Chapter 26: Lumentium XV (part 1)

A knight? He wants to become a knight of the Duke of Estel? Being the only heir to the Duke of Tournigen and one of the few youngsters in the empire who has reached the level of master, he was begging me to become a knight of the Duke of Estel? 

‘Is this guy really right in the head?’

I was dumbfounded and asked him a question in a polite and cultured manner.

“…are you by any chance joking?”

I silently looked up and down at Lucian, who suddenly appeared in front of me and started talking nonsense. Then I patiently waited for the real reason to come out of his mouth, but unfortunately, Lucian’s eyes remained serious.

“I am sane, Sir Cain. It’s not a joke, it’s not nonsense. I am speaking to you from the bottom of my heart.”

Seeing Lucian shake his head and say that he really meant what he said, I burst into laughter without knowing it myself.

“You…you’re completely crazy!”

What was he even talking about? Why would a guy who could even join the imperial family’s knights if he wanted to, volunteer to become a knight for the poor and impoverished Duke of Estel?

I didn’t know about anything else, but I knew for sure that he hadn’t really gone insane, so I sighed softly and gestured to Aria, who was standing in the bay. 

Aria understood my hand gestures even from far away and hurriedly came running.

“Yes. What’s going on, Young Lord Cain?”

Looking at Aria, whose eyes were shining brightly, I pointed at Lucian, who was standing in front of me.

“This here is the Heir to Tournigen. He seem to be a bit confused right now, and he might even run away in the middle, so don’t take your eyes off him.”

“What rude thoughts are you thinking, Sir Cain? I am sane.”

“Yeah. I know you’re sane. All sane people say that.”

“Ha, please listen to me to the end. I mean, I haven’t even gotten to the point yet.”

While saying that, Lucian made an expression as if he was serious.

“Okay, give me three minutes. Try to convince me to understand the crazy nonsense from earlier.”

As soon as I gave my permission, Lucian opened his mouth as if he had been waiting for that.

“There is only one reason why I want to become a knight of the Duke of Estel. It is because, in the duel with you, I succeeded in seizing the clue to overcome the wall I am facing now.”

“A clue?”

“Yes. A year ago from now, I was able to reach the level of Master. But, at the same time, the progress game to a halt. No matter what kind of training I did, no matter how hard I tried to push myself, it was impossible to jump over the ‘wall’. The realm of swordsmanship was at a standstill, and I had the feeling that I was not progressing properly. I was in despair wondering if this was my limit.”

After saying that, Lucian’s shoulders trembled.

“But I felt a certain inspiration through my duel with you. No, should I say sensation? If I focus on that sense, I feel like I can overcome the wall that is currently blocking me. Exactly, that is why…I am making such a request.”


So, to sum up, he hoping to become a knight of the Duke of Estel because of me? It was obvious, but it wasn’t very pleasant. It wasn’t a very pleasant word to hear that a ma was interested in me.

But that didn’t mean I couldn’t let the guy’s words go unnoticed. It was because I also felt a similar kind of ‘feeling’ he said just now.

‘Did he also feel something similar during the duel?’

What I felt was nothing other than a sense of incongruity.

‘Lucian, his aura matched so well with mine. It’s quite trange.’

According to what the princess taught me, it was extremely difficult to steal someone else’s aura through ‘Flowing Star’, and even if you succeed in stealing it, controlling that aura was a completely different thing. It was because the Aura was not a simple energy, but an existence that was directly connected to the user’s psyche and was no different from a part of the person’s body.

Then, why on earth was I able to manipulate the flow as I wished without stealing Lucian’s aura?


I was lost in thought for a moment, then asked Lucian a question.

“Lucian, I have something to ask you.”


“The swordsmanship you learned, what’s its name?”

“Its name? The name of the swordsmanship I learned is called ‘Dusk Moon’. It is an arcane swordsmanship passed down from generation to generation in House Tournigen.”

“The Dusk Moon…?”

‘She might know something…’

For some reason, I thought that the Princess might be able to explain this sense of incongruity.

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