Chapter 221: Complicated mood

“Red dates and peaches?” Looking at the two boxes of fruits, Song Qingshu became thoughtful.

Li Yuanzhi picked up a red date, looked left and right without seeing anything abnormal, and asked, “Could it be that someone poisoned it.”

Song Qingshu laughed, “You can rest assured and eat it, it won’t be poisoned.” Then he threw the peaches in his hand back into the box, turned around and walked out.

“You guys go to bed first. I’ll be going out and if there is no accident, I won’t be back tonight.”

Hearing Song Qingshu’s words, Luo Bing breathed a sigh of relief, but Li Yuanzhi asked in confusion, “Then where will you sleep?”

A beautiful image appeared in his mind as Song Qingshu smiled and said, “There is always a place to sleep.”

After leaving the Sifang Pavilion, Song Qingshu walked on the calm street and said to himself, “This one wants me to save her husband, that one also asks me to save her husband, and someone else asks me to save her sweetheart. Hehh… could it be that I really become the savior of women?”

Having learned his lesson from the previous encounter with the Mystic Dragon Cult, Song Qingshu was careful this time around. He used his True Qi to check the surrounding aura as he walked. He did feel a few suspicious auras sometimes in the middle, but he turned left and right and quickly got rid of the other party.

‘Buddy, even if I’m not good at anything, there is one thing that no one can beat me at, and that is movement technique.’ Song Qingshu smiled proudly, and swaggered towards a certain direction.


In the Tian Mansion, Nan Lan suddenly woke up from her dream. 

She had a dream that she was making love with Song Qingshu, and in the middle of the act, her husband Tian Guinong suddenly broke in! 

Then Song Qingshu, that basta*d smiled at Tian Guinong, continued the act and started pounding her even harder!  

As she looked at her husband’s murderous eyes, Nan Lan suddenly woke up.

“How could I have such a dream?” Nan Lan pressed the back of her hand to her cheek, feeling the heat on it and she couldn’t help biting her lower lip, as she shyly muttered to herself.

“It seems that the Madame was dreaming about me.” A strange and familiar voice suddenly came to her ears. Nan Lan raised her head in disbelief, and found that Song Qingshu was sitting on the windowsill, looking at her with a smile.

“Why is this dream so real?” Nan Lan became stunned. She subconsciously rubbed her eyes,  but still saw Song Qingshu walking over from the window sill, and almost exclaimed, “It’s really you!?” 

Fortunately, she immediately covered her mouth with her hands, and didn’t let her voice alarm Tian Qingwen across the yard.

“You missed me, so I appeared.” Song Qingshu came close to the bed in a blink.

Nan Lan subconsciously tightened the quilt on her body and shrank towards the corner of the bed, “It’s so late at night, so I ask Young Master Song to have some self-respect.”

“Self-respect?” Song Qingshu smiled and spread his hands, “We’ve already done all there is to do. So is there still a need to be like this?”

Nan Lan’s face turned cold, “Last time, it was just the price I paid for you to save Guinong. Now that the deposit has been paid, I hope you don’t make any further moves.”

“Do you have to make the matter between us, simply a transaction?” Song Qingshu said with a wry smile, “Well, since you want to talk about a transaction, then let’s talk about a transaction.”

“What transaction?” Nan Lan’s eyes flashed with confusion.

“If I say that I have already found out the whereabouts of Tian Guinong, will the Madame be welcoming towards me for a little while?” Song Qingshu said as he looked at the picturesque beauty on the bed, who was timidly clutching the quilt. As for her identity as someone else’s wife, it only worked to fuel some evil thoughts in his heart.

“Guinong?” Nan Lan was starting to feel that the name had become quite unfamiliar, but her duty as a wife made her subconsciously ask, “How is Guinong?”

“Won’t the Madame ask me to sit down?” Song Qingshu did not answer her, but looked at her with a burning gaze.

“You…you can sit.” Nan Lan’s heart trembled when she met his eyes, and she had the feeling that something would definitely happen tonight.

“Thank you Madame.” Song Qingshu smiled happily and directly sat down on the bed.

“You… sit on the stool.” Nan Lan felt that he was too close to her. This man definitely didn’t have any good intentions, and her restraint as a woman gave her the courage to say.

“It’s quite cold in the middle of the night, my hands and feet were freezing when I was coming here. The stool is also too cold. Why don’t the Madame give me a corner of the quilt and let me warm up first and then I will tell you about Brother Tian?” Song Qingshu didn’t wait for her to answer. He directly lifted a corner of the quilt and snuck his feet in.

“Okay…alright.” Nan Lan only felt that there was a storm in her mind now, and subconsciously replied. By the time she reacted, Song Qingshu had already snuck into the quilt.

“You’re such a rogue.” Nan Lan sighed, and curled up her legs, trying her best not to touch the other’s body.

Song Qingshu also knew that he had already pushed her enough, so he stopped forcing her, and said, “Today I went to Shengjing City Xiaoqi Camp Commander Zhang Zhaozhong’s house for a drink, and then…” Song Qingshu slowly talked about what happened during the day, but didn’t mention the matter of Tian Guinong at all.

Nan Lan finally became impatient, “You should talk about Tian Guinong.”

“Look at my memory,” Song Qingshu patted his forehead, but calmly moved even closer to Nan Lan’s side, “Later, after we had bit more to drink, I learned that Brother Tian was imprisoned in Prince Bao’s Palace.”

“Ah!?” With an exclamation, a look of despair flashed in Nan Lan’s eyes. In the past, when Tian Guinong returned home, he would boast to her countless times that Prince Bao’s Palace was full of masters and was akin to an iron fortress. Even flies couldn’t fly in and out without them noticing.

