Chapter 270: The situation

In the early morning of the next day, Su Quan, who was eating breakfast in the lobby, saw Fang Yi being pulled over by Song Qingshu with a flushed face, and her expression suddenly became extremely strange, “A moment in spring is really worth a thousand autumns, why don’t you two rest for a while?”

Fang Yi wished to find a crack in the ground to hide in, but Song Qingshu ate the steamed buns on the table indifferently. Su Quan looked at him with a smile, “Good brother, did Miss Fang satisfy you last night?”

Song Qingshu seemed to be indifferent as he quickly drank a bowl of water, and said vaguely, “It was okay, but there is a little regret.”

Now not only Su Quan, but even Fang Yi raised her head curiously, and asked in unison, “What regret?”

“She’s not a virgin anymore.” Song Qingshu dropped a heavy bomb.

Fang Yi felt so angry that she almost vomited blood. Wasn’t her virginity ruined by this heartless person? She didn’t expect him to turn his face and deny it so soon.

Su Quan couldn’t help but speak with a smile on her lips, “Miss Fang has long been someone else’s wife, so naturally she won’t be a virgin.”

“Then will her husband come to beat me?” Song Qingshu raised his head and asked foolishly.

Su Quan glanced at Fang Yi, stretched out a slender finger in front of Song Qingshu, “Firstly, her husband can’t beat you; secondly, her husband is dead, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Fang Yi was secretly shocked when she heard that, and looked at Song Qingshu carefully. Fang Yi was too tired in the room last night, and fell asleep after finishing the work, so she hadn’t had the time to ask him what was going on. But now, it could basically be confirmed that Song Qingshu had been bewitched.

“Well, dear sister, do you have a husband?”

Song Qingshu’s next question made Su Quan’s smile go stiff. After thinking for a while, she decided to not tell him, “You will naturally know that in the future.”

“Oh~” Song Qingshu had obviously just asked casually, and didn’t mean to press on.


On the rest of the journey, the two women had their own complex thoughts, one kept weaving all kinds of beautiful lies for Song Qingshu, and the other tried her best to wake him up in private. But Song Qingshu actually remained mindless and went to inform Su Quan. So, Fang Yi never dared to wake Song Qingshu up after that, she could only stare at his back and meditate every day.

“Good brother, after arriving at the Mystic Dragon Cult, you will treat yourself as a special envoy sent by the Qing Emperor, and I will slowly teach you what to say.” Su Quan pulled Song Qingshu and ordered, then raised her head and looked at the person beside her, “Fang Yi, you…you change into men’s clothes and pretend to be the servant of Special Envoy Lord Song.”

“Special envoy? This name sounds so familiar.” A doubtful light flashed across Song Qingshu’s face.

Fang Yi was overjoyed immediately, and took the opportunity to say, “Brother Song, you are the deputy head of the imperial guards of the Manchu Dynasty, and the most favorite expert under the Emperor of the invaders…”

“You talk too much!” Fang Yi wanted to say more, but Su Quan casually slapped her.

“Yes.” Fang Yi hated her very much, but she couldn’t beat her, and as she was poisoned by her, she had to swallow her anger.

“That sounds interesting. Is the special envoy same as the the imperial envoy?” Song Qingshu asked suspiciously.

Su Quan thought for a while and nodded, “It’s about the same. It’s just that the imperial envoys are sent by the court with great fanfare, and the special envoys act in secret.”

Song Qingshu asked, “Then what should I say to them?”

Su Quan thought about it, and felt that what she said was too complicated, Song Qingshu might not remember it now, so she could only say, “Let Fang Yi do the specific things for you, what you have to do is keep calm and use force to deter them if necessary. “

After finishing speaking, Su Quan pulled Fang Yi aside and began to explain in detail.

It turned out that in the battle of Shengjing, the entire army of the Mystic Dragon Cult brought out by Su Quan was wiped out, and almost half of the elite masters of the entire Mystic Dragon Cult were lost. In recent years, she had aroused widespread dissatisfaction because of her wanton purging of the elders in the cult. Normally, she could rely on Hong Antong and her prestige to suppress them, but this time the loss was way too heavy, and Su Quan was worried that some people in the cult would take the opportunity to cause trouble.

Not long ago, news came from one of her people on the cult that Hongli had sent three of his five famous generals, Li Shiyao, Zhao Hui, and Hai Lancha, to lead three armies to Mystic Dragon Cult, demanding to withdraw immediately as long as the Mystic Dragon Cult handed over the murderer Su Quan. .

As a result, Su Quan dared not go back to Mystic Dragon Cult directly. Although she knew that Hong Antong loved her very much, but when his own existence was in danger, he might sacrifice her without hesitation. 

Originally, Su Quan planned to just run away, but she shuddered at the thought of facing the pursuit of both Hongli and Mystic Dragon Cult in the future, and she was also reluctant to part with the foundation she had laid in the Mystic Dragon Cult for many years.

Su Quan finally decided to go back to Mystic Dragon Cult, but she would not be so foolish as to go back without preparation. Su Quan, who has always been smart, soon thought of using external forces to protect her safety. Her influence was based in the Mystic Dragon Cult. However, at this juncture, she couldn’t rely on it. 

There are two candidates in Su Quan’s mind. One was her father, Su Yin, who could use his martial arts prowess to help her take over the Mystic Dragon Cult. It was not a difficult task, but Su Quan has hated her biological father since she was a child, and she was unwilling to beg him even in such a desperate situation.

Soon another candidate came to her mind, Su Quan didn’t know why she subconsciously thought of Song Qingshu at that time, maybe his martial arts were reassuring enough, or maybe it was also because they both went deep into the tiger’s den, and when her own entire army was wiped out, Song Qingshu was able to retreat safely.

