Chapter 262: Teasing Master Hong’s wife

“Is what Madame said true?” Song Qingshu’s eyes lit up when he heard the words.

Su Quan was obviously taken aback. Seeing his eagerness to try, she knew that this man couldn’t be dealt with like ordinary men, and her tone immediately turned cold, “Of course I am just joking!” At the same time, a blush appeared on her face.

‘Is her aunt here? She changed her face so quickly.’ Song Qingshu watched depressedly as the soft-spoken coquettish beauty suddenly turned into a chaste young woman from a good family. His mind really couldn’t make a sense out of her behavior.

“Master Song, I have already given the antidote to Miss Shuang’er, I hope you will go to Mystic Dragon Island with me as we had agreed.” Su Quan looked at him nervously, as not everyone in the Wulin valued their promise very much, and Song Qingshu’s words and deeds were really not in line those chivalrous and straightforward men

“I can hear Madame’s heart beating a little faster.” Song Qingshu smiled, “Why, are you worried that I will go back on my words and deny the promise?”

“Of course I’m worried. Master Song has great martial arts skills, and he doesn’t care about life and death. I’m but a lone powerless woman, so there’s really nothing I can do.” Hearing Song Qingshu’s words, Su Quan subconsciously touched her chest, and spoke with a pitiful expression.

“Beautiful roses are known to have thorns.” Song Qingshu looked at her in admiration.

The blush on Su Quan’s face deepened, and she actually showed a little bit of shyness, “Master Song is too much…the appearance of this Concubine is like a gentle willow, how dare I compare with a rose.”

Fang Yi was stunned when she saw that the Cult Master’s wife, who had always been obsessed with obscenities, was actually acting like a shy little girl, and she cursed in her heart, ‘What a pair of shameless womanizer and wh*ore. They are flirting in front of everyone without caring about their surroundings at all. Hmph, I used to think that Big Brother Song was a modest gentleman, but I didn’t expect that he was just like that dead ghost Wei Xiaobao, a smooth-talking bastard…’

Song Qingshu naturally didn’t know that his image in Fang Yi’s heart had fallen to the level of the Mariana Trench. He looked at Su Quan and said, “Madame, you can rest assured. Although I am not a gentleman, I usually don’t deliberately deceive beauties. I will go to the Mystic Dragon Island with you, when will we leave?”

A gleam of joy flashed across Su Quan’s face, and she said with a smile, “It’s better to act fast than to be late, let’s go now.”

“So urgent?” Song Qingshu frowned.

“No!” Shuang’er quickly stopped, “Brother Song, if you go to the Mystic Dragon Island, you will have no way to escape.”

“There is always a way out. Don’t worry, I know what I am doing.” Song Qingshu replied.

Seeing what he said, Shuang’er thought that he might have some plans, but she was still worried, and said, “If you must go, I will accompany you…” Seeing that both Su Quan and Fang Yi showed strange expressions, she hastily added, “More people means more helpers. You have been so kind to us, I can’t watch you take risks.”

“Shuang’er, you should be aware of my martial arts. If I am alone, and I can leave whenever I want. No one in the Mystic Dragon Cult can stop me. If you go, I will have to take care of you instead. Besides, you can’t go with me even if you want to. Didn’t you make a promise to accompany the third young lady of the Zhuang family in her journey to Jiaxing?” Song Qingshu said while secretly winking at her.

Shuang’er was quite clever. Although she was confused, she still followed his words, showing a bit of embarrassment, “I did promise the third young lady.”

“Madame, I have something I want to talk about with Miss Shuang’er in private, do you mind?” Song Qingshu looked at Su Quan and asked.

Su Quan smiled slightly, made a gesture of agreement, and turned around. 

Song Qingshu pulled Shuang’er to a corner, stuffed something into her hand, and said in a low voice, “Shuang’er, remember, after we leave, you will set off to Poison King Manor, and find the Poison King. Give him this Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pill, he has been researching for a way to develop the antidote of Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pills for a long time, and with this pill, he should be able to develop an antidote in a short time.” 

It turned out that when Fang Yi found the Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pills just now, Song Qingshu had quietly kept one for himself.

After Shuang’er’s hand was pinched by him, seeing that no one was paying attention to this side, she happily replied, “I knew Brother Song wouldn’t be so stupid to blindly welcome death.”

“This is just to leave a way out. Now that the world is in turmoil, you have to be careful along the way.” Then Song Qingshu told her the specific location of Poison King Manor, and mentioned the relationship between the Poison King and him.

“It’s really touching, it seems like a woman is seeing off her husband who is going to war.” Su Quan was bored waiting aside, and teased.

Shuang’er’s face burned hot in shame, she lightly pushed Song Qingshu, and pulled her hand back. Song Qingshu knew that she didn’t want others to know the relationship between them, so he turned around and walked towards Su Quan, looked at her and smiled, “Madame, let’s set off now.”


Following Su Quan and Fang Yi along the road, it soon became dark, Song Qingshu pulled the reins and stopped the horse, “We have been traveling for quite long, so I think it’s time to find a place to have a big meal and have a good night’s rest. “

“Alright.” Although Su Quan was anxious to go back to the Mystic Dragon Island, she also knew that the three of them would not be able to travel day and night.

Watching as the two heroic girls jumped off the horses, Song Qingshu couldn’t help but curse, ‘Rather than riding a carriage, I have to ride a horse. This hard saddle is hurting my buttocks! Are they not afraid that it’ll tear their hy*mens?’

