Chapter 239: Kangxi’s chess piece

“It’s a pity that the heir has passed away now, otherwise we could use the blood test method.” Another person spoke up, and his words caused more sounds of regret from the others around him.

“It doesn’t matter, we of the imperial family have a unique bloodline, and it has obvious differences to other blood. If they do not have my imperial blood, then their blood will not mix. Bring a bowl of clear water and try it with this Prince’s blood.” 

Yu Wanting heard his words on the side, and felt quite suspicious. Hongli was obviously not of the imperial bloodline, but his own son. Then why would he say this?

In fact, this was a big secret of Qian Zhenhuan. 

At the beginning, when Yu Wanting revealed to her that he wanted her to give herself to Prince Yong. She became afraid and quickly said that she was pregnant with his flesh and blood. She thought that, if she did that, then Yu Wanting would never give her to another man. Who knew that Yu Wanting was even more ecstatic when he heard the news! 

And he even used all his rhetoric to deceive her into giving herself to Prince Yong. Qian Zhenhuan gave up completely and had no choice but to enter Prince Yong’s palace according to his plan.

What Qian Zhenhuan didn’t expect was that Prince Yong would fall in love with her at first sight. Not only did he not dislike her for not being a virgin, but he loved her even more. As the saying goes, the best way to heal a broken heart is to love again. 

Qian Zhenhuan’s mentality also gradually changed. Over time, the relationship between them grew over time, and naturally she became pregnant with Prince Yong’s flesh and blood. But, she was worried that Yu Wanting might harm her child, so she tricked Yu Wanting by saying that the child belonged to him. 

It was not until just before her death that Qian Zhenhuan quietly told Hongli the truth. Hongli was originally upset because of the fact that he didn’t belong to the imperial bloodline, but a wild man from the Wulin. He was overjoyed when he heard the truth. Hongli, who was very clever, didn’t tell Yu Wanting the truth, and continued to use the Red Flower Society as his tool.

Soon, two bowls of clean water were brought by Hongli’s subordinates, and two drops of blood were squeezed into the bowls amid the cries of the twins.

“My lord, look…” His subordinates brought two bowls to Hongli.

“You all leave first.” Hongli waved his hand, and all his subordinates hurriedly retreated. They all felt fortunate to get away. Some things were better left unknown. If they were the grandsons of the Prince, then all was good, if not, then it would be a huge scandal! So the Prince could very well execute everyone to silence them in his moment of anger

Hongli’s expression became extremely serious, he picked up the silver needle and stuck it on his finger, and when he squeezed the blood into the bowl, his finger was trembling.

Seeing the situation in the bowl, Hongli’s eyebrows slowly straightened up, and a smile appeared on his face, “Hear me! This Prince is going to Miss Ma’s courtyard.”

When the men who came in through the door saw his expression, they understood that the results were most likely positive.

Hongli’s mood had finally improved, and he carried his two grandchildren with great interest, all the way to the courtyard where Ma Chunhua lived.

Ma Chunhua was also a little surprised when she saw Hongli. She wanted to call him father-in-law, but she thought that the rules of the palace should be different from those of the common people, and she was also not someone that Fukang’an’s had taken as a concubine. So the situation seemed quite awkward for a moment.

Hongli noticed that there was a deep sorrow between her brows, as the woman wearing a snow-white dress timidly stood before him. Her gentle appearance made him feel pity, and he couldn’t help but say, “Miss Ma, I hope you can understand the situation. Your status is special, so it is inconvenient for you to participate in Fu’er’s funeral.”

It turned out that Fukang’an’s funeral was already being held in the palace, but as Ma Chunhua and Fukang’an’s relationship hadn’t yet become official, Hongli naturally didn’t want her to appear with Fukang’an’s wife and many other concubines.

“This Concubine understands, I can only blame my luck.” Ma Chunhua showed a sad smile. But, when she saw the twins in Hongli’s hands, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she quickly reached out her hand to pick them up, “My sons, my sons!”

When Hongli sent the twins to Ma Chunhua’s arms, the back of his hand accidentally touched one of her mounds, which was full of mil*k. That strange sensation made Hongli a little embarrassed. Seeing that Ma Chunhua didn’t seem to notice, he quickly said, “Miss Ma, this Prince seems to smell wine on you?”

Ma Chunhua glanced at him with blurred eyes, “I hope Your Highness will forgive me. Fukang’an is gone, and I don’t even have the qualifications to see him one last time. I feel very sad, so I used wine to relieve my sorrow.” A smile finally appeared on her face as she looked at the babies in her arms, “If it wasn’t for them, I would have gone to Fukang’an long ago.”

Hongli noticed that her cheeks were flushed, and her expression was a little unstable. He was startled, and hurriedly called the maid to come and send the two children to the wetnurse. Seeing that Ma Chunhua was reluctant to let go, he quickly said, “You are now quite drunk, so it’s not suitable for you to be nursing the children.”

Seeing the children being carried away, Ma Chunhua gave a reluctant sigh, “Please forgive this Concubine for being so bold, but can Your Highness accompany me for a drink?”

