Chapter 224: The devil’s whisper

“Song Qingshu has so much on his plate that now he has no energy to pay attention to us. Even if we suddenly disappear, he will only be suspicious. But if we were to stay here, he can instead arrange manpower to monitor us, which would be very inconvenient.” Su Yin’s voice remained calm, as if he had already seen through everything.

“By the way, the woman we saw just now seemed to be better than Xian’er and me in martial arts.” Yelu Qi was deeply impressed by Ajiu. Although she was a woman disguised as a man, her beautiful and elegant temperament could not be concealed.

“That woman…let’s put it aside for now, let’s go.” Su Yin stood up. As his entire body was hidden in the cloak, outsiders naturally couldn’t see that he was wearing a mask. Yelu Qi and Yelu Nanxian hurriedly packed up and followed after him.

“Are they gone?” Ajiu next door looked at the three people who disappeared in a hurry through the window, and thoughtfully frowned.


“Brother Song, you’re finally back. There’s been no news since you went out last night. I was worried to death for you!” Seeing Song Qingshu walking in from outside the house, Li Yuanzhi excitedly jumped up.

Although Luo Bing didn’t speak, she also stared at Song Qingshu with a complicated expression, it was hard to know whether she cared or not.

“Were you really worried about me?” Song Qingshu laughed, “I think you were just worried that no one would help you save your sweetheart if I’m gone.”

“Stinky Brother , why are you so bad?” Li Yuanzhi spat and ran back to Luo Bing, “Sister Luo, please help me say something!”

Luo Bing smiled unnaturally, “What can I say?” She thought, ‘I’m being played around by your Big Brother Song all the time, how can I have any right to speak?’

“You can just say that we worried about him all day and night?” Li Yuanzhi shook her arm and proudly raised her chin to Song Qingshu.

“No way!” Luo Bing’s face turned red all of a sudden. 

When the two of them slept together last night, they did talk a lot about Song Qingshu, but it was mostly Li Yuanzhi who did the talking, and she just listened.

“Really?” Song Qingshu looked at Luo Bing up and down, staring at her until she felt uncomfortable, “So it turns out that Sister Luo also cares about me.”

“Who is your sister!?” Luo Bing added in her heart, ‘Is there any brother who treats his sister like that…’

“Haah, during this period, I was hard at work helping some people to find out about their husband and lover, but I come back to be greeted with such an attitude, how tragic!” Song Qingshu sighed.

“Brother Song, sit down quickly.” Li Yuanzhi obediently moved a stool and placed it by the bed, “Brother Song, you’ve been working quite hard, I’ll massage your shoulders for you.”

“Oh, now you want to bribe me! Okay then, you might find out Yu Yutong’s whereabouts from my mouth.” Song Qingshu sat down, felt the soft touch on his shoulders, and hummed in comfort, “I guess I’ll just enjoy the experience for now.” After speaking, he lifted his foot and placed it on Luo Bing’s thigh, “Massage my foot too.” (G: You can clearly see his place for her in his heart.)

Luo Bing raised her eyebrows and wanted to stand up, only to see Li Yuanzhi winking at her, so she had to suppress her anger, sat down again, and massaged the flesh on Song Qingshu’s legs with both hands.

“Haah~” Song Qingshu sucked in a breath and sighed, “It hurts a little…but it’s quite enjoyable.”

Li Yuanzhi giggled and said, “That must be because you are too annoying, Big Brother. Sister Luo punished you because she couldn’t bear to watch it. You must know that Sister Luo is famous for being a gentle, warm, virtuous and considerate good wife in the eyes of everyone in the Red Flower Society.”

Luo Bing felt her face turning hot, ‘Would a gentle and virtuous wife go to bed with another man behind her husband’s back, even though she was half-forced…’

Song Qingshu looked at Luo Bing with a smile in his eyes, “Of course I know that Sister Luo is a good wife, but unfortunately we can only appreciate her superficial actions. I am afraid that only Fourth Brother Wen can enjoy her most unreserved tenderness.” 

When Luo Bing heard his words, she suddenly increased the strength of her hand.

“Of course, who made you be born a few years later. When you met Sister Luo, she was already married, so you can only consider yourself unlucky.” Li Yuanzhi didn’t notice the turbulent undercurrent between the two, and added fuel to it.

