Chapter 24: The Fight (part 2)

After summoning Anna, I looked at the three girls and shouted, “I’ll go first, so follow me!”

Then I didn’t wait for a response, and ran forward. 

All three of the girls were 3-star summoners, so even if a higher-level demon appeared, they would be able to survive. Not to mention Stella had a 4 star summon. So their lives were not at risk.

Following behind Anna, I ran to the top of the mountain where the scream was coming from.

As we reached the summit, passing through the black and dark bushes and the trees soaring high in the sky, the screams from afar became more intense. And there, I found a demon attacking a cadet.

My response was swift.


[Yes Master!]

[Holy Brilliance!]

A holy attribute skill which was effective against all demons.


Indeed, the demon hit by the ray of light began to retreat behind it like a cockroach avoiding the light.

While it was retreating, I quickly rescued the fallen cadet.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Huh, huh, huh!”

“Calm down, you. What about the other guy?”

“Hey, Elton..Elt…eung!”

“Are you saying that he died?”

Fortunately, the cadet shook his head in denial.

‘Then why are you streaming like that? No, in the first place, shouldn’t it be easy for two 3-star summoners to defeat a single demon?’


After putting him away, I looked at the demon that was fighting against Anna. The beam of light was proving to be quite effective, but it wasn’t invincible.

‘Hmm, it’ll take some time.’

If Anna, as a tank, was strong enough to kill all demons with just one shot, she would have been rated as a 4-star or 5-star summon rather than a 3-star summon.

Compared to her strong durability, her attack power was slightly on the weaker side.

[Sorry. Master, I couldn’t defeat it.]

“It’s okay. In the first place, our purpose is not to defeat it.”


Eventually, the ray of light disappeared, and the suffering demon slowly launched forward, expressing its anger. Its wriggling tentacles shot forward as if they wanted to take my life. But unfortunately for the demon, it was too late.



A stream of intense flames poured out from behind!

The demon, who was trying to block the stream of fire with its tentacles, saw the fire clinging to its body and screamed.


Stella, Noah, and Syrah had finally arrived.

While stroking the Salamander’s head, Stella looked at the demon that blocked her attack.

“It’s quite stupid.”

“Why would anyone block a fireball? You should have dodged it.”

“Um…poison probably won’t work on it. So I’ll pass on this fight.”

“Do you thing it’ll be alright if we crushed it…?”

The three girls looked at the demon and established their own opinions, proving that they were indeed cadets of the academy. They were specialists who were trained to deal with demons.

I calmly stepped back and joined the group.

“Let’s do it according to what we previously discussed.”

“I am the tank and Stella the damage dealer? Alright.”

At those words, Noah immediately summoned her summoned beast.


And, a gigantic giant appeared and immediately aimed its hostility towards the demon.


The moment the demon was trampled by its giant feet, the slime demon exploded like a water balloon, leaving its remains in all directions. 

However, I shook my head.

‘It’s not dead.’

With the help of the game system, I could very easily tell if the enemy was dead or alive.

If it died, I would’ve gotten experience points. So unfortunately, the slime demon was still alive.

“It’s alive.”


“Amorphous demons don’t die if their core is intact. Didn’t you study?”

“Who are you aiming at?”

After hearing my words, Stella frowned slightly and stepped forward. The Salamander standing next to her spewed out flames.

“I’m the first place”

“I’m in fifth place now.”

“You’re noisy.”

Stella touched the Salamander’s head, and the Salamander, who was preparing to spit out flames, instantly fired more than several liters of flammable liquid.

A foul smell of oil filled the area, as the Salamander spit out some fire on it.


The demon, which turned into a ball of fire in an instant, screamed in pain and began to wriggle.

Its unburned part shot towards us, but couldn’t penetrate Anna’s shield.

After a while, the demon disappeared leaving behind the remains of two summons.

* * *

“Tha…thank you so much!”

Cobie, who was previously lying on the floor, recovered the remains of his summon and expressed his gratitude. When the remain was brought close to the half-erased pattern, the pattern that had lost its light regained its appearance.

‘So that’s how they revive a summoned being…’

It was said that if a long time passed without being able to recover the remain, the remain would completely harden and become heirlooms. Then it would become impossible for an ordinary person to have enough soul power to summon another summoned beast again, and in the end, that person would lose the summoned beast forever.

‘It’s a little different from the game.’

“Give this to your acquaintance.”

I gave him the other inheritance. I didn’t ask where Elton had gone or why the two of them had been separated. I wasn’t bored enough to poke my nose in the matters of other cadets.

“Thank you.”

Whatever he was thinking, Cobie still bowed his head to me.

After that, all of us walked down the mountain together.

The cadets and instructors who had already gathered welcomed us.

“Ah…Cobie? You’re safe!”


After seeing that Cobie was safe and noticing that the pattern was still on the back of his hand, Elton ran to him with a smile on his face. He even showed his concerned, “I was worried!”

But unlike his mouth, Elton’s eyes were on the remain in Cobies grasp. 

Cobie took a deep breath, and handed the remain to him.

“Oh, thank you…”

“Did you think I was a pathetic basta*d?”

“Uh, huh? No, why would I do that?”

“You are right. I am a pathetic basta*d.”

Cobie who gave him the remain spoke with a cold gaze, “But you are a coward. You s*umbag!”

Saying that, the two suddenly started a fight.

I looked at the two from the side and thought, ‘I have to admit. It’s quite funny…’

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  1. Very anticlimatic. Such a big build up and then so easy end of the fight… disappointing. Pity that those 2 could resurect their summons. So now it was explained why the heirlooms in vault were not resurected. It was a matter of time as I guessed.
    I do hope that those 2 will get demerit points for their selfish and idiotic behaviour. MC is behaving as it isn’t his problem.

    Thanks for chapter

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