Although Ma Chunhua was dressed in white, her face illuminated by the candles seemed as delicate as a begonia. According to Hongli’s original plan, he was going to quietly execute Ma Chunhua and then make one Fukang’an’s concubine the twins’ mother, similar to how Prince Yong once asked his mother Qian Zhenhuan to take the Lu family as her parents. Outsiders would never know that the twins had some Han blood in their veins. But after seeing Ma Chunhua today, Hongli couldn’t bear to do it.

“Okay, this Prince will accompany you.” But Hongli was a capable person after all, so he quickly recovered from his negative emotions. Thinking that the woman will be killed after a while anyway, so why not accompany her a little.

However, Hongli was always cautious and didn’t drink the wine in Ma Chunhua’s room. He ordered his subordinates to prepare additional wine and dishes.

“Your Highness, I know that I shouldn’t drink alcohol during the period of filial piety, but I really don’t want to stay awake. Once I’m awake, I’ll only think of Fukang’an.” Ma Chunhua started sobbing as she spoke, and Hongli quickly comforted her.

Hongli silently listened to Ma Chunhua recounting the scene of her meeting with Fukang’an in the past, and her deep love for him in her heart 

As time went by, after a glass of wine, Ma Chunhua’s eyes became more and more blurred, and she finally lay down, then fell asleep on the table.

“Miss Ma?” Hongli called her a few times. Seeing that the other party didn’t respond, he couldn’t help but frown. It wasn’t proper for him to drink with his daughter-in-law, not to mention that Fukang’an had just died. Hongli knew that if someone were to come in, rumors would spread throughout the palace in a short time. After thinking about it, he decided to take Ma Chunhua to bed and quietly leave.

As Hongli walked over and hugged Ma Chunhua, she let out a soft snort, as if looking for a more comfortable posture. She twisted her whole body and pressed her face tightly on Hongli’s chest. Ma Chunhua’s body was warm and full to the touch. The youthful and elastic figure of this woman made Hongli feel a little dazed.

Just after putting Ma Chunhua on the bed, Hongli was about to leave, but found that his hand was firmly being held. He turned around in surprise, and found that Ma Chunhua’s face was full of spring, as she looked at him with her watery eyes, then murmured, “Husband, don’t go! Come and accompany me~”

Hongli was stunned for a moment, he and Fukang’an did look alike, and it was probably because Ma Chunhua was quite drunk that she had mistook him for her lover. Just as he was about to explain, she pressed her fiery lips on his.

Hongli suddenly felt his whole body go stiff, as the heat exhaled by Ma Chunhua touched his face, and her warm and tender hands embraced his neck. He knew that his daughter-in-law had mistaken him for his son but he was reluctant to push her away.

“Husband, take me~” 

A sweet and tender cry rang out in his ears, and before he knew it, Ma Chunhua had already revealed her youthful and energetic body. Hongli’s breathing suddenly became rapid, and he could no longer suppress the evil impulses in his heart.

‘This Prince will kill her after tonight anyways, so no one will know about this scandal.’ This was the last thought in Hongli’s mind before he pressed the sultry woman under his body.

“Oh~” Ma Chunhua trembled, and hugged Hongli tightly like an octopus.

Feeling the youthful body that was soft beyond description, and coupled with her identity as his daughter-in-law, Hongli experienced a feeling he never could from his concubines. He felt as if he had returned to his youth. The woman’s majestic figure, and her docile posture made Hongli feel overjoyed. His movements became more and more rough, and he galloped on Ma Chunhua without pity.

The maids who were guarding outside heard a man’s roar and a woman’s muffled moans constantly coming from the room. They couldn’t help but look at each other as their faces went pale with fright, but no one dared to go in to stop what was happening inside.


In the early morning of the next day, when Hongli woke up, he found that Ma Chunhua was sitting beside him staring blankly at his face. He felt quite ashamed, and was about to say something, but Ma Chunhua spoke first, “This Concubine had lost her morals after drinking. I ask Your Highness to forget what happened between us last night.”

After enjoying this ripe fruit to the fullest all night, Hongli woke up feeling relaxed and in a particularly good mood. Seeing how well-behaved she was, he felt even more reluctant to kill her. So he hesitated for a moment, and said, “Miss Ma, don’t worry, nothing happened yesterday. No one will know  anything.”

As Ma Chunhua nodded silently, the quilt on her shoulders slipped a little, revealing a neck full of hickeys. Hongli reached out to touch it with pity, “Does it hurt?”

Seeing Hongli’s stretched out hand, Ma Chunhua subconsciously wanted to dodge, but for some reason, she hesitated for a moment. When the man’s hand touched her skin, she trembled, and gave a meek reply, “It doesn’t hurt…”

Hongli showed a victorious smile, and quickly got up, then started to put on his clothes, “It’s inconvenient for this Prince to stay here any longer. I’ll be leaving for now, and will come back to see you later.”

Ma Chunhua tightly wrapped herself in the quilt, and said nothing, as she watched Hongli disappear outside the door. Then she sighed in her heart, ‘Your Majesty, I made such a big sacrifice for you, do you know…’


“My lord, those maids have been dealt with.”

Hearing the guard’s report, Hongli waved his hand to let him leave, and remained silent for a long time. In the end, he felt reluctant to kill Ma Chunhua, and arranged for some confidants and maids to serve in Ma Chunhua’s yard. Without his orders, no one was allowed to enter that place. 

As he remembered the feeling of Ma Chunhua’s charming body last night, Hongli felt that a certain part of his body became hard again.

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