Luo Bing couldn’t take it anymore, and interrupted her immediately. She looked at Song Qingshu and said, “Let him first tell us if he has any news about the Red Flower Society?”

“Haah, it’s very unfortunate news.” Song Qingshu sighed.

Luo Bing and Li Yuanzhi’s hearts twitched, and they quickly asked, “Did something happen to Brother Wen (Yu Yutong)?”

“Oh, that’s not true.” Song Qingshu replied.

“Then what is the unfortunate news?” The two women glared at him.

“In a few days, I will go to the palace to save them, and then you will be able to see your husband and your sweetheart. Isn’t this unfortunate news for me?” Song Qingshu said gloomily.

“Basta*d, I’m ignoring you!” Li Yuanzhi stopped massaging him, and ran over to whisper something to Luo Bing.

“I knew that this would be the result. Crossing the river and demolishing the bridge…you women are just too cruel.” Song Qingshu retracted his feet, and no matter how noisy the two women were, he closed his eyes and rested.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, he heard Li Yuanzhi’s soft voice in his ear, “Brother Song, are you not going out tonight?”

“Who was it that said just now that they’ve been worried about me since I left?” Song Qingshu’s lips moved slightly, “In order to avoid making you worried, I will sleep here tonight.”

“Ah?” Li Yuanzhi exclaimed.

But Luo Bing didn’t feel as shy as she was. She had already experienced what shouldn’t have happened between them anyways. Besides, with Li Yuanzhi here, she was certain that this man would not be so bold to bully her tonight.

“Aren’t I your good Big Brother, so make some room in the bed and let me squeeze in.” Song Qingshu looked at her and deliberately teased her.

“How can this work!” Li Yuanzhi said embarrassingly. It was okay to say it as a joke, but she really couldn’t sleep in the same bed with a man. “Besides, Sister Luo will also sleep on this bed. She is a married woman! Are you not afraid of ruining her reputation?”

“It would be enough if we have a clear conscience. Sister Luo, don’t you think so?” Song Qingshu turned his face, looked into Luo Bing’s eyes and asked .

Unable to stand his aggressive gaze, Luo Bing turned her face to one side, “Of course I don’t mind. He’ll just sleep next to you anyways.”

“Sister Luo, why are you doing this?” Li Yuanzhi didn’t expect Luo Bing to sell her out in a blink of an eye, and angrily said, “Brother Song, ask the guards to bring a pillow and quilt, and I will sleep on the floor by myself. Since Sister Luo doesn’t mind, then just let her sleep with you.”

“But I’m afraid that Fourth Brother Wen will mind.” Song Qingshu smiled, “Forget it, I was teasing you just now, I’ll sleep on the floor later.”

“Oh.” Although Li Yuanzhi felt that it was not good for them to sleep in the same room with a man, but when she thought that Luo Bing was still with her, and she would be not sharing the same bed with him at least, she took it as a great victory. So she half-heartedly agreed and calmed down.

“It’s not that I don’t have a place to sleep, but I have to wait here for a certain news. In order to not miss the opportunity, I won’t leave this place for the next two days.” Song Qingshu thought for a while and explained.

No matter how Song Qingshu explained it, the two women always felt a bit strange when there was a man in the room while they were sleeping. However, Li Yuanzhi had always been a little carefree, and during the time they knew each other, Song Qingshu had left a good impression on her. So, although she was a little uncomfortable at first, she quickly calmed down and fell asleep.

Seeing her sleeping so soundly, Luo Bing covered her forehead, ‘This woman is really… how can she trust that devil so much, she doesn’t even know that her innocence could be destroyed anytime when she falls asleep.’

There was one thing that always felt very strange to Luo Bing— why did Song Qingshu show such an evil side to her, but in front of Li Yuanzhi, he showed his brightest and righteous side? For a long time, Yu Yutong had been infatuated with her, and although she didn’t let it show, there was always a little bit of joy in her heart. When she knew that Li Yuanzhi had always been in love with Yu Yutong to no avail, although she didn’t want to admit it, she felt a bit of pride in her heart. She had a vague sense of superiority.

However, that sense of superiority was ruthlessly shattered by Song Qingshu. She could clearly feel that Song Qingshu treated Li Yuanzhi much better than her. But, she couldn’t understand the reason. She was certain that in terms of beauty, figure, personality, she didn’t lose to Li Yuanzhi. 

