Chapter 188: Enviable

After a few high-pitched moans, the room fell into silence.

After some time, Song Qingshu suddenly sat up from the bed. As the two types of True Qi, one green and one red, swam across his body several times, clarity slowly returned to Song Qingshu’s eyes.

‘Joyful Meditation uses the time of Sage Mode to cultivate True Qi, which is a really brilliant idea.’ Song Qingshu felt that all the limbs in his body were warm and indescribably comfortable, and all the old internal injuries seemed to be healed completely. Both the Nine Yin Qi and Divine Brilliance Yang Qi had disappeared, replaced by another kind of strange True Qi that complemented Yin and Yang. Although it was still miniscule in quantity, its purity was far higher than the True Qi in his body before, and over time, it will definitely reach a new realm.

Unconsciously touching the place beside him, Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment, then looked down, and saw the two women— Qu Feiyan and Zhong Ling sleeping on the bed. Noticing the clear afterglow of se*x on their cheeks, he immediately understood what happened, and he looked at them with his eyes full of pity. However, as he was just recovering from his serious injury, he soon felt drowsy, so he squeezed between the two girls to find a comfortable position and fell asleep.


When Song Qingshu opened his eyes the next day, he found the two women already fully dressed and sitting beside him. After seeing him wake up, they tried to help him sit up. As the two women invariably softly leaned against him, they felt as if all the bones in their bodies had melted, and they gently called out, “Big Brother Song~”

Song Qingshu only felt that the two women in his arms were soft, as if boneless. The faint fragrance of their hair wafted to the tip of his nose, and he became dazed for a moment.

‘Brother Song…why isn’t he speaking, doesn’t he want to take responsibility?’ Zhong Ling was worried about gains and losses.

‘Brother Song…Master, he has already given me to you as a slave and a maid, but after becoming one with you, I have no regrets in this life.’ After that unforgettable night, Dongfang Muxue’s shadow in Qu Feiyan’s heart gradually blurred. At the moment, she was full of the bitter and sweet memories of last night.

“Feifei, Linger, what happened last night?” At this moment, Song Qingshu was still a little confused. Although he vaguely remembered some heart-pounding scenes, he didn’t know the whole thing.

“Feifei, you tell him.” Although she had a skin-to-skin relationship with him last night, Zhong Ling’s face turned red when she heard his question.

“Sister Ling’er, if you, as the elder sister, don’t talk about it, how can I, as the little sister dare to speak?” Qu Feiyan’s mouth curled up and pushed the question back.

‘Uh, even the seniority has already been decided?’ Song Qingshu became speechless for a moment, “I’d better go and ask Master Lianhua myself, you guys… worked hard last night, sleep a little longer.”

As soon as these words came out, the two women couldn’t bear it, and gave him a shy look, “Brother Song, I didn’t expect you to be so bad~”

Song Qingshu smiled embarrassingly and left as if escaping. He came to the hut where he spoke with Master Lianhua yesterday and respectfully bowed, “Junior Song Qingshu pays respects to Master Lianhua.”

“It seems that the two little girls still chose to save you…” the person in the room smiled, “How do you feel?”

Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment, thinking how this guy could ask him such a question, and replied in a serious manner, “It was tender, smooth, and it felt pretty good, but it’s inconvenient to disclose the specific details to the Great Master.”

Master Lianhua went silent for a long time, and finally said, “I’m asking about the injury in your body…”

Song Qingshu blushed and said embarrassingly, “I’ve made you laugh… After cultivating last night, the Yin and Yang Qi in my body seem to have returned to balance. It’s just that the True Qi that I cultivated before seems to have disappeared.”

“Everything in the world is born from Yin and Yang, and the True Qi cultivated by the Young Junior is no exception. The new True Qi produced by the practice of Joyful Meditation will have the characteristics of the old True Qi, so the Young Junior does not need to feel sorry.”

“That’s great!” Song Qingshu’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Young Junior has already embarked on the path of Joyful Meditation, and you have also experienced it last night. Now, the Young Junior might as well talk about his understanding of the Joyful Meditation.”

Song Qingshu thought for a moment, then replied, “The Joyful Meditation method is divided into three parts, the most obvious one is the technique of bedding, which is mainly to create a higher quality of Sage Mode. The second part is the short time available in the Sage Mode. One has to refine the Yin and Yang in the body within that time limit. The third part seems to be to absorb the Yin and Yang Qi, which I don’t quite understand yet.”

“Young Junior is indeed talented and intelligent, and you have summarized the essence of the Joyful Meditation method so thoroughly in such a short period of time.” Master Lianhua praised, “As for your confusion about the absorption of Yin and Yang Qi, I can briefly explain it for you based on the experience of my predecessors. .”

“Men are born with Yang. As long as they are healthy, there will be an endless supply of Yang Qi. What you need to do is to refine your own pure Yang Qi. As for the Yin Qi, although there is Yin Qi in a man’s body, the amount is far from matching the pure Yang Qi you cultivate. With the continuous growth of the pure Yang Qi in your body, you must draw Yin Qi from the outside world to maintain the balance between Yin and Yang. Women are born with Yin, and they are the best source of Yin Qi in the world.”

‘It seems that the Joyful Meditation method is still a method of harvesting Yin and nourishing Yang.’ Song Qingshu’s head was covered with black lines. “I dare to ask you, if I practice this method, will it harm my female companion’s body?” 

