Chapter 269: Walls have ears

A strange glint flashed in Song Qingshu’s eyes, then he became a bit confused again, “Beautiful, Madame is the most beautiful among the women I’ve seen.”

Su Quan was very satisfied with his answer and continued to stare into his eyes as she said with a smile, “Is that so? I heard that Lord Song’s wife Zhou Zhiruo is also known as a great beauty in the world, am I even more beautiful than her?” As Song Qingshu’s fame became more and more widespread, there were already quite a few people in the world who had made it a priority to look into his past, and it wasn’t surprising to know about his relationship with Zhou Zhiruo.

A pained look appeared on Song Qingshu’s face, “She is indeed beautiful, but I don’t like her. On the contrary, Madame is as beautiful as she is, and she is even more charming than her.”

“This little mouth of yours is quite sweet, you are so good at talking even after being charmed by me.” Su Quan finished her work, and knowing that Song Qingshu was now completely under her control, she suddenly relaxed.

“So, do you like me?” Su Quan spoke with a very peculiar tone. They were only a few ordinary words, but when coming from her mouth with a hundred twists and turns, they sounded extraordinarily gentle and soft.

“Yes, of course I do!” Song Qingshu hurriedly replied, as if he was worried that hesitating for one moment would cause displeasure to the beautiful woman.

“How much do you like me?” Looking at the somewhat dazed man in front of her, Su Quan enjoyed the feeling of being in control of the whole situation, and in a moment of mischief, she began to tease him.

“How much do I like you?” Obviously this question was a bit too complicated for Song Qingshu now, so he thought about it and hesitantly said, “Very much.”

Looking at the usually shrewd and calm Song Qingshu turn into this silly boy in front of her, a trace of spiteful pleasure rose in Su Quan’s heart, and her tone became rather pouty, “Then will you give your money to your sister?”

“Yes, my money is sister’s money.” Song Qingshu replied as a matter of course.

Su Quan’s eyes narrowed with joy, “But during the day, sister borrowed ten thousand taels of silver from you.”

Song Qingshu scratched his head and pondered for a moment when he suddenly realized, and hurriedly ran to the bed. He grabbed the IOU out and handed it to Su Quan, “I don’t know why I asked sister for the IOU at that time, but now that I think about it, it was simply an unforgivable sin, I hope sister will forgive me.”

Su Quan took a glance at it, it was indeed something she had ‘personally stamped’, while cautiously putting it into her sleeve, she smiled delicately, “You gave such an important thing to sister, so this sister is very happy now, do you have any wish? Tell your sister, maybe I will fulfill your wish for you.”

Song Qingshu’s eyes lit up, but they soon dimmed again, “But I don’t dare to say it.”

“What’s so daring about it, say it, as long as sister can do it, sister will help you.” Although she had not had many contacts with Song Qingshu, Su Quan was very clear that he was a person with an extremely deep thoughts, so she felt very curious if a person like Song Qingshu would spill out any shocking secrets in his current state of delirium.

“Really?” Song Qingshu opened his mouth, but after glancing at Su Quan, he temporarily swallowed his words back.

“Of course it’s true.” Su Quan looked at Song Qingshu with a smile and gave an encouraging look, but when she heard Song Qingshu’s reply, she could no longer smile.

“I want to fu*k you!” Song Qingshu’s eyes were instantly filled with desire.

Su Quan was taken aback, knowing that those who had fallen under her bewitching spell tended to speak the true thoughts in their hearts. ‘How could someone use such vulgar language?’ Su Quan felt annoyed and at the same time, her body was also enveloped by an inexplicable feeling. During the past few years, Hong Antong had always felt quite guilty because of his internal martial art method, so he had been treating her like a precious treasure, holding carefully in his hand for the fear of breaking. The rest of the Mystic Dragon Cult feared her like a tigress, and no one dared to say such a thing.

The most important thing in her bewitching art was to guide the victim’s thoughts and behaviors, not to control them completely. So if Song Qingshu really suddenly became violent towards her, considering the martial arts of the two, Su Quan was afraid she would have little ability to resist, so she hurriedly replied, “Good brother, why do you have such a wish? But…sister also like you very much, and also willing to give myself to you …” Said Su Quan as her face flushed red, even she herself did not know whether it was an act or she was really feeling shy.

“Really?” Song Qingshu looked at her in surprise, quickly opened his arms and then wrapped Su Quan in his arms. He then opened his mouth and moved it to the side of her neck.

Su Quan dodged while trying her best to exert her bewitching art, “But sister has something important to do right now, so I can’t give myself to you yet.”

“What’s more important than me?” Song Qingshu said in dissatisfaction.

Having never been this close to a man before, and being held tightly in Song Qingshu’s arms, Su Quan’s voice trembled a little as she spoke, “Many bad people have come to your sister’s house, not only wanting to take your sister’s family fortune, but also wanting to snatch back to… fu*k me.” Su Quan felt that she was simply out of her mind. She originally intended to say ‘snatch back to make me their wife’, but she instinctively used that word in the end.

“Outrageous, simply outrageous!” Song Qingshu seemed as if he was greatly enraged, and said loudly, “Who is so bold! Sister, tell me, I will go and kill them all!”

Su Quan felt extremely happy in her heart, with a super expert like Song Qingshu as her guard, things would be much better later, “Sister will be going home soon, will you protect sister?”

“Of course, I will definitely not let anyone else hurt sister.” Song Qingshu nodded affirmatively.

Su Quan took the opportunity to break away from his embrace, looking at the other party’s despondent expression, her heart could not help but ache, “Sister promises you, after you help sister drive away the bad guys, sister will let you… do that.”

