Chapter 192: Test

Hearing Dongfang Muxue’s request, Qu Feiyan became silent, and after a while, she raised her head with tears in her eyes, “Master, you should’ve understood Feifei’s intentions in the past. You’ve had so many opportunities before, but why are you doing this after I got over you and decided to be together with Big Brother Song, you…you…” After that, she couldn’t go on.

“Silly child, Master is injured and helpless, and I need Song Qingshu to help me. The reason why I didn’t touch you before was because I was afraid that it would ruin your virginity and affect the effect of his practice of Joyful Meditation. Now that he has practiced it, that factor is naturally gone.” Dongfang Muxue’s hand went all the way down Qu Feiyan’s soft hair, and as her hand got lower and lower, she could feel Qu Feiyan’s body trembling more and more.

“Master, don’t!” Qu Feiyan struggled a few more times. However, except for the violent friction between their bodies, which made her face red, nothing worked.

“You dare to disobey me?” Dongfang Muxue coldly snorted, with a hint of chill in her voice.

“This disciple dare not… master’s martial art is unparalleled in the world, if you really want to do something wrong, I know that I can’t stop it. I am willing… willing to serve my master for one night in return for the kindness he had bestowed upon me in the past, but… ah!” Feeling Dongfang Muxue’s reaching into the front of her clothes and kneading, Qu Feiyan exclaimed, her breathing became rapid, and she quickly expressed her meaning, “But after the matter, I will be unable to face Big Brother Song, and I will only be able to find solace in death.”

The tip of Dongfang Muxue’s nose slowly swept across the delicate skin on her neck, and the slight heat from the exhaled breath made Qu Feiyan’s body form a thin layer of goosebumps, and she slowly said, “Silly girl, Song Qingshu has already gone far away from here. If you don’t tell him about it, how will he know?”

Qu Feiyan’s heart swayed when she heard it. She had always admired her master in her heart, and the offer was so tempting that she almost lost her mind.

Noticing the dazed look in her eyes, Dongfang Muxue continued, “Feifei, I will not stop you from being with your Brother Song in the future, and I will provide all the conveniences to help you. But sometimes if this master is lonely late at night, you have to quietly come to accompany me, can you do that?”

“Feifei…” Qu Feiyan was just halfway through speaking, when she suddenly woke up, and spoke with a pleading voice, “Master, please let Feifei go!”

Dongfang Muxue frowned and coldly snorted, “You are the disciple of Dongfang Bubai, a dignified demon girl from an unorthodox cult! How can you strive to be decent like those ordinary women?”

“Feifei is just an ordinary woman, and I can’t be as transcendent as the Master.” Qu Feiyan lowered her head and lightly said, “If Master wants Feifei, then Feifei can only be at ease at death.”

“I don’t care anyway, you have to accompany me tonight.” Dongfang Muxue turned over and directly pressed Qu Feiyan down.

“Yes!” Qu Feiyan replied in a blank tone, as if she had no emotions at all.

“I’m so pissed off! That stinky brat, who knows what dirty means, he used to make my precious apprentice give up on me in just a few days.” Dongfang Muxue suddenly felt bored, sat up, and snorted, “Get up, I was just testing you as your master just now. If you are not loyal to your husband, there are some things I would not dare to tell you as your master.”

Qu Feiyan was stunned for a moment, and suddenly burst into tears, “Thank you, Master!”

“Feifei, don’t rush to get dressed, I’ve changed my mind.” Dongfang Muxue saw her hurriedly tidying up her clothes. At the moment, this girl looked particularly attractive with her blushing face, and the corners of Dongfang Muxue’s mouth slightly arched up, ‘Thinking of how much that that stinky boy will benefit in the future, I’m a little angry. Hmph, I have to collect some interest in advance.’ (G: Foreshadowing!)

“Ah?” Qu Feiyan’s pink face suddenly turned pale.

“Feifei, don’t put on such a desperate look.” Dongfang Muxue grabbed her hand and put it on her chest, “Do you understand?”

When Qu Feiyan had a fight with Zhong Ling before, the two girls had often compared their small mounds to each other, and the soft feeling peculiar to a woman in her palm made her look at Dongfang Muxue in horror, “Master, are you!? You are a…”

“Shhh…” Dongfang Muxue put her white jade-like finger lightly between her lips and made a silent gesture, “It’s fine if you know, don’t say it outloud. Now you should understand the previous difficulties of your master, right? This is why I gave you to Song Qingshu.”

“How is it possible, how is it possible…” Qu Feiyan looked lost. She didn’t expect that the master she had admired for many years was actually a woman, and she found it hard to accept for a while.

“Why… I can’t be your master if I am a woman?” Dongfang Muxue coldly snorted.

Feeling the familiar pressure unique to her Master, Qu Feiyan suddenly woke up and replied, “Feifei doesn’t dare, I’m just a little… a little shocked.”

“You should be happy. If your master really was a man, what would you do in the situation just now?” Dongfang Muxue dotingly scratched her nose.

“Master really loves me, and you can’t bear to make me sad. You even told me such a big secret!” Knowing that Dongfang Muxue was a woman, Qu Feiyan finally put down a big stone in her heart, and put her arms around her waist. She affectionately buried her head in her arms, but there was a drop tear from the corner of her eyes, and a touch of sadness flashed in her heart, ‘Farewell, my former lover.’

