Chapter 267: Counter scheme

“It doesn’t seem proper for us to talk about Shuang’er behind our backs like this.” Song Qingshu was worried that he would accidentally expose his relationship with Shuang’er considering the circumstances they were currently in.

“Then I won’t mention Shuang’er.” Fang Yi blushed, now she had given in to the instinctive reaction of her body, and she really didn’t have the heart to think about anything else.


After what it felt like a shiver from her soul, Fang Yi felt her body go a little cold, so she curled up and leaned into Song Qingshu’s arms. Song Qingshu hesitated for a moment, but still stretched out his hand to hug her tightly in his embrace.

“Miss Fang, how are you going to answer to Su Quan?” Song Qingshu asked curiously as he slid his fingers over the skin on her arm.

“You are still calling me Miss Fang!” Fang Yi pushed him angrily.

“Then should I call you Sister-in-law?” Song Qingshu asked tentatively.

Fang Yi shivered all over her body, shook her head and said, “I didn’t think there was anything with that just now, but now it sounds a little too perverted…”

‘Do women have a sage mode?’ Song Qingshu rubbed his nose, and seeing that the other party was silent, he quickly said, “From now on, I will call you Miss Fang in front of other people, and privately I will call you Yi’er.”

A glimmer of joy filled Fang Yi’s heart, and she finally felt that her relationship with the other party was getting closer, and before she had time to speak, Song Qingshu’s next words made her body shudder, “And, when we are on the bed… I will call you Sister-in-law, okay? “

Although intellectually, Fang Yi felt that he was just being shameless, but she still couldn’t help feeling a bit disgusted, but she still gave a slight nod, “Brother Song, you can do whatever you want…”

“Yi’er, later, you can take this IOU back to Su Quan and claim that you have succeeded in your task.” Song Qingshu took out the IOU for the ten thousand taels of silver from under the pillow, and stuffed it into Fang Yi’s arms.

Unexpectedly, Fang Yi didn’t answer; she bit her lip and said, “No.”

“Why?” Song Qingshu asked with a strange expression.

“It feels like I’m selling myself, I don’t like it.” Fang Yi lowered her head, her eyelashes trembling slightly.

“Yi’er, why would you think that? Besides, if you can sell for 10,000 taels of silver, you can make all the women in the world feel envious. Even the most popular oiran in Qinhuai River can’t sell for 10,000 taels of silver a night.” As he spoke, Song Qingshu suddenly thought of the scene where he ‘visited’ Xia Qingqing in Yangzhou city’s Spring Blossom Courtyard, and couldn’t help but be startled. (G: Oiran is a collective term for the highest-ranking courtesans, who are considered to be above common pros*titutes for their more refined entertainment skills and training in the traditional arts.)

“I knew that in Brother Song’s eyes, I was no different from those bro*thel girls.” Fang Yi sighed quietly, sat up from the bed and began to dress.

“Hey, Miss Fang…Yi’er, I’m sorry, I usually like to talk nonsense and make jokes, so don’t take it to heart. If I really had that kind of thought in my heart, I swear that I will be struck by thunder…” Song Qingshu didn’t like to swear, but this time he really felt that he had gone a bit too far. But Fang Yi’s hand had already covered his lips before he finished speaking.

An inexplicable look flashed in Fang Yi’s eyes, “Brother Song, are you apologizing to me?”

“Yes?” Song Qingshu grabbed her hand, “Don’t be angry with me, okay?”

“I’ve lived for so long, yet no one has ever apologized to me so sincerely.” Fang Yi fell into a daze for a moment. 

She grew up in the Prince Mu’s Residence and ever since she could remember, she knew that she was nothing more than a servant of the Mu family. In the palace, Fang Yi would feel flattered even if she received the slightest bit of amiable look from her masters. The little princess treated her like an older sister since she was a child, so although Fang Yi felt resentment in her heart because of her humble background, she still felt very close to her. The little princess was the only one who was sincere towards her. But apart from Mu Jianping (little princess), Fang Yi was wary and calculating towards everyone else.

When she decided to come here tonight, Fang Yi had been worried that Song Qingshu would treat her as a plaything, and she would be thrown away as soon as he was done. She had designed many methods and means, and she was planning to slowly capture his heart in the future. But so far, Song Qingshu has been very sincere and sympathetic towards her, except for the time when they were doing that kind of thing. Fang Yi was a woman who had never received proper love and care, and now, a few rays of sunshine poured into her enclosed heart.

“Yi’er, are you still unwilling to forgive me?” Although Song Qingshu didn’t love Fang Yi, he hated women being wronged the most, and in this case the culprit was himself.

“It’s me who should ask for forgiveness.” Fang Yi knelt down in front of Song Qingshu again.

Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment, and realized that she was referring to the previous poisoning, and couldn’t help laughing, “Didn’t I say that, I never blamed you, do you want me to swear the same poisonous oath?”

“No, Yi’er just wants to hear Brother Song say that you forgive me.” Although Fang Yi could feel that what the other party said was true, she still looked at Song Qingshu nervously.

“Okay, I forgive you.” Song Qingshu had no choice but to forgive her according to her request. Seeing that Fang Yi breathed a sigh of relief, he quickly reached out to help her up, “From now on, you can just talk if you want to talk, don’t bother to kneel at every turn.”

Fang Yi felt as if a heavy stone had been lifted off her chest and happily said, “Big Brother, you are my man, and it is only right for me to kneel down to you, so it doesn’t matter.” 

Song Qingshu thought of her as an equal, which made Fang Yi’s heart shake. She originally came here with many calculations, but now she suddenly felt that even if she didn’t get any power and status, it wouldn’t matter if she could only be his woman.

