Chapter 189: Princess Jincheng

“Do you also want to practice Joyful Meditation? I can share my experience and comprehension if you want.” Song Qingshu teased.

Jiumozhi’s expression changed, and he said with a sly smile, “Those who practiced the Joyful Meditation method since ancient times have all had great wisdom and intelligence. This poor monk is not good enough, so I don’t dare to try it.”  

“Then, the Great Monk didn’t just come here to exchange jokes, right?” Qu Feiyan and Zhong Ling were too shy to stay in Song Qingshu’s arms in front of outsiders, so they broke free and stood nearby, making Song Qingshu feel really sad.

“Young Master Song is joking, this poor monk came here to congratulate you on your recovery from your internal injuries and getting the chance to practice a supreme martial arts method. Secondly, I come here bearing the name of the lord of our country. He sent over the edict of the alliance between the Qing Dynasty and Tubo, and asked the Young Master to pass it on to your Emperor.” Jiumozhi took out an exquisite booklet from his arms and handed it to Song Qingshu.

“Oh?” Song Qingshu took it, and didn’t immediately put it in his sleeves, but asked, “How is the war situation between your country and Mongolia?”

“When the Young Master entered Tibet, you must have experienced the dangers of the road along the way. As long as our country is united in defense, no matter how strong the Mongolian army is, it will be impossible for them to advance. I hope you will forgive me for not saying more.” Jiumozhi had a trace of apology on his face.

“The Great Monk has been worrying too much, this Song has a clear priority.” Thinking of other sects of Tantric Buddhi*m, a trace of worry flashed on Song Qingshu’s face. “Shingon Sect and Mongolia should’ve cooperated with each other and led the wolf into the room.”

“What the Young Master said is very true, and this is what we are worried about.” Jiumozhi nodded solemnly.

“Haha, I will let the Great Monk worry about these things, this Song will not overstep the boundary.” Song Qingshu handed the edict to Qu Feiyan, signaling her to put it away, “The Great Monk can rest assured, this Song will deliver this edict to the hands of the Emperor at the fastest speed.”

“Then I will depend on Young Master Song.” Jiumozhi nodded.

“My injury is almost better. I plan to leave for my country tomorrow, and I won’t have the time to say goodbye to the Great Monk at that time.” Song Qingshu replied.

“This poor monk understands. Since that is the case, this poor monk will not disturb your rest, and will leave first.” Jiumozhi showed a strange smile and walked away.

“That smelly monk looked at us strangely when he left.” Zhong Ling pouted sullenly.

“If you ask me, I think that he is just a flower monk, full of dirty thoughts.” Qu Feiyan also felt uncomfortable by that look, and coldly snorted.

“A monk is also a man…” Song Qingshu held the two women’s little hands in his hands, “He must be envious of this Young Master having two such beautiful and lovely girls.”

Zhong Ling was okay, as she was willing to give her purity by her own will, but Qu Feiyan felt a little uncomfortable. Last night, she offered to give her purity to Song Qingshu in a state of confusion, which made her depressed all the time. When she woke up in the morning, although she acted very well-behaved in front of Song Qingshu, she felt really sad in her heart.

Song Qingshu was also keenly aware of the uneasiness hidden under the smiles of the two women, and dragged the two out for a walk, “It’s quite rare for us to come to Tibet, so why don’t we go around to enjoy the scenery of Lhasa? Let’s go! Let’s go sightseeing together.” (G: Lhasa (Lasha) is the name of an actual prefecture-level city in Tibet.)

But, he was really thinking, ‘Hah, I took them to bed before falling in love. It seems that I have to work hard, so that we can cultivate genuine feelings.’

They spent a long time in Lhasa City, and the exotic scenery seemed to give them a different feeling. One tall, handsome young man, accompanied by two charming, beautiful young women and they were dressed as people from the Central Plains, so the residents on the street looked at them curiously from time to time.

“Brother Song, let’s stop shopping. It feels weird when they look at us like monkeys.” Zhong Ling shrank behind Song Qingshu, pulled on his sleeve and said in a low voice.

“Okay, that’s alright, let’s go back.” Song Qingshu held her hand and inwardly praised her for its smoothness and softness, then planned to go back to Ningma Temple.

“Hey, there are actually Han girls in the city! Little ladies, let this brother express the generosity of the landlord and show you the famous attractions in the city.”

Song Qingshu and the two girls looked back in amazement, and saw a chubby man standing behind them, smiling at the two girls. He was dressed in luxurious clothes, and surrounded by a dozen guards.

‘With beautiful women, trouble follows…’ Song Qingshu looked at the two women with a wry smile, then turned around and cupped his fist, “This humble one is Song Qingshu, the emissary of the Qing Dynasty, may I know who you are?”

“Emissary of the Qing Dynasty? Never heard of him.” Fatty hesitated for a moment, but when he looked at the petite and gentle figures of the two girls, he felt a heat in his lower abdomen, “I suspect that you are spies sent by Mongolia. Hear me, arrest them and bring them back for a strict interrogation?”

Song Qingshu’s expression turned dark, and he cursed in his heart, ‘Why are there such powerful people who rob civilians everywhere? Could it be that I overestimated the integrity of the people in ancient times? Although his subordinates have passable martial arts, they are only ordinary masters.’ Just when he decided to take action and teach this guy a good lesson, a soft female voice suddenly sounded in his ears, “Zong Zan, you are bullying the people again.”

A look of unwillingness flashed across the fatty’s face, and he hurriedly bent down and bowed, “Zong Zan pays his respects to the Queen Mother.”

