Chapter 26: Scheming

Song Qingshu was stunned and speechless, “Well, then you can treat him as a spy.”

“Sure enough, he’s a spy!” Ding Dian’s eyes lit up, and Di Yun received another round of beating.

“Miss Ling is dying!” Seeing that he accidentally caused Di Yun to get a beating, he felt a little sorry, so he had to sacrifice a big killer move.

“What!” Ding Dian really stopped, and rushed over with a grim face, “What did you just say!”

“How about you let him go first?” There was a cell in between them, so Song Qingshu was not afraid of him rushing out. “This stupid boy is indeed an unlucky person. He was just thrown here because Ling Tuisi thought that maybe you will tell him the secret in your heart. Ling Tuisi thinks this stupid boy is easier to deal with than you.”

In fact, after many years of staying together, Ding Dian had already figured this out in his mind. Seeing him directly calling Ling Tuisi’s name, he coldly snorted, “Who are you?”

“I am a great, kind person who saves people from suffering. You two are suffering so much, so I’m here to give you some respite.” Song Qingshu glanced at the tragic conditions the two were in. Their clothes were worn out, and their bodies were dirty. Thinking of their fate, he felt a little embarrassed to do this.

“Huh! What tricks did Ling Tuisi come up with this time?” Ding Dian was full of caution at the moment.

“Ling Tuisi?” Song Qingshu smiled disdainfully, “Hero Ding, how about we make a deal?”

“What do you want!” Ding Dian didn’t stop him, after knowing that Miss Ling was still all right, he sat back indifferently.

“Do you really think I’m here for your Liancheng Swordplay Manual?” Song Qingshu smiled, “Actually, I don’t want to hide it from you, I already know the secret of the Liancheng Swordplay Manual that you people have been fighting for.”

“Hey, go tell these lies to children?” Ding Dian gave a dry laugh.

“You don’t believe it?” Song Qingshu stood up, “I can tell you the secret of Liancheng Swordplay Manual, and see if there is any difference from what you know.”

“You are just talking random shi*t.” Ding Dian glanced at him suspiciously.

Song Qingshu laughed bitterly, and said in a low voice, “Hero Ding, I know that your martial arts is not lost, so please listen carefully, are there anyone else within a radius of several meters? If the Ling Tuisi’s men hear it, I am afraid I will not escape a fate similar to yours. My meridians are all broken, and I have no martial arts, so I have to trouble you to listen carefully.”

Ding Dian also wanted to know the truth, so he closed his eyes and carefully checked, “Let’s talk, within a radius of ten feet, there are no other people except you and me.”

Song Qingshu stared at Di Yun, “He should not know some things to protect his life.” Ding Dian frowned, and then touched Di Yun’s sleeping acupoint.

Song Qingshu breathed a sigh of relief and revealed the secret of Liancheng Swordplay Manual. As expected, Ding Dian’s expression changed drastically, he spoke while staring at Song Qingshu, “How did you know?”

“That’s not important.” Song Qingshu said, “Now you should believe that I don’t belong to Ling Tuisi’s group?”

“Then why are you looking for me?” Ding Dian was very puzzled.

“Didn’t I say that I want to make a deal with you?” Song Qingshu stretched out his hand, “Hurry up and check my pulse, and see if your Divine Brilliance Scripture can fix it?”

Hearing what he said just now, Ding Dian was clear in his heart, and he probed his pulse slightly, and uttered a few words, “It can be fixed.”

Song Qingshu finally calmed down and said, “I really have to say this. Ling Tuisi is really a fool. If he directly made his daughter come here and ask you for the Liancheng Swordplay Manual as a betrothal gift, wouldn’t you agree?”

Ling Tuisi thought that everyone in the world was like him. So, he offended Ding Dian, who had a defensive mentality. But he didn’t know that his daughter was far more important than any treasure in Ding Dian’s eyes.

