Chapter 268: A woman had an acre of land

“How dare you, you dare to make jokes about this Madame!” Su Quan expression turned dark.

“Madame, don’t misunderstand!”  Although Fang Yi had gotten close to Song Qingshu, she still feared Su Quan in her heart, and she hastily explained, “What I mean is that with Madame’s means, you don’t really need to let Song Qingshu take advantage of anything to achieve your goal.” 

There were many rumors amongst the members of the Mystic Dragon Cult that Su Quan was like a crafty fox spirit, who could bewitch the hearts of men. Fang Yi somewhat doubted that, so she couldn’t help but take the opportunity to test the waters.

“That’s actually not that bad of an idea.” Su Quan really nodded, in fact, she had thought about doing it herself at first, but she was concerned that Song Qingshu’s martial arts skills were too high, and in case she couldn’t grasp the fire properly, she wouldn’t even be able to resist by using force, that’s why she had been hesitant.

Fang Yi was shocked in her heart, and she secretly thought that she had to find a chance to remind Song Qingshu, lest he would fall into her trap.

“Are you sure that Song Qingshu had been seduced by you to the point that he almost couldn’t hold on?” Su Quan thought about it a bit more  and decided to confirm it again.

“Mm.” Fang Yi pretended to nod shyly, but what she was thinking in her mind was, ‘Not that he did hold on…’

“Well then, let me show you how powerful this Madame is.” Su Quan hummed, a hint of confidence flooded her face, and just as she finished speaking, she headed out.

“Madame, you intend to go now?” Fang Yi secretly cried out, for one, she was worried that Su Quan would see the battlefield where the two of them had wreaked havoc just now, and for another, she thought that she hadn’t had the time to warn Song Qingshu yet. In case he got caught in Su Quan’s trap due to him being unprepared, then it would be the end.

“Is there any problem?” Su Quan stared at her suspiciously, “With your previous efforts, the rest is simply a trivial matter for this Madame.” Su Quan was very confident in her bewitching skills. Over the years, there was no man who she had failed to bewitch, except for some dying old things.

“No problem, good luck with your mission, Madame.” Fang Yi replied in a hurry.

“You are acting very odd, something is not right after you’ve returned.” Su Quan frowned and couldn’t think of a reason, although she had a feeling that there was something wrong, but this opportunity was rare, so Su Quan really didn’t want to give up on it.

Looking at Su Quan disappearing in the doorway, Fang Yi murmured, ‘Brother Song, I hope you really are a gentleman. Even if you’re not, just now, we… did that twice, so now you shouldn’t have any energy.’

When Fang Yi was suffering internally, Su Quan had already knocked gently on the door of Song Qingshu’s room. Song Qingshu, who was refining his True Qi, opened his eyes, and a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes, ‘Why did Fang Yi return so quickly?’

“Lord Song, are you awake?” Suddenly a delicate female voice came from outside the door.

Song Qingshu shuddered at the sound, but fortunately his surname was not Ximen, so he hurriedly got up and opened the door. Looking at the beautiful woman standing at the door, he could not help but smile bitterly and said, “Madame has come to look for Song so late, I wonder what do you want with me?”

Seeing Song Qingshu opening the door so quickly, Su Quan felt happy in her heart, ‘Since he chose to open the door, it seems that he must have been feeling restless in his heart.’ 

But how could she know that as a modern man, Song Qingshu had no sense of the etiquette of this era. A woman knocking on the door of a man’s room in middle of the night was considered a very indecent act in the ancient era, but in Song Qingshu’s view it was something perfectly normal.

“It’s cold outside, won’t Lord Song invite me in to have a seat?” Su Quan said while hugging her arms, and her delicate body shivered, as if she was a delicate, harmless woman.

‘Could it be that Fang Yi has been exposed?’ Song Qingshu thought to himself, ‘But looking at her acting like this, that doesn’t seem to be the case.’

“What are you saying, Madame, please come in.” Song Qingshu moved aside and welcomed her in.

After entering the room, Su Quan acted as if it was her own room, taking a look here and there, not at all like Fang Yi who was so cautious before, seeing Song Qingshu’s puzzled expression, she smiled sweetly, revealing a slight dimple on her cheek, “I came over just to see what the stone-hearted Lord Song was doing alone, who actually managed to reject the beautiful looking Miss Fang. “

The dimple on Su Quan’s cheeks was shallow, only showing a trace when she smiled, and it was only on the left side, if the two were not so close, Song Qingshu would have found it hard to notice. Suddenly hearing Su Quan’s words, Song Qingshu reacted after a moment of dumbfoundedness, “Did you send Miss Fang here?”

“I was worried that you were having a hard time sleeping alone, and I saw that Miss Fang’s beauty and figure were first class, so I sent her over to serve you. But I didn’t know that Lord Song would be so cruel.” Su Quan tsked and sighed, as if she was accusing a cold hearted man.

Song Qingshu secretly praised Fang Yi for her good acting skills, but his expression still remained oblivious, “Madame, you are insulting me, Miss Fang is a married woman.”

“Isn’t that better, Lord Song won’t be held responsible for the chastity issue either, not to mention her husband is dead.” Su Quan looked at him with a sly smile.

“What a convenient thing!” Song Qingshu seemed delighted to hear this and subconsciously replied, “Isn’t Madame also a married woman?”

