Chapter 195: Water flowing down the valley

‘Take it off, take it off…you can take it off by yourself, so that I won’t have to feel guilty when I begin.’ Song Qingshu was actually very conflicted in his heart. Although it was very enjoyable to peek at a girl taking a bath, it was, after all, not a good thing to do. 

Looking at the scenery for a while, he felt his face turn hot in shame. However, thinking of his own revenge plan, Song Qingshu still chose to be ruthless, and secretly warned himself, ‘Don’t try to be a chivalrous hero without a backbone, and a bandit without courage. Since you’ve decided to be a villain, don’t hesitate, or even think twice. Only think about how to complete the task successfully.’

After a short while, the woman in the room had already taken off her robe and placed it on the stand beside her. She slightly shook her head, sending waves down her waist-length hair, akin to a waterfall. She wrapped her hands around the back of her neck to tie up her hair, presumably to avoid getting soaked in the bath.

“Walking on with gentle steps, wearing golden shoes…” Watching the woman gently lift her jade-like feet and step into the tub at a leisurely pace, Song Qingshu unconsciously thought of Li Yu’s words when he was describing Xiao Zhou.

Staring at the back of her snow-white neck and her slender and straight legs, Song Qingshu suddenly felt something warm flow down from the tip of his nose. He stretched out his hand to wipe it, and saw that it was full of bright red color. Never in his life did he expect that he would  actually have a nosebleed. Even a virgin who has been holding back for more than 20 years wouldn’t be so weak! ‘Could it be that the practice of the Joyful Meditation Method has caused my libido to be too strong?’

The sound of rippling water came to his ears, prompting Song Qingshu to look inside. He saw that the woman was already lying in the tub, one of her jade-like arms was stretched out of the tub holding a bowl of clear water. Streams of water flowed down the lines of her neck as she slowly poured down the water in the bowl. 

Ever since he had started practicing martial arts, Song Qingshu’s ocular ability had improved by tenfold compared to his previous life. Although the room was filled with fog, he could still clearly see the unique luster of the skin on the woman’s jade arm under the light of candlelight. It had the same color of the flower petals blooming in spring, and had the luster of the buds before they withered in summer.

Song Qingshu only felt that his throat was dry. He knew that he couldn’t just continue to watch. He had to see the woman’s face, otherwise he would end up only fantasizing in his mind like Duan Yu— who kept searching for a perfect woman who didn’t actually exist, resulting in a heart demon.

With a movement of his hand, he used a soft shock force to break the downturned bolt inside, and gently opened the window. Song Qingshu, like a cat, silently landed on the ground, and moved to the bathtub step by step.

Song Qingshu didn’t want to disturb the other party, so he was quite cautious along the way. Suddenly there was a sound of splashing water, which startled him. Looking up, it turned out that the woman had lifted one of her long straight legs out of the water and put it on the edge of the wooden tub. At the same time she held the bowl of water in both hands, and poured it on her head.  

Song Qingshu’s breathing suddenly became heavier, and he screamed in his heart. That’s when the woman’s ears twitched, and she realized that there was someone behind her, but beyond Song Qingshu’s expectations, she didn’t turn her head or scream, but softly said, “Is it Xiaobai? Come over and help me massage my shoulders. I don’t know why, but these days, my shoulders always feel sore.”

“Why does this voice sound so familiar?” A trace of doubt flashed in Song Qingshu’s heart, but in order not to disturb her, he had to give a vague reply. He used his movement technique, and made his footsteps sound like a girl’s gentle steps, until he reached the woman’s back. The other party I didn’t feel any abnormality either.

“Xiaobai, hurry up!” The woman stretched her waist, and her tone was rather lazy. She put her hands on the edge of the wooden tub on both sides, revealing her smooth and round shoulders, and motioned for the supposed maid to help her massage it.

‘This is what you asked for yourself, so you can’t blame me. Let’s start the show!’ Song Qingshu stretched out his trembling hands and put them on the girl’s shoulder, only to feel a suppleness that was beyond description.

After a long time, the girl snorted in comfort, “Xiaobai, your technique has improved quite a lot.” After speaking, she slightly tilted her head backwards to take a look.

At the moment, Song Qingshu was immersed in feeling the elasticity of the woman’s skin. He didn’t expect that she would suddenly look up. It was already too late to dodge. As their eyes met, the two exclaimed in unison, “Why are you here!”

A woman’s instinct made her react faster, as she raised her wrist and shot it directly towards Song Qingshu’s eyes. This made Song Qingshu come back to his senses. He let go of the girl’s shoulders, and lightly flicked away her fingers with his elbow joints.

The woman felt that her entire arm went numb, and she had already lost at first the exchange. That made her even more anxious. She got up, lifted her leg and kicked at the opponent’s neck, but Song Qingshu directly grabbed her ankle. When she tried to break free, it was as if she was stuck in concrete and she couldn’t even move an inch.

“I say Miss Ren, we haven’t seen each other for quite a while. Aren’t you feeling embarrassed to give me such a big gift as soon as we met?” Song Qingshu’s eyes wandered wantonly all over her elegant figure. It turned out that this woman was not the saintess of the Ming Cult, but the saintess of the Sun Moon Holy Cult— Ren Yingying.

Ren Yingying was taking a bath just now. So at this moment, she didn’t even have a strand on her body. Her hands and feet were also restrained by the other party, which caused her to be at a loss.

“Miss Ren, I am curious, why aren’t you screaming?” Song Qingshu also felt very strange as he feasted with his eyes.

