Chapter 238: Hole

Ajiu was both embarrassed and angry, “Who cares about your internal energy!” 

After speaking, she also felt that her tone was a bit too harsh, and then said, “Why didn’t you explain it clearly before?”

“Firstly, I was worried that after you heard it, you wouldn’t want to owe me such a big favor, so you might give up the treatment. And secondly…” Song Qingshu deliberately paused, “To make you feel more moved.”

“Who would feel moved, you idiot…” Ajiu felt a little embarrassed. “Besides, I don’t owe you anything. Although I got half of your internal energy, you also got my…” As she spoke, a trace of blush appeared on Ajiu’s face. It was unclear if it was because of the afterglow after the bliss, or she was just feeling extremely embarrassed, but she wasn’t able to continue speaking.

“What did I get?” Song Qingshu deliberately moved close to her ear and couldn’t help licking the delicate earlobe in front of him.

Ajiu’s body trembled, and when she thought that they had done everything there was to do anyway, she didn’t think this was unacceptable. The anger rising up within her suddenly disappeared, as her heart felt empty and she went into a daze.

“I don’t want to talk to you under such circumstances.” She referred to the posture the two of them were in at the moment. Their bodies could clearly feel the hot temperature of the other, but this man was deliberately talking to her about other matters in such an absurd situation! 

Seeing the wicked smile on Song Qingshu’s face, Ajiu couldn’t help but itch with hatred, and she finally suppressed the urge to bite him on the shoulder. 

“Since you won’t say it, then I will say it for you…” Song Qingshu deliberately twisted his waist, which sent a shiver through Ajiu’s delicate body. She trembled, and could no longer lie straight, as her tender back slowly bent like a bow, revealing a look of pure bliss. 

“To receive the chastity of the Princess, it really is the fortune of several lifetimes.”

Ajiu’s body oozed out dense beads of fine sweat, and every inch of her skin turned extremely hot. However, when she heard Song Qingshu’s words, her heart turned cold, and she said in a deep voice, “I didn’t expect that you would still complete your mission.”

“What mission?” Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment, but quickly reacted and laughed, “Are you talking about that mission to ruin your chastity?”

“Isn’t it? It seems that I was careless.” Ajiu lowered her head and fell silent.

“I wouldn’t even remember it if you didn’t mention it.” Song Qingshu grabbed her hand and put it on his chest, “We are very close at the moment, and now that we are connected by True Qi, even our heartbeats are in sync. You should be able to tell if I’m telling the truth or not.”

Ajiu had only heard about such a thing in classic scriptures of Taoism before, but she never thought that she could experience it for herself. Feeling Song Qingshu’s even and powerful heartbeat, Ajiu actually felt a kind of closeness similar to being connected by blood. “Okay, I believe what you said…but how long will we have to stay like this?” The feeling from her body made it difficult for her to hide the trembling in her voice.

“I was already done with healing when I was talking to you just now. It’s just that I couldn’t bear to leave your body.” Song Qingshu hesitated for a moment, but decided to tell the truth.

“You!” Ajiu immediately began to struggle desperately, but was quickly hugged by Song Qingshu again.

“Ajiu, I know that after this incident, your most likely choice will be to leave, and I will lose you forever. Before you go, just leave a sweet memory for both of us. Is it too much to ask?” Song Qingshu felt that the beautiful figure in his arms was way too delicate. So delicate that he felt like she would be crushed if he squeezed too hard, but he also feared that if he didn’t hold her tightly, she would disappear.

Ajiu really thought that way in her heart. If she stayed, she wouldn’t know how to deal with the situation, so why not just leave? Feeling the heat from Song Qingshu’s breath, and thinking that he had lost half of his internal energy in order to save her, Ajiu’s heart softened and she gave a nearly inaudible humm.

Who said that only men had desires? Even a goddess would find it difficult to achieve a clear spiritual state under the circumstance of this kind of bodily entanglement. In the end, Ajiu couldn’t resist the soft words of a man who she had a skin-to-skin relationship with.

Ajiu wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, as her body became softer and softer, and Song Qingshu felt so overjoyed that he quickly pressed her down.


“Okay, I’m leaving!” After some time, an exhausted female voice was heard in the room.

“One last time!” The man’s voice was full of desire.

“You said the same thing several times.” From her voice, you could feel the shame and anger the woman felt in her heart at the moment.

“I’m not lying to you this time, this is definitely the last time.” The man swore.

“……” After a long silence, the woman sighed, “Okay.”




“Why are you looking at me like that?” Song Qingshu couldn’t help but feel depressed as he endured the strange stare the two women were giving him.

“Brother Song, I didn’t expect you to be so thick-skinned when you lie to a girl.” When Ajiu came out of the tent, her cheeks were flushed, and her starry eyes were full of spring love. When she saw Luo Bing and Li Yuanzhi, she was so ashamed that she didn’t even greet them, and disappeared into the distance as if she was running away. 

No matter how pure Li Yuanzhi was, she still understood what happened in the tent just now from the sound and voices they were able to hear that entire time.

Luo Bing was naturally aware of Song Qingshu’s methods. For some reason, after seeing that such a fairy-like woman was actually in a relationship with him…she couldn’t help feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Being teased by the 18-year-old girl in front of him, Song Qingshu couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed, and said in a hurry, “Don’t think any strange things, I was just saving her just now!”