‘Su Quan has probably torn it a long time ago, but Fang Yi’s should still be intact. I have to find a way to quietly remind her without making her think that I’m dirty.’ Song Qingshu didn’t feel that his worry was unfounded. In his previous life, riding a horse was considered quite dangerous for things that could be pierced.

“Xiao’er, bring three bowls of Yangchun noodles, and help us prepare some steamed buns as dry food.” After taking a seat at a nearby inn, Su Quan called the waiter.

Song Qingshu’s eyes widened when he heard her, “Hey, do you want me to eat this kind of thing?”

Su Quan’s face turned red. Normally, she did have quite a bit money with her. But during the incident in Shengjing, her party were wiped out. She had a make a hasty escape as a result and didn’t dare to directly go back to the Mystic Dragon Cult. The only money she had now was pawned in exchange for jewelry. Of course, how could she explain all this to Song Qingshu? So she just said, “The Mystic Dragon Cult has always believed in simple living. In my opinion, Yangchun noodles are good enough. There are still many victims in the world who can’t even eat this.”

“Stop!” Song Qingshu made a STOP gesture, “You are speaking as if your Mystic Dragon Cult is a righteous organization who cares about the country and the people. Madame, don’t you feel even a bit of shame when you say that?”

“Whether you like to eat or not, it’s up to you.” Su Quan coldly snorted.

“Sister-in-law what do you think?” Song Qingshu looked at Fang Yi and asked.

As it was Fang Yi who had poisoned him, she always felt a bit guilty in her heart, and she didn’t expect him to talk to her so suddenly, so said in a panic, “I… I agree with the arrangement of the Cult Master’s wife.”

Song Qingshu was a little disappointed. Fang Yi was too week. It was a good thing to be clever, but it was really hard to like her as a woman.

Fang Yi was obviously apologetic for not being able to stand on his side, and quickly said, “By the way, Brother Song, don’t call me sister-in-law in the future. Wei Xiaobao and I have nothing to do with each other…”

Song Qingshu knew that from a long time ago, and nodded, “Okay, then I’ll call you Miss Fang from now on.”

Su Quan sneered from the side, “Wei Xiaobao is really a failure in life, he died not long ago, and he couldn’t keep any of his two wives.”

Fang Yi’s face turned pale, Song Qingshu frowned and said, “I hope Madame be careful about her words.”

Except for Hong Antong in the Mystic Dragon Cult, Su Quan has always said whatever she pleased, no one ever dared to contradict her in public. She was about to raise her brows, when she suddenly thought that things were different from the past, and there was no need to get into an argument with Song Qingshu over such a trivial matter.

Seeing Su Quan sitting there alone and sulking, Song Qingshu hurriedly called the waiter over again, “Xiao’er, I don’t want the Yangchun noodles just now, I will change order.”

Before Su Quan could stop him, Song Qingshu talked eloquently, “I’ll tell you the dishes I want, Xiao’er, listen carefully— Bird’s Nest Chicken Soup, Sea Cucumber with Pork Tendon, Seaweed Pork Belly Soup, Abalone with Pearl Vegetables, Shark’s Fin and Crab Soup, Stewed Ham with Fish Maw, Steamed Hump, Pear Slices with Steamed Civet, Steamed Deer Tail, Crucian Carp Tongue and Bear’s Paw, Steamed shad, Carp Liver…”

Seeing Xiaoer’s stunned look, Song Qingshu frowned and said, “What’s wrong?”

When the waiter at the inn originally saw that the three of them only wanted Yangchun noodles, and he felt a little contempt, but now that this man had named so many famous dishes, his first reaction was that they would not be able to afford the meal. But when he saw that the three people were dressed in bright clothes, the man was handsome, the women were charming, he had to change his impression. Moreover, ordinary people would have never have heard of the names of these dishes, so it immediately dispelled the doubts in his heart. So he showed a flattering smile, “Master, the dishes you ordered are too expensive, we don’t have it here.”

Song Qingshu nodded, “I know you wouldn’t have all of them here. How about  you just prepare those dishes I named just now. Buy the ingredients from the store, and the cooking shouldn’t take too much time.”

“Okay!” Xiaoer left with a smile on his face.

As soon as the waiter left, Su Quan leaned over, gritted her teeth and said, “Do you want to die, why did you order such an expensive dishes!”

“Is there a problem?” Song Qingshu shrugged, “Since you invited me to the Mystic Dragon Cult, you should treat me as a guest of honor. I’m just not used to eating Yangchun noodles, and I just want to eat some home-cooked dishes in the capital. Is that too much to ask?”

“Is this considered home-cooked food?” Su Quan looked at Song Qingshu’s leisurely expression, and felt so angry that she almost splashed tea on his face.

“Mistress, those dishes are indeed quite common in banquets between nobles and dignitaries in the capital.” Fang Yi on the side weakly spoke up.

Su Quan was almost furious from what Fang Yi said. She was unwilling to admit that she was ignorant, so she had no choice but to bluntly say, “But you should not waste your wealth when you are away from home. If you order food so ostentatiously, everyone will think we are fat sheep. We might be attacked by the bandits.”

“Did I hear it right, the majestic wife of the cult master of the Mystic Dragon Cult is afraid of little bandits?” Song Qingshu looked at her with an exaggerated expression, “Forget it, if we really attract bandits, at most I will suffer a little bit and help you get rid of them.”

Su Quan was agitated by his playful look, and blurted out, “But I don’t have that much money with me!”

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