At the time of s*xual cupulation, Song Qingshu could feel a pure and cold aura from his partner’s body pouring into his dantian, which was why he asked this question.

“When men and women are intimate, women’s Yin Qi will naturally overflow. You can take advantage of that opportunity to absorb the scattered Yin Qi by practicing Joyful Meditation. For ordinary people, these Yin Qi are just wasted in vain.”

“According to what the Great Master said, can I think that the Yin Qi in a virgin maiden’s body is more abundant than that of an experienced woman?” Song Qingshu asked.

“This is not necessarily true. The amount and the quality of Yin Qi depends on a woman’s innate physique. Some ordinary women, even if they are virgins, do not have much Yin Qi. Some women are the treasures of heaven and earth, so they will have superior Yin Qi even if they are not virgins. The Yin Qi in their body will be much higher than that of ordinary girls in both quantity and quality.”

‘Bing Xue’er is as pure as jade, and as supple as peaches and plums. She must be the latter.’ A gentle smile appeared on Song Qingshu’s face.

“One thing I need to remind the Young Junior is that, although a woman’s Yin Qi will replenish constantly, if you practice the Joyful Meditation method with the same woman, you are essentially absorbing all the Yin Qi in her body. So the amount of Yin Qi you can absorb will drop sharply. Therefore, if the Young Junior wants to improve his martial arts, you must find different women for dual cultivation. This is also the reason many practitioners fall into the pleasures of the flesh and are unable to get out. For thousands of years, this has happened without exception, I hope you can be different.”

‘Isn’t this forcing me to make a harem?’ Song Qingshu secretly smacked his tongue, and suddenly remembered another question, “Will the strength of a woman affect the final outcome?”

“It has no effect on you, but it may have an effect on the woman. If the woman’s realm is not as good as yours, it will be fine. If her realm is much higher than yours, then the Yin Qi in her body will also be far greater than the Yang Qi in your body. The Yin Qi that could not be balanced will be wasted, and as a result, her marital arts will be damaged greatly.”


‘It’s alright! The woman in the world with higher martial arts realm than me is either an old monster like Tianshan Tonglao, or a bit*ch like Li Qiushui. It doesn’t really matter, uh, Dongfang Muxue’s martial arts realm seems to be higher than mine as well…’ After saying goodbye to Master Lianhua, Song Qingshu thought about a lot of things on the way back, and his expression suddenly became much brighter.

“Brother Song, are you back?” Zhong Ling stood up in surprise when he saw him.

Qu Feiyan’s reaction, on the other hand, was much calmer. She was still wondering why she took the initiative to give her purity to him last night. 

How could she know that when a Joyful Meditation practitioner practiced the method, his body would emit a strange fragrance, which was fatally attractive to women. Its effect was no less than that of an aphrodisiac. She inhaled so much of that fragrance last night, so it was normal for her to have such a reaction.

“Linger, Feifei, thank you for sacrificing your innocence to save me last night.” After talking with Master Lianhua, Song Qingshu already understood how dangerous of a situation he was in last night.

“Brother Song, don’t thank me in such a grateful tone, I did it willingly.” Zhong Ling’s eyes turned red, Song Qingshu’s current reaction was not what she wanted.

‘This little vixen is quite skilled at seducing men.’ Qu Feiyan naturally knew how attractive Zhong Ling’s pitiful appearance was to men.

Sure enough, Song Qingshu pulled her into his arms, “Linger, I am willing to marry you.”

“Young master, you obviously already have a wife, are you planning to make Sister Ling’er your concubine?” Qu Feiyan rolled her eyes.

Song Qingshu said with an embarrassed expression, “So you two know it.”

Zhong Ling softly said, “Last time when you insisted on going to Mount Emei, we guessed that you are the long-lost husband of Zhou Zhiruo, the head of Emei Sect, not just someone with the same name and surname. Brother Song, you don’t have to worry, if Sister Zhou doesn’t want to be your wife, then I will do it! If she is willing to be your wife, then I will be a concubine. I am willing.”

Ever since coming to this world, it was the first time Song Qingshu heard a girl confess her heart and love to him, and he couldn’t help but become dazed for a while.

Qu Feiyan listened to them sourly, and faintly said, “If even Sister Ling’er is a concubine, then I can only be a maid.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t make you feel wronged, you will all be my wives.” Song Qingshu also hugged Qu Feiyan and said proudly.

Unexpectedly, the two women didn’t react at all, but gave him a strange look, “Brother Song, don’t you know that a man can only have one wife in this world.”

Song Qingshu was taken aback, “Isn’t the society in this era polygamous?”

“My silly brother, a man can have many women, but he can only have one wife, and the rest are all concubines or mistresses.” Qu Feiyan pouted. She looked very cute.

“It’s not a big deal! Then I’m going to be the emperor. Even if you can’t be the queen, you can still be the concubine.” Song Qingshu said angrily.

“If you really think about it, the imperial concubine is also a concubine…” Qu Feiyan smiled tenderly, “But being an imperial concubine is better than being an ordinary concubine, sister Linger, do you think we should call Big Brother Song, ‘His Majesty’? ” After saying that, the two women laughed together.

“Young Master Song hugs beauties in both arms, and enjoys all the blessings. It is truly enviable.” With a long laugh, Jiumozhi came over.

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