Chapter 231: Cult Master’s wife

“What!” The shock of this information was a bit too much for Luo Bing.

Li Yuanzhi stared at Luo Bing’s back in a daze, and thought, ‘Sister Lou Bing was really sent by the Red Flower Society to seduce Big Brother Song. No wonder the atmosphere between the two of them has always felt a bit strange these days. I wonder how far the relationship between the two have gotten.’

“I had the same reaction as you at the time.” Yu Yutong smiled bitterly, “I originally thought that the Old Chief had sacrificed his own love for the sake of the great cause of eliminating the Qing Dynasty and restoring the Ming Dynasty. But I didn’t expect that he had schemed everything from the beginning, and wanted to make his son the Emperor! He fooled all of our brothers to work for him.” 

Yu Yutong’s resentment could not be concealed from his voice.

“What happened later?” Luo Bing asked anxiously.

Yu Yutong went on to tell what happened next. When he heard the information, he was dumbfounded. He subconsciously wanted to leave and inform the rest of the Red Flower Society, but knocked down a vase in his moment of daze, which was discovered by Yu Wanting. 

When Yu Wanting found out that it was Yu Yutong, he still tried to deceive him with lies, but unfortunately Yu Yutong was an aggressive and hot blooded young man. He directly yelled at Yu Wanting for being mean and shameless, and Yu Wanting finally attacked him with the intent to kill.

Although Yu Yutong had obtained the authentic inheritance of Ma Zhen, one of the five heroes of Wudang, he was still not Yu Wanting’s opponent.

“Fourteenth Brother, do you have any wishes in your heart? Your Fourth Sister-in-law will definitely fulfill it for you!” Luo Bing could feel that Yu Yutong’s vitality was almost exhausted, and she also began to sob.

Yu Yutong smiled bitterly, “Fourth Sister-in-law, it’s not like you don’t know how I feel about you.” Luo Bing became stunned, and Li Yuanzhi felt her heart become cold.

“Fourth Sister-in-law, I don’t know if I should say it or not.” Yu Yutong showed a struggle on his face.

“Fourteenth brother, your Fourth Sister-in-law, will listen.” Luo Bing held his hand, but felt that it was extremely cold, and she felt even more uncomfortable.

“Fourth Sister-in-law…you should not follow Fourth Brother in the future, just follow Song Qingshu.” Yu Yutong said lightly, as if he had seen through everything.

“What?” Luo Bing was stunned, never expecting him to say such a thing.

“Last time, when the Old Chief asked you to use the beauty trick to tempt Song Qingshu; although he lied to everyone, the Fourth Brother had nodded and agreed,” Yu Yutong said in a deep voice, “In my opinion, that is not something a true man should do. No matter what, you shouldn’t let your woman sacrifice herself. So, after that day, I really look down on the Fourth Brother, he doesn’t deserve to have you.”

“Slap!” Luo Bing gritted her teeth and slapped him. (G: She slapped a dying man!)

“What are you doing!” Li Yuanzhi woke up from her daze, hurriedly ran over to protect Yu Yutong, and glared at Luo Bing.

“I will say it again even if you slap me…” Yu Yutong said with a wry smile. “The Fourth Brother had said that Song Qingshu used our lives to coerce him that day, and he had no choice but to promise to give you to Song Qingshu. When I heard him say that, I really just wanted to laugh!”

“That could only prove that in the Fourth Brother’s heart, there are other things that are more important than you, Fourth Sister-in-law. Should we oppose the Qing Dynasty and restore the Ming Dynasty? Of course we should. But if you have to sacrifice your woman in exchange, what kind of justice would that be?” Yu Yutong sneered, “If I were in the position of the Fourth Brother, I would rather die with all the brothers than agree to Song Qingshu’s threats!”

The events of that day had already created a rift between Wen Tailai and Luo Bing, and every word Yu Yutong said just now were akin to strikes from the giant Pangu’s Axe. The rift continued getting bigger and bigger. (G: See the myth of Pangu.)

Noticing Luo Bing’s uncertain expression, Yu Yutong showed a faint smile, “Sister-in-law, think about it. Although, personally I didn’t have much contact with Song Qingshu, but the way he does things has left a deep impression on me. In order to get you, he used many despicable means. I used to hate him very much for that, but now that I am about to die, I see it clearly. Even if he is despicable, he will never use you in exchange for benefits. Only a man like him can protect you for a lifetime.”

