great wisdom. When tantric disciples practice this technique, they are all too serious and fearful. Yes, maybe you really were fated to practice the Joyful Meditation method.”

Song Qingshu didn’t really care that much about these illusory things. He already had the determination to die. So, he didn’t think that there would be any issues if he could exchange several years of splendid time by practicing the Joyful Meditation method. He wanted to use the time he got to fulfill some of his long-planned wishes. “Great Master, there is something I don’t understand about this method. You said that the method uses great joy and great bliss to realize great Annihilation. What exactly is great joy and what is great Annihilation?”

Master Lianhua hesitated for a moment, but still replied, “Although I know the Joyful Meditation method, but I haven’t practiced it myself, so I can’t explain many things. I will try to give an answer to your question based on my understanding, but it may not necessarily be correct. You don’t have to take it too seriously. In the end, it is you who will have to comprehend everything while practicing the Joyful Meditation method.”

“I will listen to your advice.” Song Qingshu bowed respectfully.

“The superficial meaning of great joy and great bliss naturally refers to the supreme pleasure at the peak of s*xual intercourse. Quietness is the highest realm pursued by Buddhi*m. In the Central Plains it is also called Nirvana, which is calm, quiet, and free of all troubles. It is the realm of eternal tranquility, free of all suffering. For thousands of years, mortals have tried their all to reach this kind of Realm; yet they can’t understand it at all. The Joyful Meditation method takes a different approach to this end. It believes that the calm, powerless, and soulless state that men and women fall into after the peak of s*xual intercourse is the closest to this state. Therefore, practitioners of this method are encouraged to enter this state more to realize the realm of great Annihilation.” Master Lianhua had already reached the realm where he wasn’t bothered by such topics, so he didn’t feel anything wrong with talking freely about s*xual intercourse in front of a junior. (G: This is the first novel I’ve read that goes into such in-depth analysis of dual cultivation.)

“Isn’t it just ‘Sage Mode’? I understand.” Song Qingshu managed to understand it immediately.  

In his previous life, there were many scientists on Earth who had studied this matter, but unfortunately there was little progress, so they didn’t come to a clear conclusion.

“Sage Mode?” Master Lianhua was taken aback for a moment, “This name is quite appropriate. The Joyful Meditation method believes that the quality of the… Sage Mode depends on the degree of harmony and happiness in the s*xual intercourse, so a large part of the techniques in the method is indeed the technique of the bed. Once you enter the high-quality Sage Mode, and practice the Joyful Meditation method, the speed of the improvement of your True Qi will be hundreds or thousands of times faster than the usual…”

“Wait!” Song Qingshu felt that something was wrong with his understanding, “So you are saying that the Joyful Meditation method uses this duration of Sage Mode to practice, not during the actual s*xual intercousre itself?”

Master Lianhua nodded and said, “S*xual Intercourse with a woman is not the goal, it is just a means to enter that ethereal state. Now the Young Junior should be able to understand that the Joyful Meditation method is not the same as those evil techniques, right?”

“It’s really a lot of insight.” Song Qingshu was taken aback for a while, and let out a sincere sigh.

“Before I go into detail about the Joyful Meditation method, I will use a mantra to help you concentrate and calm down. After you learn it, you can get twice the result with half the effort.” The voice of Master Lianhua came out of the hut.

“The Great Master’s Heart Calming Mantra?” Song Qingshu was shocked. He chatted with Jiumozhi before and knew that although Master Lianhua was the founder of peerless martial arts such as the Flame Blade, his greatest accomplishments were the Eight Transformations and the Heart Calming Mantra. Now he was getting the chance to experience it himself.

Song Qingshu just nodded his head and heard a strange voice come from the hut, “Om, hum Banzagrebema sooo hum…” It seemed that it was so far away, yet so close to his ear, and Song Qingshu felt that his whole body was being enveloped in a calming aura. For a moment, he felt that he had lost control of his whole body, and his whole person seemed to have reached an ethereal state.

‘It’s just like receiving buffs in a video game. IQ increases by 200%, energy increases by 200%, perception increases by 200%, and talent increases by 200%…’ Song Qingshu couldn’t control his body, so he let it go with the flow. He imagined the sound of various upgrades in his brain.

“I will recite the sutra of the Joyful Meditation method right away, Young Junior, please listen carefully.” After a while, Master Lianhua felt that it was almost the right time to learn. After receiving a positive answer from Song Qingshu, he recited the most mysterious sutra of “Joyful Meditation” in Tantric Buddhi*m, “When heaven and earth came into being, the furnace was brilliant, the Yang became a male, and the Yin became the female. Two ceremonies, heaven and earth are vast and the load is evenly spread, male and female are united and Yin and Yang are balanced…”

Listening to the voice of Master Lianhua, which seemed close, yet not close; far, yet not far, Song Qingshu’s eyes closed, and his ability to learn activated. When the learning process was complete, there was a loud bang in his mind. Song Qingshu’s eyes darkened and he lost consciousness.