‘Is it because I am a married woman?’ But during those few sessions of love making, she could clearly feel that her identity as someone else’s wife seemed to give Song Qingshu a different kind of stimulation.

“What are you thinking so deeply?” As that terrifying voice suddenly sounded in her ears, Luo Bing’s first reaction was not to look at Song Qingshu, but to look at Li Yuanzhi on the side.

Li Yuanzhi’s eyelashes trembled slightly, as if she was about to wake up. However, Song Qingshu stretched out his finger and tapped a few places of her body a few times, and Li Yuanzhi let out some meaningless mutter and continued to sleep.

“I’m really curious, are you afraid of me, or are you afraid that the adultery between you and me will be known to others?” Song Qingshu carefully squeezed between the two women, looked at Luo Bing and smiled.

“Adultery?” Luo Bing was feeling dizzy, and she turned her head away, then ignored him.

“Isn’t it true?” Song Qingshu stretched out his fingers and hooked her face, “Although I forced you at the beginning, didn’t you cooperate very well after that? Did you enjoy it?”

“Don’t talk about that, you’re a devil!” Luo Bing cried out, and covered her ears.

“Thank you for the compliment.” Song Qingshu stretched out his hand, wrapped his arms around her soft waist, and pulled her closer to him, “I wonder how you will live with your Brother Wen in the future… will you keep coming back to me to have fun from time to time?”

“Why are you doing this to me?” Luo Bing had tears in her eyes, and she asked with a pleading tone in her voice.

“Why?” Song Qingshu showed a cold smile, “Do you know that it was because of your clever tongue that my whole plan almost collapsed, and now, even though I’ve found Xia Qingqing, but she has become the Prince’s treasured concubine! Do you think that I would thank you?”

“I know that I did something wrong, but you took revenge, so why are you torturing me like this?” Luo Bing took the initiative to look up at Song Qingshu’s eyes for the first time.

“Torturing you? You can think of it as my eccentricity. I do it so that I can feel the pleasure of revenge.” Song Qingshu’s eyes narrowed, “Wen Tailai returned my kindness with malice, and he attacked me with the intention to kill! If it weren’t for my luck and fate, I would’ve died in his hands that night because of my injuries. What he did to me, I should have returned it to him tenfold!” 

“It’s just that even if I tortured Wen Tailai in prison, and he wouldn’t say a word. I know that he’s a tough guy. If I were to take revenge on him directly, it’s more likely that he wouldn’t care. So I’ll take revenge on his lovely wife instead.”

Hearing his words, Luo Bing was shocked, “You want to tell Fourth Brother Wen about us?”

“I do have that intention.” Song Qingshu said with a smile. But, noticing that Luo Bing’s face had paled, he said, “But I haven’t played with you enough, and I don’t plan on telling him in a short time. In the future, it will depend on your performance.”

“What performance?” Luo Bing asked absentmindedly.

“If you serve me  wholeheartedly and make me feel comfortable, I would naturally be reluctant to tell him.” Song Qingshu’s fingertips slowly slid along the curve of her waist.

“You plan to blackmail me for the rest of my life?” Luo Bing finally understood, and suddenly felt that her future would be full of gloom.

“Is there any problem with that? Just think about it, how many times have you and your companions hurt me, and how many times have I rescued you? I don’t think it’s too much to retaliate against you like this, and as long as you behave well, I will agree to not reveal our relationship to your husband. Then you will still be the warm and generous Luo Bing in the eyes of the people, and the gentle and virtuous good wife in the eyes of your husband. What are you dissatisfied with?” Song Qingshu’s voice was full of evil charm.

“Don’t say anything more.” The defense in Luo Bing’s heart had completely collapsed. She felt tempted by this man’s seemingly reasonable words. And, when she realized that, she felt even more pain.

“Since you’ve agreed, then show your sincerity.” Song Qingshu put his palm on her head, slightly pressed down towards his waist.

Luo Bing quickly realized what this man wanted her to do, and subconsciously wanted to refuse. However, the strength she felt from the top of her head showed that she could not refuse. With a resigned sigh, she lowered her body into the bed.

“Haaahhh…that’s good, very good!” After a while, as he heard the strangely seductive licking sound from his waist, Song Qingshu breathed a sigh of satisfaction.

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