Chapter 208: A pleasant dream

Song Qingshu had just run a few steps, but he tripped on his feet, and almost fell on the ground. Fortunately, the guards around him were quick-witted and fast-handed, so they held him up, so that his face would not come into contact with the earth. It was just this tossing and drinking that made Song Qingshu fall into a deep sleep.

“What should we do?” Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian were at a loss for a moment.

“It would be  better to help the Lord to rest on the bed first, and then help him clean up.” Finally, the two reached an agreement and quickly helped him to the bedroom.

After finally putting Song Qingshu on the bed, Zhang Kangnian suddenly turned his head and shouted, “Who is it?” Zhao Qixian was also startled, and he quickly drew his sword and vigilantly looked at the shadow in the corner.

“What’s wrong with Young Master Song?” At that moment, a meek female voice rang out from the corner.

Hearing the voice, Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian unconsciously relaxed. A woman with such a gentle voice would not be an assassin even if she wasn’t a weak woman.

With the help of the candle light, they saw a gentle and graceful young woman standing beside the chair, wrapped in a snow-white cloak. Although her face looked a bit tired, it couldn’t hide her delicate and charming facial features.

Zhang Kangnian was taken aback: “Madame, who are you?”

Nan Lan pondered in her heart, ‘If I say that I just wanted to meet Song Qingshu for something, they would look down on me and might drive me away, so I might as well bluff them.’ 

During this period, Nan Lan was accustomed to seeing the ugly faces of the officials, so she was naturally a bit defensive.

“I’m Qingshu’s good friend, is he… drunk?” Nan Lan couldn’t help frowning when she smelled the alcohol in the room.

“His good friend?” Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian looked at each other strangely, and suddenly put on a flattering smile, “We understand.” 

They thought about it in their hearts, ‘A woman stayed alone in Lord Song’s bedroom in the middle of the night, doesn’t that mean that the relationship between the two of them is very close? From the woman’s hair bun, she seems to be a married woman. I didn’t expect Lord Song to be so good at such things! She’s such a beautiful woman, even if she’s married, few men could stay unmoved. Lord Song is really lucky, but I don’t know which man is going to wear the green hat tonight.’

“Go get some warm water and towels, leave the things here to me.” Nan Lan took off her cloak and put it on the chair, and quickly walked over to the bed. Then she lifted her sleeves, and revealed two fair forearms, which caused the two guards to gulp.

“Yes… yes… yes!” Seeing that she was giving orders like a mistress, Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian not only didn’t find it wrong, but happily accepted it. They hurriedly retreated outside the house, and went to get the warm water.

“Old Zhang, did you see her skin just now? It seemed so tender that you could squeeze water from it.” After walking for some time, Zhao Qixian pushed Zhang Kangnian next to him with his shoulder.

“Shut up, do you want to die? That’s Lord Song’s woman… But, she is indeed a stunner with big breasts and a raised behind.” Zhang Kangnian winked, and the two men let out a knowing smirk.

After taking the hot water basin from the guards, Nan Lan slammed the door shut. When she noticed the wretched smiles in the eyes of the two of them, she understood that they had misunderstood her relationship with Song Qingshu. But, she had no choice but to come visit Song Qingshu so late at night.

During the day, she received a news that her husband had been tortured in a cruel and inhuman manner, and his life was hanging on a thread. She became anxious and rushed to the Rujia Inn in the west of the city, only to find out that Song Qingshu had left the place. Once she inquired, she found out that he had already moved into the Sifang Pavilion as an imperial envoy, and she had to hurry over here again.

Worrying about being recognized by her husband’s friends in official circles, Nan Lan deliberately wrapped herself in three layers with a cloak, turning the graceful young woman into a bloated peasant woman. But, who knew that the guards in the Sifang Pavilionis where Song Qingshu were staying were very clever people, and it was very hard to hide her gorgeous face and figure from them. They immediately saw through her disguise and when they heard that she was looking for Lord Song, they quickly led her inside.

However, there were too many people inside and outside of the Sifang Pavilion. So, just to be on the safe side, the guards took her to Song Qingshu’s bedroom and told her to wait for him to come back.

“Young Master Song?” Nan Lan gently shook Song Qingshu’s shoulder, but the other party didn’t respond except for a few mumbles.

“Hahh!” Nan Lan sighed faintly. She had to find a way to wake him up today, or she would have to wait until the next day, but who knows if her husband would even be alive by that  time.

After wringing out the towel, Nan Lan carefully wiped the dirt off the corner of Song Qingshu’s mouth, then changed the towel again, and kept wiping his forehead, neck and other places.

Noticing that Song Qingshu’s hot body had finally calmed down, Nan Lan stretched out her hand, gently pushed him, and called out, “Young Master…Young Master Song, wake up… I beg you, I really need your help. Originally, I wanted to go to Fukang’an, but I didn’t want to give up and wanted to come to you for help… How would I know that you’re…” Nan Lan’s shoulders shook and she began to sob.