“Feifei, do you think these monks can really heal the injuries in Brother Song’s body?” Zhong Ling was quite bored, she looked at Qu Feiyan, and asked with worry.

“It’s hard to say. Usually the Yin and Yang in a normal human body remain in a state of a perfect balance, but because of his practice, the Young Master has gone against the laws of nature. I am afraid that it cannot be restored by the abilities of human beings. But my Master and Jiumozhi are amongst the best masters in the world. Since they all said that the Ningma Temple has a way, then there should be a way.” Qu Feiyan’s tone was also full of uncertainty. 

As soon as the three of them entered Tibet, they had to travel through snow-capped mountains and rivers, and went through thousands of hardships. Through these hardships, almost everyone had saved the lives of the other two. After suffering together, their relationship had long since been different from it was before. When Zhong Ling called her by her nickname, Qu Feiyan found it quite normal and had no thoughts of getting angry at all.

While the two beautiful women were waiting anxiously, a monk walked into the house, “Are the two girls the companions of Young Master Song?”

“Yes, how is he?” The two women looked at each other and stood up at the same time.

“The injury in Young Master Song’s body was healed by Master Lianhua, and it is no longer a serious problem. It’s just that you are needed to help in the final stage. May I know which one of you is willing?” Lama asked.

“I will!”

“I will too!”

The two women answered in unison.

Looking at the two pretty women, the monk’s expression turned a little strange, “Actually, only one person is needed.”

“One person?” Qu Feiyan glanced at Zhong Ling doubtfully. Zhong Ling rolled her eyes, came over and put his arms around her shoulders, and looked at the monk with a smile, “Honored Monk, we are all the Young Master’s good friends, since one person can solve the problem , then the two of us together must be more effective, so you can let us help together, okay?”

The monk was half-dazed by her soft and gentle voice, and after seeing the two women so eager to help, he thought that the man was really blessed, and said with a hint of envy, “Young Master Song is really lucky, since that’s the case. You two, come with me.”

Zhong Ling proudly raised her chin towards Qu Feiyan, pulled up her warm little hand, and followed with small steps.

“Young Master Song is in the house, you two can go and accompany him, I’ll take my leave first.” The monk led the two girls to a house, and hurriedly left after saluting.

“Why did he run away so fast?” Zhong Ling glanced at the back of the monk in confusion.

“Beware of any traps!” Qu Feiyan took out a black blood needle from her arms and secretly became vigilant.

How could the two women know that this monk was only intimidated by their beautiful and youthful faces? Additionally, when he thought about what was going to happen inside the house, his tranquil heart quacked. So, how could he dare to stay here at the risk of being further stimulated?

After entering the house, Qu Feiyan and Zhong Ling looked around, and a sweet scent similar to musk came to the tip of their nose. Qu Feiyan frowned, “Linger, do you smell anything?”

“It seems that something indeed smells quite fragrant.” Zhong Ling was stunned, suddenly she saw someone on the bed not far away, and said with great joy, “Big brother Song is over there.”

Qu Feiyan followed her gaze and saw that Song Qingshu was sitting cross-legged on a large bed, as if he was meditating. A whitish mist surrounded his body, and the complexion of his face seemed to sometimes turn blue, and sometimes red.

“Young Master, how are you?” Qu Feiyan felt that the scent seemed to get stronger when she came to Song Qingshu’s side, but she was more focused on Song Qingshu at the moment, and didn’t pay it too much attention.

At the moment, Song Qingshu was feeling that his mind was in chaos, and his heart was filled with a hint of unknown desire. Unfortunately, he couldn’t understand what he was longing for no matter how much he racked his brains. Song Qingshu only felt like he was a man in the desert, with no sense of direction. When he heard Qu Feiyan’s soft voice, he suddenly understood what he wanted!

Song Qingshu suddenly opened his bloodshot eyes. Qu Feiyan was startled, she quickly stretched out her hand and pressed it on his forehead. Then she couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s so hot!”

“Brother Song, you’re awake!” Zhong Ling sat beside the bed and shook Song Qingshu’s hand in surprise.

“Linger, there seems to be something wrong with the Young Master.” After all, Qu Feiyan had more experience in the matters in wulin. She noticed that the look in Song Qingshu’s eyes were strange, and he seemed to be a little confused when he looked at the two of them. 

‘It’s too… aggressive.’ Qu Feiyan felt quite uncomfortable. She pulled Zhong Ling and took a step back.

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