Chapter 271: Besieged on all sides

They group boarded the big ship of the Mystic Dragon Cult, and Su Quan was arranged in the most luxurious cabin. She quickly called Song Qingshu and Fang Yi to her side, considering that she was weak now, with only two people who could barely count as helpers, she couldn’t help but be worried, and she didn’t know what to say for a while.

“Madame, the Yellow Dragon Envoy, Yin Jin asks to see you.” There was a knock on the door, and the tone was much more respectful than before.

“Come in.” Su Quan said lightly, leaning sideways on the edge of the table, not looking directly at Yin Jin who came in, just blowing gently on the tea in the cup.

Yin Jin thought that Su Quan would nervously ask about the situation in the cult after meeting him. So, he couldn’t sit still. Thinking of Song Qingshu next to Su Quan, he understood that things had changed, and felt that it was necessary to sell himself well. If Su Quan could get through this crisis safely, she would definitely be indispensable in the future for his own benefit.

However, when he came into the room and saw Su Quan’s usual arrogant attitude, Yin Jin couldn’t help feeling angry, ‘This bit*ch, you think that you are something big? If the Cult Master nods at any time, you can’t imagine how much trouble you will be in.’

Of course, Yin Jin, who has never been a fool, so didn’t dare to show all this on his face. Instead, he said earnestly, “Madame is really spending her time leisurely, but does Madame know that she is about to face disaster?”

“Oh?” Su Quan slowly put the teacup back on the table. She was very clear about her situation. If they see her show weakness in the cruel reality, they will be able to swallow her up in an instant without leaving anything. It’s the law of the jungle — the strong preys on the weak. This was the law of this world.

Seeing that Su Quan didn’t seem to care, Yin Jin, who was still a little hesitant, finally made up his mind, ran to the door to confirm that there was no one around, and then came back and whispered, “Madame, did you know that this subordinate was sent here to arrest you!”

Su Quan felt a chill in her heart. ‘Could it be that the situation in the Mystic Dragon Cult has become so bad…’ but she still remained calm and sneered, “You can arrest me?”

Yin Jin hurriedly apologized and said with a smile, “This subordinate has always been loyal to Madame, how dare he be disrespectful to Madame.” But he cursed secretly in his heart. It turned out that Yin Jin had brought a lot of good helper from the cult for this purpose, but there was actually no way to catch Su Quan. He didn’t think it would be that difficult at first, but when he saw Song Qingshu, he had to hesitate.

In the past two years, Song Qingshu’s reputation had gone through a meteoric rise, and he was not that kind of ordinary rising star, but an existence that overwhelmed many top famous masters. Even if Yin Jin had no intuitive understanding of martial art of people like Taoist Master Xu, Zuo Lengchan and others; as one of the Five Dragons Envoys, he knew that Hong Antong was injured by Song Qingshu last time. So, Yin Jin understood very well that if he really wanted to do something, he didn’t have the ability to capture Su Quan even with the help of his subordinates. 

‘However, if I don’t complete the task, I will inevitably be punished if I go back to Mystic Dragon Cult.’ Thinking of the harsh punishments in the cult, Yin Jin couldn’t help but shiver. Finally, after much deliberation, he decided to take a gamble. ‘The Cult Master also loves this charming lady very much, so he may not really hand her over to the forces of Shengjing.’

Seeing Yin Jin standing there with a gloomy expression and not continuing to speak, Su Quan was annoyed in her heart, so she could only ask, “What’s going on?”

Yin Jin woke up suddenly, and quickly explained, “The last time Madame visited Shengjing, she… killed Fukang’an. Hongli was very furious. He mobilized several troops to destroy our Mystic Dragon Cult.”

Su Quan snorted coldly, “No matter how brave and skilled the Eight Banners Cavalrymen under Hongli are in fighting, they still turn from dragons into shrimps when they enter the water. My Mystic Dragon Cult has always been good at naval warfare, why should we be afraid of him?”

“That being said…” Yin Jin said with a sneer, “But Hongli’s forces are not as small-scale as before this time, and it is clear that no loss will be taken into account. Although our Mystic Dragon Cult is good at naval warfare, after all, our manpower is far less than Hongli’s army.”

“The world is in chaos today, and I don’t believe that Hongli is willing to spend his elite on Mystic Dragon Cult.” Su Quan was annoyed in her heart. This Hong Antong usually acted majestic, but in an emergency, he couldn’t even see through these small things.

“But there is news that the Golden Serpent Camp in Shandong will also respond to Hongli and send naval troops to join the battle.” Yin Jin glanced at Su Quan cautiously.

Su Quan’s heart skipped a beat. At that time, Yuan Chengzhi’s Golden Snake Camp base was near the sea, and he was very good at naval warfare. Because of the conflict of interests, the Mystic Dragon Cult and Golden Snake Camp had fought against each other a lot, and finally reached a compromise with the Yellow Sea as the boundary. Everything from the north of Golden Snake Camp, was the territory of the Mystic Dragon Cult, so it was safe and sound. 

In recent years, although the focus of the Golden Serpent Camp had shifted to Shandong, and the navy has been abandoned, even emaciated camels were bigger than horses. If the Golden Serpent Camp really sends troops, the advantage of the Mystic Dragon Cult over Shengjing will be completely lost.

“Where did this news come from?” Su Quan asked in a deep voice.

“The news should be accurate. According to reports from the spies, high-level figures from the Golden Serpent Camp have come to Prince Bao’s Mansion to discuss the matter of sending troops.” Hearing Yin Jin’s words, Song Qingshu’s eyes lit up, but soon dimmed again.

