Chapter 24 The embarrassing situation on the roof

Song Qingshu finally stopped after arriving before a magnificent mansion.  

“I heard that this Wan family is one of the big families in Jingzhou. What does my brother-in-law want to do here?” Madame Hu calmly withdrew her hand, looked at Song Qingshu and asked.

“Sister-in-law, we are visiting the Wan family at night today.” Song Qingshu’s eyes were bright, and he triumphantly thought, as long as he found out whether Qi Fang had become Wan family’s young matriarch, wouldn’t everything be clear?

“It’s not proper to invade someone’s house in the middle of the night.” At the moment, Madame Hu was holding Song Qingshu by his shoulder, and the two of them were lying on the roof of a bedroom, so Madam Hu spoke with some embarrassment.

“I have quite an understanding regarding this person surnamed Wan, although his martial arts is nothing to speak of, but he has a stomach full of bad ideas. It will be better for us if they are in the light, and we are in the dark. If we visit them honestly and openly, they will become our enemy in the dark. I will feel much safer if we are the ones that remain in the dark. I feel uncomfortable when I think about being the target of their schemes all the time.” Song Qingshu spoke frankly, while leaning against the beautiful woman, without feeling any pressure. It was unknown if it was intentional or unintentional.

Madame Hu stretched out her jade-like finger and gently tapped Song Qingshu’s waist, so that he could no longer move closer, “Be quiet, someone is coming.”

Song Qingshu also looked down, and saw a man and a woman walk in. The man was handsome, with a beard on his mouth that gave him a mature atmosphere, and the woman was dressed as a young wife. 

What a delicate and beautiful little woman! Song Qingshu secretly admired her. In fact, the woman’s figure was voluptuous, and her body may not really be weak, but her feeble and timid temperament made people subconsciously regard her as a weak maiden.

This scene answered all his doubts, and Song Qingshu secretly sighed. It seemed that Qi Fang was already married to Wan Gui, and Di Yun was probably suffering with Ding Dian in prison.

What happened next made the two on the roof really embarrassed. It turned out that as soon as the young couple returned to the bedroom, Wan Gui began to get busy. He pushed Qi Fang down and they both fell onto the bed.

Madame Hu took a deep breath and turned her head. Seeing Song Qingshu eagerly watching the show, she couldn’t help but get angry. She wanted to take Song Qingshu away, but that would surely alarm the two people below them. She fell into a dilemma.

Song Qingshu suddenly felt a pain in his waist. Turning around, he saw Madame Hu looking at him with a sullen face. Her lips seemed to warn him, “Don’t look!” 

So, he had to reluctantly turn his head.

The roof was quiet, and only noise came from the two in the room below them. Madame Hu and Song Qingshu were even more embarrassed when they imagined what was happening in the room. When she thought about the fact that she was listening to the matters between a husband and wife with another man, Madame Hu felt regret in her intestines.

Song Qingshu was different. Although he couldn’t watch the live movie below, it was really refreshing to watch the beautiful woman with light anger and blushing cheeks next to him.

“Wan Zhenshan, get out here!” It was a pity that the Heavens were unwilling to let him enjoy the moment. Suddenly, there was a sound of fierce fighting from outside. Wan Gui and Qi Fang didn’t have the time to be affectionate anymore, so they hurriedly dressed and ran out.

Madame Hu secretly sighed in relief, she took the opportunity to grab Song Qingshu and flew out.

“Wait, let’s see which hero came to find Wan Zhenshan that villain. Maybe he is a potential ally…” Madame Hu couldn’t refuse him, so she had to grab Song Qingshu’s waist, and after a few skips, she landed on a suitable place. They watched the movement of the Wan family from the courtyard wall.

The soft and full feeling coming from near his ribs startled Song Qingshu. This, coupled with their experience with the noise from before, made his face turn a little red.

Madame Hu did not notice that she was holding Song Qingshu’s waist, which caused him to take advantage of her, and her attention was all on the man wearing tattered clothes in the courtyard.

Dozens of people from the Wan family besieged him together, but couldn’t hurt him at all. Instead, they were punched, kicked and thrown all around.

Wan Zhenshan could no longer sit still, and drew his sword to attack.

