Chapter 194: Snow white

“You can rest assured, Young Master, Fei’er is naturally strong, and with my meticulous care, most of the poison in his body has been pulled out, but there are still some residual poison that needs time to slowly dilute.” The Poison King dotingly looked at Hu Fei, he looked quite satisfied with this disciple.

“By the way, was there a woman surnamed Fang who came to find the Old Master some time ago?” Song Qingshu had asked Fang Yi to bring his letter to request the King of Venoms for an antidote of the Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pills, and he took the opportunity to ask about that.

“There was indeed a lady Fang who came here.” Said Poison King after thinking for a moment, “It’s just that the Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pill is too complex, so even I am a little confused. I need time to test my conjectures, and won’t be able to develop the antidote in a short time. When she heard this, she was disappointed and left.”

“Brother Song, you seem to have too many lovers.” Little Hu Fei on the side said with a strange tone.

“You’re not my lover, what kind of vinegar are you drinking?” Song Qingshu patted him on the head and teased. (G: Drinking vinegar means being jealous.)

Hu Fei was lost for words. How could he say that he was fighting for his mother, so he just sat there and sulked.

“Besides that Miss Fang, there was another woman who came to find you.” Seeing that her sweetheart was being teased, Cheng Lingsu subconsciously offered to help.

“Another woman?” Song Qingshu filtered through the women he knew in his mind, but couldn’t really think of who it was.

“She claimed to be your wife and had been here twice. The first time was when you and Madame Hu had just left for Suzhou. Brother Hu Fei and I noticed that she came with bad intentions, so we fooled her to the northeast. She came back not long ago, presumably to retaliate against me and brother Hu Fei, and as soon as she saw the two of us, she attacked.” Cheng Lingsu began to narrate the story.

“Brother Song, your wife is so fierce!” Hu Fei thought to himself, ‘No wonder Brother Song fell in love with my mother. Although his wife is also very beautiful, her nature is quite violent. She is not as gentle and considerate as my mother. Besides, my mother’s appearance is not worse than hers.’

(G: It’s official, Hu Fei is the best bro a man can ever hope to have!)

“Looking at the fact that you are sitting here safely now, she must have suffered a loss again? But her martial arts realm should’ve been far superior to you…” Song Qingshu’s expression was rather complicated when he heard that it was Zhou Zhiruo. He thought in his heart, ‘The relationship between the two of us can almost be made into a bloody romance drama. At first, it was she who wronged me, then I was the one who wronged her. After that she chased me down, and I defeated her… it’s such good quality material!’

“Of course, if our Poison King Manor is reduced to relying on force to protect ourselves, it would be a matter of shame.” Cheng Lingsu said proudly.

“She was poisoned? What happened after that?” Song Qingshu was startled and asked with worry.

“She’s dead!” Cheng Lingsu said while nibbling on the melon seeds, “She dared to come to our Poison King Manor to cause trouble, if we let her go back alive and the word spreads, won’t there be an endless stream of people from the wulin coming here to seek revenge? So why should we let her go? With a little bit of Seven-star Begonia, she had no way out, and then died.”

“What?” Song Qingshu heard that Zhou Zhiruo was dead, and sat on the chair with a blank expression. He didn’t hear anything from Cheng Lingsu’s remaining words.

‘Zhou Zhiruo actually died like that! She just died like that? It’s reasonable that I should hate her, even if I knew that everything was a misunderstanding. Why…why would I be so sad if I really hated her!’ Song Qingshu clutched his heart, and cold sweat dripped down his face.

“Young Master Song, don’t listen to Lingsu’s nonsense, Madame Song is not dead.” The Poison King on the side couldn’t stand it anymore, so he used his internal strength, and said in a deep voice.

Song Qingshu was stunned, his eyes regained its luster, then he looked at the Poison King, and his eyes signaled him to continue.

“That day, Madame Song came in a hurry, and she said that she wanted to take Lingsu and Fei’er hostage. This old man didn’t know why, so I had to rescue them. I accidentally injured the Madame in the process, so I ask the Young Master for his forgiveness.” The Poison King revealed the truth of the matter.

“What about later?” Song Qingshu hurriedly asked.

The Poison King understood his mood and quickly said, “Your wife is highly skilled in martial arts. Although she was poisoned by this old man, she could still continue to fight. At that moment, another young master appeared and rescued her. This old man recognized his martial arts technique, it should be the Heaven and Earth Great Shift from the Ming Cult. In the current world, such a young person with that level of martial arts must be none other than Master Zhang Wuji. This old man was quite lenient when I used the poison. Master Zhang has inherited the complete medicinal knowledge of Hu Qingniu, the genius physician. I think he won’t have any trouble detoxifying Madame Song.”

‘Zhang Wuji?’ Song Qingshu’s teeth itch with hatred every time he heard the name. After hearing that Zhou Zhiruo was rescued by him, not only did he not relax at all, on the contrary, he became even more worried, and hurriedly asked, “Old Master, do you remember when Zhang Wuji rescued her?”

The Poison King raised his head to think for a moment, and replied, “It should be earlier this month. It was just after the news of the battle between Mount Hua Sect’s Sword Saint Feng Qingyang and the Demonic Cult Leader Dongfang spread in the wulin, so I still remember it.”

