Chapter 190: Another side of Dongfang Muxue

“Brother Song, you are really bad. You treated Sister Ling’er like that yesterday.” Early the next morning, the group of three embarked on the road back to Dali. Qu Feiyan hesitated several times, but finally couldn’t help but speak out.

“Don’t talk about me, you were the same last night…” Zhong Ling gave Qu Feiyan a look and a blush appeared on her cheeks.

“Sister Ling’er, I didn’t expect you to be so sultry when you usually act like a well-behaved and cute lady. As a woman, I still can’t believe it.” Qu Feiyan’s eyes were full of smiles.

“Hmph, I didn’t expect that you, who usually act so bold, would act like a shy little lady when it comes to the critical moment.” Zhong Ling felt extremely shy, and she immediately retorted.

“I was originally only a shy little lady.” After getting out of bed, Qu Feiyan returned to her familiar image of a little demon girl, and Zhong Ling could not take advantage of her.


‘What a life… enjoy the fragrant sighs and tender moans at night and enjoy youthful smiles of the accompanying young women on the journeys. It is indeed a great joy one can only experience in the ancient era.’ Song Qingshu listened to the cheerful banter of the two beautiful girls, and thought in his heart, ‘What Master Lianhua said before is true. The pure Yin Qi that I could absorb from the two girls last night was indeed very little. Although the Sage Mode after that was of great benefit to my practice, but it did not substantially improve the True Qi itself.’

“Brother Song, can you stay and embrace us after we do that? You sit up and practice that method as soon as you’re done. We always feel like we’re just a tool for you to vent.” Qu Feiyan was only joking at first, but for some reason her eyes turned red while she kept talking.

Even though Song Qingshu’s skin was thicker than a city wall, he couldn’t bear such grievances, so he quickly apologized, “It’s really my fault, I only focused on practicing, and ignored your feelings. At night, I will teach you a set of practices like that of King Ming and Concubine Ming. It has a set of sublime postures, and can harmonize the feeling of skin-to-skin, breath-to-breath contact. You shouldn’t feel left out anymore.”

“Who wants to be with you at night, and do… that?” Qu Feiyan was a little shy, and suddenly looked worried, “Brother Song, the Joyful Meditation method you practiced seems like an obscene method just from its name. Don’t disclose it to the outside world when we return to the Central Plains, lest you become the public enemy of the world.”

“Is this name very obscene?” Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment, then turned to look at Zhong Ling, “Linger, tell me, you have experienced it yourself, is this method really obscene?”

“Of course it’s obscene!” Zhong Ling replied decisively, “Otherwise… I don’t believe that Big Brother Song would have known so many humiliating postures before.”

“Uh, let’s continue on our way.” Song Qingshu’s expression became a bit embarrassed, and he thought in his heart, ‘In fact I learned most of the poses from those adu*lt films from a certain island country, you two really wronged the Joyful Meditation method.’

“The air here is fresh, the sky is blue and wide. At a glance, there are no people in the area for hundreds of miles. Why don’t we do something to cultivate our sentiments?” Song Qingshu clearly had some bad intentions.

Looking at the blue sky, Zhong Ling exclaimed, “Brother Song, isn’t it still daytime?”

“What if it’s still daytime, who said that we can’t make love during the day?” Song Qingshu said shamelessly.

“Brother Song, some might consider that perver*ted…” Qu Feiyan weakly reminded the shameless man.

“Your thoughts are too dirty. This is a place so close to the sky, I just want to be free from the shackles of society and fully embrace the breath of nature.” Song Qingshu closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Be free from the shackles? That sounds quite profound, but aren’t you just trying to take off our clothes?” Qu Feiyan muttered in a low voice.

“Feifei, it’s not a good thing for a woman to be too smart. So, as a punishment I’ll be starting with you.” After saying that, Song Qingshu rushed over and a girl’s scream resounded through the sky.


Stopping from time to time and having fun all the way, the three finally returned to Dali.

Five Poison Cult, Zhurong Hall.

“Looking at your bright complexion, you must have recovered from your internal injuries, so congratulations.” Dongfang Muxue calmly commented while leaning on the side of the chair at the center of the hall.

“There is no sincerity in your tone, so your well wishes seem far from genuine…” Song Qingshu shook his head and pursed his lips.

“You tricked and bedded my most beloved female apprentice. But looking at our past friendship, I didn’t find you to settle the account. So, don’t try to act like a victim.” Dongfang Muxue glanced at Qu Feiyan beside her. A strong afterglow that was hard to hide was quite apparent in her face.

“Master!” Seeing Dongfang Muxue again, Qu Feiyan felt really complicated in her heart. Hearing about the matter of losing her purity from the mouth of her former love interest made Qu Feiyan feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Feifei, you take your leave first and come to my room later, I have something to ask you.” Hearing her aggrieved voice, Dongfang Muxue softened her heart.

Qu Feiyan subconsciously looked up at Song Qingshu, and saw that there was no displeasure on his face. Only then did she give a slight nod, “Yes, Feifei will take her leave.”

“Lan Fenghuang, please treat Miss Ling’er well and teach her the unique skills of the Five Poison Cult.” Seeing Qu Feiyan slowly retreating outside the hall, Dongfang Muxue turned her head and instructed the Five Poison Cult Master standing on the other side.

“I shall follow your orders, Cult Master.” Lan Fenghuang came to Zhong Ling and said with a smile, “Miss Ling’er, please.”