“Liancheng Swordplay?” The visitor smiled coldly, grabbed a sword, and countered him with the same moves.

“Wait a minute!” After fighting for a few rounds, Wan Zhenshan quickly jumped out of the battle circle, “Who is your Excellency, why do you know my master’s sword technique?” He was a little bit embarrassed in his heart. After a few moves, he realized that his opponent’s martial arts was much higher than him. This guy also knew the Liancheng Swordplay, it was very likely that he would lose his life if this continued.

“Mei Niansheng is my senior, who do you think I am?” The man sneered.

“Wu Liuqi, the beggar in the snow!” Wan Zhenshan finally remembered that his master had once mentioned that he had a junior brother, and he couldn’t help being shocked. He hurriedly clasped his fist with his hand and said, “This junior has seen the Martial Uncle. What are you still doing? Get up, this is your Uncle Master.”

Wu Liuqi frowned. He raised his hand to stop them and said, “No need, I’m here to investigate the murder of my senior brother. There are rumors that his three apprentices betrayed their teacher, and killed him to obtain a treasure. Yan Daping and Qi Changfa’s whereabouts are unknown. So, I have to start with you first.”

“I was framed!” Wan Zhenshan cried out. When he noticed the loopholes in Wu Liuqi’s words just now, he thought he might as well try. “It’s not like you haven’t seen my martial arts just now. Do you really think the three of us have the ability to hurt our Master?”

“My Senior brother’s martial arts was famous around the world and he also practiced that magical scripture. It is indeed unreasonable for him to be hurt in your hands.” Now Wu Liuqi became puzzled as well. He also didn’t know the truth. He just heard that Mei Niansheng died at the hands of his three apprentices, so he came to investigate and find out the truth. Just now he saw that Wan Zhenshan’s martial arts was really poor, and he began to doubt in his heart, “Then how did your master die?”

Wan Zhenshan became happy in his heart, he looked around, and quickly feigned a look of embarrassment: “Uncle Master, this is not the right place to talk. Would you kindly follow me inside the house?”

Wu Liuqi was a bold man, he was not afraid of his tricks, and nodded.

“Let’s follow!” Song Qingshu said subconsciously, and Madam Hu gave him a look, thinking that he really thought of her as a maid, but she still took him around to the back of the house and listened.

“There is no need for tea, come on, tell me how my brother died?” Wu Liuqi impatiently waved his hands.

“Ah, ah, ah~” Wan Zhenshan sighed three times, and watching how impatient Wu Liuqi was, he quickly said, “I wonder if Uncle Master knows about the “Liancheng Swordplay Manual”?”

Wu Liuqi glanced at him vigilantly, “I heard about it from my senior brother. But isn’t it just the sword technique of Liancheng Swordplay? What’s wrong, how is it related with the murder?”

“That’s it!” Wan Zhenshan slapped his thigh, “I don’t know how the prefect of Jingzhou found out about the treasure hidden in the Liancheng Swordplay Manual. After he was discovered, the Master was killed by him.” He even squeezed out a few drops of turbid tears from the corner of his eyes.

“Ling Tuisi, the prefect of Jingzhou?” Wu Liuqi was taken aback. He was a powerful figure in the separatist side. But Wu Liuqi didn’t completely believe in Wan Zhenshan’s words. Instead, he asked: “Although Ling Tuisi has a lot of soldiers, he can’t face my Senior brother’s martial arts. It’s impossible for him to defeat my Senior brother. So how did he die?”

“Uncle Master, have you ever heard of the Golden Devil Flower?” Wan Zhenshan looked at Wu Liuqi’s expression cautiously.

“Golden Devil Flower, which is known for having no cure?” Wu Liuqi was from the older generation, and he also knew about some rare poisons.

“Exactly!” Wan Zhenshan faintly sighed, “Ling Tuisi invited our Master to a banquet that day. Master was then poisoned by him. He lost 70% to 80% of his martial arts and was finally captured by that villain. However, our master would rather die than surrender. He refused to reveal the secret of Liancheng Swordplay Manual. This made Ling Tuisi so angry that he killed him…”

“Nonsense!” Wu Liuqi slapped the table, “How do you know these things so clearly if you were not on the scene? And if you were on the scene, why did Ling Tuisi let you get away with your life?”

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