Chapter 225: Choice

The next day, before dawn, Li Yuanzhi woke up, and turned to see that Song Qingshu was sleeping on the floor. She heaved a sigh of relief, looked back at Luo Bing, and felt that she seemed to be a bit more gorgeous than usual. That made her feel a little frustrated, ‘No wonder Yu Yutong is infatuated with her…’

When she moved her legs, her face suddenly turned red, because she felt a wet and cool sensation down her nether region. Then she recalled that she had a very beautiful dream last night. 

In her dream, she heard the sound of a woman’s sobbing and groaning coming from the house. Li Yuanzhi curiously ran to the window and saw that a man and a woman were doing some shameful things. She subconsciously prepared to leave, but the woman inside suddenly turned her head. To her surprise, the pretty face exposed through the scattered hair was actually Luo Bing!

Li Yuanzhi was shocked and looked up to see the man who was pressing on her snow-white body. Unfortunately, maybe it was because it was a dream, the man’s face seemed to be hidden behind a layer of fog. It was impossible to see through it. Seeing Luo Bing’s obedience and cooperation, Li Yuanzhi subconsciously thought that the man was Wen Tailai, but there was another voice telling her that it wasn’t. She became worried that the man was Yu Yutong, so she was unable to leave the place and witnessed the whole process.

Li Yuanzhi, a young girl in her teens, couldn’t bear such a strong visual impact, and before she knew it, her whole body became paralyzed. She felt as if her body was submerged in water, and finally she fell into a deep sleep.

“How could I have such a shameful dream?” Li Yuanzhi stroked her blushing face. She felt both puzzled and shy, as she looked back at Luo Bing, then thought in her heart, ‘I wonder if Sister Luo is really as shameless as she was in my dream, who was willing to do such a shameful posture…’

Li Yuanzhi’s movement quickly awakened Luo Bing. She opened her eyes and glanced at Li Yuanzhi. Although she was awake, her body felt so weak that she really didn’t want to move half a finger, so she closed her eyes again. 

Because of Li Yuanzhi’s presence, and for other psychological reasons, Luo Bing’s body had become more sensitive than usual. That feeling of extreme ecstasy had even made her wish that it would never stop!

‘I hope he keeps his promise…’ When Luo Bing’s eyes were about half closed, a thought flashed through her mind, and she tiredly fell asleep.

Noticing that Luo Bing had closed her eyes again, Li Yuanzhi turned her head to look out the window, and saw that the sky was still dark. Realizing that it was still quite early, she lay down again, covered herself with the quilt, twisted her legs, blushed and thought, ‘After Brother Song goes out today, I must take a shower, otherwise it’ll be too uncomfortable…’


When the first ray of sunlight came in from the window, Song Qingshu became awake. He sat up, drew a circle with both hands, and slowly gathered the True Qi of his limbs into his dantian.

He spit out the murky air from his mouth, and immediately felt refreshed. All his “hard work” during this period of time was not in vain. The Joyful True Qi in his dantian had been greatly nourished, and he had recovered almost 60% of its peak strength. Although his total amount of True Qi was not as good as before, its quality was far better than before!

‘The Joyful Meditation Method is really a good thing. It can increase and balance the power of Yang through the woman’s Yin. I think any man will be happy to practice hard. It’s just that the capacity of a person’s dantian is limited. Can’t it grow as well?’ A trace of doubt flashed across Song Qingshu’s heart.

“Brother Song, seeing that your eyes are glowing with divine light, you must have taken your skills to a higher level. What kind of martial arts are you practicing? Why is the improvement in one night so obvious?” Li Yuanzhi was sitting beside the bed, and Luo Bing was sitting behind her, helping Li Yuanzhi comb the braids on her head.

“I have to thank Sister Luo behind you for that. If it wasn’t for her, my martial arts wouldn’t have grown so fast.” Song Qingshu deliberately glanced at Luo Bing and said with a smile, “As for the martial arts method I practice, if we have fate in the future. I will show you.”

“Sister Luo, how did you help him practice…aauch, it hurts!” Li Yuanzhi was just about to ask when she suddenly felt as if a few strands of her hair seemed to be torn off by Luo Bing.

“I’m sorry, Sister Yuanzhi, don’t listen to his nonsense, he practiced his techniques on his own, I had nothing to do with it.” Luo Bing blushed and hurriedly explained.

“Lord Song, Lord Song?” At that moment, Zhang Kangnian’s voice came from outside the door.

Song Qingshu looked back at Li Yuanzhi and Luo Bing on the bed, and the two women quickly put down the curtain of the bed. At the moment, their clothes were quite disheveled, revealing the white lining inside. Although they didn’t mind being seen by Song Qingshu, the other men wouldn’t get such good treatment.

Song Qingshu stretched out his hand and flicked, and the quilt on the ground rolled into a ball and rolled under the bed. He didn’t want his subordinates to know that he was sleeping on the floor. Seeing that the two women were also done hiding, he coughed and said, “Come in!”

Zhang Kangnian walked in with his head lowered, and his eyes glanced at the hanging bed curtain and the two pairs of shoes on the ground. He felt extremely cold in his heart. ‘Lord Song really likes that kind of stuff…’

Noticing his strange expression, Song Qingshu didn’t think much about it, and directly asked, “Is there a reason to find me so early?”

