Chapter 186: To save or not

Song Qingshu was in a daze. He never thought that a woman’s voice could be so pleasant, nor that a woman’s little hands could feel so soft and smooth. He had too many things to say, but it was a pity that it all got stuck in his throat. He just let out meaningless growls.

“Feifei, what’s wrong with Brother Song?” Zhong Ling was a little scared, and squeezed Qu Feiyan’s hand tightly.

“Young master seems to have been affected… by an aphrodisiac.” Qu Feiyan clenched her teeth, her expression very angry, “What kind of place is this Ningma Temple! They used such a dirty scheme and actually gave the Young Master such a vicious drug.”

“What!?” Zhong Ling had seen the overbearing power of aphrodisiacs, and she hated these drugs very much in her heart.

At that moment, an old and ethereal voice came from a distance, “Ignorant little girl, you are akin to a frog at the bottom of the well, and don’t know the wonderfulness of the ways of Buddhi*m. He is like this because he has practiced our Tantric doctrines ‘Joyful Meditation’ method.”

“Who on earth is pretending to be a ghost and teasing this girl?” Qu Feiyan looked around for a while, but did not see anyone else. She was shocked and took out the Black Blood Needle in her hand.

“Feifei, what is this Joyful Meditation method?” Zhong Ling tugged at her sleeve and quietly asked.

“Just from the sound of its name, it can’t be a good thing…” Qu Feiyan said with a blushing face, then raised her head and shouted, “Who is it, come out quickly!”

“Instead of caring about who I am, you should first care about your lover’s life. He is a first-time practitioner of the Joyful Meditation method, and, if he doesn’t get a woman’s pure Yin within an hour, he will eventually burn to death.”

“Pure Yin?” Looking at Song Qingshu’s gradually reddening skin, Qu Feiyan’s pretty face became clouded with uncertainty, and she angrily stamped her feet, “He’s not our lover, we have no such relationship with him!”

“Huh?” The voice lost its previous calmness, it owner was obviously a little shocked and angry, “Since you are not his lovers, why did he bring you to learn the Joyful Meditation method; if there is nothing between you, how could you two be alone with a man, and accompany him all the way to Tibet?”

“We were only entrusted by someone to escort him to seek a cure, and Young Master Song didn’t even know the name of the method he was going to learn.” Qu Feiyan was also obviously annoyed.

The voice stayed silent for a long time, and finally continued, “Now, there is no going back for him. You can decide for yourself— whether to watch him burn to death, or sacrifice your purity to save him. I don’t care anymore. Anyway, it is all up to fate.”

It turned out that Master Lianhua subconsciously thought that the two women were the dual-cultivation partners brought by Song Qingshu, and he secretly praised him for his adequate preparation. So he taught him the Joyful Meditation method without any worries. 

Huanxi Zen is notoriously easy to get started with. Although there was a great risk of burning oneself out at the beginning, while practicing tantric sect disciples must be with a man or a woman. This way they often end up practicing with the disciples from the same sect, and there’s basically no risk at all. Who knew that this time, because of various misunderstandings, Song Qingshu had fallen into an extremely dangerous situation.

“Hey, don’t go!” Seeing that the surroundings fell silent, Qu Feiyan shouted anxiously, but there was no response.

“Feifei, what should we do?” Seeing Song Qingshu, who was as red as a shrimp, with eyes wide open, sitting there in a daze, Zhong Ling only felt extremely uncomfortable.

“How do I know!” Qu Feiyan replied angrily, “Let’s go down the mountain immediately and go back to Dali.”

“How can we do that! Wouldn’t Big Brother Song die that way?” Zhong Ling exclaimed.

“Or you can sacrifice your pure body to save him? Anyway, I don’t want to do it.” Qu Feiyan put the Black Blood Needle in her sleeves and coldly said. She has always adored her master. Although Dongfang Muxue gave her to Song Qingshu this time, Song Qingshu didn’t know that fact, and he didn’t understand the meaning of her master’s words. 

Qu Feiyan was naturally more than happy to act oblivious. ‘Hmph, you didn’t tell me to… serve you. Even if my Master asks, he won’t blame me.’ Seeing Song Qingshu sitting cross-legged on the bed, Qu Feiyan kept persuading herself.

“I…I…” Zhong Ling’s face was blushing, and she remembered Duan Yu in her mind. Although she knew he was his brother, she couldn’t forget him.

“Looking at your appearance, I know that you have a sweetheart. How can we give  the most precious thing of a woman to an irrelevant man. Let’s go, so as not to see his tragic state later and feel guilty.” Qu Feiyan stretched out her hand and wanted to pull Zhong Ling, but she couldn’t.

“Wouldn’t we feel guilty if we leave?” Zhong Ling bit her lip and asked blankly.

“Could it be that you really want to save him? But your sweetheart…” Qu Feiyan looked at Zhong Ling in surprise.

“Fate likes to play with people, and my sweetheart turned out to be my brother. Big Brother Song is very good to me. Last time, during the civil strife of the Five Poison Cult, if it wasn’t for him, I would have been thrown into the Spirit Snake Cave by Lan Fenghuang. After Lan Fenghuang gave me to him, we were in the same room that night, but he didn’t misbehave in the slightest way. It shows that he is a modest gentleman. Now that he is in trouble, if I ignore it and walk away. Then, if something happens to him, I will never feel at ease.” Zhong Ling was a little hesitant at first, but the more she talked, the more resolute she became.

