Chapter 25: Going alone

Wan Zhenshan secretly squeezed out a few drops of sweat. This Uncle Master was not that old, not much older than his Gui’er but, his experience in the Wulin was very rich. Luckily, he had already thought out a plan and said, “The three of us apprentice brothers went with Master at that time. We were at that banquet, but it’s a pity that our martial arts was low and we couldn’t save Master. After Ling Tuisi killed Master, he thought we might know the secret of Liancheng Swordplay Manual, so he kept us alive, and spread rumors to the Wulin that it was the three of us brothers who killed Master. He obtained the Liancheng Swordplay Manual, but the people in the Wulin have been blaming the three of us. He has been hiding behind the scenes waiting to get all the benefits like a fisherman.”

Wu Liuqi saw that he was sensible and reasonable, and that the people in the Wulin usually found the matter of killing their own teacher very appalling. So he subconsciously somewhat believed in Wan Zhenshan words, and snorted, “Don’t tell anyone about today’s matter. As for the credibility of your words. I will find out after I go to the prefectural office.” After speaking, he stood up and left straight away.

Looking at his back, Wan Zhenshan sneered, “Jingzhou City has a hundred thousand soldiers. As a prefect, how can Ling Tuisi’s mansion be so easy to enter? You will be able to get in but I’m afraid you won’t get out.”


“That person is the great hero Wu Liuqi that brother-in-law mentioned before?” Madame Hu asked curiously.

“Hmm…” Song Qingshu secretly thought that Wu Liuqi was obviously fooled by the old fox Wan Zhenshan, but it would not do him any good to divulge this at the moment. He was concerned that Wu Liuqi’s power would be needed to deal with Ling Tuisi.


In the early morning of the second day, at a roadside food stall, Madame Hu suddenly said to Song Qingshu, “Brother-in-law, we have been trying to break into the prison to save someone so that we can get information. But, isn’t there an easier way?”

“An easier way?” Song Qingshu felt a flash in his mind, but he couldn’t grasp the specific ideas.

“According to my brother-in-law, there is a prisoner in the jail who knows about the “Divine Brilliance Scripture”. Then, all we need is to be able to contact him. Why do we need to rescue him?” Madame Hu smiled lightly.

Song Qingshu suddenly became enlightened, and he got the urge to hug and kiss the beautiful woman in front of him,  “Sister-in-law is really a female Zhuge Liang. Yes, he can’t get out, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get in!”

The more they thought about it, the more excited they got, constantly improving their plans about entering the prison.

At noon that day, a young scholar came in front of the prefect’s mansion, and handed a greeting card for Ling Tuisi. The servant saw that the other party was well-groomed, and under the effect of silver, he turned around and went in to report.

Before long, Song Qingshu was greeted inside.

“Young Master Song, why did you want to meet this official in the mansion?” Ling Tuisi glanced at Song Qingshu a little irritably. He couldn’t avoid being irritated. The battle on the front line in Xiangyang was unfavorable. As the principal officer at the rear, he was under a lot of pressure. He was also unwilling to talk about the secret of Liancheng Swordplay Manual.

“The purpose of my visit is to solve a worry in senior’s heart.” Song Qingshu smiled mysteriously.

These scholars loved to act this way, and Ling Tuisi immediately felt unhappy. If it hadn’t been for the official document processing today, he would have kicked this person out. Hearing Song Qingshu’s words, Ling Tuisi just gave a faint “Oh~” and remained expressionless.

“Senior must be thinking that I am just a poor scholar, what can I do to solve his troubles,” Song Qingshu smiled slightly, “Indeed, if it is about the major issue in the country today, I really can do nothing. But if it’s regarding seniors’ personal business…” Song Qingshu suddenly stopped speaking.

Ling Tuisi’s heart jumped, and he took a closer look at Song Qingshu, “May I know what the young scholar is talking about?”

Song Qingshu smiled faintly, “I don’t have any other skills, but I am best at prying open the mouths of hard-bone prisoners…”

Ling Tuisi’s face suddenly turned blue, and he asked with a vicious tone, “How much do you know about the Liancheng Swordplay Manual?”

Song Qingshu was shocked at his outburst, but he pretended to be calm and said, “Nothing more, nothing less, there is a way to get the person in the prison to speak, but the information needs to be divided in half.”

“You have a big appetite,” Ling Tuisi snorted without a smile, “I’m afraid your stomach won’t be able to handle such a thing.” He was surprised in his heart, how could this person know everything so clearly.

“I am young, I have a good appetite.” Song Qingshu smiled, “After so many years, does Master Ling still feel confident to pry open that person’s mouth?”

Ling Tuisi thought to himself that after so many years of torture, he hadn’t gotten anything. Ding Dian probably wouldn’t say anything until he died, and he also couldn’t really kill him. Recently, he has become increasingly impatient. In the dead of night, he even came up with an extremely vicious plan, but he was not sure whether it would work. If he failed, Ding Dian’s clue would be broken, so he was still hesitating.

“Can you really make him tell the secret of Liancheng Swordplay Manual?” Ling Tuisi looked at him suspiciously.

“Let me try, you don’t have anything to lose. If it doesn’t work, the senior can do whatever he wants.” Song Qingshu said confidently.

“Okay,” Ling Tuisi was overjoyed, “If you can really make him tell that secret, after finding the treasure, I will have 70% and you will get 30%. Young man, don’t be too greedy.” 

But, he thought in his heart, if I really found the treasure, would I let you walk away your life? The reason he said this was just to reduce his opponent’s vigilance. To make the young scholar think that he was really sincere about sharing the treasure with him.

Song Qing showed signs of internal struggle on his face, and finally let out a long sigh, “Never mind, 30% is enough. It’s just that this matter should be handed over to me entirely, and it may take some time, as short as half a month and as long as one month. If that person notices any flaw, our scheme will be over.”

“Agreed!” Ling Tuisi hesitated for a while, then nodded in agreement, “You can use whatever means you want. I will order the relevant people to do their best to cooperate with you. But if you want to eat the entire meal. Think clearly if you have the ability to stomach it. hehe…”

Song Qingshu gave a bow and spoke with a wry smile, “I don’t want to become like that person, being severely tortured by the senior for several years in prison.”

Ling Tuisi’s people secretly monitored Song Qingshu. Although he moved freely in the mansion during this period, he couldn’t move out of the mansion.

Song Qingshu didn’t care, and went straight to the cell where Ding Dian was being held. He moved a stool to sit on the side and didn’t speak, but silently looked at the two poor people in the cell.

Di Yun was afraid of being beaten by Ding Dian a long time ago. At this time, he quietly hid in the corner without making a sound. Ding Dian saw a new face sitting on the other side, staring at him without saying a word, and angrily said, “What are you looking at, you scum!”

“I’m looking at two poor bugs.” Song Qingshu didn’t seem to mind, and said with a faint smile.

Ding Dian was fine, but Di Yun was so sad that he started crying. “Why are you crying?” Ding Dian went up to give him another hard beating. Di Yun already had experience in this field. He knew that the more he screamed, the harder he would be beaten. So, he had to bite his teeth and hold on.

“Don’t fight, he is not a spy.” Song Qingshu looked at the two who would become good brothers in the future.

“If you say that’s not the case, then he must be a spy. I will kill him.” Ding Dian started hitting harder with his fists.

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