Song Qingshu looked back in amazement, only to see a carriage parked nearby, and a woman behind the gauze, “Zong Zan, your father, the king, went to the frontline to supervise the battle and asked me to discipline you well, but I didn’t expect you to bully people again just after he left.”

“Queen Mother has misunderstood. I just saw that these people seemed to be unfamiliar with the terrain of Lhasa, and I intend to introduce them to the various attractions in the city. There is no other meaning.” Zong Zan said with a smile.

“Really?” The woman in the carriage turned to look at Song Qingshu and his party, as if asking what they meant.

‘Queen Mother, Zong Zan? Could he be Prince Zong Zan of Tubo?’ Song Qingshu knew that he was in the other party’s territory, and it would be wise to have one less enemy, so he quickly replied, “The prince really did that out of good intentions.”

The woman in the carriage saw their clothes, and her voice seemed a little excited, “Looking at your attire, you should be people from the Central Plains. May I know if any of you are from the Kingdom of Song?”

The three of them looked at each other, and Song Qingshu had no choice but to answer honestly, “One of the three of us is from Dali, and the other two are from Qing.”

“Oh…” The woman in the carriage couldn’t hide her disappointment, and gently said, “Tubo has not been very peaceful recently. If you have nothing to do, it would be better for you to return to the Central Plains as soon as possible… Let’s go.” Hearing her order, the coachman drove the carriage, and slowly left.

Prince Zong Zan gave the two women a greedy look, unwillingly followed behind the carriage, and gradually moved away.

“Who was that fatty just now?” After the other party disappeared at the end of the street, Song Qingshu asked the vendor beside him.

“He is our favorite son of Zanpu, Prince Zong Zan, who is known as a true devil. He usually likes to bully civilian men and women the most. You are lucky this time that you met our queen, otherwise your two female companions… I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to keep them.” The merchant whispered. (Goblin: Zanpu is the title of Tibetan rulers.)

“Queen?” A trace of doubt flashed across Song Qingshu’s face, “But I just saw that she didn’t seem to be very old. How could she be Prince Zong Zan’s mother and queen?”

“You’re a foreigner, so it’s normal for you to not know this. The queen is not Prince Zong Zan’s biological mother, she is Princess Jincheng who was sent here by the Kingdom of Song a few years ago. Zanpu loves her very much, so although the queen is not even a few years older than Prince Zong Zan, he has to be afraid of her.” Seeing that no one else was paying attention, the merchant quickly explained.

“Princess Jincheng! It’s no wonder that she was a little excited when she saw our clothes.” Song Qingshu sighed on the way back, “I could feel the sadness between her brows through the curtain just now. It’s probably because she left her relatives and came to this foereign land. She must feel extremely sad in her heart… Hey, why are you looking at me like that?”

“Brother Song, you don’t happen to have any thoughts about her, do you? Remember, she is the Queen of Tubo!” Qu Feiyan’s eyes were full of suspicion.

“What nonsense!” Song Qingshu felt quite embarrassed, “I just felt that she was pitiful. Besides, we’re leaving tomorrow, what can I even do to her?”

“So, do you mean if we continue to stay in Tubo for a while, you will do something to her?” Zhong Ling found the loophole in his rebuttal.

“You two girls… are you on the same team now? Are you ganging up against your husband!” Song Qingshu reached out and tickled the two girls’ armpits, making the two girls giggle and they quickly apologized.

During this time, Song Qingshu looked back at the place where the carriage disappeared and sighed in his heart, ‘Since ancient times, old husbands and young wives have had no happy endings…’ (G: is this foreshadowing?)

When night fell, Zhong Ling and Qu Feiyan, who had always been lively and active, suddenly became silent. 

Sitting in the room, Song Qingshu also noticed that the atmosphere in the room was a little strange, and quickly said, “We will go back to Dali tomorrow, and prepare to leave. Okay?”

“Alright.” Qu Feiyan replied, then looked down at her toes and stopped talking.

Song Qingshu felt uneasy, so he could only continue to ask, “Did you buy some herbs, we suffered a lot from altitude sickness before.”

“I bought it.” Zhong Ling snorted and also played with the corner of her clothes.

Song Qingshu was quite happy with their response, and directly said, “It’s getting late, why don’t we just sleep and recharge our energy, we’ll be on our way tomorrow.”



Two very cute responses were heard, but no one moved. Song Qingshu yawned, “It looks like you guys are in good spirits, I’ll go to bed first.” After speaking, he fell on the bed, and after a while, he started to snore.

Zhong Ling and Qu Feiyan looked at each other and continued to sit on the bench. After an unknown amount of time, they finally couldn’t bear it. The two gritted their teeth and walked to the bedside step by step.

“I’m sleeping here.” After a long silence, Zhong Ling spoke out.

“Then I’ll sleep here.” Qu Feiyan replied with a blushing face.

After a murmur, the two girls carefully got into the bed, keeping a distance from Song Qingshu in the middle, not daring to touch his skin.

After some time, Zhong Ling felt a big hot hand touching her lower abdomen. She was startled, but was worried about disturbing Qu Feiyan next to her, so she gritted her teeth and didn’t dare to make a sound. Who knew that hand would not be satisfied and began to slowly move up.

Zhong Ling couldn’t bear it any longer, and was about to speak, when suddenly, she heard Qu Feiyan’s slightly trembling voice, “Brother Song, didn’t you say that we were leaving tomorrow, and you needed to replenish your energy?.”

“I’m practicing the Joyful Meditation, so I am replenishing my energy.” Song Qingshu’s hateful voice was heard.

Zhong Ling was stunned for a moment, and her lips were taken by a pair of dry and hot lips. She could only let out a cute snort, and slowly closed her eyes…

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