Hearing this, Ren Yingying’s pretty face immediately flushed red, but she couldn’t express her pain. Now her Brother Chong was also staying on the Black Wood Cliff. If she screamed, she would alert her lover and the subordinates of the Sun Moon Holy Cult. That would cause them to anxiously rush over to this place. If they were to come here and see them in such an embarrassing posture, then even if her Brother Chong didn’t mind, she would have no face to live.

“It almost seems like fate. I didn’t manage to successfully take off your clothes in the last battle, but today you took the initiative to take off your clothes to show me. You’re quite generous!” Song Qingshu saw her nose slightly twitch and her long curled eyelashes tremble in panic. Her face was delicate, and as the surrounding candle-light reflected on her face, it made her even more charming. Song Qingshu gave into his impulse and couldn’t help but lean in and kiss her flawless face.

“Shameless!” Ren Yingying breathed rapidly, her chest heaving violently with anger, and Song Qingshu was stunned again.

Just as he was about to continue teasing her a bit more, Song Qingshu’s expression suddenly changed, and he suddenly turned his head to look outside.

At that moment, an old voice came from outside the door, “Yingying, Father has a few words to tell you.”

Song Qingshu looked back at her, afraid that she would call for help, but Ren Yingying took a deep breath and calmly replied, “This daughter is taking a bath, so I’m afraid it’s not convenient for me to see Father.”

“My good daughter has grown up!” Ren Woxing’s gratified laughter came from outside the door, “Father doesn’t want to embarrass you, but you also know the situation in Heimuya now. It would be inappropriate to be heard by someone with a different heart. If Father remembers correctly, there are several screens in the house. Father will just come in and talk to you through the screens, what do you think?”

‘What kind of father are you!  Why are you so insistent on coming in when your daughter is taking a bath?” Song Qingshu cursed in his heart. 

“Okay, Father, please wait a moment.” Hearing Ren Yingying’s reply, Song Qingshu’s expression changed. He bent his elbows, and immediately locked her neck.

“I won’t let other people see how we are now.” Ren Yingying quickly whispered, feeling short of breath.

“Then why are you still letting your father in?” There were reasons why his reaction was so severe. Firstly, he didn’t want to scare the snakes, and secondly, it wouldn’t have been a problem if it was before, but now he was a little afraid of Ren Woxing’s Cosmic Absorbing Power. So Song Qingshu didn’t want to confront Ren Woxing head-on, but he still slightly relaxed his hand a little.

“You have to hide.” Ren Yingying bit her lip, not showing the expression on her face.

“There’s nothing here, everything is in plain sight, where can I hide?” Song Qingshu looked around. Although there was a large screen blocking it from the living room, the screen was quite transparent. No matter where he hid, the shadow would be projected on the screen.

Ren Yingying’s eyes turned, and she looked at the water in the tub, her ears burned red in shame. Song Qingshu was taken aback for a moment, ‘Is this okay?’

“Is Yingying alright? Can Father come in?” Ren Woxing was feeling a little anxious waiting outside the door. He didn’t know how many spies from the Ming Cult there were in Heimuya, so he deliberately looked for his daughter when she was taking a bath. He wanted to talk when their vigilance was weak. But if he stayed outside the door for too long and was seen by Ming Cult spies, it would arouse suspicion.

Hearing the sound of Ren Woxing pushing the door, Ren Yingying anxiously said, “Hurry up and come in.” Her thoughts were simple, it would be unfortunate to be seen by Song Qingshu, but if her father came in and saw this… she couldn’t help but shudder at the thought.

Song Qingshu no longer hesitated. He picked up Ren Yingying and jumped directly into the water, “What’s that sound?” As soon as Ren Wexing entered the door, he heard the sound of a heavy object entering the water, and he couldn’t help asking suspiciously.

“It’s nothing, Father!” Ren Yingying’s voice had a little panic mixed in.

Now, Ren Woxing became even more suspicious. Worried that the people in the Ming Cult were holding his precious daughter hostage, he anxiously asked, “Yingying, are you alright? I feel that something is wrong with you.”

“I’m fine.” Lying in the tub, Song Qingshu was looking at her with a smile, so Ren Yingying’s voice was naturally a little panicked.

“It’s not very peaceful on the Black Wood Cliff these days. Maybe there will be some youngsters who will take the opportunity to cause trouble. Father will take a look at you just in case to feel relieved.” Ren Woxing was already very suspicious, and when he entered the room, he had this feeling that something was definitely wrong, so he began to walk towards the screen step by step.

Ren Yingying turned pale in shock, and she hurriedly waved to Song Qingshu to dive into the water.

‘Underwater?’ Song Qingshu pointed to the surface of the water with his finger, his expression turning very strange, and he cursed in his heart, ‘Miss, don’t you realize that you are naked now?’

Hearing Ren Woxing’s footsteps coming closer, Song Qingshu had no time to think about other things. He took a deep breath, and sank his entire body in the water.

“Father, why did you just come in like this?” Ren Yingying clasped her shoulders with her arms, only exposing her head above the water. Her face was flushed red as she angrily looked at Ren Woxing who had suddenly walked in.

Ren Woxing glanced around with his sharp eyes, and didn’t see any suspicious signs, so he hurriedly backed out, “Father was just worrying too much. I thought you were being held hostage by someone.”

‘Father, you guessed it right.’ Ren Yingying felt a bit of bitterness in her heart, but she said, “Father has been worrying too much recently.” 

After speaking, she poked Song Qingshu on the opposite side with her toes, signaling him to come up. Even after poking a few times, the other party still didn’t come out of the water, and it seemed that he had no intention of coming out at all!

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