Chapter 209: Agreement

“You!” Nan Lan glared at him.

“Let’s get down to business, although it was really unintentional this time, at the beginning I was always respectful towards you. Do you no longer trust me?” Song Qingshu asked in a deep voice.

“That’s natural. I thought you were a good person, but I didn’t expect you to be no different from other men. In the end, you all covet my body…” Nan Lan said with a hint of indifference in her tone. She felt that she had really experienced the evils of men these days. She truly saw the world, and experienced the filth of that world.

“Men conquer women with their abilities, and women can please men with their beauty. It’s only right and proper. What’s wrong with that?” Song Qingshu replied coldly, and then looked down at her again, “Are you going to find Fukang’an?”

“What else can I do?” Nan Lan held back the tears in her eyes.

“It’s all a deal, if you have to make it with someone, how about making it with me?” Song Qingshu let go of her hands and gently slid his fingers along her delicate eyebrows, but he thought bitterly in his heart, ‘If it was another place, it would be fine…but the man was imprisoned in the palace of the Prince, it was almost impossible to save him!’

Feeling the gentle touch on her face, Nan Lan retracted her palm and sighed softly, “Okay!”

“Don’t worry, I will help you rescue your husband.” Song Qingshu suddenly stopped to say, then continued to untie a few buttons on her dress.

Nan Lan didn’t evade this time, she carefully stared at his eyes, and subconsciously nodded, “I believe you.”

Song Qingshu smiled and stretched his hand inside to fondle one of the twin hills, which caused Nan Lan’s breathing to suddenly become rapid.

“Don’t mention tonight’s matter in front of Guinong in the future.” Nan Lan grabbed his wrist and stopped him from continuing to touch more, with her cheeks blushing red.

“I’m not a fool.” Song Qingshu sneered, grabbed her wrist and pressed it against the head of the bed. Nan Lan closed her eyes in resignation, her long eyelashes trembled slightly, showing that her heart was not as calm as her outward expression.

“Do women of your age like to close their eyes when they do this kind of thing? Open them and look at me!” Song Qingshu said arrogantly.

“I can’t!” Nan Lan’s voice trembled, but she showed a hint of determination.

“If you insist on acting like this, then I will use some humiliating methods on you later.” Song Qingshu whispered a few words in her ear, and Nan Lan immediately opened her eyes.

“That’s good.” Song Qingshu smiled contentedly. He reached out and probed down, grabbed the bow on the ribbon around her waist, pulled it lightly, untied the ribbon, and threw it to the ground without hesitation. 

He tucked his arms below her legs, lifted them up and pressed her down with his whole body.


It was unknown how much time had passed, Nan Lan bit her lips, endured the humiliating feeling, and finally begged, “Can you be a bit gentle, I’m a little…” Before finishing her words, she turned her face away, unable to speak more.

“It’s not my wife anyway, so it doesn’t hurt to be a bit rough.”

“You basta*d!”


The next day, when Nan Lan tiptoed back to Tian Mansion, she found Tian Qingwen sitting in the lobby and looking at her with a faux-smile.

“You left yesterday with a face full of sadness, but today, your small face is charming, lustrous, and radiant. My dear stepmother, how well were you nourished by the Heir last night?”

Nan Lan blushed and snorted coldly, “Don’t worry about it, your father will be fine.” 

After speaking, she walked towards her bedroom. Now she just wanted to sleep well and forget all her worries. Well, the reason she was so tired was that the man had tossed her for the whole night yesterday, and she couldn’t get a wink of sleep…


At this moment, in a secret base of the Red Flower Society in Shengjing City, Chen Jialuo looked at the old man in front of him with an anxious expression, “Foster father, Song Qingshu saved the lives of the fourth brother and the others that day.”

“Yes, Old Chief, although Song Qingshu hindered our actions that day, in the end he saved the lives of a few of us.” Zhao Banshan also had no ill feelings towards Song Qingshu.

“You are all confused! This Old Man managed to use our connection with the Southern Shaolin to lead away that terrifying Old Monster in the Forbidden City, so that you all could kill Kangxi. If he hadn’t intervened, how would Zhang Tuozi die? Would the Black and White Impermanence dare to betray us? Would you all be captured? Whether he harmed you or saved you is still unclear.” This old man was Yu Wanting, the former chief of the Red Flower Society.

After entrusting the organization to his successor and adopted son, Chen Jialuo, he had gradually disappeared behind the scenes, “By the way, have the two traitors Black and White Impermanence been found?” Yu Wanting turned to look at the twelve leaders and asked Shi Shuangying, the Twelfth Leader of the Red Flower Society, who was also a disciple of Wuji Sect.

“Reporting to the Old Chief, not long ago, a disciple found out that the Black and White Impermanence Brothers seem to be hiding in the Qingcheng Sect.” Shi Shuangying replied respectfully.

“Qingcheng Sect?” Yu Wanting frowned, “That’s their root, so it’s not surprising for them to hide there. We’ll let them keep their wretched life for the time being, and settle the account later.”

“Yes!” Everyone in the scene sighed.

“Where was I talking about before? Oh, how can we deal with Song Qingshu…” Yu Wanting sat down in the seat of the chief and said earnestly, “Even if he didn’t have a personal grievance with the Red Flower Society, from the perspective of the great cause, we must get rid of Song Qingshu. He is now the number one favorite official of Kangxi. Unlike Wei Xiaobao before him, who was inexperienced, he is a top expert, and you must have experienced his prowess in the palace last time.”

