Chapter 198: Confession

“Your Excellency, although other places have been searched, there is still one place that has not been investigated.” After Ren Woxing finished speaking, his eyes fixed on the bed.

Noticing his gaze, Ajiu became furious, “I have undressed before going to bed, and there is not a strand on my body under the quilt. Could it be that the Cult Master wants to lift it up and search?”

As soon as these words came out, the sound of swallowing saliva was heard one after another. Looking at the expectant eyes of every one of his subordinates, Ren Woxing also felt a little embarrassed, and quickly said, “In that case, this Ren will not disturb Her Excellency the Saintess.”

He was actually worried that the saintess was being held hostage by Song Qingshu like Ren Yingying, and he had to deal with him, but after listening to her voice, it was clear that she was intentionally covering it up, so how could it be that she was being held hostage? 

Although he knew that Song Qingshu was hidden in the quilt, he did not dare to lift the quilt of the saintess. He also knew of the rules a saintsess of the Ming Cult had to follow. Since the saintess was safe, he didn’t have to do anything more. After all, it would take a long time to capture Song Qingshu, and he still had a desire to recruit the guy.

After all his subordinates had left, Ren Woxing stood at the door, and looked back with a tone of admiration and envy, ‘So many women are protecting you regardless of their reputation, your luck is really good, hahaha!’

“He’s gone, come out.” Ajiu lifted the quilt and jumped out of bed.

Although Song Qingshu was enamored with the fragrance in the quilt, he was not so thick-skinned to continue staying in it, and he also jumped down, “Thank you for saving me. But it’s a pity that I ruined your embroidered quilt…and clothes, I’m very sorry.” Looking back at the wet quilt, Song Qingshu showed a hint of regret.

The dress on Ajiu’s body was wet because she was sticking so close to him just now, and her skin was vaguely visible. When she noticed that, her face turned slightly red, and she picked up a coat from the side and put it on her body, covering that beautiful scenery. Then she spoke with an unnatural tone, “I’m just returning the favor for helping me in the Jinling City last time, so the Young Master does not need to mind.”

“How can that be compared? If it wasn’t for me that day, Miss would have succeeded.” Song Qingshu said while feeling embarrassed.

“There is a certain power in the dark, which can only prove that the Tartars are not weak.” Ajiu let out a slight sigh, and her voice was full of helplessness and melancholy.

“By the way, how did the Miss become a saintess of the Ming Cult?” Song Qingshu asked after being silent for a moment.

“What on earth did you do to get so soaked? Change your clothes first, your whole body is wet, it’s not good for your health.” Ajiu glanced at his clothes and gently said.

Song Qingshu laughed dryly. He felt quite embarrassed to say that he took a dive into Ren Yingying’s bathtub, but luckily the other party didn’t really want to know the answer, “I didn’t bring a change of clothes, I’ll just go down the mountain and dry it on the fire later. “

Ajiu frowned and slightly shook her head, “I still have something to ask you… Well, I’ll find a set of clothes for you to change.” After speaking, she walked to the closet and started sifting through her clothes.

Song Qingshu’s expression became a little strange, and he quickly waved his hand, “Thank you for your kindness, Miss! I’m a grown man, I’m afraid it’s not convenient for me to wear your clothes.” Thinking of how he would look in women’s clothes, he shuddered.

Ajiu pursed her lips and smiled, “I usually have to wear men’s clothes when I walk around the wulin. So, Young Master is overthinking it.” After a while, she brought out a set of blue men’s clothes and handed it to Song Qingshu, then said, “Young Master, try to see if you can wear it. Hurry up, I’m worried it might be a little tight.”

“Thank you!” Song Qingshu took it. Smelling a sweet fragrance on the tip of his nose, he felt stunned, “Why is it so  fragrant?”

Ajiu’s face flushed, she turned around and said, “I don’t have any new clothes here. I’ve worn this one before. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind! Of course I don’t mind.” Song Qingshu said happily. What a joke! Any man who wanted to choose new clothes in this situation was really not a man.

“You can go behind the screen and change it first. I’ll stand guard by the window to see if there is anyone out there.” After Ajiu finished speaking, she went to the window, slightly pushed the window open, and looked out.

Song Qingshu quickly changed his clothes. He felt the warm softness of the clothes on his whole body, and smelled the slight fragrance coming from his clothes. He immediately felt refreshed. ‘In the future, I have to find an opportunity to return this set of clothes to her. If I return it, it won’t be difficult to borrow it again. The people in my previous world always used to say that borrowing books can mark the beginning of love.”

“Heh, it’s really puzzling that Ren Woxing didn’t send anyone to monitor this place.” Ajiu stood with her hands behind her back, lowered her head and a thoughtful look flashed across her face.

“Maybe he is concerned about your status as a saintess and is worried about offending you?” Song Qingshu walked out while tying his belt.

“Sure enough, it’s a bit tight…” Ajiu stared at him, looked up and down, and a smile appeared on her lips, “You look a bit more handsome than when I wear men’s clothes.”

“The Miss is beautiful and refined. You will definitely surpass Luo Cheng, frighten Pan An, and shame Song Yu if you wear this dress. How dare I compare with you.” Song Qingshu praised. (G: names of famous pretty boys in history.)

“Is that how you usually deceive the young girl?” Ajiu sat down and calmly looked at him.

“You’ve wronged me. The young girls now-a-days are all as cunning as foxes, each one is more clever than the other, so how can I deceive them with just a few words.” Song Qingshu also sat down and smiled.