“Even so, when the enemy plans to attack from water and land, the cult should work on a plan regarding how to meet the enemy. What’s the matter with sending you to arrest me?” Su Quan raised her eyebrows slightly, staring at Yin Jin and asked.

Yin Jin quickly looked away. It was widely rumored in the cult that Su Quan was good at bewitchment. He didn’t want to be her puppet at this delicate moment, so he replied, “Answering to Madame, the main thing is that Shengjing sent a message, if…if…”

“If what?” Su Quan already knew the truth, but she didn’t want to expose her spy in the cult.

“Madame, don’t be angry when this subordinates says it.” Yin Jin gritted his teeth and said hastily, “Shengjing said that as long as Mystic Dragon Cult handed over Madame, who is the culprit, they would retreat.”

“You all believe this?” Su Quan sneered.

“Of course this subordinate didn’t believe it!” Yin Jin hastily expressed his loyalty, “But many brothers in the cult believe it. They think that the disaster is caused by the Madame. If the Madame is sacrificed, thousands of brothers can be prevented from bleeding in vain. That’s…that’s quite a bargain.” Yin Jin’s words were not entirely true, because he was actually one of these people.

“What did the Cult Master say?” Su Quan snorted.

“The Cult Master has not expressed his position, but recently the brothers in the cult are very emotional, and even the Cult Master can’t suppress it, so he sent someone to take the Madame back first.” Seeing Su Quan’s face turned cold, Yin Jin quickly explained, “But the Cult Master has always thought of the Madame’s good, so he sent this subordinate here, if it were any of the other Five Dragon Envoys, I’m afraid… I’m afraid they won’t be so polite.” Here Yin Jin was carefully saying good things for Hong Antong, as he didn’t want to have any rumors to reach Hong Antong’s ears. After all, they were husband and wife, so if they reconcile later, then Su Quan turns around and tells on him, it would be a tragedy.

Su Quan knew that Yin Jin was telling the truth. Among the Five Dragon Envoys of the Mystic Dragon Cult, only Yin Jin had always been close to Hong Antong and herself. With such a good opportunity for them to suppress the situation, the few of them were of course eager to get rid of her. The chaos in the cult also had to be their work.

However, Su Quan didn’t feel grateful to Hong Antong at all. She knew her husband in name too well. He sent Yin Jin here just for the sake of looking good. When discussing this matter, if Hong Antong had suppressed it with force, it would definitely not form the current chaotic situation.

At the moment, Su Quan’s confidence was shaken. The reason why she returned to Mystic Dragon Cult was that she still held a glimmer of hope in Hong Antong. After all, after so many years of spending as husband and wife, she knew that his love for her was not fake. But now that she knew that even Hong Antong might decide to sacrifice her, Su Quan suddenly became physically and mentally exhausted.

“This Madame will not make things difficult for the Yellow Dragon Envoy. I will go to Mystic Dragon Cult with you and let the Cult Master handle it. Su Quan will remember Yellow Dragon Envoy’s kindness today, and I will repay it one day. I need to be alone. You can leave first.” Su Quan waved her hand, signaling Yin Jin to go out first.

“This subordinates have always been loyal to the Cult Master and the Madame. May the Cult Master and his Madame share the blessings and live as long as the heavens. I don’t dare to ask for any extravagant rewards, dare not… dare…” Although Yin Jin said that he didn’t dare, but the uncontrollable joy on his face betrayed his words.

“This rat is indeed the same as Wei Xiaobao, and he even learned to use his words.” When Yin Jin disappeared outside the door, Su Quan pouted in disgust.

It turned out that before Wei Xiaobao came to the Mystic Dragon Cult, the members of the Mystic Dragon Cult always shouted that the “Cult Master Hong, will enjoy his life and live as long as the heavens.” However, Wei Xiaobao added the word “and the Madame”, which made Hong Antong and Su Quan very happy. After that, many people in the cult also followed suit.

Su Quan stood up, pushed open the window and looked at the rough sea outside, her thoughts were complex. It’s not that she didn’t think about leaving, but it was too late to give up now that they were in the middle of the vast sea. Looking back at Song Qingshu who was sitting there with a bored look, her voice expressed her weakness, “Good brother, will you help sister this time?”

“No problem, as long as I’m here, I’ll make sure Dear Sister is safe and well.” Song Qingshu replied foolishly, then smiled, “I’m still waiting for that day…”

“Don’t say it!” Su Quan glared at him angrily, but her body softened, thinking that if she could get through this crisis safely, it wouldn’t matter if she really gave herself to him. Anyway, men in this world were unreliable, and each takes what one needs. One day, she would decide the fate of other men instead of letting men decide her own.

Suddenly noticing Fang Yi’s eyeballs turning straight, Su Quan sneered and said, “Fang Yi, you don’t have to use your brains. Although I can’t protect myself now, you and I are actually grasshoppers on the same rope. No matter what you think, in the eyes of the other members of the Mystic Dragon Cult, you are this Madame’s subordinate. So once I lose power, your fate will not be much better, do you still expect them to give you the antidote for Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pills?”

“Subordinates dare not.” Fang Yi said hastily with her trembling heart.

“That’s more like it.” Su Quan snorted, “As long as you do your best for this Madame, after this incident, I will give you and Mu Jianping the antidote for Leopard Embryo Tendon Severing Pills.”

“Thank you Madame.” Fang Yi lowered her head, making her expression unclear to the eyes of others.

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