Now Zhong Ling was not as afraid of Lan Fenghuang as she was before. Knowing that Dongfang Bubai had something to say to her Brother Song in private, she nodded obediently, “Yes.”

Finally, only Dongfang Muxue and Song Qingshu were left in the hall.

“Have you learned the Joyful Meditation Method?” Dongfang Muxue looked at him with a playful expression.

“I finally understand why you didn’t say anything before…” Song Qingshu said with a wry smile, “It’s true that its name can be a little misleading. If Feifei and Ling’er heard that I was going to learn that method, they would definitely not agree to accompany me.”

“Zhong Ling may not, but I ordered Feifei to accompany you, so how dare she refuse.” Dongfang Muxue showed a playful smile, “Look, I treat you so well. I was worried that you wouldn’t have a partner to train with, so I specially gave you my concubine. How are you going to repay me?”

“How about I pass on the Joyful Meditation method to you, and we become partners of dual cultivation and achieve the Supreme Dao together?” Song Qingshu teased.

“Your realm is still too low, and I would be losing too much if I were to practice that with you. When you feel that your skill is almost equal to mine, we’ll talk about it again.”

Originally, Song Qingshu thought that she would be furious, but he didn’t expect her to answer like this, which made him lost for words. So he hurriedly changed the topic, “Feifei is obviously your disciple, so when did she become your concubine?” 

Qu Feiyan’s body was so familiar to him that he couldn’t be more familiar with it, she was clearly a pure virgin before that night.

“Feifei has always been in love with her master. As long as I say a word, she will offer herself to me in a heartbeat. If it wasn’t for you, she would have naturally become my concubine.” Dongfang Muxue said that as a matter of course.

Song Qingshu’s face turned dark, “Hey, hey, you are a woman, even if you have the intention, I’m afraid you don’t have that ability.”

“Who told you that women don’t have that ability?” Dongfang Muxue waved her sleeves, straightened up, and changed the posture of her legs, “Didn’t you see that I trained Lan Fenghuang so well?”

Lan Fenghuang usually wore really tight clothes, and it wasn’t that had to see that she had a plump and juicy body wrapped in it. Song Qingshu suddenly felt a shiver run through his whole body, and asked in surprise, “You…How did you do it?”

Dongfang Muxue blushed and snorted, “You don’t have to worry about that, we’re not familiar enough to discuss bedding techniques.”

“Uh, it was obviously you who started first.” Song Qing retorted.

“Going back to the topic, how does your realm compare to before?” Dongfang Muxue asked as her expression returned to normal.

“It’s only about 30% of the realm I had in my peak.” Song Qingshu gave a rough estimate, “Although the Joyful Meditation method is indeed amazing, after all, I just started practicing, and the mount of the new True Qi is still quite small.”

“What’s the fastest way to increase your power with the Joyful Meditation method? Is it true that the more women you sleep with, the faster your strength grows?” Dongfang Muxue asked with a frown. (G: Remember this point, it’s important.)

“We are alone in the same room, is it really a good idea to discuss such ambiguous issues?” Seeing that Dongfang Muxue’s eyebrows were about to rise, he quickly said, “If you describe it like that, it sounds a bit obscene, but it’s almost the same thing. That’s really what it means.”

“That’s good.” Dongfang Muxue leaned back on the chair, and lightly touched the handle with her fingers, “I’ll ask Lan Fenghuang to accompany you in the evening. Unlike those two young girls, her body has already matured. You don’t have to feel bad, just use her as you wish.”

“Cough…Cough!” Song Qingshu couldn’t follow her thoughts, and choked on his breath, then looked at her in surprise, “Isn’t she your concubine?”

“I don’t care, so why do you care?” Dongfang Muxue gave him a strange look.

“That’s not the problem!” Song Qingshu was frightened by her decisiveness, “How…how could I…”

Understanding what he meant, Dongfang Muxue coldly snorted, “I want to retake the Sun Moon Holy Cult, and I need your help. So, it’s normal that I want you to improve your strength as soon as possible. Don’t be a sissy and go do your job.”

“Forget it, I don’t want to do that.” Song Qingshu firmly refused, “I like to pursue the person I want, but I don’t like this kind of deal.” 

What a joke! After seeing Dongfang Muxue’s eager expression, he understood that she must want him to improve his strength as soon as possible. It was even possible that she would even ask him to bed all the women in the Five Poison Cult. But, where was the fun in that kind of thing? Song Qingshu didn’t want to become a humanoid planter, and die of exhaustion.

“Didn’t you already bed Feifei, so why are you acting so polite now?” Dongfang Muxue asked.

“That’s different. At that time, the situation was critical, I had to, I had to…” Song Qingshu started to sweat as he explained.

“Oh, I understand…you men all care very much about virginity, I think you despise Lan Fenghuang because she’s not pure.” Dongfang Muxue hesitated for a moment, but explained, “Although Lan Fenghuang’s virginity was broken by me, I’m just a woman. She has not been touched by any other man, and theoretically she is still a virgin.”

“You really opened my eyes!” Song Qingshu acted as if he was meeting her for the first time, and secretly clicked his tongue. He didn’t expect Dongfang Muxue to be so good at that sort of thing. 

When he imagined the two delicate snow-white figures entangling on the bed… that picture seemed like quite the feast for the eyes. Song Qingshu felt quite intrigued, ‘Could it be that Lillies can actually do that? I wonder if Dongfang Muxue is attacking or accepting? Although she does look like a queen on the outside, who really knows what happens when it comes to that?’ (G: Lily is a term for Les*bians.)

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