As a modern person, Song Qingshu was not used to this ancient ritual of kneeling and worshiping, but when he heard Fang Yi say this, his heart suddenly swelled up, and he stopped pushing her, ‘It seems that I am still quite chauvinistic in my bones.’

“Since you have already believed that I have no other intentions, then you can take this IOU.” Song Qingshu grabbed her forearm and stuffed the IOU into her hand.

“Are you going to just give her 10,000 taels of silver so easily?” Fang Yi said indignantly, thinking that she had sacrificed her innocence—even though she was willing now, Su Quan would get 10,000 taels of silver by doing nothing.

“Why, you sure are quick to consider yourself the mistress and feel sorry for my money.” Song Qingshu joked.

Unexpectedly, Fang Yi’s complexion changed drastically, and she quickly explained, “This Fang Yi’s status is low, and she dare not dream of becoming the Big Brother’s wife.”

It was originally the most common joke among lovers in his previous life, but seeing Fang Yi’s fearful expression, Song Qingshu suddenly felt that she was a bit dumb. But after thinking about it, he realized that Fang Yi couldn’t really be blamed, considering that she grew up in the palace with deep-rooted concepts of superiority and inferiority.

Holding Fang Yi in his arms, he softly said, “The relationship between you and me is already so close. I am just casually joking. Why do you have to think so deeply? I’m not that complicated of a person.”

Fang Yi also felt that she was a bit overly frightened, and blushed, “I understand, Brother Song.”

“Good, then let’s get back to the topic.” Song Qingshu said with a wry smile, “If you can’t complete the task, how will you explain it when you go back?”

“I will just say that you are a gentleman, like the reincarnation of Liu Xiahui… so I naturally failed.” Fang Yi had already figured something out. What Su Quan had used to threaten her was that she would use Mu Jianping to complete this seduction plan in the future, but since Fang Yi had already become Song Qingshu’s woman, she naturally wished that Mu Jianping would be the same. After all, Fang Yi was still Mu Jianping’s maid in name, and she could only marry whoever Mu Jianping married. The social norms were not so easy to shake.

If Su Quan didn’t know what happened here, she would probably use various means to get Mu Jianping to seduce Song Qingshu. Thinking of that, Fang Yi’s eyes lit up, and she had an idea in her mind, “Brother Song, promise me that from now on, when we are with Su Quan, you will pretend that nothing happened between us tonight.” After speaking, she stuffed the IOU back to Song Qingshu.

“Why?” Noticing her sudden excited expression, Song Qingshu was at a loss.

“Oh, don’t ask, anyway, I won’t hurt you.” Fang Yi thought to herself, ‘I’m sorry, little princess, I have not choice but to use you for my future happiness. Brother Song is a good man, much better than that Wei Xiaobao, and you will definitely not blame me in the future.’

“But you’ve been in my room for so long, Su Quan wouldn’t be so foolish as to believe that we were just having a chat.” Song Qingshu spread his hands and said helplessly.

“Although she will have doubts, there is no evidence. As long as we act normal, she can’t be sure even if she doesn’t believe it.” During this period of time, Fang Yi was so angry that she would not let Su Quan go if she had the opportunity to make her suffer.

“By the way, Brother Song, have you thought about how to detoxify the Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pills?” Fang Yi suddenly remembered that the two of them were poisoned, and her expression darkened.

“Don’t we still have a year before the next onset? We will go to Mystic Dragon Cult soon, there is always a chance to find an antidote.” Song Qingshu wanted to say more, but didn’t after thinking that it would make her despair in case the Poison King failed to prepare the antidote, ‘I’ll tell it to her after the matter is done.’

“I really can’t reach Brother Song’s mindset of treating life and death as nothing.” Fang Yi looked at Song Qingshu with admiration.

“Yi’er, don’t worry, I will definitely find an antidote before your poison takes effect.” Song Qingshu was worried that she would not feel relieved. If Fang Yi dared to betray him like she betrayed Wei Xiaobao in the original book because of the antidote, he would not be as generous as Wei Xiaobao. However, the two had connected physically after all, so Song Qingshu naturally didn’t want that kind of ending.

“Brother Song, when I think of Fat Monk and Thin Monk’s pitiful appearance, I become terrified of the Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pills. But I don’t know why, now I am not feeling afraid at all. Because I know that no matter what, you will be with me.” Fang Yi said shyly.

“What you want to say is, at worst, we will be lovers with the same fate.” Song Qingshu laughed loudly.

“Being able to live and die with Brother Song, this Fang Yi has no regrets in this life.” Now Fang Yi herself didn’t know whether she was acting or revealing her true feelings when she said this.


“What! Song Qingshu remained unmoved?” Seeing a neatly dressed Fang Yi enter the room, Su Quan felt something was wrong, and after listening to her report, it was as she had expected.

“Brother Song said, ‘I can’t touch a friend’s wife’, he is a gentleman who can’t be moved.” Fang Yi felt shy in her heart, ‘That man really knows how to move.’

“Is that really the case?” A trace of suspicion flashed in Su Quan’s eyes.

“If Madame doesn’t believe it, this Fang Yi can take off her clothes and let Madame check it.” Fang Yi raised her hand, as if she was asking Su Quan to do as she pleased.

“Forget it, I don’t have that kind of hobby.” Su Quan waved her hands in disgust, frowned, and muttered to herself, “Is Song Qingshu really a man? He didn’t want such a delicate woman at midnight?”

Fang Yi’s tense nerves finally relaxed. There were many traces of pleasure still left on her body. If Su Quan really checked, she would definitely not be able to hide it. Hearing what she said, Fang Yi rolled her eyes and said, “Actually, I could feel him struggle. His body had the desire, but because of my status, he held himself back. Madame is a thousand times more beautiful than me, and Master Hong and he are not friends, if Madame give it a try, you will definitely be able to seduce him.”

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