Chapter 220: A mysterious gift

Su Quan didn’t want to reveal her activities either, and quickly said, “If you have something to talk about, find me at the Wanhao Inn in the east of the city.” After speaking, she led the members of the Mystic Dragon Cult away in a hurry.

Song Qingshu took Li Yuanzhi and hid in a nearby tree. Soon a few patrolling soldiers appeared at the place, and looked around.

“It could’ve been a ghost’s cry, this house has been abandoned for a long time. According to legend, a family of thirteen people were killed by bandits…” A soldier shrank his shoulders.

The commanding officer also felt a chill behind his back, and said, “That’s unfortunate, let’s go!” Then he retreated with his subordinates.

“That woman laughed so loudly that it attracted the soldiers.” As soon as Su Quan left, the aura of her charm disappeared, so Li Yuanzhi naturally sobered up and said with a pouting mouth.

“It’s the middle of the night, so it’s very quiet, and a woman’s voice is very high-pitched, so it naturally spreads far. Little lady, you are speaking ill of another woman behind her back, so be careful of having sores in your mouth.” Song Qingshu teased, and thought in his heart, ‘Although that Su Quan’s martial arts is not bad, but it’s not that much of a big deal. The key is where she learned that Enchanting Technique. If she hadn’t tried her best to influence my mind, she wouldn’t have heightened her voice and attracted the patrolling soldiers.’

“Brother Song, I think you must be fascinated by that woman, so you agreed to help her so quickly.” Li Yuanzhi’s voice was full of depression.

“Yes, we men tend to like that kind of mature and beautiful woman the most. If we don’t fall for women like them, do you think we’ll fall for immature young girls like you?” Song Qingshu asked in return, which caused Li Yuanzhi’s face to flush red.

“I am also very beautiful, okay?” On the way back to the Sifang Pavilion, Li Yuanzhi had a dark expression and sulked the whole time.

“Since you’re so beautiful, why are you taking the initiative? Why does Yu Yutong still prefer Luo Bing, who is the wife of another man, and doesn’t like you.” Song Qingshu deliberately teased her, intending to bring up her unrequited love.

Who knew that Li Yuanzhi would be saddened to the point that her eyes turned red! She sat down under a tree by the river, put her arms around her knees, and buried her head in it. Her shoulders constantly shook as she sobbed.

Song Qingshu didn’t expect that Li Yuanzhi, who has always been in high spirits, clever and bold, also had such a weak side, so he quickly comforted her, “Actually, young girls are also very attractive to men. They are slender and delicate, shy and innocent, and charming. They are completely different from those mature women. Not to mention, you are a beautiful girl, as long as he is a man, Yu Yutong would be considered blind if he doesn’t like you. Didn’t you see how much Zhang Zhaozhong likes you?”

“Don’t mention that disgusting perve*t.” Li Yuanzhi laughed through her tears, “Since men like them, then… do you also like them?” The young girl’s starry eyes shined, and her voice also hid a little bit of nervousness.

“Of course I like them. If Yu Yutong doesn’t want you in the future, you can marry me.” Song Qingshu said with a smile.

“Bah!” Li Yuanzhi spat, thinking that Song Qingshu’s casual answer must’ve been mostly a joke, but she still couldn’t hide the thumping of her heart. However, as she grew up in the north, her free and easy temper made her recover quickly. She snorted, “You sound so insincere! It’s not nearly as good as Zhang Zhaozhong, that perve*ted old man. Even if I marry him, I won’t marry you.”

“Hey, don’t be so ruthless!” Song Qingshu suddenly felt depressed.

“Brother Song, I want to ask you a question, you have to answer me honestly.” Li Yuanzhi suddenly put away her smile and spoke with a solemn expression.

“What?” Song Qingshu was a little taken aback.

“If sister Luo Bing and I were both willing to marry you, which one would you choose?” Li Yuanzhi looked at him expectantly.

“Such a sweet topic!” Song Qingshu didn’t expect her to be serious when she asked such a question, “Happiness came too suddenly, let me slow down and think first.”

“I mean if.” Li Yuanzhi said angrily, she wanted Song Qingshu to tell her who was more attractive between her and Luo Bing from a man’s point of view.

Song Qingshu was also a little speechless, thinking that he had already savored Luo Bing in her entirety, so how was it possible for him to make an objective evaluation, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, “If it was me, I would definitely accept the both of you together.”

