Chapter 197: Beauty reappears

Seeing that her previous reason didn’t work at all, Ren Yingying had to resort to the last resort, and gently said, “Father, it is said that a married daughter is splashed water. If I were to marry Zhang Wuji I will become his, and I will definitely do my best to make him prosper. As I will be busy thinking about my husband, how can I help you, father?”

Ren Woxing really didn’t think of this matter, and became shocked and angry, “Yingying you…”

‘Really clever!’ Song Qingshu thought with admiration. Of course, now he couldn’t speak, so he could only use his fingers to stroke Ren Yingying’s feet to express his appreciation.

Ren Yingying did her best to hide her shame and continued, “If Father forces me to marry Zhang Wuji, this daughter will hold grudges and will definitely not help you.”

Ren Woxing laughed in anger, “You are actually going against your father because of an useless alcoholic. It really makes me angry!”

Ren Yingying remained silent, but her eyes were full of determination.

Seeing the two father and daughter fall into silence, Song Qingshu felt bored and had no choice but to focus on the small and exquisite jade-like feet in his hands. As he admired these toes that were round and full, Song Qingshu could only sigh in his heart, ‘She is really a delicate woman. These legs are enough for me to play all night long.’

“Ahh!” Ren Yingying suddenly noticed that something warm and moist touched the skin of her leg, she was startled and let out a low cry.

“Linghu Chong, you stinky brat, get out here!” Ren Woxing had always been suspicious. Although he had looked around and didn’t find anything suspicious the first time, he quickly thought of the large bathtub after he sat down and calmed his mind. However, as his daughter was in it, it wasn’t convenient for him to investigate. Instead, he had placed all his attention on the bathtub.

Ren Yingying’s previous actions made Ren Wuxing even more suspicious. This time, with Ren Yingying’s startled cry, he finally sensed another person’s heartbeat. He inferred that his daughter couldn’t see through Linghu Chong’s means and had already given herself to him. Considering that the two weren’t even married yet, it was too vulgar and shameless for Linghu Chong to have run into Yingying’s bathtub! In addition to that, he hadn’t even fully agreed to Linghu Chong’s marriage with Yingying yet. 

Song Qingshu in the water only felt a huge suction force coming towards him. He knew that it was probably Ren Woxing’s Cosmic Absorbing Power, yet he didn’t resist, and let Ren Wuxing pull him over. When they were about three feet apart, Song Qingshu sprayed all the water in his mouth onto the opponent’s face, and caught him off guard.

Currently, it was quite hard for Song Qingshu to take advantage of Ren Woxing’s carelessness and restrain him. He was about to use all his strength and take his opponent’s life, when an urgent cry suddenly came to his ear, “Don’t!” 

Looking back, he saw Ren Yingying’s eyes looking at him full of pleading and Song Qingshu immediately woke up, ‘Killing Ren Wuxing now will only make Zhang Wuji and Dongfang Muxue have all the benefit, and it won’t benefit me at all…’

While Song Qingshu was pondering, Ren Woxing finally reacted. When he clearly saw the person in front of him, he became both shocked and angry, “It’s actually you!”

“What if it’s me?” Song Qingshu still aimed his finger on his weak point, ready to attack at any time.

“You jumped off a cliff of ten thousand feet that day, but you didn’t die…” Ren Woxing said with a bewildered look on his face, “Looking at you standing here alive and well, Dongfang Bubai must not be dead?”

“Guess?” Song Qingshu shrugged.

“What exactly did you do to my daughter?” Ren Woxing snorted and angrily said.

“I think the situation is quite clear, I don’t need to say more.” Song Qingshu deliberately stimulated him.

“Yingying, I didn’t expect you to have an affair with him, what about Linghu Chong?” Ren Wuxing’s tone was both full of regret and sadness.

“Father, don’t listen to his nonsense. He suddenly broke in just now, and this daughter was just taken advantage of by him… I didn’t do… anything.” Ren Yingying had already taken the opportunity to wrap up herself in her clothes. She felt both embarrassed and angry as she stared at Song Qingshu.

Now that it was an established fact that his daughter was taken advantage of by the other party, Ren Woxing slowly calmed down. After the battle of Chengde Hall, he found out the identity of Song Qingshu. Naturally, he knew that Song Qingshu had defeated his opponent with a single sword strike at the battle of Jade Emperor Peak, and his internal energy was immense. 

Ren Woxing was quite familiar with the martial arts realm of the two people defeated by Song Qingshu. Although their martial arts were not as good as his, they were not much inferior to him. If Song Qingshu could easily beat them both, along with his exchange with Zhang Wuji on Heimuya, it was quite easy to deduce that Song Qingshu’s martial arts realm was probably only slightly weaker than Dongfang Bubai and Zhang Wuji.

Ren Wexing responded very quickly, and immediately said, “Young Hero Song is so young, yet he is so accomplished in martial arts! This old man truly admires you. Now that you and Yingying…” Ren Wexing paused, “Now that it’s about my daughter’s reputation, you should take responsibility, right? As long as you are willing to join my Cult, this old man is willing to betroth Yingying to you.”

“This daughter doesn’t need him to take responsibility!” Ren Yingying exclaimed.

“Master Ren, are you trying to recruit me?” Song Qingshu looked at him with a playful smile on his face, “Didn’t you know that I and Dongfang Bubai are on the same side?”

“This old man understands a truth. There are no eternal enemies in the world. I can give you what Dongfang Bubai has offered to give you, and I can also give you what Dongfang Bubai can’t give you.” After speaking, Ren Woxing looked at Ren Yingying and then glanced at him.