‘After the decisive battle on the night of the full moon? I remember that she attacked me again in the palace last time, and… we did that. After that, she came to kidnap Hu Fei and Lingsu, and was saved by Zhang Wuji. It’s no wonder Zhang Wuji said that he had seen her before on the Blackwood Cliff. It seems that they met at the Poison King Manor. Listening to his tone at the time, it seems that nothing happened between the two of them… then it’s alright.’ Song Qingshu’s thoughts were running fast, and he finally deduced the whole process of the event, then he secretly felt relieved.

“By the way, what kind of poison do you use, Old Master, is there any need to take off one’s clothes while detoxifying?” Song Qingshu suddenly thought of a very serious problem. In the original book, Zhang Cuishan wooed Yin Susu like that, and later, Zhang Wuji also did the same. He inherited his father’s tricks and took off her dress when he rescued Zhao Min.

The Poison King was stunned for a moment, but he quickly reacted and said with a laugh, “Young Master Song is worrying too much, there is basically nothing in this world that requires taking off one’s clothes to heal the wounds. Taking off your clothes is only required just to deal with some external wounds, such as being wounded by a weapon. As for things like snake bites, one only needs to roll up their trousers or sleeves.”

‘Those two Zhang father and son are really not good people. They relied on that kind of despicable method to deceive ignorant girls.’ Song Qingshu scolded secretly.

“Brother Song, did you two husband and wife really have such a good relationship?” Hu Fei on the side asked.

“Why do you ask that?” Song Qingshu didn’t understand.

“I noticed that when you heard the news of her death, you immediately became stunned. So, you must like her very much. But, even though she is your wife, she hates you and wants to kill you. It’s really hard for me to understand.” Hu Fei expressed the doubts in his heart.

“Uh, this matter is quite complex, that is…” Song Qingshu became stunned for a moment, and he didn’t know what to say, then he impatiently waved his hand, “Forget it, it’s the matter of adults, so you won’t understand even if I were to talk about it. Children should just go play in the mud.”

Hu Fei was furious and was about to prove that he was no longer a child when Cheng Lingsu pulled his sleeve and whispered, “Brother Hu Fei, let’s go out to play, don’t disturb Uncle Song. Don’t you see him acting like this, he must be trapped by love.”

“Hmph, since he loves his wife so much, he better not try to provoke my mother in the future!” As he held Cheng Lingsu’s soft little hand, Hu Fei’s mood slowly calmed down, but he still gave Song Qingshu a vicious glare when he went out.


After coming out of Poison King Manor, Song Qingshu felt a little uneasy for a long time. Later, he unknowingly bumped into a tree, and finally came to his senses, “Zhang Wuji, huh? The leader of the Ming Cult, huuh? I’ll destroy the chastity of your so-called Saintess right away, and make your Ming Cult the laughing stock of the world!”

The more Song Qingshu thought about it, the more excited he became. Love and hatred were indeed the biggest driving force for human beings. Before, he felt quite reluctant to go to Heimuya. So he went to visit the Poison King Manor in a leisurely way. However, after he heard the news at the Poison King Manor, he felt eager to rush to Heimuya immediately, and he truly wanted to destroy the chastity of the Saintess of Ming Cult.

Along the way, he traveled day and night without rest, and after a few days, he finally arrived at Heimuya, in the Pingding Prefecture.

He had already infiltrated the Blackwood Cliff once before. So, Song Qingshu, who was quite familiar with the terrain, was able to seize the gap between the guards and quietly entered the Blackwood Cliff without any issues.

“I wonder where the Saintess of Ming Cult lives.” Song Qingshu hid at the top of the corridor. After the patrolling guards passed underneath, he quietly landed on the ground. After looking around, he quietly went to the place with the most guards.

“Is Miss’s bath water ready?”

“It’s ready, I just went to get the flower petals collected in the morning.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Hearing the conversation of several maids on the road, Song Qingshu thanked his luck, and quietly followed behind them.

Watching the maids walk into a brightly lit yard, Song Qingshu carefully looked around. It was very possible that this was the residence of the Saintess, so there were no male guards nearby. He approached a window and put his finger on his mouth. After getting it sufficiently wet, he opened a small hole in the window paper with a light poke. He felt quite proud, ‘If this was the modern era, the windows would at least be made out of glass, and a thief would have to prepare a glass-cutting tool and a suction cup if they wanted to make holes. It wouldn’t be as easy as it is now.’

Once again confirming that there was no one else within a radius of ten feet, Song Qingshu moved his eyes closer to the hole.

It was probably due to the hot water in the tub. The room was filled with smoke, and he couldn’t see anything clearly. He saw a graceful woman with her back to the window, with long black and smooth hair hanging down to her waist. It seemed that the owner was very tall and slender.

‘Holy shi*t, just the back view is so attractive, how good will it be when I take a look at the front?’ Song Qingshu sighed, ‘Woman, you and I have neither hatred nor enmity, if you want to blame someone, you can blame yourself for being the Saintess.’

The woman gently pulled the ribbon around her waist with her slender hands, and her outer garments suddenly fell to the ground. Now, she was only in her underwear, and a large area of snow white skin was exposed for the eyes to behold.

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