After arriving in the capital, Su Quan heard that the Tong family was attacking Wei Xiaobao’s widows, and Song Qingshu was protecting them. Therefore, Su Quan had an idea, and took the opportunity to rescue Fang Yi from the prison in Grand Secretary’s Mansion. 

In fact, although Su Quan’s martial arts was not bad, it was far from the level of robbing people in the capital prison, but she had another special skill, that was the the “Bewitching Art”, and it was not difficult for her to control a few prison guards.

After rescuing Fang Yi, Su Quan coerced her to poison Song Qingshu, and after a series of events, she had finally achieved her goal.

Of course,  Su Quan didn’t say anything about all the ins and outs to Fang Yi, but secretly told her about some precautions.

The three of them came to a seaside town, where there was a secret stronghold of the Mystic Dragon Cult. The Cult had already received the news that Su Quan was about to return to the Cult, so Yin Jin, one of the five dragon envoys, was specially sent to welcome her.

Apart from the Cult Master and his wife, the five dragon envoys of the Mystic Dragon Cult were the most distinguished, and their martial arts and scheming skills could be regarded as the best in the Cult. Previously, the White Dragon Envoy Zhong Zhiling was executed by Su Quan on an excuse, and the position of the White Dragon Envoy fell to Wei Xiaobao by chance, but now that Wei Xiaobao also died suddenly, the position of the White Dragon Envoy was vacant.

Su Quan glanced at Song Qingshu, and finally shook her head. This guy probably wouldn’t even take the position of a mere White Dragon Envoy in his eyes. It would be great if Song Qingshu was always as obedient as he was now. With his help, and with her many years of hard work, it was not impossible to completely control the Mystic Dragon Cult. Why would she have rely on others like she was doing now.

However, Su Quan also knew that this was unrealistic. Her Bewitching Art could not keep a person under her control for a lifetime. Even now, in order to control Song Qingshu, she had to perform various exercises every day and use certain drugs to barely make do. Su Quan made up her mind that when the turmoil subsided, she would take the opportunity to get rid of Song Qingshu, otherwise she would not be able to bear the other party’s revenge when he wakes up.

“Yin Jin, the Yellow Dragon Envoy, welcomes Madame. Cult Master Hong will enjoy immortal blessings forever, and live as long as the heavens!” After Yin Jin respectfully saluted, his pair of shifty eyes turned straight, quietly sizing up Su Quan’s charming body.

Ordinary people would think that Su Quan was still favored, as Cult Master Hong even sent one of the dignified Five Dragon Envoys to welcome her back to the Cult in person. But Su Quan, who was clever and smart, immediately realized the abnormality. Among the Five Dragon Envoys, Yin Jin could be said to be the most incompetent and only skilled in flattering. Because he had always stood by the Cult Master and his wife, he was able to sit firmly on the position of the Yellow Dragon Envoy.

As a confidant of the two, although Yin Jin has always been lustful and shameless, he never dared to take a second look at the beautiful Su Quan, but today he boldly used his eyes to ‘savor’ her. Su Quan soon realized that something might have changed on the Cult, and Yin Jin, who was as timid as a mouse, had became more courageous.

“Yin Jin, is it?” Song Qingshu noticed the obscene gaze of the other party, and immediately muttered, “What a trashy name, the pronunciation is the same as shi*t, you really deserve to be the Yellow Dragon Envoy.” Song Qingshu deliberately focused on the pronunciation of the word ‘huang’ (meaning yellow). It didn’t take long for a character like Yin Jin to understand the insult, and he immediately flew into a rage, “You ba*tard boy, who do you think you are! If it’s not for Madame’s sake, I would tear apart that stinky mouth of yours.”

Su Quan frowned. Since when did Yin Jin dare to yell like this in front of her? It seemed that the situation on the Cult was really not optimistic, and then she lightly said, “He just happens to be the number one master in the Manchu Qing Dynasty. That’s all.”

“Song Qingshu!?” Cold sweat came down Yin Jin’s face. 

Although Hong Antong came back to enter seclusion before and kept silent about his injury, rumors had still spread in the world. Everyone basically knows that the invincible Cult Master Hong was defeated in the hands of a young man, and the opponent’s record has been outstanding in recent years. Since the death of Dongfang Bubai, Song Qingshu has been regarded as the number one martial arts master by default under the rule of the Qing Dynasty.

Wasn’t he like an ant in front of such a character? Wouldn’t this guy be able to pinch him to death of he wanted to? 

Yin Jin was the best at following the wind and steering the rudder, so he quickly apologized with a smile in front of Song Qingshu, “This lowly one didn’t know that Master Song came here in person, and I didn’t know Mount Tai with my eyes. I hope that your esteemed self will not remember this lowly ones mistakes…”

Song Qingshu’s eyebrows moved, and his expression turned a bit weird. He seemed to enjoy this kind of flattery very much, but he didn’t expect the other party to flatter him endlessly. The guy started from the Battle of Mount Tai and continued to the battle of Red Flower Society. He talked so much that even Song Qingshu was a little annoyed by what he heard, and contemptuously waved his hand to shut him up.

Yin Jin returned to Su Quan with a little embarrassment, looked at her nervously, and asked in a low voice, “Madame, why is he with you?”

“Is there anything wrong?” Su Quan sneered, “Master Song is my friend. This time, he came to Mystic Dragon Cult with me to discuss the alliance with the Cult Master.”

Looking at the back of Su Quan as she left, Yin Jin’s expression changed and thought, ‘The Mystic Dragon Cult will be lively now!’

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