Hearing Song Qingshu’s words, Ding Dian suddenly felt a sense of confidence, and his face eased. How could he know that Song Qingshu deliberately said this to make him feel at ease?

“It’s just that I now know his true face. I absolutely refuse to tell him the secret of the Liancheng Swordplay Manual.” Ding Dian said bitterly, with a suffocating anger hidden in his heart for so many years.

“I didn’t ask you to hand over the Liancheng Swordplay Manual.” Song Qingshu smiled, “The deal between us is not about Ling Tuisi’s matter.”

“What deal?” Ding Dian finally got a little interested.

“I am responsible for making you and Miss Ling finally get married, and you are responsible for curing my meridians, how about it?” Song Qingshu stared at him with scorching eyes.

However, Ding Dian’s face did not show the joy that he imagined, but he sighed, “Do you know why I have been stuck in here willingly for so many years?”

Song Qingshu asked, “Why?”

“Before I came here, I still hadn’t achieved my current level of martial arts. Also, I can’t bypass the iron wall security of the prison even if I wanted to escape.” Ding Dian smiled bitterly. “Secondly, it’s useless for me to escape. Shuanghua won’t go with me. So, I might as well stay here. Here, I can also look at the Chrysanthemums she placed on the windowsill from a distance to dispel my loneliness.” Ding Dian’s eyes looked affectionately at the small building in the distance through the small window of the cell.

“Why doesn’t she want to follow you?” Although Song Qingshu knew the general plot, these small details were unknown to him.

“I don’t know.” Ding Dian showed a gentle expression on his face. “She is a virtuous lady, and it is normal for her to not elope with a man in obscurity. Moreover, Ling Tuisi forced her to make such a vicious oath.” While speaking about the oath, Ding Dian’s expression became savage.

“What oath?” Song Qingshu felt a little disapproving of this, it was just a vow. Why are the people in ancient time so stupid?

“Her father threatened her with my life and made her vow: She can’t see me again in his lifetime, otherwise her mother’s soul will be tortured day and night in the afterlife.” Ding Dian’s teeth almost broke while he said this.

“Used your life?” Song Qingshu’s expression turned strange, “Even if she doesn’t agree, Ling Tuisi won’t kill you.”

“That’s why he is so vicious!” Ding Dianyi took a look at the wall, and suddenly a handprint appeared there.

Song Qingshu murmured in his heart, it will be a bit difficult now.

As if he knew what Song Qingshu was thinking, Ding Dian said, “If you can really persuade Shuanghua to run away with me, I can teach you the Divine Brilliance Scripture.”

Song Qingshu happily patted his chest, “Okay, leave it to me, I will go to check Miss Ling’s state of mind first, and then we can discuss the matter of the Divine Brilliance Scripture.” Thinking that he finally had the hope of turning over a new leaf, Song Qingshu was delighted for a moment. He hurriedly ran out like a madman.

As he looked at Song Qingshu’s somewhat maddened back, Ding Dian coldly smiled, and thought to himself, “How can anyone possibly hope to learn the Divine Brilliance Scripture in such a short time?” 

In fact, Ding Dian couldn’t really be blamed for his deception, he was just really fed up with other humans. Because of his experience with the sinister nature of humanity, he didn’t believe in anyone anymore.


When Song Qingshu came to Miss Ling’s small building, he was stopped by the guards, “Master Ling has an order. No one except him can see Miss Ling.”

After showing a token, Song Qingshu said, “Master Ling gave me the permission to do anything  in the mansion. Everyone must cooperate with me. I think you should have received the news.”

The two guards looked at each other for a while, still hesitating.  Song Qingshu was too excited to care about them, and he directly pushed away the Pudao blocking the front, and went upstairs.

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  1. Calm the fuck down^^ Also that vow, I bet it means that her mother will literally be tormented, so.. Nuh uh, unless the mother is a freaking evil bitch then no torture is allowed ever

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