“Your way of saving people is a bit… unique,” Li Yuanzhi thought for a long time, but couldn’t think of a word to describe it. So she just casually said, “Brother Song, I heard that you are a master at taking women’s chastity. I really don’t dare to stay with you.”

Song Qingshu frowned, “Where did you learn such a vulgar thing?”

“I overheard those guards surnamed Zhang and Zhao chatting in the Sifang Pavilion before.” Li Yuanzhi blushed and subconsciously stuck out her tongue, “Brother Song, after this incident in Shengjing, I…I just want to go home to see my father. I have been away from home for so long, they must have been worried about me too.” Li Yuanzhi smiled, “After leaving Prince Bao’s sphere of influence, I will go directly to Jiangnan. I won’t be accompanying you to Yanjing. By the way, I also invited Sister Luo to my house to relax.”

“You can go home anytime you want, but why are you dragging your sister Luo?” Song Qingshu glared at her.

“Yu Wanting, that old bastard, killed Big Brother Yu, and he even slandered Sister Luo, causing their relationship as husband and wife to fall apart. We have to find a way to solve this misunderstanding and make Fourth Brother Wen see Yu Wanting’s true face. If you make Sister Luo follow you all the time, wouldn’t it just confirm Yu Wanting’s claim? How will people in the Wulin think of Sister Luo… and you.” Li Yuanzhi said.

“But Wen Tailai has already sold his wife to me. From that moment, Luo Bing has nothing to do with him anymore.” Song Qingshu actually regretted what he did on a whim that day. If the matter spreads, he will have to face the judgment of public opinion.

“You don’t really want to do something to Sister Luo, do you?” Li Yuanzhi looked at him in surprise.

Song Qing cursed in his heart, ‘All that could be done has been done, and you are still asking this question…’

Luo Bing was also feeling quite strange in her heart, but the nature of a woman made her subconsciously want to hide the matter from Li Yuanzhi, so she quickly said, “Song…Lord Song, I have a special status, I’m afraid it’ll spread rumors if stay by your side. You already have enough troubles on your plate, so there is no need to add to the troubles… and I also want to relax and think a bit more about the future.”

Song Qingshu carefully stared at her eyes, as if trying to guess her true thoughts, and slowly began to assess the situation in his heart, ‘Keeping Luo Bing by my side would satisfy my desires, but after returning to Yanjing City, I would have a lot of things to do. So, her presence would be quite inconvenient.’

“Okay, don’t run around after you arrive in Jiangnan. Maybe I will come to see you when I miss you.” Song Qingshu laughed.

“Don’t worry, Brother Song, if you come to Jiangnan, I will definitely do everything I can do as a host and treat you well.” Li Yuanzhi patted her not so plump breasts.

“It’s getting quite late. You two should go to bed first, I’ll go outside to practice some martial arts.” Song Qingshu jumped off the bed and quickly disappeared outside the tent.

When the camp was set up, the guards naturally arranged for the two women to live with Song Qingshu, but he had already exerted most of his energy after several fierce battles with Ajiu. So, he decided to recover in tranquility.

After jumping on a large smooth stone, Song Qingshu began to circulate the Joyful True Qi in his body. He had lost half of his internal energy to save Ajiu, and his reason was not as pure as he said at the time. 

Ajiu was injured while saving him, and it was obvious that he should repay that favor, but that was only one aspect of it. The other reason was Ajiu herself and her status as a princess in the Ming Dynasty. Song Qingshu had long wanted to pull her into his camp. 

In the past, when he  learned that she had become the saintess of the Ming Cult, although it was only a cooperative relationship with Zhang Wuji for the time being, it was difficult to guarantee that she wouldn’t be truly subdued by him in the future. Song Qingshu had always been worried about the possibility, and he would naturally not let go of this opportunity to start first. As for losing half of his internal energy, Song Qingshu didn’t care about it at all. It would be alright, if he could find some women to practice with again…


Looking at the messy sheets in front of her, Li Yuanzhi said with a bitter face, “Sister Luo, how do we sleep?”

Luo Bing also cursed in her heart. There were traces of the “act” on the bed. Song Qingshu didn’t know how to clean up and had just left. “Let’s change the sheets.” Finally, she had no choice but to say that.

“Hey, why is there such a big hole in the sheet?” Li Yuanzhi suddenly exclaimed while the two of them were cleaning up.

Luo Bing followed her gaze, and saw a square hole in the middle of the bed sheet. The hole was extremely neatly cut. It was pretty obvious at first glance that it was done with a sharp knife. 

As an experienced woman, she quickly understood the reason and secretly smiled. After a while, she urged, “Don’t worry, let’s quickly change the sheets and go to bed.”


In Shengjing City, Prince Bao’s Palace.

Hongli looked at the identical twins in front of him with a gloomy expression on his face. If Fukang’an hadn’t gone to save them, he wouldn’t have died.

“Your Highness, with all due respect, the origins of these two children are unknown, and it would be foolish to say they are the sons of the Heir with just one word from that woman.” An official next to him said.

The words of his subordinates increased the uneasiness in Hongli’s heart. Looking at the two babies in the swaddle, Hongli felt a chill in his heart, ‘If I find out that they are not Fu’er’s flesh and blood, I will let you three mother and sons face a fate worse than death!’

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