Chapter 193: Cheng Lingsu’s charm

“But they’ve been married for so many years, I’m worried… worried that…” Di Yun’s face showed the anxiety in his heart.

“You’re worried that she won’t come with you?” Seeing Di Yun nod his head, Song Qingshu said, “It’s indeed possible, this is actually a very common problem with women, but if you can build up a successful career, don’t you think you’ll have more possibility of getting her back? In time, she’ll figure out the truth and choose you. Trust me, I know women better than you, and I am right more often than not.”

“Is that really possible…” Di Yun’s eyes flashed with hope, but it quickly dimmed, “But now I don’t know where Wan Gui took them.”

Song Qingshu handed a waist badge to him, “Recently, I have set up an intelligence organization named Pole Arms, which is responsible for inquiring about the information all around the world. If Brother Di is interested in joining, you can take this token to Yanjing City, and mention my name. The power of that organization should be able to help you find your junior sister, and even help you get revenge!”

Di Yun grabbed the waist badge. However, he was quite worried about what he would do if his junior sister and the others came back after he left, so he hesitated for a moment.

“Brother Di can think about it for the time being.” Song Qingshu patted him on the shoulder, “Oh, by the way, here are some silver taels. If you come to the capital in the future, you might be short of money.” After that, he stuffed the taels of silver into the palm of his hands.

“I can’t take this!” Di Yun looked slightly embarrassed and quickly refused.

“Brother Di, I know you have the ability to go to the capital by yourself, but that would take quite a lot of time. With this money, you can buy a good horse and save at least a month worth of time. During this time, if something happens to your junior sister, you will have no time to regret it.” Song Qingshu secretly sighed and resolutely put the silver taels into his hands.

Di Yun was stunned for a moment, and there were tears in his eyes. No one in this world treated him so well except for Brother Ding and his junior sister. He held back his tears and choked up, “Thank you, Young Master Song, for your guidance. I will accept it!”

‘This Di Yun is really simple. He can be moved to tears for a few dozen taels of silver. He lived a really hard life’ Song Qingshu said goodbye, and clasped his fists, “Brother Di, I have something important to do. I will take my leave.”

“Yes!” Di Yun had a thousand words in his heart at this time, but he didn’t know what to say, so he could only watch Song Qingshu’s voice disappear into the distance.


“Last time, I and Dongfang Muxue fled from Heimuya in a hurry. So we didn’t have a chance to go to visit the King of Venoms when we passed by Dongting Lake. This time, I am going north anyway, I should go check if the poison in Little Hu Fei’s body is gone. I wonder how Bing Xue’er is doing now?” Song Qingshu made up his mind and galloped away in the direction of the White Horse Temple in Dongting Lake.

Seeing the ferocious Bloody Dwarf Chestnuts, Song Qingshu felt goosebumps. He remembered the method taught by Cheng Lingsu before. So, he picked a blue flower from the blue flower garden by the roadside, and walked slowly to the house the King of Venoms lived in.

“Brother Hu Fei, you big idiot, you still can’t tell the difference between the Broken Heart Grass and the Twisting Organ Poison. I will tell you again, so you should listen carefully. Both the Broken Heart Grass and the Twisting Organ Poison can kill the target. However, the situation of their use is different. The person who uses them often has a deep hatred for the target, and only uses such a vicious poison in such situations. But specifically, there is a difference of effects between the two poisons.”

“The Broken Heart Grass can make the target’s limbs weak, cause hallucinations, vomiting and diarrhea, along with unbearable abdominal pain, and finally die of respiratory paralysis after two to three hours of suffering. In this whole process, the consciousness of the target stays clear, and even after their breathing stops, their heartbeat continues for a short period of time. Hence the reason for its name. During the Warring States Period, Han Feizi committed suicide by taking the Broken Heart Grass, and his death was extremely tragic.”

“As for the Twisting Organ Poison, it is also very famous in history. Li Yu, the queen of the Southern Tang Dynasty, was sentenced to death by Taizong using the Twisting Organ Poison. After her death, her body became severely deformed due to its effect. The original name of the poison is actually ‘Strychnine’, which can cause muscular convulsions and eventually death through asphyxia or sheer exhaustion, accompanied by trismus and other symptoms. There will always be a kind of strange smirk on the target’s lips after they die.” (G: it’s a real poison.)

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” Song Qingshu stepped forward while clapping his hands. He heard Cheng Lingsu talking eloquently the moment he arrived nearby, so he stopped and listened for a long while. “It is truly admirable!”

“Big Brother Song!” Hu Fei immediately became happy when he saw Song Qingshu, and he ran over and jumped on top of him.

“Hey, you’ve gotten so heavy!” Song Qingshu hugged him and pretended to struggle.

“Little Lingsu, come over and give Uncle a hug.” Putting Hu Fei down, Song Qingshu greeted Cheng Lingsu with open arms.

“Bah!” Cheng Lingsu spat and glared at him with a blushing face.

“Forget it, you are my little Hu Fei’s woman, so I won’t take advantage of you.” Song Qingshu made the two children blush as soon as he opened his mouth.

