Chapter 25: Lumentium XIV (part 2)

Iris turned the document to the next page with a much-improved expression. As soon as she read the text, her face hardened.


“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Is what is written here really true?”

“…Which part are you referring to?”

“The fact that Bianca del Castana visited the Black Tower.”

The Black Tower was a group formed by schools specializing in black magic. When you hear the term ‘black magic,’ you might think it deals with forbidden learning for some reason, but outside of imagination, it belonged to the normal category. Ordinary people looked down on it because it was somewhat different from normal magic. In the end, black magic was just another special branch of magic.

And Bianca del Castana was also one of the mages who didn’t see it in a favorable light. One might ask if it was anything special for a mage to visit the ‘Tower’ to study magic, but Iris instinctively realized that this entailed something unusual. This was because the field covered by the study of black magic was the study of “human” itself. For example, life and death, the work of the soul, or human memories.


What was Bianca del Castana’s purpose? Did she visit the Black Tower simply because she was curious about magic? Or did she have a different purpose? If not, did she visit the Black Tower because she had a big change of heart over the past two months?

Iris didn’t know why, but it seemed dangerous. That was the conclusion she came to. Her sixth sense, honed over time, was sounding an alarm. If left alone, it was clear that something would happen.


“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Get ready. I will personally visit the Black Tower. This is an informal visit, so please do not leave any traces.”

“When are you planning to leave?”

To Kris’s question, Iris answered in a natural tone.

“Right now.”


[Cain’s POV]

After the banquet at the imperial palace, which had a lot of talk and trouble, all the official matters of the Estel family were finally over. In other words, the time had finally arrived to leave this damn city and go home.

“Finally we are leaving Lumentium and heading home.”

As I watched the attendants load the wagon, I unknowingly let out a lamentation. It was finally over. After arriving in the capital, I only pictured the day I would return home, but I never even imagined that this day would come. In terms of experience, it felt like I had stayed in the city for about a year.

That said, it would be wrong to describe what I had been through in the past few days as eventful. No, to put it bluntly, I felt like my lifespan had decreased by about ten years. There had been so many surprises in the last few days that now it seemed like I had developed a strong heart that could laugh at pretty much anything. Of course, it wasn’t a happy thing at all.

However, this was the end. If I left this city, nothing would disturb my peaceful life anymore. This time, I firmly resolved in my heart that I would live a leisurely life in the Duchy of Estel.

“…the next time I come here will be after my father passes away.”

If my father die, I will have to visit this place to swear fealty to the emperor. If possible, let’s pray that my father will live a long and prosperous life. 

But suddenly…


Someone hit me hard on the back of the head, with enough force to make me momentarily see stars flickering in front of my eyes.

“That’s true, you can’t be a man who is unfilial. Were you praying to the sky that your father would die soon? Or did you really want the Duke’s throne?”

“It’s…not like that.”

“If not, what does that mean? Did it contain a profound meaning that I could not understand?”

My father laughed at my excuses. The words I just said were uttered in the sense that, my father would not die early like he did before the regression, so I wouldn’t have to visit the capital again.

However, if I wanted to explain it, I would have to explain that I was a regressor who was ten years from the future, so I couldn’t open my mouth hastily. In the end, what I chose was to close my mouth like a clam.

As I let out a sigh that came from the depths of my heart, my father looked at me pitifully, unaware of my situation.

“Well, we’ll talk about how unfilial you are later. I don’t think now is the time for that.”


“A guest has arrived. They said they came looking for you.”

‘Me? Who?’

I wasn’t proud of it, but I was not a person with very wide connections, so not many people came to visit me personally. Among the people living in the capital, those who had the chance to come visit me were even rarer.

As I tilted my head in confusion, my father spoke to me in a very different, serious tone.

“By the way, I have already accepted the guest’s suggestion. But I told him that the final decision would be left to you. Cain, you decide on your own.”

Saying that, my father gestured to the ‘guest’ who was hesitant from the other side. It was a signal to come inside. At the same time, my father moved away. It was a consideration for the two of us to talk comfortably.

“…Cain von Estel, long time no see.”

The ‘guest’ my father spoke of was a truly unexpected one, far beyond my expectations.

“Lucian? Lucian von Tournigen?”

The identity of the guest was Lucian, who was defeated by me after fighting a duel with me a few days ago in the banquet hall.

“What the hell are you doing here? Do you have something to do with me?”

Wasn’t the resentment between me and Lucian clearly resolved through that duel? This guy didn’t seem to have a personality that held grudges either. Could it be that he came to see me for another duel?

“Cain von Estel. I have come with a request for you.”


To hear the word ‘request’ come out of the mouth of the young lord of the Duke of Tournigen was surprising.

However, the request that came out of Lucian’s mouth was of a kind far beyond my imagination.

“I also want to leave for the Estel duchy with you. Will you allow me to become a knight for the Duke of Estel?”

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