“Uh…” Su Quan didn’t expect that he would point the arrow at her, and her cheeks reddened as she laughed delicately, “Lord Song is so bold, he even dares to eat this Madame’s tofu.”

“Cult Master Hong has left such white and tender tofu uneaten, I am naturally willing to do my humble part.” Song Qingshu said with a meaningful expression.

Su Quan didn’t get annoyed when she heard this, instead when she saw that Song Qingshu was teasing her with his words, she was more than a little excited.

Su Quan smiled and turned around a few times, taking the opportunity to keep a distance from Song Qingshu, “The reason I came here, apart from fighting for Miss Fang, there is another thing I want to ask you.”

“Please speak, Madame, I will definitely tell you everything.” Song Qingshu smiled while adding ‘That is false’ in his heart.

Su Quan did not answer immediately, instead, she naturally picked up the tea cup on the table, poured a cup of water, and put it to her mouth to take a sip— her red lips and the white tea cup formed a strong visual impact.

Song Qingshu throat turned dry, and his heart started to beat faster, ‘My goodness, this should be called sexual innuendo in psychology… and it seems those occasional winks are also really a part of this! This seductress, what other tricks do you have?’

The subtle sliding of Song Qingshu’s adam’s apple could not be concealed from Su Quan’s eyes, and she was satisfied with Song Qingshu’s current reaction. She walked across the room with small steps, as if she was having difficulty with saying something, “In the past, Lord Song mentioned… mentioned that the martial arts ‘he’ practiced required him to abstain from women…” Halfway through the sentence, Su Quan blushed and didn’t speak again.

‘Just finish the sentence, is it necessary to shyly lean on my bed? The act is still so suggestive…’ Song Qingshu sighed in disbelief, if he was not aware of how powerful a character Su Quan was in the original book, he was afraid he would have been fooled by her Oscar-winning performance.

“This kind of thing, I think Madame, as the person involved, should know best.” Song Qingshu didn’t answer directly, instead he wistfully smiled at her .

‘You’ve been given such an obvious hint, and you still won’t take the initiative.’ Su Quan was secretly angry. Seeing that Song Qingshu wasn’t quite like other men and didn’t seem to be so easy to handle, she thought, ‘Very well, if I don’t tame you and turn into a loyal dog under my skirt, I, Su Quan, will take your surname!’ (G: Foreshadowing?)

Su Quan was burning with impatience. All she needed was for Song Qingshu to lose his thoughts for a moment, so she continued to tease Song Qingshu, “As a woman, how can I say such things, I just want to ask if Lord Song has any solutions?”

“Madame, I have a poem here that should be helpful to your situation.” Song Qingshu replied.

“Oh? I didn’t that Lord Song is not only strong in martial arts, but it turns out that he can also write and recite poetry! You are indeed a master of both literature and martial arts.” Su Quan’s beautiful eyes flooded with a hint of surprise, knowing that there were not many people in Wulin who knew how to recite poetry, let alone a high level skill like writing poetry.

“What’s so difficult about reciting poems? What I’m best at is getting the quilt wet!” Song Qingshu told a cold joke from his previous life. Seeing Su Quan’s confused expression, he couldn’t help but feel a little dull, so he continued, “Madame, listen carefully:

A woman had an acre of land, 

That had been left untouched for eighteen years, 

And when she couldn’t get anything to eat, 

She went to others to get help plough the field.”

Su Quan’s expression changed immediately, as it went from red to green. But it was not enough to get her angry, so she could only smile awkwardly, “This Madame really overestimated Lord Song…your masterpiece, it does not rhyme at all, it can barely be described as a poem.”

But Song Qingshu didn’t care, he shook his head and laughed, “Poetry is not only about the rhyme. Then how about the Madame evaluate another poem.” After saying that, he did not wait for Su Quan’s reaction, and said,

“The first emergence of the sun is brilliant, 

Brightening thousands of mountains and rivers like a fire, 

It rose up to the heaven in an instant, 

Chasing away the stars, chasing away the moon.”

Su Quan originally wanted to take the opportunity to praise him, but when she was teased again, she really could not bear the anger in her heart. She thought that the poem was written by Song Qingshu, so she commented with straightforward expression and a sarcastic tone, “The words are vulgar, and does not rhyme at all. This is not a good poem.”

Song Qingshu looked at Su Quan with an odd expression, as if he knew that she would say that, “This poem was written by Zhao Kuangyin, the founding emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty, and it’s true that it’s not good from a poetic point of view, but it is valued due to it’s intended meaning. So rhyming, rhetoric and all that is just a minor thing, the meaning expressed in the poem itself is a more precious thing.”

Su Quan was secretly shocked, ‘This Song Qingshu actually compared himself to the Emperor! It seems that he intends to not stay be in the pond…’

Song Qingshu didn’t know that his random sentence had made the woman from a superstitious ancient era make so many associations, and seeing Su Quan blank expression he opened his mouth and laughed, “Now what does Madame think of my poem just now, I think it’s evocative and apt.”

Su Quan was so angry that she leaned over to Song Qingshu and smiled, “Why, is Lord Song feeling pity for me and wants to let me eat?”

The aroma of a mature woman filled the tip of his nose, and hearing the other party’s almost naked provocation, Song Qingshu felt a stir his heart and soul. Su Quan cleverly seized this opportunity and raised her head to look at him, her eyes radiating a strange glow, “Lord Song, do you think I am pretty?

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