“I can protect myself, I don’t need a man to protect me!” Luo Bing gritted her teeth. She didn’t want Yu Yutong to continue speaking, because she found that her mind had begun to shake with each of his words.

Seeing Luo Bing’s uncertain expression, Yu Yutong shook his head. He had always been infatuated with this Fourth Sister-in-law, but when he was about to die, he felt that he could see things more clearly than anyone else. 

He looked at Li Yuanzhi, who was in the room, sighed in his heart, and softly said, “Yuanzhi.”

Li Yuanzhi nodded as if she was flattered. Usually, Yu Yutong called her Miss Li. Could it be that her feelings finally got through when he was dying? Li Yuanzhi burst into tears at the thought.

“Do you think it’s better to marry someone you love or to marry someone who loves you?” At that moment, Yu Yutong’s eyes only had endless tenderness.

“I will be the happiest when I marry you!” Li Yuanzhi said loudly.

Yu Yutong was stunned, as he didn’t expect her answer to be this. Such a devoted and beautiful girl had always been deeply in love with him, and it would be a lie to say that he wasn’t  moved by her. But, as Yu Yutong thought that he would die soon, why should he give a girl hope? So he decided to be ruthless, “Miss Li, you should be clear that the person I love has always been my Fourth Sister-in-law, and I don’t love you.”

“I don’t care!” Li Yuanzhi turned her head away, trying to wipe the tears from her eyes, but unfortunately she couldn’t finish it.

“But I care!” Yu Yutong’s voice suddenly became serious, “Take 10,000 steps back and say, even if I survive and finally marry you, I’ll probably be more grateful than emotional. As long as my Fourth Sister-in-law beckons, I’m sure that I would leave you without hesitation and throw myself into her arms.”

“Fourteenth Brother! What nonsense are you talking about!” Luo Bing came back to her senses and glared at Yu Yutong.

“I’m not talking nonsense…” Yu Yutong shook his head, his voice very calm, “I don’t think Fourth Brother Wen is worthy of Fourth Sister-in-law, and I also think I’m not worthy of Miss Li. Miss Li, your love for me is just too heavy, and I can’t return that feeling to you equally. Do you understand what I mean?”

“But I don’t need you to return it, I’m happy to love you more.” Li Yuanzhi muttered to herself.

“I’m not worth your effort. What you just said only proves that you haven’t met the person you are destined to…” The light in Yu Yutong’s eyes gradually dimmed.

“I understand, Big Brother Yu, I will definitely find that destined person.” Li Yuanzhi said with choked sobs, holding back her tears.

Yu Yutong let out a sigh of relief, suddenly thought of something, and said, “By the way, I also heard the Old Chief say that the incident when the masters from the Prince Bao’s palace raided the hideout of the Red Flower Club, was just an act played by the two parties. They wanted to use the Fourth Sister-in-law in a way that would fool Song Qingshu more effectively. Since Song Qingshu is not here now, I’m afraid their plan has been successful.”

“What?” The expressions of both Li Yuanzhi and Luo Bing suddenly changed at the same time.

Noticing the concerned expressions of the two women, Yu Yutong’s expression turned extremely complicated, and he whispered to himself, “Why am I not so lucky as Song Qingshu…”

“Fourteenth Brother, what did you say?” Luo Bing was surprised, she knelt and sat down again, then looked at Yu Yutong.

Unfortunately, Yu Yutong had already finished saying what he wanted to say, but once he had given up all his wishes in the world, his anger was released, and his eyes soon became dull. Hearing Luo Bing’s warm and familiar voice, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but lift up and said with a smile, “Fourth Sister-in-law, can you kiss me?”

Luo Bing was stunned. She had always been aware of Yu Yutong’s feelings towards her, but she only regarded him as a little brother who made mistakes. Hearing his dying wish, she felt conflicted in her heart, and after staying silent for a while, she slowly lowered her head.

Seeing the red lips that he had been longing for getting closer and closer, Yu Yutong showed a satisfied smile. His hand on the stretcher softened, then slipped down into the air, and his eyes closed forever. (Q: RIP…you were a good bro in the end!)

“Fourteenth Brother!” 

“Big Brother Yu!” 

The two women suddenly wailed, fell on Yu Yutong and cried bitterly.