“No, you can only choose one!” Li Yuanzhi almost burst out in anger.

“Is that so?” Song Qingshu stared at Li Yuanzhi, looked up and down, noticed that she was extremely nervous, and smiled, “Then I would choose you.”

Li Yuanzhi’s eyes twitched, but she deliberately suppressed the smile on her face, so as not to make Song Qingshu feel that she was being complacent and affect her glorious image. She quickly asked seriously, “Why?”

‘Why? It’s due to the so-called eight sufferings in life—-birth, death, decay, disease, association with the unpleasant, separation from the beloved, when one does not obtain what one desires and the Five Aggregates matter, sensations, perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness. If you want something you can’t get, you will naturally not cherish what you have. A wife won’t be as good as a concubine. It’s better to have a concubine if you have the ability. That’s the truth. I have already enjoyed Luo Bing to the fullest, so her charm is naturally not as good as this young and lively beautiful girl in front of me.’ Song Qingshu thought in his heart. 

But of course, he didn’t have the courage to tell Li Yuanzhi all these things. He feared that it would destroy the girl’s fantasies and longing for pure love, so he had to lie to her, “No matter how gentle and charming Luo Bing is, she is also someone else’s wife. If I had to choose, I would definitely choose a pure girl who treats me wholeheartedly.” 

But he added in his heart, ‘Of course, choosing a lover has another set of criteria.’

Li Yuanzhi felt happy in her heart, and thought, ‘Men probably want their wives to be young girls before they get married. Compared to Sister Luo Bing, this is my biggest advantage. After Yu Yutong calms down a little, I will still have a chance…’

“Okay, don’t start daydreaming.” Seeing her blurry eyes, Song Qingshu thought that she must be lost in her fantasies again, “I’ll take you back to the Sifang Museum first, and I still have something to do later.”

“Okay.” Li Yuanzhi was very happy at the moment, and everything seemed pleasing to the eye. She stretched out her hand in front of Song Qingshu, and said, “My legs are a bit numb, pull me up.”

The hands in front of him were like white jade—slender and pure. Her skin was white with a shade of red. It looked so tender that it seemed you’d be able to squeeze out water. Song Qingshu saw that she was looking forward, her eyes were clear and pure, and he couldn’t help but say, “Don’t you need to guard yourself like a jade for your Brother Yu?”

“We are just holding hands, Brother Song, your thoughts are so filthy!” Li Yuanzhi glared at him, “Since I was a child, I’ve been riding horses and practicing martial arts. I don’t know how many men’s hands I’ve touched, what’s the big deal.”

“That still counts as being touched by someone else.” Although Song Qingshu insisted on his mouth, he still stretched out his hand to hold the soft hand in front of him. He felt that the place where he grabbed was soft, as if boneless. He praised her in his heart and pulled her up with a little force.

“Brother Song, I think you can let go now.” 

Song Qingshu had pulled her up, but didn’t seem to let go at all. As she walked for a while with her hand held in his hand, Li Yuanzhi became too nervous, and felt a bit overwhelmed.

Song Qingshu didn’t say much, he just quietly let go, then turned around and smiled at her, “Let’s go, by the way, put on this guard’s uniform later, so that you won’t be recognized by others.” When he was done, he put the bag on his back into her hand. (G: That was really smooth, you dawg!)

For some reason, until she entered the Sifang Pavilion, Li Yuanzhi was still able to feel the temperature of his palm on her hand. She stayed a little lost in her thoughts for a while.

“Miss Li?” A sudden familiar voice brought her back to reality. Li Yuanzhi raised her head in surprise, and found Luo Bing sitting in the room staring at her in an inner guard uniform.


Let’s talk about Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian in the Sifang Pavilion. 

When they saw Song Qingshu brought another bodyguard into his bedroom, they couldn’t help but whisper with a strange expression,

“Yesterday that guard didn’t come out, and another one went in?”

“That’s right, Lord Song is handsome and talented, he is really good at this.”

“That guard is petite, with fair skin. It must be a woman.”

“Hey, many men in this world are fair-skinned and tender. I heard that the people in the Xiang Mansion uses a kind of medicinal powder for the little boys since they were children. When the little boys grow up, their skin becomes even fairer than that of a woman. “

“Hey, why do you sound so certain, could it be…”

“Don’t go making any assumptions! I just heard about it.”

