Chapter 232: Coughing up blood

Hearing the Fat Monk’s screams, Lu Gaoxuan panicked, and his moves became even more scattered.

“Junior Brother!” The Thin Monk’s eyes turned red, and he was about to rush up, but Su Quan stretched out her hand and stopped him, then she looked at Fukang’an and said with a smile, “If the General doesn’t order his subordinates to stop, then so be it. But, you might not be able to save your son’s life.” After speaking, the two babies burst into tears.

“Stop!” Fukang’an raised his left hand, and the masters of the palace all quieted down, but they still surrounded the members of the Mystic Dragon Cult.

Su Quan’s temples were sweating, and she knew that today would be a disastrous day for them, but she was also puzzled why the Prince Bao’s Palace found their hideout. ‘Could it be that Song Qingshu betrayed us?’

“Madame Hong, you are already surrounded, do you think that you can still escape? You might as well surrender a bit earlier. I think you are quite the beauty, so I can consider taking you as a prisoner.” Fukang’an looked at the two babies in her hand. Looking at his children’s faces warmed his heart, and he thought, ‘I will save them no matter what!’

“Under normal circumstances,I wouldn’d think of escaping, but now that your sons are in my hands, I would like to give it a try.” Su Quan smiled, “So many men have surrounded this lone woman. All this is making this timid woman very nervous. If I am not careful, I might hurt one of the young masters. I hope the general will not take offense, after all, there will still be one young master left.”

Everyone in the place was stunned. They didn’t expect that this incomparably charming woman would be capable of giving such a vicious threat while still having a smile on her face.

“Alright, if you give them to me, I promise to give you a lot of money, and I’ll let you all live.” Fukang’an said in a deep voice.

“Ah, a man’s promise is the most unreliable thing in the world…” Su Quan rolled her eyes and shook her head, “It would be better to hold them in my hands to feel more assured. When we  safely get on the boat, we will naturally return them to the general.”

“Okay, if you dare to hurt a single hair on them, this General will chase and hunt your Mystic Dragon Cult to the ends of the earth.” Fukang’an snorted coldly and waved his hand, revealing a gap in the encirclement.

“Thin Monk, you walk ahead.” Su Quan instructed without turning her head.

“Yes, Madame!” The Thin Monk nodded and walked ahead, guarding against any sneak attacks.

Su Quan followed his footsteps by keeping her back facing him. She walked with a smile on the corner of her mouth, and thought, ‘When I get out of Shengjing’s sphere of influence later, I will   use these two boys to exchange the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters’

When she was estimating Fukang’an’s bottom line, she suddenly felt a sharp pain on her back. Su Quan spat out a mouthful of blood, and before she could react, all the acupoints on her body were sealed! She knew that there was only one person behind her. So, she couldn’t help but turn her head glare at the Thin Monk, “So you were behind all this!”

Su Quan finally understood why the Palace was able to find their whereabouts in such a short period of time, even though the members of the Mystic Dragon Cult were being so careful. She had already planned how to distract the Palace’s attention, how to exchange the scriptures, and how to retreat safely once everything was done. Yet, they still found them!

In fact, she should have realized the fact that there was a traitor in their midst. However, she still didn’t understand why the Thin Monk dared to betray the Mystic Dragon Cult, because he was poisoned by the Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pill.

“Madame, over the years you have been eradicating the elders of the Cult and promoting young members from the bottom. Although everyone is cursing Madame, I understand that all of this is actually the Cult Masters will. So, even if I follow the Mystic Dragon Cult, I will be harmed by the Cult Master sooner or later. So, why would I live like a pig for slaughter.” Thin Monk picked up the babies from Su Quan’s arms and walked slowly towards Fukang’an.

“The Thin Venerable has made a great contribution today, and this General will definitely return the favor. In the future, the position of the cult master of the Mystic Dragon Cult will definitely belong to the Thin Venerable.” Fukang’an said with great joy.

Seeing the Thin Monk approaching closer, Yu Zhenzi subconsciously stepped in front of him, Fukang’an coughed and waved his hand, “It’s okay, let him come over.” 

The Mystic Dragon Cult had lost at least one-third of their top masters, and their Cult Master’s wife also fell into his hands, so he no longer doubted the Thin Monk. He had always known the truth of using people without doubting them, so in order to completely subdue the Thin Monk, he naturally had to show a gesture of trust.

“My lord, I have rescued your sons.” The Thin Monk smiled and slowly carried the twins forward.

Looking at his two sons who were still in swaddling clothes, a trace of tenderness appeared on Fukang’an’s face, and he reached out to take them in his arms.

The Thin Monk’s smile suddenly disappeared, and it was replaced by a look of hatred. He threw the two babies to both sides, just enough to block the sight of Yu Zhenzi and Zhang Zhaozhong, and then used all his strength to punch Fukang’an’s chest!

Fukang’an lowered his head in disbelief and looked at the fist on his chest. He clucked a few times and tried to speak, but he could only cough out a few mouthfuls of sticky blood. When he thought about the fact that he would be dying in the hands of such a small fry, he felt so angry that he spurted out another mouthful of blood! His feet softened, and he knelt down like a mass of mud.

“Daughter, father has avenged you! Hahahaha…” Even at this moment, the Thin Monk didn’t call out Jianning’s name. In his opinion, he should be grateful for the fact that Jianning was buried as a princess. There was no need to let everyone in the world know that she was not a royalty, but just a wild seed.