“That’s right.” Zhang Kangnian glanced at the bed, hesitated, and whispered beside Song Qingshu, “The twins were snatched away.”

“When did it happen?” Song Qingshu thought in his heart, ‘Did the Mystic Dragon Cult really act?’

“About half an hour ago. The lord had specially ordered us to keep an eye on the movement over there. So, I immediately came to report when I received the news.” Zhang Kangnian replied.

“Okay, I understand, you can leave, and don’t tell others about this.” Song Qingshu waved his hand.

“Yes!” Zhang Kangnian sighed in his heart. He had been working in the palace for many years, and he naturally understood that there were some hidden secrets everywhere, and it was better to know as little as possible.

Seeing Zhang Kangnian disappearing beyond the door, Song Qingshu thought to himself, ‘I didn’t expect the influence of  Mystic Dragon Cult to be so powerful in Shengjing City. I thought they would take at least another day to find the twins.’

“Sister Yuanzhi, Sister Luo Bing, I have to go out to do something for a while. I won’t be back in a day or two.” Song Qingshu took out the things he had bought yesterday from the cabinet, packed up, and said to the women sitting on the bed.

Luo Bing felt horrified when he called her “Sister Luo Bing”, and thought, ‘If I hadn’t experienced it myself, would I know that his harmless appearance was hiding such an evil heart!’

“Good brother, where are you going?” Li Yuanzhi was the best at coaxing people and making them feel happy. She used this clever ability to coax Lu Feiqing to accept her as his apprentice and teach her everything she had learned.

“Your little mouth is so sweet.” Song Qingshu was also delighted, “I know what you want to ask. The operation to rescue your men will start from now on.”

“Good Brother, you’re the best!” Li Yuanzhi smiled, but Luo Bing on the side had a complicated expression. After staying with Song Qingshu these few days, although she would be bullied by him at night, on the whole, she was quite at ease. However, after Wen Tailai was rescued, how should she face her husband? The Red Flower Society had planned to use her to perform a honey trap before. Could it be that even after rescuing the members of the Red Flower Society, she still wouldn’t be able to escape the fate of returning to Song Qingshu?

‘No… after Song Qingshu saves the entire Red Flower Society this time, the previous hatred between us should be written off. As long as Fourth Brother Wen doesn’t know about me being… by Song Qingshu, it should be fine. Fourth brother, I’m sorry, for the future of the Red Flower Society, I have to hide this from you…’ Luo Bing just deceived herself with such thoughts, and her mood slowly calmed down.

After returning to the Sifang Pavilion yesterday, Song Qingshu had asked the guards to go to the nearby inn to inquire about those two siblings. And the result was that they had disappeared, and so Song Qingshu suspected that there was a third party spying on him.

So, just to be extra careful, Song Qingshu called another guard inside, sealed his sleeping accupint, put on his uniform, and said to the two women, “I’ve already told my guards that I will be practicing my martial arts during the next two days. I will be staying in the room all the time, and won’t allow anyone to come in to disturb me. You two have to cooperate and find a way to create the illusion that I have been in this room during these two days.”

“Okay.” The two women nodded, and Li Yuanzhi said, “Brother Song, be careful with everything.”

“What about you?” Song Qingshu turned around and looked at Luo Bing with a faux-smile.

Luo Bing turned her head away, and remained silent for a while, then a mosquito-like voice was heard, “You have to be careful.”

Song Qingshu suddenly became quite interested in their thoughts, so he sat down again, looked at the two women and smiled, “This operation is destined to be full of dangers. Let’s assume that there’s a situation, where if I have to save your men, I will surely die, if not, I will be able to escape smoothly. Do you want me to save them or not?”

Li Yuanzhi’s pretty face turned pale, she hesitated for a while, then shook her head, “If that’s the case…then Brother Song, you don’t have to save Yu Yutong. If you lose your life in order to save him, I will never have peace of mind in my life. If Brother Yu dies, it wouldn’t be bad for me to die with him.”

“This little girl has a conscience…” Song Qingshu turned to look at Luo Bing and asked, “What about you, Sister Luo?”

“You save my Fourth Brother,” Luo Bing’s answer made Song Qingshu’s face turn cold, but she did not notice it at all, and continued, “If you die, I will die with you.” 

After figuring out how she would face her husband, she had already given up on death in her heart. Now, she only hoped that Song Qingshu would rescue Wen Tailai, so that she could try her best to make up for her guilt.

Li Yuanzhi didn’t expect Luo Bing’s answer to be like that, and immediately looked at her with a strange gaze. Hearing Luo Bing’s words, Song Qingshu was also stunned for a moment, and then he gave a loud laugh, “Don’t worry, I’m not as useless as your men, I promise to save them again without hurting myself.”

After leaving the Sifang Pavilion, Song Qingshu quietly took off his guard uniform and hid his tracks all the way to the neighborhood of the house that he was monitoring yesterday. No one else noticed him under the effect of his internal energy. He quickly jumped over the fence and sealed the old couple’s acupuncture points, “I’m sorry, but I’ll be taking your place for two days.”

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