“How nice do you think women are— so slender and delicate. Why would Lord Song like men?”

“Hey! Do you think Lord Song will suddenly treat us…”

“No… No, we are rough-skinned and thick-skinned, so he shouldn’t like that.”

“No, in the future, I’ll still stay outside more for missions. It’s too dangerous to stay in this Sifang Pavilion!”


After Song Qingshu left, Luo Bing felt quite uneasy staying alone in the room. 

She was regretting why she gave herself to Song Qingshu so easily, and she was also worried about what to do if Song Qingshu couldn’t save her husband in the end. ‘Would I be able to refuse that kind of request again?’

When the door was pushed open, she saw Li Yuanzhi beside Song Qingshu, and she was both delighted and frightened. She was delighted that if Li Yuanzhi was present, Song Qingshu would never dare to do something reckless to her. She was also frightened about what she would do if Li Yuanzhi found out that she had lost her chastity to Song Qingshu.

It was quite a strange thing. Women were often not afraid of the act of cheating itself, but were more afraid that the affair would be discovered by a third party. 

Thinking of the relationship between Li Yuanzhi and the Red Flower Society, Luo Bing’s expression became complicated for a moment.

“Sister Luo, why are you here?” Li Yuanzhi’s heart was full of contradictions about this rival in love. Yu Yutong fell in love with Luo Bing as if he had developed a heart demon, and on the other hand, she also understood that Luo Bing had always loved her husband deeply. She has never lied to Yu Yutong, or given him any wrong ideas. Moreover, Luo Bing’s gentle and affectionate demeanor has often made Li Yuanzhi envious.

“Haahh, something happened to the Red Flower Society again.” Luo Bing sighed and briefly narrated what happened before.

“What about Yutong?” Li Yuanzhi asked in a trembling voice.

“Looks like he was arrested too.” Luo Bing recalled the details at the time. 

Yu Yutong had been in a state of despair after hearing that the Old Chief had asked her to use the honey trap. When the masters and soldiers of the palace rushed in, he was arrested without much resistance.

“Brother Song, can you save him?” Li Yuanzhi immediately turned to look at Song Qingshu.

“This isn’t the first time. They are the one’s to blame for being so useless!” Song Qingshu said gloomily.

“My good Brother, please, please…” Li Yuanzhi began to act cute again.

“Forget it, just take it as me being afraid of you. Saving one is also saving, saving two is also saving, I’ll just save them together.” Song Qingshu couldn’t stand her deliberate cute act, and quickly agreed. (G: You will understand why he’s so accepting towards her later. There’s a valid reason. I mean you can find out even now, there have been clues.)

Looking at Li Yuanzhi’s smiling face, Luo Bing felt quite uncomfortable, and thought in her heart, ‘Why did I have to pay the price of my body to make him save my husband, but he easily agreed when Li Yuanzhi just acted like a spoiled child a few times…’

“By the way, you can sleep here tonight, I have something to do outside.” Song Qingshu said to the two girls, and turned to go out.

“Wait, Song…” Luo Bing paused and continued, “Someone sent a strange gift after you left in the afternoon, would you like to take a look?”

“A strange gift?” Song Qingshu wondered, “Why do you think it’s strange?”

Luo Bing calmed down and softly said, “You are now a dignified imperial envoy, and the officials in Shengjing want to curry favor with you by giving you either gold and silver jewelry or antiques, calligraphy and painting. They usually make sure to let you know who sent it, so they usually have famous poems written on it. But this gift, not only does it have no famous poems, but even though the box is beautiful, the contents inside are a bit too ordinary.”

When Luo Bing was wandering in the courtyard in the afternoon, she saw the guards checking the various gifts people had brought, in case there was any substance or the like that could harm the imperial envoy. She overheard that the guards were going to throw this gift into the rubbish heap. 

Out of curiosity, she went over to look more into the matter. At first glance, she felt that it was quite strange, but she had wandered around the world for years and subconsciously felt that there might be something strange about this particular gift. So she asked the guard to put it in the bedroom.

“Sure enough!” After opening the two boxes and seeing the contents clearly, Song Qingshu’s expression turned to confusion. It turned out that one of the boxes was full of peaches, and the other box was full of red dates.

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