Song Qingshu had unknowingly come even closer to her side, and softly said, “Madame, don’t worry, I’ve contacted a helper, and I will be able to rescue Brother Tian soon.”

“Really?” Nan Lan turned her head excitedly, only to find that Song Qingshu’s face was about three inches away, and her beautiful face couldn’t help turning red.

“Of course it’s true!” Song Qingshu stretched out her fingers and lifted her smooth chin, “Madame, I’m doing my best for your sake, is there any reward?”

Nan Lan’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and she spoke with a trembling voice, “I gave you the reward last night…”

“But I think that wasn’t enough, what should I do?” Song Qingshu’s hand quietly reached into her nightgown.

The main reason he came to bully Nan Lan again was not for her beauty, but because of the rich pure Yin Qi in her body. He was now in grave danger in Shengjing, and he had just received a warning from an unknown person to ‘escape as soon as possible’. So, how could he not take the time to improve his realm and prepare for the upcoming crisis.

“Didn’t you say that I could pay the other half of the deposit after everything is done?” Nan Lan dodged back and implored.

“But you also said that I could come and sit in your mansion when I was free.” Song Qingshu looked at her with burning eyes.

Nan Lan couldn’t wait to find a hole to dig in. When she was leaving the Sifang Pavilion in the early morning, she didn’t know why she teased him like that, and now, her reckoning had come. She pitifully said, “I… I was just joking!”

“But I’m serious.” Song Qingshu gently kneaded the mound in his hand, “To be honest, I have no place to sleep tonight, and I need Madame to take me in for one night.”

Nan Lan’s face had turned burning red, “How is that possible, is your room occupied by fox spirits?”

“Madame is really clever, there are indeed fox spirits in my room.” Song Qingshu applied slight force to his arms, and Nan Lan fell into his embrace.

“Even if there are fox spirits, there are so many rooms in the Sifang Pavilion. Is there no place for you to sleep?” Nan Lan lowered her head and softly asked.

“One fox spirit is the most pleasant thing in the world, but two fox spirits might cause some headaches.” Song Qingshu thought of the allusion of “one monk fetches water to drink, two monks carry water to drink, and three monks have no water to drink”.

“I don’t believe it. Considering your nature, you would make sure that you end up with a fox spirit.” Nan Lan was confused, so she bit her lip and said.

“No matter how beautiful the fox spirit is, how can it compare to your beauty.” With a flick of Song Qingshu’s hand, the knots on her shoulders were untied. Her clothes slipped off, revealing shoulders that seemed like they were carved from jade, and skin so smooth that seemed like satin.

“It’s Guinong’s misfortune that he knew a friend like you in his life.” Nan Lan sighed, then felt a soft force coming from her front, and she fell onto the bed.

“I saved you two husband and wife once before, and I will save you again this time. He should be grateful to me.” Song Qingshu let out a hot breath in her ear.

“He should be grateful to you for bullying his wife?” Nan Lan’s eyes flashed blankly. During this period of time, she was running around everywhere. She was really tired, both physically and psychologically. She needed a strong arm to rely on to rescue her husband. So, she just decided to leave everything to him.

“Would you be stupid enough to tell him?” Song Qingshu put his hands on the bed and stared straight into her eyes.

“Naturally not!” Nan Lan gave a subconscious reply.

“Then isn’t that fine?” Song Qingshu pressed on and whispered, “Good, don’t close your legs so tightly.”


After a deliberately suppressed coquettish cry, Nan Lan looked at the man, who was sitting cross-legged on the bed and meditating, with a complicated expression, “It’s almost dawn, you should go.”

“Isn’t the sky still dark?” With her reminder, Song Qingshu subconsciously decided  to pay attention to the woman’s feelings. He stopped turning a blind eye to his partner when he practiced the method, and pulled Nan Lan into his arms. Song Qingshu’s fingertips swept across Nan Lan’s skin at the same time as he circulated the True Qi in his body.

Nan Lan got a thin layer of goosebumps on her body and pleaded, “Tian Guinong’s daughter is in the yard. She has always been shrewd. If she finds out, I won’t have the face to live anymore.”

“Don’t worry, with my level of martial arts, I won’t let her find out.” Song Qingshu replied.

“But it’s almost dawn!” Nan Lan said anxiously.

“Oh, I didn’t expect to be with you for so long.” Song Qingshu’s words made Nan Lan both embarrassed and angry, and just as she was about to reach out to give him a pinch, Song Qingshu suddenly disappeared from the room.

Looking at the empty bed, Nan Lan suddenly felt a little lost, and slowly sat up. It was unknown what she was thinking, she just sat there in a daze.

It didn’t take long before Song Qingshu returned to the room and smiled at her, “Now you don’t have to worry about Tian Qingwen.”

Nan Lan was shocked and quickly asked, “What did you do to her?”

“Don’t worry, I just tapped on her sleep accupoint. She won’t wake up until noon tomorrow, so you don’t have to worry about her finding any flaws.” Song Qingshu squeezed her shoulders and slowly laid her flat on the bed, “You must be quite tired. You had to bear a lot of tossing and turning. So hurry up and go to sleep.”

“Hehh, and you’ve been acting like a bear on the bed every time. Just because I am someone else’s wife, you don’t feel the need to be gentle?” Nan Lan’s face showed her shyness and a little hint of anger.

Unexpectedly, she was still brooding over what he had said in the past! 

Song Qingshu felt amused and also a little apologetic. He quickly apologized and coaxed Nan Lan, until she gradually fell asleep, and Song Qingshu began to continue practicing.

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