“Master loves you so much, so if I ask you to sleep with me, would you do it?” Over the years, facing Qu Feiyan’s constant expression of love, Dongfang Muxue had to hide the fact that she was a woman from her at all times, which made her feel very troubled. Now she could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

“Yes, of course!” Qu Feiyan wiped away her tears and smiled.

After a long time, there were whispering voices in the room.

“Master, why do you keep touching me?”

“You are young, and your skin is smooth and comfortable to touch.”

“But Master’s skin is obviously better than mine, so why is it that only you can touch me, but I can’t touch you?”

“I am the master and you are the apprentice, is this reason enough?”

“Ah, master, don’t touch me there!”

“In order to take your martial arts to a higher realm, Master wants to check your body.”

“Uh, but it feels so strange… Master, do you really need to press me on top of me when checking my body? Uhh~”


“Aachoo!” Song Qingshu sneezed, rubbed his nose, looked at the sparse stars in the sky, and bitterly said, “That bit*ch Dongfang must be unhappy that I took advantage of her apprentice and is taking the opportunity to take revenge. Alas, yesterday I was hugging beauties left and right, but now I am all alone, so pitiful!”

After a few days on the road, he reached Xiangxi.

He felt a bit thirsty, and he finally found a family. He knocked on the door and said, “I’m only a traveler, and I hope the family’s host can be merciful and give me water to drink.”

After a long time, there was no sound of the door opening. Song Qingshu was disappointed and was about to turn around and leave, but saw a farmer walking towards this way on a small road in the distance, carrying a bundle of dry wood on his back.

‘Heh, breathing is even and the posture of walking is steady, how can a farmer have such good skills?’ Song Qingshu suddenly became suspicious, and when he approached the guy, he noticed that the five fingers of the farmer’s right hand seemed to have been cut off, most likely by a sharp blade. Song Qingshu looked up to get a clear look of this farmer’s face, and the two spoke up in unison, “It’s you!?”

It turned out that this young farmer was the same young man who was locked up with Ding Dian in the Jingzhou City prison before. It was none other than Di Yun, the protagonist of the original book “A Deadly Secret”.

Di Yun opened the door, and the two sat down for a talk.

“Di Yun, why are you here?” Song Qingshu asked with curiosity.

“Young Master Song, I also want to ask you this question.” Di Yun scratched the back of his head. Although he had always hated this handsome young master because of his junior sister, but it was also because of this guy that he was able to escape from Jingzhou prison. Because of that, he didn’t have that much of a bad impression of him.

“I went north to Pingding and passed by here.” Song Qingshu glanced at Di Yun and sighed, “I didn’t expect us to meet here again, after that matter in Jingzhou.”

Di Yun smirked for a moment, “Last time you and Big Brother Ding made a big fuss in Jingzhou City, so I escaped while there was a chance. I came back to my hometown to grow vegetables and cultivate the fields.”

“You didn’t look for… your junior sister?” For Song Qingshu, Di Yun was also a pitiful person. His junior sister, who was his childhood sweetheart, was tricked by Wan Gui and married him. Speaking of which, he and Bing Xue’er accidentally saw Qi Fang in Wanfu last time. Song Qingshu couldn’t help but give the guy a pitying look when he thought that the woman this guy loved so much had already married Wan Gui.

“I did. But, it’s a pity that the people in Wanfu were already gone, and I don’t know where to look for her.” Di Yun replied, and wondered why Song Qingshu was so clear about his affairs, “I was worried that Junior Sister won’t be able to find me in the future and she’ll come back home and wait here.”

“I think you already know that your beloved Junior Sister has married Wan Gui. Are you waiting here alone for a married woman?” Song Qingshu felt that he had more or less robbed Di Yun of a lot of luck. If it hadn’t been for him, Di Yun would have suffered more, but in the end he would have grown through all the hardships and would have gotten the beautiful and lovely Shui Sheng. But, looking at the situation now, this guy will probably end up here alone, and Song Qingshu felt that he had to give him a helping hand.

‘Why can’t I help myself when I see someone with a miserable fate from the original book? It was like that with Lin Pingzhi, and it’s the same with Di Yun. It seems that I feel sympathetic towards them. Speaking of which, Song Qingshu in the original book was even more miserable, although it was his own fault.’ Song Qingshu laughed at himself.

When he heard Song Qingshu mention the thing he hated the most in his life, the veins on Di Yun’s arms bulged up, and he gritted his teeth, “I wish I could drink Wan Gui’s blood and eat his flesh, but my junior sister has already become his wife and has given birth to a child with him. I… I’m worried that killing Wan Gui will make my junior sister sad for a lifetime.”

“A sinister villain like Wan Gui will never have a good ending. Even if your junior sister follows him, she will not have a good ending. Do you think that you can’t give her better happiness?” Song Qingshu asked.

“Of course not!” Di Yun said excitedly, “It’s just…just…”

“It’s just that you dislike the fact that your junior sister married another man and gave birth to a child?” Song Qingshu deliberately provoked him.

“No no no!” Di Yun waved his hands again and again, “Junior sister just fell for Wan Gui’s trick, I will never blame her! No matter what she becomes, I will love her as before, and I will love the child she gave birth to. I will treat her like my own daughter!”

“Then that’s fine.” Song Qingshu thought to himself that this guy’s tolerance level in this regard far exceeded that of Bu Jingyun, “Since that’s the case, then why don’t you go find her, reveal Wan Gui’s true colors, and then bring back the two mother and child. Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to live in seclusion here together?”

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