By this point, Yu Zhenzi and Zhang Zhaozhong had both arrived, and the Thin Monk was penetrated by their long swords. But the Thin Monk was not surprised, instead he showed a smile of satisfaction, as he had already prepared to die together with Fu Kang’an. 

He didn’t even care about his own life, so how could he care about the lives of everyone in the Mystic Dragon Cult? He used the people of the Mystic Dragon Cult as bait, and finally managed to win Fukang’an’s trust. Then he succeeded in avenging his daughter.

Looking at Fukang’an, who couldn’t be more dead, all the masters of the Palace felt like falling into an ice cellar.

Su Quan also didn’t expect this sudden change. Before she could figure out who this daughter the Thin Monk was speaking of could be, she realized that everyone at the scene was looking at her with rage! She suddenly felt a shiver run down her spine and said, “You… what do you want to do?”

“Kill her and take revenge for the General!” It wasn’t clear who was the one who shouted first, but everyone from the palace surrounded her. Although Yu Zhenzi, Zhang Zhaozhong and a few others understood that Su Quan was the wife of the Cult Master of the Mystic Dragon Cult, and the benefits brought by capturing her alive would be even greater. 

But they also knew that they couldn’t stop everyone in this situation, when they were feeling so anxious! 

Suddenly a man in black rushed in, his target unknown. Yu Zhenzi and Zhang Zhaozhong stepped forward to stop him, but were forced away by their opponent’s move! They all turned pale, as they watched him disappear into the distance with Su Quan in his arms.


Back to the situation with Ma Chunhua in Prince Bao’s Palace. 

Under Song Qingshu’s masterful hands, she gradually felt that her chest had started to become soft and comfortable, and it was no longer as stiff as a stone like before. 

“Thank you, Honored Elder.” Ma Chunhua always felt a bit uncomfortable when she said this, especially when the man’s hands were still on her chest.

Song Qingshu smiled faintly, took his hand back, put it in the basin and washed it, then took the towel handed over by the maid and wiped it. “It will still take a few more hours, but I have already cleared out most of the clogs in the breasts. So, I think the Madame should be starting to feel quite uncomfortable. It would be proper to let the maid continue to press it according to the method I just demonstrated.” Seeing that Fukang’an had left, Song Qingshu felt that it was time to find Xia Qingqing, so he naturally had no interest in staying there and continue this massage.

“Ah?” Ma Chunhua became stunned for a moment, then nodded. She then turned to instruct the maid next to her, “Xiao Tao, take the Honored Elder out and treat him well.”

“Yes.” The maid named Xiao Tao nodded, “Sir, please come with me.”

Song Qingshu winked at Ajiu, then picked up the medicine box and walked out behind the maid.

“Sister Tao, has he cured the Madame’s illness?” As soon as the door opened, the guards at the door inquired.

“Well…he did. The Madame has told me to treat him well.” Xiao Tao replied.

The guard rolled his eyes and quickly said, “The General has already given his order just now. Let us take him to another mansion to entertain him. Sister Xiao Tao, you should go back to the house to take care of Madame. She is sick and needs more help.”

Xiao Tao thought that it was reasonable, “Well then, I’ll leave it to you, don’t neglect them.”

“We know!” The guards looked at each other and could see the strange smiles on their lips.

Song Qingshu watched from the sidelines without saying anything, and quietly followed behind a few guards, who brought them through a quiet and deserted path, until they came to a garden.

“Where is this place?” Song Qingshu asked, pretending to look nervous.

“Heh, this place will be your grave…” Before they even finished speaking, the guards had already drawn their swords and slashed forward!

Song Qingshu disappeared from the place he was standing, sealed their acupoints with a few pokes, and was about to say something but Ajiu suddenly pulled out a sword from the bottom of the “Specializing in Incurable Disease” flat banner pole. With a flash of cold light, a few guards’ heads rolled on the ground.

“I had them restrained already.” Song Qingshu frowned, in his heart, he really didn’t want to take more lives.

“Kill as many invaders as you can.” Ajiu said with a frosty expression.

Thinking of her fallen country, and her brothers and sisters who had died at the hands of the Qing Dynasty, Song Qingshu felt that he was in no position to criticize her, and sighed, “Let’s go find Xia Qingqing.”

On the way, they caught a maid and asked about the residence of the new concubine in the palace. Song Qingshu sealed her acupuncture points and hid her in the rockery. Ajiu didn’t kill her this time. (G: I call it bias!)

According to the instructions of the maid, the two hid their tracks all the way, and finally found the small courtyard where Xia Qingqing lived.

“Fortunately, the inner palace is not as heavily guarded as the outer palace, otherwise we would have been discovered long ago.” Ajiu said while feeling a bit happy.

“As long as one lives, there’s always a chance that you’ll wear a green hat… hehe! Hongli and Fukang’an’s wives and concubines are numerous, so there will always be fertile fields that lack irrigation. Naturally, they dare not let other men come in and wander around. But, if a guard is bold, help them with irrigation, hehe…” Song Qingshu’s expression showed his thoughts.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Ajiu blushed and said, “Let’s find Qingqing!”

The two of them were worried about alerting the servants, so they didn’t dare to push the door and directly enter the house. They used their movement technique to land on top of the courtyard wall and observe the situation inside.

Sitting on the stone bench in the center of the yard was a graceful figure. She had her hair bunned on her head, with a few locks falling to the side, matching her slender and graceful figure. She had a slender waist, a beautiful neck, and snow-white skin. The sunlight shined on her visage, making her seem more charming, bright and beautiful.

“Youyou!” Song Qingshu jumped over and fell in front of the woman, then looked at her with a complicated expression.

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