“Don’t you feel ashamed? You are calling him ‘my little Hu Fei’, it seems that you really have intentions for Aunt Bing Xue’er.” Cheng Lingsu was quite angry at the fact that he and Hu Fei were called each other brothers, but he referred to himself as her uncle.

“Sure enough!” Song Qingshu looked at Hu Fei and said with a smile, “When you two get married, this kid will suffer in the future.”

“Who wants to marry that ugly girl?” Xiao Hu Fei was a little unhappy when he heard Cheng Lingsu say that Song Qinghsu coveted his mother. However, when he heard Song Qingshu’s words, he immediately became quite flustered.

“Smelly Hu Fei, I hate you!” Cheng Lingsu’s eyes immediately turned red, she wiped her eyes and ran into the house.

“Little Hu Fei, how can you hurt a girl’s heart like this!” Song Qingshu advised as a man of great experience, “Besides, a woman can go through eighteen transformations and Little Lingsu’s time to transform hasn’t come yet. If she transforms in a few years and becomes a peerless beauty, won’t you regret it? Now is the time to treat her better when she is least confident, so she will be grateful to you for a lifetime later!”

“What if she doesn’t transform in a few years?” Hu Fei asked earnestly, “Looking at her current appearance, will she really grow into a peerless beauty? I’m not as confident as you are.”

“Uh, it doesn’t matter if she’s not pretty, there are only lazy women in this world, there are no ugly women. When the time comes, your brother, I, will teach her some makeup skills, and then if she dresses up well, she will definitely make you look at her twice!” Song Qingshu hugged Little Hu Fei and walked into the house step by step, “I also want to remind you, although Little Lingsu is not very good-looking, she possesses a very charming aura. I can deduce this from her waist and hip posture when she walks, that she’ll have a charming body. She’ll definitely be a heaven’s gift when she grows up, so you shouldn’t miss it.”

“I say, Brother Song, I’m only eight years old. You are telling me all these things, are you not afraid to teach bad things to children? If my mother hears it, it’ll be strange if she doesn’t scold you to death.” Xiao Hu Fei said while feeling depressed.

“Uh, I was only giving helpful advice as brothers, why would that be a bad thing?” Song Qingshu awkwardly smiled, then looked left and right, and quietly asked, “By the way, is your mother here?”

“Hmph, I was still wondering how long it would take you to ask!” Little Hu Fei pouted and simply said, “She’s not here!”

“Not here!?” Song Qingshu was taken aback, “Where did she go?”

“She came to see me once a few months ago, and then left without a trace. She should have gone to investigate the whereabouts of Murong Jingyue.” Little Hu Fei replied.

“Murong Jingyue? Isn’t the Murong family already searching for him?” Song Qingshu asked suspiciously, and suddenly showed a hint of worry, “Murong Jingyue is strong in martial arts and adept at using poison, I’m worried that your mother will be in danger.”

“It’s good to see that you have a conscience!” Xiao Hu Fei rolled his eyes at him, “My mother’s martial arts is not inferior to my father’s. Last time, the reason she lost was only because Murong Jingyue was familiar with her techniques, and I was dragging her down. My mother lost her composure and was defeated by him. I heard that you taught her the White Boa Whip technique. My mother had already practiced it extremely well when she came to see me last time. She said that she’ll be careful if she encounters Murong Jingyue, and would not have trouble protecting herself.”

“Is that so…” Song Qingshu finally felt relieved, but thinking that Bing Xue’er was not here, his face still couldn’t hide his disappointment.

“Brother Song, why are you getting distracted? What are you thinking with such a forlorn expression?” Little Hu Fei bumped him with his shoulder.

Song Qingshu came back to his senses and smiled, “Okay, then let’s go back to discussing your life-long matters. Where were we? Oh yes…I was just giving advice in case you fancied her. But, if you’re sure that you don’t like her, I can give it a try myself. I can begin a ‘Lo*li Development Plan’! Ah… I’m getting excited just from thinking about it.” Song Qingshu rubbed his hands as he spoke, and his facial expression seemed extremely questionable.

Little Hu Fei spoke up in a hurry, “First you had intentions about my mother, but I just let it be considering that you are a good person, and now, you are even having intentions towards Sister Lingsu…”

“Oooh!” Song Qingshu smiled meaningfully, “I was just joking, and I remember you saying that you didn’t care about her.”

Little Hu Fei stubbornly said, “Even if it’s just a cat and a dog, we are bound to have feelings after staying together for a long time, let alone a person.”

When the two walked into the house, Cheng Lingsu heard what he just said, and turned around in anger, not wanting to look at the two of them.

The Poison King laughed, “It’s been a while, and now Young Master Song is full of energy. It seems that your previous injury has healed.” (G: King of Venoms will be changed to Poison King from now on. It’s more accurate. I’ll edit the previous chapter.)

“I’ve seen the Old Master.” Song Qingshu sincerely bowed and sighed, “Speaking of which, it was thanks to the Old Master’s guidance that I went to Suzhou and found a way to treat my injury.”

“I’ve heard Madame Hu talk about it a few months ago, Young Master Song doesn’t need to thank me, it’s all due to your own fate.” The Poison King smiled and shook his head.

“Master, how about the detoxification of the poison in my little brother’s body?” After chatting for a while, Song Qingshu pointed at Hu Fei and asked.

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