“Do what?” Song Qingshu foolishly asked.

“Naughty!” If Su Quan wasn’t aware that the other party wasn’t too bright in the head right now, she would have thought that he was deliberately playing a trick on her, “It’s what you just said.”

“Oh~” Song Qingshu suddenly realized, “It’s to let me fu*k you!”

“Don’t say that!” Su Quan glared at him in annoyance, “Also, when you go home you will do everything I command.”

“Why?” Song Qingshu said in dissatisfaction, “Those bad guys want to take advantage of my sister, they all deserve to die.”

“Not all the invader are bad people either, some can be shown the benefits to pull them to our side.” Seeing Song Qingshu’s bewildered expression, Su Quan, for some reason, felt a pang of annoyance in her heart and muttered, “You are usually so smart, surely you understand what I mean.”

“Although I don’t quite understand, I’ll do whatever sister tells me to do in the future.” Song Qingshu scratched his head, his smile looking extraordinarily simple.

Su Quan sighed, how nice it would be if the people who fell under this bewitching art of hers could retain their usual mind and listen to her at the same time. However, she knew that this was asking too much, if Song Qingshu reverted to his usual shrewdness, she would not dare to rest assured.

“It’s still my dear brother who treats me the best.” Su Quan couldn’t help but pinch Song Qingshu’s face, the feeling she got was smoother than the average woman’s skin, which was simply unbelievable.

“Good sister, I want a kiss.” Smelling the scent of Su Quan’s body, Song Qingshu obviously became a bit restless.

“I have to release the heat inside him first, otherwise it’ll be too dangerous if she continues to pester me all day long.” Su Quan’s movement technique was called the Flying Swallow Returns, although it was not as good as the famous Minute Ice Ripple Step, or the Hundred Divine Steps, it still had its own unique features in dodging techniques.

“Brother, be good, your sister will find a beautiful girl to give you as a wife…ah!” Su Quan didn’t think that Song Qingshu, who seemed to be a gentleman on the surface, would lose all his moral restraint after falling under her bewitchment and actually became so lu*stful. Soon Su Quan became even more worried, with Song Qingshu’s martial arts skills, if he decides to act like this in front of the tigers and wolves of the Mystic Dragon Cult… how would she cope with the situation?


When Fang Yi looked at Su Quan leading Song Qingshu in, her eyes went straight, and before she could speak, Su Quan spoke first, pointing to Fang Yi and asking Song Qingshu, “Good brother, do you think this sister is pretty?”

Song Qingshu confidently examined Fang Yi. The way he looked at her, irked Fang Yi, and she heard Song Qingshu say, “She’s average, not as good as dear sister.”

Looking at Fang Yi who was blushing, Su Quan was obviously satisfied with this answer and said with a delicate smile, “Good brother, just settle with her for tonight, in the future, after things are done, this sister will keep you company.”

While Fang Yi was still listening to them in a daze, Su Quan come to her and nudged her towards Song Qingshu, “You have to serve him for me, don’t worry, he won’t reject you now.”

Fang Yi blushed furiously, Su Quan thought she was planning to refuse, so she took the opportunity to whisper a threat, “I could have tied you up and dru*gged you… so I hope you won’t test my patience.” 

Seeing that Fang Yi had nodded silently, she loudly said, “My brother will be this Madame’s guest in the future, naturally he should be treated with the courtesy of a guest! Fang Yi, you will be his maid from now on. You have to serve him well, and you cannot refuse any of his requests, I am saying ‘any request’, do you understand?”

Looking at Su Quan’s sharp eyes, Fang Yi nodded helplessly, she also wanted to see what kind of medicine Song Qingshu was selling in his gourd. (G: Idiom, meaning: what his plan was.)

After leading Song Qingshu back to the room, he ordered Fang Yi before she could even speak, “Take off your clothes!”

“What?” Fang Yi was furious and came to Song Qingshu’s side and asked in a low voice, “Brother Song, what is going on?”

“Didn’t sister just tell you to listen to me, how come you aren’t listening to my first words.” With a somewhat angry expression, Song Qingshu stood up and headed out, “I’m going to find my sister.”

“Hey!” Fang Yi hastily pulled him back, and looked at the Song Qingshu who had a very different temperament. She was secretly shocked, ‘Could it be that he has fallen under the bewitching spell of the Cult Master’s wife?’ Fang Yi had only heard that Su Quan knew this evil technique, but she didn’t think it was actually true.

“I am taking it off!” Fang Yi pouted and sulked, thinking that he had seen everything he needed to see, so what harm would it do to take it off again, and halfway through taking it off, she was embraced by Song Qingshu.

She still had many things to ask, but Song Qingshu’s reckless and hot kiss soon blocked Fang Yi’s lips, causing her body to quickly heat up, having tasted the forbidden fruit for the first time, her body was still feeling a bit uncomfortable. But, Fang Yi herself enjoyed that feeling, so she didn’t reject the other party’s rudeness.

On the other side, Su Quan had been listening carefully to the sound in the room. She always felt that something was wrong with what had happened just now. She even had some suspicion that Song Qingshu was just pretending to be bewitched. So, she had the intention of testing him, and when she saw him push down Fang Yi without hesitation. She finally felt relaxed, and wanted to leave, but the wonderful sound coming from inside seems to have a strange magic! It made Su Quan feel as if her legs were nailed in place, as she continued to listen.

It was not until the sky grew bright that Su Quan finally awakened and returned to her room in frustration.

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