The expression of the leaders who had participated in the assassination on the night of the full moon changed one after another. Song Qingshu’s martial arts on that day did indeed leave them with lasting dread in their hearts.

“Chief, Third Brother Zhao, don’t be fooled by Song Qingshu’s little kindness and grace!” Wen Tailai stood up, “Do you know why that little thief Song Qingshu was willing to save us?”

Zhao Banshan was stunned, and thought, ‘Wasn’t it because I was acquainted with his old friend?’

Yu Yutong’s expression also changed. That day, Song Qingshu attempted to lead him astray by tempting him using his fourth sister-in-law, and he almost agreed! So he looked at Wen Tailai with a guilty conscience.

Wen Tailai said angrily, “That little thief Song Qingshu was just coveting my family’s Luo Bing. In order to get her, he threatened me with the lives of the third brother Zhao and the fourteenth brother, and asked me to choose between brotherhood and my wife. In desperation, I had to transfer my wife to him in exchange for the lives of my third and fourteenth brothers.”

“What?” As soon as these words came out, everyone in the room slapped the table and exploded in anger.


“Extremely filthy!” 

“Human face and beast heart!”

Luo Bing didn’t react, and looked on with a complicated expression. She already knew about this fact while she was in the palace. When Song Qingshu took the letter written by her husband and put it in front of her, it created a lasting estrangement between the always loving couple. 

What’s more, on that day, Song Qingshu had completely entered her body. Luo Bing never dared to tell Wen Tailai about that incident. Later, when she saw her husband, she just lied to him by saying that she had fled to a private house outside the palace for recuperation. She didn’t mention the fact that she had been living in the palace, and sleeping on Song Qingshu’s bed.

“It’s just outrageous. I thought he was a young hero, but he went astray.” Zhao Banshan cursed angrily.

Yu Yutong’s complexion also changed greatly, thinking that fortunately he didn’t agree that day, otherwise he would have no face to walk around in the world if he confronted him in the future.

“Foster Father, this child was a fool. We all will heed the orders of the Foster Father regarding this matter. We must kill the thief Song Qingshu and avenge our brothers.” Chen Jialuo’s handsome face became flushed with anger.

“Alright, but there is a problem. Song Qingshu’s martial arts realm is just too high. It is said that he easily defeated Yu Zhenzi, the first master of Shengjing, in their fight yesterday. Hehe, many of you have seen Yu Zhenzi’s martial arts. How well do you think you would fare against him?” Yu Wanting glanced around with his eagle-like eyes.

The room fell into a dead silence, and after a long time, Taoist Wuchen said, “I fought against Yu Zhenzi a few years ago, and I lost after about 130 moves. Now, I might lose faster.”

“Daoist Wuchen is the number one swordsman in our organization, and he is not even Yu Zhenzi’s opponent. Against Song Qingshu, whose martial arts is far superior to Yu Zhenzi, I am afraid…” The ‘Martial Zhuge’, Xu Tianhong did not finish his words, but everyone in the scene understood what he meant.

“Tianhong, you are the brains of my Red Flower Society. In your opinion, what should we do?” Chen Jialuo asked.

“Since we can’t fight, you can only outsmart him.” Xu Tianhong gave a slight smile.

“How do we outsmart him?” Chen Jialuo was puzzled.

“I’m afraid the key lies with the Fourth Sister-in-law.” Xu Tianhong looked at Luo Bing awkwardly, and laughed.

“What?” Luo Bing was lost in her thoughts. Song Qingshu was a few years younger than her, yet his martial arts was making the whole Red Flower Society feel so helpless. Seeing the topic was suddenly brought up to her, she couldn’t help but be taken aback.

“Seventh Brother, what do you mean?” Wen Tailai’s voice couldn’t hide a hint of anger.

“This, this…” Xu Tianhong hesitated for a long time, but couldn’t say it in the end.

“Tailai, don’t embarrass Tianhong. This Old Man will say it for him. Since ancient times, gentlemen have been using their intelligence. Since we are no match for the enemy, we can only outsmart them. You also said earlier that the little thief is a greedy and lecherous person who is obsessed with flowers. Bing’er is beautiful, we can use that and make him meet his demise.” Yu Wanting coughed as he stood up and said.

“Old Chief, are you asking my wife to use honey trap on that evil thief Song Qingshu?”

Wen Tailai felt short of breath, and clenched his knuckles. He was obviously very angry.

“I know this makes you feel very humiliated.” Yu Wanting glanced at him, “But as long as we can restore the prosperity of our Han race, we should not be afraid to get our hands dirty. What does it matter if we sacrifice a mere beauty?”

“If the Old Chief wants this Wen’s head for the sake of the great cause, this Wen will not bat an eye and will offer it with both hands. But you are asking this Wen to sacrifice his wife, please forgive me for I can’t do it.” Wen Tailai said with a firm voice.

“Wen Tailai, are you really so blind that you can’t tell right or wrong? You should be clear about what is the bigger picture.” Yu Wanting expression became sullen.

“Naturally. This kind of thing didn’t happen to the Old Chief, so you can say it so easily.” Wen Tailai gave an instant reply, and his words seemed to show little respect for Yu Wanting.

“It didn’t happen to me?” Yu Wanting smiled sadly, “Have you ever thought about how Hongli was born in the line of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, and why he is a Han?”

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