‘It would be great if he could also sweet-talk girls like you back in the day.’ Ajiu let out a small sigh, Yuan Chengzhi was calm and indifferent, he was indeed not as frivolous as Song Qingshu.

“As a saintess sent by the Ming Cult, I am naturally against Ren Woxing’s interests, so he has always regarded me as a thorn in his side, but unfortunately he has not fully digested the strength of the Sun Moon Holy Cult yet, so he has to maintain a superficial relationship with me. It’s rare to get such a good chance as today, but he didn’t take the opportunity to attack, it’s really not like his style.” Thinking of the question just now, Ajiu replied.

‘Could it be that he hasn’t given up yet and plans to win me over?’ Song Qingshu suppressed the doubts in his heart and asked again, “By the way, how did the Miss become the saintess of the Ming Cult?”

Ajiu’s lips slightly parted, and she spoke slowly and calmly, as she made the whole thing clear, “Before my last visit to Jinling, I was invited by Master Zhang to be the saintess of the Ming Cult. You also know my identity. I am just a princess of a fallen dynasty, but I am not willing to live in seclusion for the rest of my life. My greatest hope has always been to drive away the invaders and restore the Ming Dynasty, so as to comfort the spirit of my Father Emperor in heaven. I have always observed things from the sidelines. Unfortunately, in recent years, the momentum is on the side of the Qing Dynasty. Although the Heaven and Earth Society, the Red Flower Society, the Prince Mu’s Mansion, and the Zheng family in the east—- are all fighting under the banner of anti-Qing and restoring the Ming Dynasty, they are not people who can actually achieve great things. Instead, it has to be someone like the leader of the Ming Cult, Zhang, who is unparalleled in martial arts and has great talents. I think that in the future, the person who can overthrow the Qing Dynasty would be none other than him.”

Song Qingshu noticed that although she revealed a rough character, but there was a hint of grace and elegance in her gestures, which made him admire her even more. Watching the picturesque woman in front of him constantly boasting about Zhang Wuji, he felt a surge of jealousy in his heart, “Miss, even if Zhang Wuji overthrew the Qing Dynasty, it’s more likely that he will be the Emperor himself. How can he restore the Ming Dynasty?”

Ajiu seemed to have thought about this question beforehand, and quickly replied, “This is why I predict that the forces such as the Heaven and Earth Society, and the Prince Mu’s Mansion will eventually fail. They are too obsessed with orthodoxy. If they don’t get along, they will eventually kill each other. They haven’t even managed to destroy the Qing Dynasty, yet they are already fighting over the question of who will be the Emperor in the future. They are really a group of…” Ajiu quickly stopped talking, but her meaning was obvious.

“Yes, the Han people just have too many smart people. They have ninety-nine brothers, but only one enemy. So, they always think of eradicating their own people first, become the boss themselves, and then clean up the enemy, but no one ever thinks about working together. They never think if they even have the ability to deal with that terrifying enemy alone.” Song Qingshu sighed.

“Young master really has a lot of insight.” Ajiu’s beautiful eyes flashed with brilliance. As the last remaining princess of the Ming Dynasty, she had naturally seen many top figures in the world. After so many years of wandering around the world, those so-called heroes, even those like Chen Jinnan and the others were not really worth getting noticed by her. There was only Zhang Wuji, who often hit the nail on the head when talking about the general trend of the world, which made her feel admiration from the bottom of her heart. But she didn’t expect that she would feel the same for Song Qingshu now.

“I think he’s different from them. My first pursuit is to overthrow the Qing Dynasty. As for who will be the Emperor, we can talk about that later. Moreover, the Ming Cult has an inseparable relationship with my Ming Dynasty. Master Zhang also promised that one day, when he unites the world, he will name the country as ‘Ming’.” Ajiu said with flushed cheeks and there was another thing she didn’t say out loud. Zhang Wuji also offered that he would make her the Empress in the future and choose the children between them to inherit the throne. That would let the blood of the imperial family continue to flow, but she was very concerned about Yuan Chengzhi at that time, and did not agree.

‘It’s not quite right…in fact, it’s very wrong! This Zhang Wuji is acting too different from the original. I had always thought he had been acting a bit out of character after the Lion-slaying Assembly, and now that I look back at his various actions, his every move is far-reaching, hitting everything to the point. He seems more ambitious, as if he has the heart to rule the world, which is really different from that indecisive man in the original book, who was indifferent to fame and fortune.” Song Qingshu had doubts in his heart, but after thinking about it a bit more, he took it as a butterfly effect due to his existence.

“Looking at the Young Master’s manner of speaking, you are really not someone small minded, then why did you decide to be the official of the Tartars, and willing to work for Kangxi?” Ajiu tilted her head and asked while staring at Song Qingshu.

“If I say that our goals are the same, but the methods we choose are different, would you believe it?” Song Qingshu said with a wry smile.

“Naturally, I wouldn’t believe it before, but after talking with the Young Master today, I believe it. With your character, I know that you are definitely not willing to be under someone else… like a dog.” Ajiu looked at him and felt that even though the past was gloomy, the future seemed bright.

Song Qingshu immediately sighed with emotion, “I used to struggle with my thoughts, and even some of my closest ones didn’t understand me. I didn’t expect that you would believe me with only a few words. It’s really…”

“It’s maybe because we are like minded?” Zhu Yuyu’s voice was clear and tender, “By the way, why did you come to Heimuya this time?”

“Oh, it was to ruin the chastity of the saintess of the Ming Cult.” Song Qingshu subconsciously replied.

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