Chapter 261: Way with words

Su Quan didn’t intend to tell him about her current predicament, and she just indifferently tidied up her dress. Fang Yi at the side moved a chair over for her to sit, and Su Quan smiled with satisfaction, then she sat down gracefully. She brushed a strand of hair scattered in front of her eyes behind her ears with her slender fingers and said with a faint smile, “Since I can handle the famous Master Song alone, why would I need more masters from the Mystic Dragon Cult?”

“Really?” Song Qingshu became thoughtful, secretly regretting the fact that he had been way too busy with Shuang’er these days, and forgot to pay attention to the current situation in Liaodong. There was too little information, and he couldn’t analyze the situation in front of him.

“Is Master Song planning to accompany me like that until dawn?” Seeing Song Qingshu frowning and drinking silently on the opposite side, Su Quan smiled ambiguously.

Listening to her coquettish laughter, Shuang’er and Fang Yi secretly frowned. Fang Yi even sighed in her heart, ‘She really is a sl*ut, so blatantly seducing other men.’ 

Of course, she didn’t dare to say this out loud, and just stood behind Su Quan looking respectful.

At the moment, Song Qingshu’s mind was in a mess, and when he heard her voice, he just decided to not bother about it anymore, and let out a long laugh, “This Song has been thinking about the answer to a question just now.”

“May I know if Master Song has thought of the answer?” Su Quan raised her hand, motioning for Fang Yi to bring her a cup of tea. Although Fang Yi was furious, she still didn’t dare to go against her wishes.

“I couldn’t find an answer, and I don’t plan to continue thinking about it,” Song Qingshu said, “So let us focus on what Madame just said. What exactly do you want this Song to do?”

Su Quan was obviously very satisfied with his reaction, so she nodded and said, “I just want to invite Master Song and Miss Shuang’er to Mystic Dragon Island as guests.”

“Impossible!” Song Qingshu flatly refused, “Madame, don’t treat me as a fool. With the grievances between Cult Master Hong and me, even if I obediently obey Madame, he will not give me the antidote. In this case, why don’t I just live a few more days in a leisurely way?”

The three women suddenly fell silent. They all had wandered around the Wulin, and they had already seen many men who boasted that they were heroes. But, when life and death moments arrived, they would lose their calm; they would cry bitterly and beg for mercy.

“Master Song may not be aware of the toxicity of Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pills…” Su Quan finally said, “Master Song must have met the duo of Fat and Thin Monks before. Do you know why Thin Monk is short and fat, and Fat Monk is tall and thin?”

Before Song Qingshu could answer, Su Quan continued, “The Fat Monk was indeed short and fat back then, and the Thin Monk was also tall and thin as their name suggests. However, there was a time when the two of them didn’t return to Mystic Dragon Cult in time to get the antidote, and the Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pills took effect. As a result, they became what they were like when you saw them. If they hadn’t taken the antidote at the end, I’m afraid they would have died a very miserable death.”

Shuang’er was horrified when she heard it. Although Fang Yi knew the medicinal properties of Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pills for a long time, she still felt chills run down her back. Which woman didn’t cherish her own appearance? She was certainly worried about becoming like the Fat and Thin Monks, so Fang Yi became even more determined to listen to Su Quan’s words.

“Master Song is strong in martial arts, and you were born with a handsome face. You will definitely win the hearts of many beauties. If this handsome face becomes similar to that of Thin and Fat Monks, do you think those beauties will still fall in love with you?” Su Quan turned to Shuang’er, staring at her pretty face with a faux-smile.

Shuang’er panicked after being stared at by her, and quickly said, “Why are you looking at me?”

Su Quan showed a knowing expression and said with a smile, “Miss Shuang’er has also been poisoned, so I’m worried about your beautiful appearance, which I really feel sorry for. I don’t know what will become of you.” After speaking, she stretched out her finger to touch Shuang’er’s face. Even as a woman, she had to admit that Shuang’er’s skin was extremely smooth and soft.

Before Shuang’er had time to get angry, Su Quan turned around and looked at Song Qingshu with a smile, “Master Song doesn’t care about himself, but don’t you worry about Miss Shuang’er.”

Song Qingshu calmly said, “I’ve already thought about it. With Shuang’er’s character, she would definitely not agree to be manipulated by Mystic Dragon Cult like a dog just to survive. I will spend the rest of my days with her. I don’t think she will blame me .”

Tears welled up in Shuang’er’s eyes, and although slightly, she gave a resolute nod. When Fang Yi on the side heard Song Qingshu’s words and saw Shuang’er’s reaction, her face turned pale and felt as if her chest had been hit by a sledgehammer.

Su Quan was also a little bit bitter. She didn’t expect that Song Qingshu would be so hard to deal with, but she was in a grave danger now, and she urgently needed Song Qingshu to go to the Mystic Dragon Cult with her. Soon as she rolled her eyes, made up her mind, “Master Song, I admire you demeanor to no end. But if I give the antidote to Miss Shuang’er, would you be willing to go to the Mystic Dragon Cult?”

As soon as this remark came out, Song Qingshu raised his head, and Fang Yi’s eyes lit up. Su Quan took out a pill from her bosom, and seeing Song Qingshu’s body move slightly, she quickly put the pill in her mouth and said, “I have seen Master Song’s movement technique just now, so how dare I take it lightly. If you take even a single step forward, I will eat this antidote. Master Song, you be the one to judge, who will be faster, you or me?”

