Chapter 19: The villainess is villainous (part 2)

“Haah. You should sleep on the floor.”

“That is what I want to say.”

Shael raised her body from the bed and said, “I might get sick if I sleep on the cold floor”

Yes she could, but I couldn’t just give up like that. I would feel a bit bad if that happened. But, considering that I had healing magic, it wouldn’t be a big deal even if she really got sick. Anyway, what I had to do now was to provoke this villainess. Honestly, this seemed quite amusing.

To make the villainess do what I wanted, I had to provoke her.

“I will sleep on this warm and soft bed. You can go down to the floor and sleep if you’re bothered”


Shael laid her body back on the bed. She decided not to run away from my provocation.

She was indeed a villainess.

“Don’t cross over this line.” Shael said as she wrapped herself in a blanket.

It was right next to where I was lying, and she occupied more than half of the bed. That was so unfair!

‘Then wouldn’t it be okay to claim more space for myself?’

I immediately moved my body so that I would cross the line she had set for me. It was very close to the villainess.

“What, what are you doing!”

“What’s the problem?”

I confidently asked what the problem was. Shael glared at me. But she couldn’t help but turn her head in surprise, considering just how close we were.


The villainess seemed to have given up on this matter. But that wasn’t the end. The blanket was also another necessary resource I had to fight for. However, the villainess was taking it all by herself. The villainess was indeed a greedy woman. So, I pulled on part of the blanket she was covering herself with.

“What is it this time!?”

“Shouldn’t I also cover myself with a blanket?”

So this was the current situation—- Shael and I were in the same bed, covering each other with the same blanket. If anyone saw us, they might think we looked like a loving couple. Additionally, we seemed like a couple who would tell each other to dream about ourselves.

“I hope you appear in my dream.”

Yeah, exactly like that! But something was strange. Those lovely words came from a place that didn’t suit them at all. Those were the words that the villainess had uttered. However, the words Shael immediately added were indeed the words suitable for a villainess.

“… a dream in which you are crying because you were being bullied by me.”

It seemed that Shael wanted to take revenge in her dream. Then, as if another thought had come to her mind, she added.

“Oh, and you should have a dream when I haunt you.”

Everybody knew what would happen after that. So, I also told her.

“Then you get beaten up by me.”


Shael went silent. She wasn’t glaring at me as usual. She seemed to be asleep. She just went to bed and fell asleep. Wasn’t that too strange? Anyway, her sleeping posture looked a bit strange as well. 

She was hugging something. ‘What the hell are you hugging?’

I turned around, and got up to check what it was. She was actually cuddling and sleeping with that doll. It was the doll she gave to me. It was the doll that I gave back to her after stitching its torn out eyes. 

And now, she was sleeping while hugging it. Adding to that, when the villainess slept, she unexpectedly didn’t seem like a villainess at all. However, when I saw the expression on her face, I almost laughed out loud.

The villained had a frown on her face even when she was sleeping.

I raised the corner of Shael’s mouth and made her smile. ‘Why do you have the face of a villainess even when you sleep?’

“Much better!”

Smile, not scorn. It suited Shael more than I thought. 

At the moment, she didn’t seem like a villainess at all.


“Then you get beaten up by me.”


Shael closed her eyes in response to Eran’s words. She was pretending to sleep. It was because it seemed like it would never end if she continued to reply to Eran’s words.

Yes, it absolutely wasn’t because she was sleepy.

Then she heard a rustle. It was the sound of Eran getting out of bed. He slowly approached Shael. The reason he was doing that must have been to make sure she was really sleeping. Shael relaxed her face and stayed still. But she couldn’t help but frown in the end.

It was because she felt embarrassed to show Eran the doll she was currently hugging.

‘Wouldn’t I look like a child?’

But she had to smile. It was because Eran raised the corner of her mouth that was pointing down.

“Much better.” Eran said that. He looked at her smile and uttered those words. 

‘Is my smile really beautiful?’ 

Shael didn’t know.


Shael never got complimented for her smile. She was only praised for her pretty face.

In fact, it was because Shael had never shown her smile to anyone else. However, there was no way Shael would know that.

She just thought in her heart, ‘My fiancé is really weird.’

That was her conjecture.

It was truly a wrong conjecture.

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