“My silly sister, gratitude is not love, you don’t need to sacrifice your life’s happiness!” Qu Feiyan said anxiously.

“I have already lost the happiness I used to have. Besides, Brother Song will definitely take responsibility for me, and I might find another kind of happiness.” Zhong Ling smiled sweetly.

“It’s not like you don’t know that he has a wife!” When Song Qingshu wanted to go to Mount Emei before, it made Qu Feiyan suspicious. She used to be in charge of the Sun Moon Holy Cult’s intelligence department and had a certain understanding of what happened in the wulin.

After careful recollection, she finally remembered that the husband of Zhou Zhiruo, the head of the Emei Sect, also seemed to be named Song Qingshu, and the love between Zhou Zhiruo and Ming Cult’s Zhuang Wuji was well-known all over the world. When the two girls went to bed at night, they had an in-depth exchange of opinions and discussions on this matter.

“His wife doesn’t love him, so I may have a chance.” Zhong Ling gave a shy smile.

“But he has always been in love with Zhou Zhiruo!” Qu Feiyan glanced at her angrily, and the two of them sighed at the fact that Song Qingshu, although a little lustful, was actually a rare committed lover.

“That’s right.” Zhong Ling was stunned, but quickly reacted, “Then I will be his concubine, so it doesn’t matter that much. Isn’t it a common saying that a wife is not as good as a concubine?”

“You’re even willing to be a concubine!” Qu Feiyan said speechlessly, “Are you so sure that he will take responsibility for you?”

“I believe in Brother Song.” Zhong Ling nodded without hesitation.

“Are you really determined to use your purity to save him?” Qu Feiyan tried her best to persuade Zhong Ling to change her mind, and then suddenly fell silent.

“Otherwise, what should I do? You are not willing to save Brother Song.” Zhong Ling sighed.

“I have a way to save him and keep your innocence.” Qu Feiyan hesitated for a long time, and finally said.

“What? Why didn’t you say it earlier.” Zhong Ling said in surprise.

“It’s like this…” Qu Feiyan whispered ‘the way’ in her ear.

“Feifei, how could you be so bad!” Soon Zhong Ling’s little face was flushed with embarrassment.

“Forget it, I can’t let you sacrifice alone. I’ll show you a demonstration first. After you learn it, you can do it yourself.” Qu Feiyan’s ears turned red as she spoke.

“Feifei, you are willing to…” Zhong Ling looked at her in surprise.

“Anyway, he’s in a semi-conscious state now, only the heavens will know what happened here. Zhong Ling, I’m warning you, if you dare to tell other people what happened today, we will no longer be friends. If you do, I will kill you.” Qu Feiyan pulled out a Black Blood Needle and gave Zhong Ling a threat.

“I know! I won’t tell others, especially Big Brother Song…” Zhong Ling beamed with joy, her eyes were like crescent moons.

Qu Feiyan took a deep breath, approached the bed step by step, and stopped in front of Song Qingshu. Looking back at Zhong Ling, “Watch clearly, I will only demonstrate it once!”

After she finished speaking, she clenched her teeth and slowly knelt down to the ground, stretched out her slender fingers and undid Song Qingshu’s belt, and slowly lowered her head, taking the raging dragon inside her pretty mouth.

At first, Song Qingshu felt as if he was witnessing Pangu’s creation of the world. He was surrounded by chaos. Then, he heard a familiar yet unfamiliar female voice from the depths of the universe, and the scene before him changed again, he found himself in an extremely hot desert.

Song Qingshu walked aimlessly. He didn’t know how many years he had walked, but he still couldn’t see the end of this desert. He was exhausted and his lips became dry and cracked. 

Suddenly, he felt a soothing coolness all over his body, and there seemed to be a puddle of clear water under his feet. Song Qingshu tried to greedily suck it in. Unfortunately, there was too little of this clear water, and it seemed that it would quickly disappear.

From Zhong Ling’s point of view, it was a completely different scene. Just as Qu Feiyan lowered her head, Song Qingshu let out a cry of satisfaction, his expression became more and more serene, and the redness on his body seemed to slowly fade.

“Feifei, you are amazing!” Zhong Ling looked at all this in amazement and sincerely exclaimed.

Growing up in an unorthodox cult since childhood, Qu Feiyan knew a lot about the matters between men and women. However, Qu Feiyan was still an inexperienced girl, and she wasn’t much different than an ordinary woman. So, when she heard Zhong Ling’s praise at the moment, she had an urge to dig into the cracks in the ground.

‘If it wasn’t to help you keep your purity, why would I sacrifice so much!’ Qu Feiyan said bitterly, but Zhong Ling, who was standing beside her, only heard a sound of “Uuuuu…”

“Okay, now do it yourself!” Qu Feiyan was about to stand up, but before she could wipe the corners of her mouth, she felt a strong force applied on her head. So, she had to lower her head and swallow the shaft again.

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