Song Qingshu spread his hands, took a few steps back, and said with annoyed expression, “I really regret why I didn’t take the opportunity to search Madame just now.”

Su Quan’s pretty face blushed, and she said with a coquettish smile, “Master Song is a gentleman, so naturally he wouldn’t embarrass a woman like me.”

Song Qingshu stared at her suddenly, showing a strange smile, “I thought of a question just now, can Madame guess what it is?”

“What?” Su Quan was stunned for a moment, and suddenly her face went through a drastic change. At that instant, Song Qingshu’s figure had disappeared from the place, and she quickly threw the antidote into her mouth, intending to swallow it.

Song Qingshu clasped Su Quan’s throat with his hand, making her unable to swallow, and said, “I wonder if Madame can take out another antidote from her bosom?”

Su Quan sneered and said, “I know that Master Song’s martial arts is very strong, so why would I be so stupid to bring another antidote to poison him? This one was just in case.”

“I don’t believe it.” Song Qingshu shook his head.

After the initial shock, Su Quan returned to her natural state. Hearing the words, she straightened her chest and hummed, “If you don’t believe me, just reach out and search~”

‘I really want to, but I can’t, these marvelous mounds…’ Song Qingshu’s eyes straightened. If Shuang’er and Fang Yi were not present at this moment, Song Qingshu might have really done it. So he had no choice but to say to Fang Yi, “Miss Fang, come and help me search.”

Song Qingshu knew that Mystic Dragon Cult was really good at using poison, and was worried that there would be something weird in Su Quan’s clothes, so he naturally didn’t want to let Shuang’er take risks. Seeing the hesitation on Fang Yi’s face, Song Qingshu said, “Miss Fang, if you find the antidote, you won’t have to be controlled by the Mystic Dragon Cult anymore.”

Seeing Fang Yi approaching hesitantly her, Su Quan raised her brows, “How dare you!”

Intimidated by her former mistress, Fang Yi’s half-stretched hand stopped immediately, and Song Qingshu said, “Miss Fang, you are just proving the innocence of your mistress, and saving her from being dishonored, it is not only your duty but also meritorious. Madame won’t blame you, unless she intends to stay in my arms all the time… Don’t you think so too, Madame?”

Su Quan snorted coldly, apparently agreeing. Fang Yi got the hint, and reached out inside her bosom.

Being angry at Su Quan, Fang Yi sometimes acted boldly and pinched the sensitive part of Su Quan’s chest on purpose. Su Quan’s heart skipped a beat. Seeing that Song Qingshu didn’t notice her small movements, she looked at Fang Yi coldly, “You are really bold…”

After Fang Yi finished pinching, she immediately regretted it, but it was useless to regret it once the deed was done, so she felt ruthless, and squeezed a few more times.

Su Quan’s identity as Hong Antong’s wife was in name only, but now, she was leaning in Song Qingshu’s arms, smelling his masculine breath, as Fang Yi was wantonly pinching her sensitive parts. So, it didn’t take long for her to became short of breath.

Feeling the body of the beauty in his arms getting softer and softer, Song Qingshu was taken aback, ‘Is this Su Quan’s body really so sensitive? I just hugged her, and she is already feeling it?

“How is it? Did you find it?” Song Qingshu looked at Fang Yi and asked.

A strange look flashed across Fang Yi’s face, and she shook her head, “There is no antidote, only Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pills.”

Su Quan glared at Fang Yi, “I’ll settle the score with you later!” 

Song Qingshu and others thought she was talking about Fang Yi daring to search her body, but only Fang Yi knew what she was talking about.

“Satisfied now?” Su Quan slightly tilted her head and looked at Song Qingshu.

Seeing the layer of water in her long and bright beautiful eyes, Song Qingshu also felt that he had gone a bit too far and quickly said, “As long as the Madame agrees to give Shuang’er the antidote, I will go to the Mystic Dragon Cult with you.”

“I don’t agree!” Shuang’er stood up at that moment.

“It’s not for you to decide, I’m in charge of this matter.”

Seeing Song Qingshu quietly winking at her, Shuang’er chose to believe him even though she didn’t understand why, so she nodded and hummed.

“A word from a gentleman?” Su Quan said in a deep voice.

“Worth a pile of gold.” Song Qingshu replied.

Su Quan carefully looked at Song Qingshu’s expression, as if distinguishing the truth from what he said, and after a while, she smiled, “Okay, I believe you, why don’t you let me go?”

Song Qingshu let go, and Su Quan walked in front of Shuang’er, with a playful look on her face, “May I know whether I should call sister Shuang’er Madame Wei, or Madame Song.”

“Call…” Before Shuang’er finished speaking, Su Quan took the opportunity to connect their lips, and before she could react, she had already put the antidote into her mouth.

Shuang’er pushed Su Quan away, bent over and retched, Su Quan said with a charming smile, “Sister Shuang’er, if you spit out the antidote, it will be a waste of Master Song’s kindness.”

“It’s disgusting.” Shuang’er kept wiping her mouth, and indignantly looked at Song Qingshu.

Song Qingshu didn’t expect Su Quan to use such a way to give Shuang’er the antidote, and he couldn’t help but say “Well, Shuang’er, there is nothing wrong with doing such a thing with a beautiful woman like the Madame. Her fragrant lips must be very sweet, so don’t complain.”

“You’ll know if it’s sweet or not after you taste it.” Shuang’er said with a sullen expression.

Su Quan blushed, and said with a charming smile, “Thank you, Master Song for your compliment. If Master Song is interested, I can give you a chance to taste it.”

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