Chapter 233: Flying Sword

“Who are you?” Xia Qingqing looked back and saw a sagely old man looking at her with affection. She subconsciously grabbed the Golden Serpent Sword on the table, and looked at the man with vigilance.

“In this world, besides me, who else would call you that?” Song Qingshu tore off the mask and restored his original appearance and voice.

“It’s you?” Seeing his appearance, Xia Qingqing was obviously stunned for a moment, but she quickly woke up and said in a deep voice, “What are you doing here, didn’t we already decide that there is no future between us?”

Song Qingshu didn’t care about her attitude. He showed a slight smile and said, “Since there is no future between us, then why was someone still worried that something would happen to me, and they sent red dates and peaches to warn me of danger?”

Xia Qingqing’s face turned red, but she still showed her denial, “You think too much, I poisoned it, and I just wanted to poison you.”

“Heh, if I really were to eat them, I’m afraid I would’ve been poisoned to death.” Song Qingshu sighed.

Xia Qingqing glanced at him suspiciously, “How can there be any poison?”

Song Qingshu didn’t answer directly, but instead asked, “Since you were able to give me red dates and peaches, then why didn’t you just warn me yourself? If I was too stupid to understand, wouldn’t I have let you down? “

“I live in the palace, and my every move is being monitored. It was very inconvenient for me to say that at that time, so I had to use that method. Besides…” Xia Qingqing pursed her lips and smiled, “You are as cunning as a fox, you should be able to see through it.”

“Okay, I’ll take this as a compliment.” Song Qingshu said while feeling depressed, “I could naturally guess what it meant, but Hongli is not a fool, and he could also guess it for certain. He just pretended to not know everything you did, but secretly poisoned the red dates. He wanted to kill me through your hands, do you know that?”

“What?” Xia Qingqing was shocked and angry. Although Song Qingshu was standing in front of her safe and sound, she was still afraid of the possibility.

“At that time, I realized that it was you who gave it, and naturally I thought there was no problem. Fortunately, another person was there to remind me of other possibilities.” Song Qingshu recalled what Luo Bing had said at the time, [Although I don’t understand why you believe in the sender of these gifts so much, but you must also consider the fact that many people were involved with delivering these two baskets of fruit to the Sifang Pavilion, so you should be careful.] 

Song Qingshu became very cautious after hearing that, and then asked someone to bring a horse and feed it the red dates. After a while, the horse died of poisoning.

“Why didn’t you think that it was me who poisoned them?” Xia Qingqing looked at him with burning eyes.

Song Qingshu raised his head and looked at her, “Although you heartlessly left me, you would never do anything to harm me.”

Xia Qingqing’s heart softened and she was about to tell him the truth. At that moment, a light cough came from beside her. She turned her head and saw that Ajiu was looking at the two of them with a faux smile.

“Although I don’t want to disturb you two, but the place and time is a bit inconvenient, should we leave the palace first?”

“Ajiu, it’s been a long time.” After seeing Ajiu, Xia Qingqing sighed, and the scene of the two being jealous in the past reappeared, but unfortunately time had changed them both.

“Long time no see.” Ajiu also remembered their past.

Two graceful beauties stood face to face, as their contours complemented each other—-both bright and beautiful, with unparalleled charm, but unfortunately they both mourned the same man. Song Qingshu felt unhappy with the situation, and quickly said, “Don’t just stand still, we have to leave quickly.”

Xia Qingqing was feeling a bit shaken, but seeing Ajiu again made her recall her time with Yuan Chengzhi, and her resolve for revenge became firmer. Hearing Song Qingshu’s words, she shook her head: “I won’t leave.”

“Qingqing, I know you want to take revenge for Brother Yuan, but we can find a way together. Do you have to choose this method where you have to make a sacrifice? If Brother Yuan in heaven were to see this, he would definitely not want you to do this.” Ajiu softly persuaded her past rival.

“I am aware of that, so you don’t need to persuade me any more…” Xia Qingqing paused, “As for taking revenge, you are you, I am me, and I can take revenge for Big Brother Yuan alone.”

A few years ago, Xia Qingqing used to be jealous of Ajiu. Although time had changed, and Xia Qingqing was no longer that unruly and willful girl she used to be, but she still had her old stubbornness left in her heart. In her opinion, she was Yuan Chengzhi’s wife, so it was only right and proper for her to take revenge for him. She was unwilling to rely on Ajiu’s strength.

“What kind of place do you think my Palace is…you can come when you want, and leave when you want?” After a cold snort, a large number of soldiers poured in from the door, and the one in the middle was Prince Bao, Hongli. 

It turned out that someone had found the maid that Song Qingshu had hidden in the rockery, and Hongli immediately readied all the forces when he found out.

“Oh, it’s the Prince! This lower official came to the palace for a visit and unintentionally ended up here, so I hope the Prince will forgive me.” Song Qingshu cupped his hands at Hongli, while thinking in his heart, ‘Now it seems that I can only tear our faces.’

“Lord Song, let’s be honest, what visit, you actually came to this Prince’s concubines residence!” Hongli sneered.

Song Qingshu was speechless, it seemed that politics wouldn’t work today. He knew that it was useless to say more at this point, so he looked back at Ajiu and said, “You take the other one.” After speaking, he disappeared from the spot and rushed towards Hongli.

Ajiu immediately understood. She also used her movement technique, and cooperated in the attack.