Song Qingshu also turned back, and looked at Ren Yingying. Although her hair and her clothes were disheveled, she still looked brilliant. At the moment, she had her head lowered; she was tightly clutching the hem of her clothes with both hands, trying to cover her bare legs. Her cheeks were flushed, and she looked extremely weak and timid. There was a slight frown on her face, as if she was deeply worried about something in her heart.

“I thank you for your generous offer, but the relationship between me and Dongfang… is quite complicated, so I have to say no…” Before he could even finish speaking, he felt a strange suction coming from his fingers, and his internal energy rushed out into Ren Woxing’s body!

Song Qingshu was shocked, and he quickly used his internal energy to break away, his expression became extremely ugly, “Cosmic Absorbing Power!”

It turned out that Ren Woxing was deliberately talking about other things just now, which lowered Song Qingshu’s vigilance, and he took the opportunity to use the Cosmic Absorbing Power to act against him.

“Since you are ignorant of your situation, and you’ve seen Yingying’s body, then you have to die.” Ren Woxing used his True Qi to launch an attack! There was a faint sound of whistling wind, as he rushed towards Song Qingshu and their palms clashed.

At the moment, Song Qingshu’s breath was quite chaotic. Knowing that he was not Ren Woxing’s opponent, he made a decisive decision! He directly broke through the window, and escaped. 

Ren Wuxing was furious and chased after him like a shadow.

Although Song Qingshu’s movement technique was better than Ren Woxing, he wasn’t as familiar with the topography of Heimuya as his opponent, so he couldn’t throw Ren Woxing off that easily. As he turned around and passed a house, Song Qingshu knew that he couldn’t continue like this for long. So, he ran down, pushed open the door and jumped in. Before he could even see the situation in the house, a sword with a cold light was placed on his neck. Song Qingshu could only sigh in his heart, ‘Why am I so unlucky today?’

“Is that you!?” 

Just as Song Qingshu was thinking about how to get out, a soft and pleasant voice suddenly came to his ear, he looked behind in amazement, and saw a pair of sharp and bright eyes in front of him. Song Qingshu was also stunned: “Is that you?”

The beautiful woman in front of him was the fairy maiden he had met in Jinling City on a moonlit night—- Princess Changping, Ajiu. (G: Historically, her name is Zhu Meichuo.)

“People from the Sun Moon Holy Cult are chasing you?” Hearing the voices coming from not far away, Ajiu glanced at Song Qingshu.

“Yeah.” Song Qingshu nodded.

“Come with me.” Ajiu sheathed her long sword, grabbed his wrist, and walked to the screen beside them.

“The Cult Master of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, Ren Woxing, has seen Her Excellency the Saintess. Tonight there is an assassin on the Black Wood Cliff. I wonder if the Saintess is all right?” Ren Woxing’s voice was heard from outside the house.

“Her Excellency the Saintess?” Song Qingshu glanced at Ajiu in surprise, and saw that her profile was extraordinarily elegant, as if it was drawn with a single stroke, without any flaws.

“He actually came in person…” Ajiu frowned, knowing that the other party was not so easy to get rid of, she changed her mind and dragged Song Qingshu directly to the bed. Noticing that he was looking at her suspiciously, Ajiu said in a low voice, “Hide under the covers!”

Song Qingshu was also a person with a sharp mind. Hearing her say this, he immediately reacted and took action.

Seeing that Song Qingshu was done hiding on the bed, Ajiu also followed him into the bed. She only showed her head, and spoke toward the door, “Thank you, Cult Master Ren, for your concern. I’m all right, and I didn’t notice anything unusual.”

“However, some people saw the assassin fleeing to this vicinity, so I was concerned that Her Excellency the Saintess would be harassed. This Ren must conduct a search for me to feel at ease.”

After speaking, without even waiting for Ajiu to answer, he pushed the door and entered, signaling his subordinates to start searching around, and his eyes swept across the room.

“Bold!” Ajiu’s expression turned cold. She looked at Ren Woxing and said, “I have already prepared for bed, yet Cult Master Ren is leading your people to directly break in. What is your intention?”

The guards of the Sun Moon Holy Cult always knew that the saintess’s status was noble and were subconsciously intimidated by her momentum. They all stopped and looked at Ren Wuxing with questioning eyes.

Ren Woxing laughed, “I hope that the Saintess will forgive me. This Ren was just worried that if something happened to the Saintess in Heimuya it would definitely affect the relationship between the Ming Cult and the Sun Moon Holy Cult. Her Excellency the Saintess knows mercy, I think you should be able to understand the difficulties of this old man.”

Seeing that he was using Ming Cult to suppress her, Ajiu coldly snorted, “You have done your work. If you don’t see any trace of the assassin, you can go out.”

Song Qingshu in the quilt smelled a sweet fragrance, and it penetrated into his nose. At the moment. Ajiu was sleeping beside him, with her clothes against his clothes and her body against his body. As he felt her soft and tender touch, Song Qingshu secretly sighed in his heart, ‘Is this really happening? Could it be that what Sunflower Ancestor said is really true? Am I really surrounded by flowery aura? But for a man, this doesn’t seem to be a bad thing…’

Seeing his subordinate slightly shaking his head, Ren Woxing frowned and reluctantly looked up at the roof. It didn’t look like someone was hiding there. He was about to leave when his eyes suddenly froze, and he noticed the faint water stains on the ground, leading all the way to the saintess’s bed. Looking at the slightly raised embroidered quilt on the bed, he suddenly thought of something.

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