Tears welled up in her eyes, and one drop fell on Song Qingshu’s face.

It’s unknown if it was just because he was drunk, Song Qingshu blinked several times, but he still couldn’t really see the appearance of the woman in front of him. He could only perceive that she was an extremely beautiful woman from her outline.

“Youyou, is that you?” A stream of vague memories came to his mind. Thinking of the warm and thoughtful wiping, and the sad sobbing beside the bed, Song Qingshu subconsciously regarded her as Xia Qingqing. Only she would wipe his body, and cry for him in this place.

“Young Master Song, are you awake?” Seeing him wake up in a dazed state, Nan Lan smiled happily while wiping away the tears in her eyes.

“Youyou, it seems that you still can’t leave me, and secretly came here to find me.” Song Qingshu subconsciously grabbed Nan Lan’s soft hands and said in a daze.

‘Youyou, is she Young Master Song’s lover?’ Nan Lan became stunned for a while, and hurriedly tried to withdraw her palm from his hand, then explained, “Young Master Song, you’ve mistaken me for the wrong person, I’m not Miss Youyou, I’m Madame Tian… Nan Lan.”

Feeling that the other party was trying to withdraw her hand, Song Qingshu held it even tighter, “Youyou, don’t leave me, this time I won’t let go no matter what you say…hehe, Youyou, your hand is so soft…”

The slight heat from a man’s palm made Nan Lan feel ashamed and angry, but Song Qingshu’s hand was like an iron clamp, and Nan Lan couldn’t move it even if she exerted all her strength.

“You don’t have to be a concubine of that old dog Hongli. He doesn’t have the ability to help you get revenge, you have to believe me, I will definitely help you avenge!” Song Qingshu’s next words made Nan Lan go stiff and she started shaking uncontrollably.

‘Concubine? Hongli? Could it be that Song Qingshu has an affair with the Prince’s concubine?’ 

Nan Lan suddenly fell into a deep fearful state from the fact that she suddenly knew such a big secret. She felt scared of the possibility that she would be either silenced by Song Qingshu or Prince Bao.

In his dazed state, Song Qingshu only felt the unique fragrance of the woman’s body coming to the tip of his nose, the soft hands in his palm were unusually smooth, and he felt as if he was touching a soft feather. He couldn’t help but press his lips towards the other party’s face, “Youyou, I used to be too kind to you, but you went and did something like this. So, I decided not to indulge you in the future.”

Nan Lan tried desperately to dodge, and when she heard his words, she felt both angry and amused, “You got the wrong person, I am not your Youyou!”

“How is that possible, apart from Youyou, which woman can be so fragrant and soft? In Yangzhou City that day, except for the last step, we had done everything that a husband and wife can do. Don’t be shy, today I want to make up for the regret of that day.” Song Qingshu arched his head into the lapel of her clothes, only to feel the scent of perfume, which made him even more intoxicated.

‘I heard another secret that shouldn’t be heard.’ Nan Lan sighed. Her face flushed red with shame, as she felt his actions and bit him in the face in anger.

“Ouch!” Song Qingshu exclaimed bitterly, “Youyou, why are you biting me?”

“I already said that I’m not your Youyou!” Nan Lan angrily shouted in his ear.

“Then who are you?” Song Qingshu became stunned after hearing this, he stopped moving, raised his head and carefully looked at the face of the woman in front of him.

“I’m Madame Tian.” Nan Lan was feeling extremely uncomfortable as she was pressed down by him. Feeling the heat exhaling from the tip of his nose, she quickly turned her head and turned her face to one side.

“Who is Madame Tian?” Song Qingshu’s eyes showed his doubts.

“I’m Tian Guinong’s wife—Nan Lan!” Nan Lan bit her lower lip, turned her head and glared at the man in front of her, she really didn’t know if he was really drunk or just acting.

“Nan Lan… oh I remember! It’s that plump young woman with fair skin and beautiful face, with a slender waist and long legs…eh, was I thinking about her that much, otherwise why would I have such a dream, it’s too strange.” Song Qingshu stared blankly at the woman under him, then smirked.

“You’re not dreaming!” Nan Lan was furious when she heard her own evaluation in his heart. She had thought that he was a decent gentleman, but she was obviously very wrong. After staring at him for a while, Nan Lan couldn’t resist his aggressive gaze, and turned her eyes elsewhere.

“I hope I can dream this kind of pleasant dream every day.” Song Qingshu lowered his head and kissed her cheek, feeling extra happy.

Surrounded by an intense masculine scent, Nan Lan felt a heat flow through her body. When the stubble on his lower jaw pricked her face, she even had an urge to let go of her body and mind and let herself be tormented by him for a moment. The shame she felt made her come back to her senses and she calmly said, “Song Qingshu, I know you are awake.”

“Oh, I was seen through!.” Song Qingshu’s dazed expression suddenly cleared, revealing two clear eyes.

“Then you should let me go.” Nan Lan felt that she was almost out of breath.

“I feel quite reluctant.” Song Qingshu shook his head.

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