Song Qingshu had originally thought that he had managed to make most of the masters of the Palace go after the Mystic Dragon Cult, and there would be no masters around Hongli. Who knew that the moment he attacked, two monks in yellow robes suddenly jumped out from both sides. In the blink of an eye, the two sides fought for more than a dozen moves, but there was no winner. In the end, the two joined forces and pushed Song Qingshu back with one coordinated palm strike.  

On the other side, Ajiu was also forced to take a few steps back by a sharp finger strike. Song Qingshu grabbed Ajiu who was about to continue to charge forward. Seeing that the finger strike was performed by a monk with yellow eyebrows, a name surfaced in his mind, “Your Excellency, could it be that you are the Yellow-browed Monk who is good at Vajra Fingers?”

“You are good, very good indeed! I didn’t expect the Benefactor to recognize this Poor Monk.” Monk Huangmei nodded in praise.

Monk Huangmei was a character from the novel “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”. When he was young, his name shook the entire Wulin. In the book, in order to save Duan Yu, he fought with Duan Yanqing, the leader of the Four Evils, in the Valley of Myriad Tribulations, and he didn’t lose. 

Song Qingshu’s face was a little ugly, and he turned his head to look at the two monks who had fought with him just now. Their martial arts were even higher than those of Monk Huangmei. He asked in confusion, “Which temple are the two masters masters from?”

The two monks announced their names, 

“This poor monk is Tianhong!”

“This poor monk is Tianjing!”

‘Tianhong and Tianjing?’ Song Qingshu didn’t recognize them for a moment until he saw the members of the Red Flower Society and others who arrived one after another, then he finally remembered who they were. 

In the later part of “The Book and the Sword”, Chen Jialuo, who had achieved great accomplishment in martial arts, visited Southern Shaolin and suffered internal injuries after receiving Tianjing’s palm strike. What’s more, the martial arts realm of Tianhong, who was Tianjing’s senior brother, was rumored to be above Tianjing.

“How could the people of Southern Shaolin collude with a prince of the Qing Dynasty? Could it be that the monks have also become blinded by worldly fame and fortune? I wonder what kind of scripture you are reciting.” Song Qingshu sneered.

“Amitabha, in order to save the world, people’s incomprehension and slander are only fleeting.” Tianhong replied indifferently.

Yu Wanting was a disciple of the Southern Shaolin Monastery, and the two of them were also brothers. He also knew a thing or two about what happened 40 years ago. In his opinion, Yu Wanting had a good chance of success. In order to restore the Han people, he was willing to help Yu Wanting.

After their first fight in the Forbidden City, Yu Wanting was always afraid of Song Qingshu’s martial arts. When he learned that Song Qingshu was going to be sent as the imperial envoy to Shengjing, he sent carrier pigeons to pass a message to the Southern Shaolin Monastery. Monk Huangmei, who was an abbot of Nianhua Monastery, also came to support him.

“Fourth Brother Wen, you really are something! Luo Bing begged me to save you, but I didn’t expect that you would actually collude with the enemy.” Song Qingshu sneered, but he was full of surprise in his heart.

“What did you do to Luo Bing?” Wen Tailai said angrily.

“Luo Bing is eating and sleeping very well at my place.” Song Qingshu deliberately gave a vague reply and thought, ‘It seems that Luo Bing didn’t know about it.’ .

“I will kill you!” Wen Tailai was furious and was about to launch an attack, but was stopped by Yu Wanting.

Yu Wanting also had a black line on his face. He had come up with a good plan. The members of the Red Flower Society would pretend to be imprisoned by Hongli, so that Luo Bing, who had no knowledge of it, would persuade Song Qingshu to save the members of the Red Flower Society. 

When Song Qingshu rescues everyone, he would subconsciously think that the Red Flower Society would be grateful to him, and naturally he wouldn’t take precautions. At that point, Yu Wanting would join forces with the Southern Shaolin masters that he had secretly invited, and would take the opportunity to launch a surprise attack, and they would most likely be able to kill him in one hit. 

It’s a pity that he had never expected Yu Yutong to hear his secret. Although he crushed his heart, Yu Yutong was still able to escape. Yu Wanting was worried that the news had been leaked, so he had to change the plan. However, after hearing that Song Qingshu had sneaked into the palace, he had to rush over.

Chen Jialuo stepped forward and cursed, “Song Qingshu, last time in the imperial palace, you caused our Red Flower Society to lose the lives of many brothers. Afterwards, you used despicable means to coerce Fourth Brother Wen. We will take revenge for that today!”

Song Qingshu glanced at him coldly, “I have always looked down on your Red Flower Society from the bottom of my heart. From the Chief to his subordinates, every one of you relies on selling women to gain political benefits.” 

Chen Jialuo gave Princess Xiang to the Qianlong Emperor, but he failed to get any benefits. Who knew that in this world, because Hongli was not the Emperor, the world automatically corrected the plot, where Princess Xiang and Chen Jialuo didn’t have that fate.

Hearing Song Qingshu’s words, Chen Jialuo felt nothing, but Yu Wanting and Wen Tailai felt that his words were like a loud slap to the face, and they immediately became furious and rushed forward. Seeing that the two of them made a move, everyone in the Red Flower Society hurriedly followed. Tianjing, Tianhong, and Monk Huangmei also attacked at the same time.

“Do you really think you people can handle me?” Song Qingshu’s eyes flashed with a hint of madness, as power erupted from his whole body. The Wooden Sword hidden behind his back rose into the sky, and he coldly snorted, “Flying Sword!”

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