After a while, Li Yuanzhi raised her head, wiped away her tears, grabbed the sword beside her, and attempted to walk out. Luo Bing noticed her abnormality, so she quickly stood up and shouted, “Sister Yuanzhi, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to kill that traitorous dog Yu Wanting to avenge Big Brother Yu!” Li Yuanzhi said through gritted teeth. As the beloved daughter of Li Kexiu, a high-ranking official in the Qing imperial court, the reason why she was usually so kind to the people of the Red Flower Society was because the one she loved was their member. Now that Yu Yutong died at the hands of the Red Flower Society, she even had the urge to annihilate the entire organization.  

At the moment, Luo Bing was in a complicated mood. After all, Yu Wanting had been in charge of the Red Flower Society for many years, she has always been respectful and afraid of Yu Wanting. Although she learned from Yu Yutong that Yu Wanting’s saintly image was just a facade, and he was doing everything out of his own selfish interests. But the image of Yu Wanting ingrained in her heart was not so easy to change so easily.

Hearing Li Yuanzhi’s words, Luo Bing subconsciously wanted to stop her, but soon realized that she was being completely unreasonable, and after a moment of daze, she said, “Our top priority at the moment should be to save Song Qingshu first, who is the man who saved us. He took such risks for us, I’m afraid that by now…”

Li Yuanzhi finally came back to her senses and muttered to herself, “Yes, since all of this is a scheme, and if Brother Song gets hurt for my request, I’m afraid I won’t be able to feel at ease for the rest of my life.”

Luo Bing also pulled out her pair of swords from the foot of the bed, gritted her teeth, and said, “Sister Yuanzhi, let’s rescue Song Qingshu first, and then discuss the matter of revenge later.”

Li Yuanzhi’s face turned gloomy and uncertain, then she finally nodded, “Okay!”

When Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian watched the two women come out with murderous intentions, he was dumbfounded, “Two aunts, what are you doing?”

After coming to her senses, Li Yuanzhi no longer had the previous dazed look in her eyes, and she had regained her usual shrewdness. Looking at the two guards, she thought of something in her heart, and quickly said, “We are going to save your Lord Song.” Then she quickly told them about the Red Flower Society’s plans and their speculation that he was in a deep crisis at this very moment.

Zhang Kangnian and Zhao Qixian looked at each other, realized the seriousness of the situation, and nodded. They looked at the two women and said, “Two ladies, Lord Song has already instructed us that if he encounters danger, we should not go to save him directly, but go to find someone else.”


At the Wanhao Inn.

The members of the Mystic Dragon Cult were quite busy. Su Quan had her eyes closed and going through the details of her plan. She felt that everything was going according to her expectations. She opened her eyes and was about to speak, when suddenly her expression changed!

With a bang, experts stormed in from the four windows, the walls, and the roof. After a bout of face-to-face battle, the ordinary members of the Mystic Dragon Cult suffered heavy casualties, and the remaining core members guarded Su Quan.

Su Quan subconsciously grabbed the twins beside her in her arms, and pointed her bright red nails on the baby’s throat, as she vigilantly watched the person who came in.

“I’ve long heard that the Cult Master’s wife of the Mystic Dragon Cult is very beautiful. After seeing you today, you really live up to your reputation.”

Looking at Yu Zhenzi, Zhang Zhaozhong, Hai Lanbi, Debu and other famous masters from the Palace, Su Quan’s face turned ashen, “Why are you here?”

“Are you asking why we are not at the wharf ten miles away?” Fukang’an sneered, “In the past, I faced many clever people on the battlefield, yet here I am, still standing here. So handling a measly Mystic Dragon Cult is nothing special.”

“Madame, we’ll cover you, hurry up and escape!” The Fat Monk let out an angry roar, and pounced directly towards Fukang’an with his weapon.

“Looking for death!” Zhang Zhaozhong’s eyes narrowed, and he unsheathed his sword. The room suddenly shone with cold light, and he immediately blocked the offensive of the Fat Monk.

Lu Gaoxuan, who had also launched an attack at the same time, was also stopped by Debu and Hai Lanbi. Their martial arts were not much weaker than Lu Gaoxuan, and soon Lu Gaoxuan also fell in danger.

“Master Zhang, this one will lend you a hand!” Yu Zhenzi laughed, and disappeared from his place. He unsheathed his long sword, and attacked Fat Monk.

Although the Fat Monks martial arts was good, it was still inferior to Zhang Zhaozhong. So how could he defend against the ghost-like Yu Zhenzi? He screamed, and the long sword passed through his chest. Apparently, he died!

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